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Day 2....(more of an actual journal)

Well let's see how far i get with this tonite afterall...

Well today is officially the first day of The Witching Hour...YEAH!!!! Never heard from anyone who was suppose to be sharing the house with me this week...oh well, learned my lesson didn't I.

Anyway Woke up this morning, now alarm clock, no worries about work or anything. Just seagulls out the window. Hell I actually slept 8 hours last night. Realized I forgot to call mom last nite as well so I found my cell and there was a nice little message on it...

Chris: Morn have fun 2day. Miss u

That was a shock but made me smile....Called mom, she was in a rush though cause she had to leave for work. Then walked around and took a few pics of the view out back.

Back behind the trees you see is where the cemetary is.

The house I've rented is the two story grey one towards the center of the pic.

The only thing is two hours after I took the pics...just about all the rocks were under water due to the tide coming in. That's alright though...have to start gettin ready since it's now 0910 and TWH stats in about 2 hours.


Well back at the house to rest up a bit. This time I actually made it without getting lost. Unfortunately that wasn't the case in salem but at least I know where abouts it is. At first I only rmembered hearing alot of talking about the Hawthorn Hotel and not having my laptop working I wasn't able to look anything definate up so headed over there to try to registar. Unfortuantely they were only taking those who were actually staying at that specific hotel so I was directed over to the Salem Waterfront hote. Got both mine and Fire's registration packets (even though he wasn't able to make it this time around.), found a place away from the crowd, and sat down to go through my crap.

OK wait a sec...why is my lanyard red? Heo in Merlin's name did I get put in Gryffindor? Must have had soething to do with the Wolfsbane answer I gave about BBEFB...either that or drunk hat. What about Fire? HA! OMG! He's gonna have a fit! Yellow with a badger on his card...HAHAHAHA HE GOT HUFFLEPUFF!!!! My poor son... never thought he would be put there...
Anywho after that I did a bit of walkin around to see what there was...

A park in the center of town....Salem Common

The Witches Museum

and other shops and sightseeing stuff that cost money. Then I came across a small graveyard, suppose to be the oldest one in the city in which I think the most recent year of passing I noticed was 1826. All of it was the original gravestones there.

After that I stopped off at this cafeteria place called Brothers...good food, bit pricy but still good, then came back here to the house to rest a bit...and call Fire, before I head back to Salem for the parade then Welcoming Feast.

So far I've seen a few vaguely familiar faces from back at Nimbus but so far nobody I know....Should see some tonight though.

Oh TJ called agian....I'm gonna meet up with him on Tuesday before I fly outta here.

Better lookin at this map they gave me...I have a bad feeling I'm gonna get lost trying to find the Sheraton Ferncroft Resort where the feast is.
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