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Just got in....

Well just got in from a very long long day.....

Started out this morning at 5 am when I woke up for the race. Already I found I had missed 3 calls from Michelle, I assumed it was to make sure I was awake, unfortuantley 2 were to let me know that her and Brian were up at Cheers around midnight while the 3rd was in fact to see if I was awake yet. Seems she hadn't gone to sleep yet and usually this wouldn't be a problem but, today we were to go down to Daytona for the race today. Not only that but we were to leave quite early in order to get parking and start tail-gating before it stated at 730 pm.

Well when I got there she was ready to go and on her 2nd wind so we grabbed breakfast then headed over to his house where everyone was to meet between 7-8. Needless to say with me being only 1 of 2 people who weren't up at Cheers last night we didn't leave until 930. Got down there about 11am, at lunch, drank, ate dinner, and had Suck Sludge (1/2 watermellon hollowed out, filled with ice, grenadine, pineapple juice, and vodka) drank through straws. We had a great site in the MRI parking lot only 2 blocks from the track and cost only $40 per vehicle.

Come 7pm it was time to head over to the track, in which by this time no matter how much I kept putting on sunblock, it didn't work so the back of my neck looks like I'm part lobster now.

Now Brian and his group of 15 people all had tickets on the backside of the track cause they bought them in a large group, while Michelle and I were all by our lonesomes surrounded by thousands of strangers in the Waverly tower which is at the entrance to Pit Road.

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After lining up and before race starts....Go Kennseth (darker of yellow cars)....and Biffle's Gonna Loose (was my pre-race prediction)

This year luckly there wasn't a drop of rain all day/night, just a wonderful breeze off the ocean. Come lap 7 there was the first Caution flag....but what for was a first. A beach-ball on the back stretch of the track I still wonder if our traveling/party group was somehow responsible for this inncident

The race was practically accident free with Stewart (my customer's car), Matt Kennseth (YEAH) and 'Rainbow' Gordon running the lead, until the end when first Jeff Gordon ick!!! ran Jimmy Johnson into the wall along turn 2 (by our friends).

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Finally with 8 laps left what happened? 3 wide along the back stretch (ack not again) with dumbass Biffle in the center loosing control and taking out 4 other cars....Prediction came true!

Unfortuantley Stewart won the race again this year and of course climbed his ass up the fence to collect the checkered flag....and my fav, Matt Kennseth, he dropped down to 6th place. Oh well, for mine and Michelle's first live race, it was the best. Didn't end until 1130pm but still had a great time.

Unfortuantley the guy who's truck we rode down in, was completely trashed and passed out in the back seat of his truck after only watching 30 of 160 laps. We were hoping he'd be up and sober by the time traffic died down (260,000 were there) but he wasn't so Brian had us ride back with another buddy of his which was cool.

So now I'm completely drained...and sore cause I had to support michelle all the way back to jax while she used my arm as a pillow and her dead weight shoving me more and more towards the smelly guy (who I'm not crazy about due to his 'white power' attitude whenever he ends a phone call.

I just wish Fire would have been able to go with instead

Well time to actually get some sleep....definately plan on going to the next race own there, unforutantley it won't take place until February.
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