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What some of you have been waiting for and what some could care less about.....

Well the pics from TWH are finally wonderful waterlogged barely readable notebook/journal is sitting infront of guess it's actually time to do what I promised I would....

jessblack, niam1985, and sheryll I really wish you guys could have made it this time....

Here we go....

Well my fear of oversleeping didn't happen. Woke up bright and early at 0430 just to finish getting ready and try my suitcase in the car.

All in all I made it to the airport ontim and caught my first flight to Newark, NJ. It was one of those little Express Jet planes in which I had my own row between the isle and the window. Not too bad but I was surrounded by...elderly women.

Ok laugh because I'm complaining about that....but just hear me out and you'll laugh even more.
I'm talking the kind who have no sense of smell when it comes to their perfume or whatever horrible bugspray wanna be product they decide to wear. For example...person behind me has a serious gas problem....but was gagging on that smell enough torture for me??? Hell no...the old biddy across the isle would get a wiff of it and start spraying her perfume. A two hour battle with me stuck in the middle....the more the person farted the more she sprayed....the more she sprayed the more they'd fart..non stop until finally...

We've landed in Newark....FRESH AIR!!!! (at least fresher than what was on that plane) I can breathe again.

Took the tram to the next terminal, back through security and boarded a much larger plane then quickly left the gate. Why are we sitting here....what's going on?

"Attention Ladies and Gentlemen. This is you Pilot speaking. I've just received word from the tower that Logan International Airport is currently closed due to fog so we will be grounded for approximatley 30-45 minutes. At this time you may turn your cell phones back on and contact anyone you may need to." hehehe text time

To Michelle: UGH! Delayed n NJ 4 another hr or so
To Chris: You know I really hate flyn?
To niam1985: Hey girl. Hate flyn more than ever. Stuck n plane n Newark.
Chris: Wy?
niam1985: Wow thats 5 mins from here
To Chris: Other than the usual things. I'm stuck n plane on runway n NJ waiting 4 fog 2 clear n Boston 4 anthr hr.
Chris: Tht sks
niam1985 Im still jealous
To niam1985: U wdn't b if u wer sitin here - txtn Chris 2
To Chris: Yep makes me wish I was @ work
niam1985: AHH
To niam1985: Oh yeah. 2 bad cant do text sex
niam1985: LOL! Course you can!
To niam1985: Iv already freaked him out alot latly. 'sides hes wrkn
To mickieluvshouse: U there?
niam1985: I hear ya
To niam1985: Plne that lft erler just came back
To Michelle: niam1985 is teln me to text sex Chris 2 pass time
To TJ: Thought the weather was 2 ba nice up there = = Nadine
To mickieluvshouse: U there?
To niam1985: Finally they say we'll leave n 20-25 min
To Chris: Finally they say we'll leave n 20-25 min
Chris: B crfl
To Chris: will do, talk 2 ya l8rz
To Michelle: Finally they say we'll leave n 20 min

TJ called at that time, he use to be the New England salesman for my company and wanted to hook up for lunch or a party at 6. All I wanted to do was find the house and relax so I told him so. He also let me know that where he was, the fog had lifted hours ago...but that he lived on the other side of Boston from the airport. No wonder!

Finally an hour and a half later I was getting off the plane in Boston then off to get my 1 bag and rental car when I turned my cell back on...
Michelle: Be safe.
To Michelle: Thanks. Just got n. Call ya l8rz
To mickieluvshouse: U there?
Michelle: Ok

When I go to the rental car place and tried to use my credit card it was declined. WTF??? I have $5k limit on it??? But turns out that they hadn't received my payment as of yet and I was showing a whole $20.00 past due, tried to pay it with my check-card but they wouldn't accept that...only my routing number and checking account number when paying by phone. Yeah right...that info's in my car back in Jax! I then called my bank and surprisingly enough my balance was alot more than I paid that way.

Got my little black 4 door Neon that the inside light remained on in because the car was convinced that a door was open and tried to follow the directions that would take me North to Glouchester. Unfortuantely (no offense to those of you who live in Boston) I discovered that the city is backasswards. Now I myself may come from a backasswards city (Chicago) where construction will definately get you turned around and lost...but this was ridiclous. Not to mention all the one way streets...and the idiots who think that just because they can squeeze a car between two others it's a new lane...I got lost. I'm talking so lost that I actually found myself in a hospital's parking garage! One way here...must turn here...but I don't want to turn...let me over...DAMN IT!

Took about an hour but finally I was out of Boston and heading north to which I tried following directions to the house that I got off of Mapquest. Will I ever learn?

I saw the whole frelling penisula up there....For 3 hours I got a good look at the beautiful town of Glouchester (by the way...which is where they filmed 'The Perfect Storm' at), Rockport, Lynnville, and the industrial park all due to the directions not being specific when it came to the Roundabouts. Also I learned that almost nobody up there has ever heard of the street I was staying on...Coggshell Rd (that's what the owner listed as the address). 38 Coggshell Rd. It's not on maps, or in the street directorys either. "Where is it? Rockport or Glouchester?"
~The address says Glouchester. I know the house is along the shore and next to a cemetary.~
"I've lived here all my life and never heard of it. Do you know which cemetary? We have 7 up here" shook head "Sorry"

I heard this from alot of people....finally around 7 I found someone who told me they lived right next door to the road (wanted to ask if they lived in the cemetary but didn't want to push my luck) and they let me follow them to it. Surprise Surprise...come 730 I pull onto a small gravel road no wider than a driveway with a large white wooden sign barely sticking out of the tree branches that reads "John Coggshalle Rd". Pulled all the way to the end of the road, grabbed phone, purse, jumped outta car, shut door, Oh Shit...left keys on seat. Can anything else go wrong??? Yep...there's the owner's brother inside the house I'm renting and turning on all the lights.

While I was on the phone arranging with the car rental place to send someone to help me he seemed quite a bit hesitant on giving me the only key he had to his brother's home. Mind you, i really didn't look all that great at the time. Been up since 430 am, two stressful flights and a total of 4 hours in a car learning all the wonderful little twisty turny hilly roads of their fare town, not to mention I hadn't eaten anything since the small muffin I had on my first flight....and it was dark out.

15 minutes later the tow truck pulls up and jimmied the door open for me. (Can I just take a moment and ask how in the hell they were able to find this place when nobody else in the damn town knew where it was?) Once everything was unpacked I had finally realized when it was since I ate so I went in search of a store for some food. Needless to small towns, when it gets dark...stores close. Not only that but in my driving around this little town....I learned there is not one single fast food place to be found. Closest jiffy mart type place...Beverly...went there and on the way back guess what. Not completely lost this time, afterall I did learn where I made my mistake at and easily corrected it then drove very very slow through town until I found the street driveway I was staying off of. Got inside...Chris called...we talked, then called Michelle and let her know I was there, had a voice message from Heidi (whos kids were to check on my dog), then finally talked to mickieluvshouse, before turning in for bed for the night.

By the way...the house itself was just as beautiful as the pictures showed....OMG and big.

Well there's Wednesday....I was gonna put Thursday up too but it's now 1120 pm and I have to get to bed.
Here's some pics of the house.....

This was the view fromt the front door into the inclosed porch.

Living room

View of the sea from the inclosed porch.

Will be more pics tomorrow...
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