Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

More fun than writing songs about erectional disfunctions....

Gacked from butter_cup_

In My Pants meme.

Rules: Set your media player to random, and write down the first 20 songs.
Then add "in my pants" to all the song titles. Bold the best ones.

1) Blink 182 - I Miss you in my Pants
2) Barenaked Ladies - The old Apartment in my Pants
3) Shinedown - Fake in my Pants
4) Papa Roach - Not Listening in my Pants
5) Papa Roach - Empty Promises in my Pants
6) Def Leppard - Love Don't lie in my pants
7) Shinedown - Yer Majesty in my pants
8) Papa Roach - Done With you in my pants
9) The Remus Lupins - Alone on Valentine's day in my pants
10) Def Leppard - Four Letter Word in my Pants
11) Def Leppard - Gravity in my pants
12) Silvertide - Mary Jayne in my Pants
13) Men Without Hats - Pop Goes the World in my Pants
14) Giant Squid - Giant Squid Potcast in my Pants HELP
15) Papa Roach - Blanket of fun in my Pants
16) Barenaked Ladies - It's all Been Done Before in my Pants
17) Shinedown - Begin Again in my Pants
18) Barenaked Ladies - One Week in my Pants
19) Barenaked Ladies - I've Seen Better Days in my Pants
20) Silvertide - You Want it all in my Pants

Think I could stop there??? Hell No

21) All American Rejects - I Cant Take it in my Pants
22) Shinedown - Heros in my pants
23) Barenaked Ladies - Get in Line in my Pants
24) Silvertide - SFC in my Pants
25) Blink 182 - I'm lost Without you in my Pants
26) Men without hats - Jenny Wore Black in my Pants
27) Silvertide - Nothing Stays in my Pants
28) Barenaked Ladies - Chimpanzees in my Pants
29) Silvertide - Ain't Comin Home in my Pants
30) Harry and the Potters - Meet me under the Mistletoe in my Pants
31) The Remus Lupins - Bellatrix in my Pants

ok...that last one was scarey enough to make me stop..... Sorry
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