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A bit closer

Well with plane reservations now out of the way and my rental car reserved things are now looking more and more upward to my trip this summer. I went and volunteered to help with onsite registration for C.A. and I'm actually looking forward to all this. I'm not sure if I'll even know anyone there or not but, who gives a shit....hell I didn't know anyone when I went to Nimbus (but then again that was only a 3 hr drive from the house...not in another country.)
We still don't know if Firewalkers father will be out to sea or not at the time or not but his wife has offered to let him stay at their home anyway.
Feeling like shit today....would rather call in sick...hell I haven't used a sick day in 3 years. Wonder what they would think if I did. One day, we'll see....probably when I don't have so much crap to do and some of my regional customers are removed from my desk and go up to our Camp Hill office where they should have been handled to begin with.

Well, time to get ready for work.....oh I forgot to mention, turns out Firewalker's girlfriend can't go to the 8th grade prom afterall. She's grounded because she told someone their house looked like crap. Not too cool but hey at least she's not afraid to tell it like it is (I know the person she said it too and yes the outside of her house does look like crap....of coarse so does mine.)

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