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My week.....

Well this week started out pretty bad....

All weekend long NBC out here was advertising a news segmant about a happily married couple of 40 years until he found out his wife was hiding something from him. I kept looking at the commercial and thinking how the woman looked familiar. Now you may not know this...but I use to really be into the Boy Scouts here in Jacksonville when Fire was younger. Not only in the Pack itself but also helped out the best I could with the Council....helped in training new leaders, helped work at some of the camps, and went as a leader to Boy Scout summer camp for a week with a good 11 teenage boys and a 21 yr old assistant leader (whom slept most of the time I might add.) Over the years of working with all this and as anyone would, there's people you get to know as friends and those you see working at the different camps who you also see as mentors even to yourself. Now before I tell you what the secret was I want to explain something....

4 1/2 years ago mickieluvshouse (whom I met through BSA) and I lost 2 dear friends/mentors within 4 days of each other's crossing due to Cancer. The first one had been battling the disease with treatment for 3 painful years until her time came. The other kept going and seeing the doctors he was to see (because of his job) and if I remember right they kept telling him that he was merely sick up until 5 months before he crossed over one of them actually figured out what was wrong with him.
What do you do at this point? What do you think about the medical field in a whole from this? Two people seeking treatment 1 gets it and 1 is in my opinion is ignored but both end up with the same final results. This is where it's proven that no matter what happens, or how much medical treatment you receive, when your time is up then it's up and nothing's going to change that fact.

Time went by after this and I slowly backed out of the Scouting world....first because of the Council politics that came along and made themselves cleared once these people were gone, then finally Fire gradually lost his interest due to the poor leadership and lack of respect that his troop had....and I lost contact with alot of people from the orginization.

So I'm watching the beginning of this segmant and this woman who looks familiar is shown in her BSA uniform with her youngest son and in my mind I'm saying "OMG That's..." and they mentioned her name. First thing I did? Picked up my cell and called Mickie...."Turn on NBC, there's a news segmant on Sharon!" The secret she was hiding? Breast Cancer. Not known of by her husband or anyone. She didn't receive medical treatment until it had gotten so bad that from the picture they showed of her breast, it was on the outside as well. (No wonder she never wore a bra!) Stage 4 cancer that took up 68% of her breast and the size of grapefruit. Needless to say, this wife and mother of 9 (children's ages ranging between 18 & 30) after having her breasts removed she too crossed-over 4 months ago.

Ok we have 3 wonderful people....all battled the same disease....and the oldest maybe 60 (I'm not sure).
1) Sought out and received theropy....passed away.
2) Sought out but didn't receive theropy....passed away.
3) Lived with the pain and afraid to seek theropy until it was too late....passed away.

What do you do and how do you 'Survive' this? In my honest opinion...people talk about being a 'Cancer survivor' on the commercials all the time...but everyone I've ever known who's had it are the true survivors. They no longer have the pain or sickness that comes with the disease and they continue to live on in our memories of them.

I have no idea where I'm going witht this though....It's been on my mind alot this week. Which step would I take? I've had the bad doctors and dentists in the past that I received poor treatment from...hell I have the 25% hearing loss (from a 5 yr long continously misdiagnosed sinus infection) and the poor/missing teeth (due to treatment from dentists who have since lost their liceness') where would I go? I have no clue...I just hope I never really have to try to decide.

Ok enough of that....

Tuesday I tried to reach my 'friend' who's currently working in Knoxville and coming back on the 28th but unfortuantley I keep going directly to his voice-mail because the server for his cell was down due to the storms.

Wednesday I tried reaching him again....I can see he's received my text messages but when I call it rings the 5 times and I still go to voice-mail. I'm worried if he's ok or not but not getting any responses.

Thursday....sent one final text msg to his phone..."Would someone please let me know if Chris is alright?" came back with "Yes"...but nothing else. Hmmmm.....
At break yesterday I got the usual msg from him "Ws up"....not really in a good mood but replied back "Thong in my backside." For those who havent met me yet...I definately do not have the body for a thong but, this was rewarded with an instant phone call from a very excited boy "Oh Really! You gonna ask me what's up now?"
I have to give him some lee-way cause everytime we talk since he's been gone the phone has been breaking up and we can barely understand one another due to the very poor signal. He still apologized and reminded me that he'll be back on the 28th (instead of the original 5th). Also informed me that their in the negotation stage of a 12-18 month job over in Middleburg (which is only 15 minute drive from me) that starts right after this one ends in late March/early April.

Then last night before I left work I got an email from Amanda who works in our HR dept...."You going tonight?"
"Most definately" ( I was planning on going by myself to GOF since Fire's not here)
"One of my friends backed out and we have an extra ticket if you want to join us."
"Of course....where at and how much?"

Well needless to say I tracked across town (35 miles) to a theater I had never been to in order to see the midnite showing. YEAH!!!!

All I'll say is 2 things without giving away spoilers.
It was definately the best one yet for what they have to do to each one of these. I laughed, sat on the edge of my seat, and became teary eyed at the end. (The last time tears have shown up at a movie was in Casper when the girl's mom comes back as a spirit....yeah I know...laugh at me I don't care...:P)

Chris sent me a text this morn asking how it was....told him 'Best yet but very perverse'.

'Groping, beastality, three-somes', closet love, mention of a very physical relationship, torture, and a ghost trying to get an eye full of a naked boy.'

All he could come back with was "Cool"

Well that leaves now...I need to end this so that I can get some things straighted out with Fire's old school. Seems that they have turned him in to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for numerous unexcused absences. Yep that's right, because he doesn't go to school here anymore and even though he's officially been transfered to a school in Chesapeake Va....the system has suspended his rights to a learner's permit. Another thing is that Jacksonville has a law that says 'If a child has excessive unexcuses absenses, the parents can/will be arrested'. Hell, his new school even contacted his old school for his records since he started school there. Is this BS or what?

So off to shower and take care of that...along with picking up the paperwork from the legal agency that Derf hired for this change of custody. They finally have it ready 4 months after we started it....and I have to be the one to take it down to the court house.

Talke to ya all laterz....
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