Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Advice to men......

I've noticed since I've been single that so many guys really don't play the game all too well. I myself hate having it done to me mainly because some of you are truly so very bad at it that is causes you to think we're being dramatic.

Just think, majority of women over 30 know after the first few hours of meeting if and when they want to give it to you.

Well here's some hints on what not to do if you want that bootie....or at least want to keep it going.

1) There is a difference between giving a time frame of when you say you'll call the girl and actually when you plan on calling them. Don't tell us 'few minutes', 'tomorrow', or 'right back'. You say these things then you'd better do them, especially if you asked her to call you in the first place.
Instead try "Can I call you later?" Later can mean anytime within the next week (no longer).

2) If you make plans with the girl and something else comes up Do not leave her waiting or have her come over. Call and cancel the plans. Best excuse is that you forgot you had already made plans with one of your buddies or even use your children as an excuse. We understand those things, they happen to us.

If you don't call, expect us to do the same thing to you the next weekend, only we'll be out meeting the next 'broom to ride'

3) Things like 'we are so great together' or any other compliments are to be made before the act takes place. If you give them afterwards, then expect to literally keep it up for at least 2 more meetings after it's said....especially if you compliment her on her preformance for then she'll plan on making it even better the next time.

4) This definately has to be said. When the time comes and the two of you are either just getting started with the foreplay or in the middle of sex: if you hear moaning, feel clawing at your back, or her knees tightening around your hips or shoulders then do not ever ask "Are you cuming?" or "You really love riding that cock don't you?" because those will make us go dry faster than anything else. No matter how you feel or what you think....those are signs of "Come back anytime baby!".

Even if these happen and she's actually faking, it only means you have true potential and she wants another go at it....hell next time may even be better for you

5) Finally, if you break-up, she says 'hopes to still be friends' and calls you one day, you have yourself a definate bootie call...just make sure you don't promise of calling in a certain time frame or doing something afterwards. Hell, even feel free to give her a call for if she's not seeing anyone she'll most likely go for it.

Here's one more word of advice....

I don't care how hot the woman's friends are. One date with her and her girlfriends are off limits for the next 10 years - life. We don't just consider anybody a friend, we pick them very carefully and have the utmost respect for them. Comments such as how hot they are, how they make you hard, or how you'd like to show them your package is just gonna give you blue balls.

You follow the above rules and there will be little/no drama in whatever the relationship may be.


Ladies....if you have any other advice for the guys feel free to post them in the comments.
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