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Peeking around the corner....anyone still there?

Well I know a few of you know this....niam1985 and mickieluvshouse do at least....and some of you may think I'm nuts doing this but, hey. I'm having fun and I know it's going to only be for a few more weeks.

Here we go....

It was about a week fact the weekend after Chris was to leave that I received a text msg from him on my cell. Well I was surprised seeing how for 1) when I usually tell former boyfriends to 'keep in touch' they never do; and 2)It was 2am on a Friday night when Michelle and I had just closed down Cheers and were heading over to Famous Amos for a sober up meal.
It was just a simple msg asking "What's up?" Well I waited until we got to the restaurant to reply....and we went back and forth for a few times (he's slow at texting) when all of a sudden, I kid you not, Michelle was passed out at the table. Now I'm talking forhead and nose touching the table while arms were hanging at her sides passed out. I tried waking her black coffee (in which only resulted in her raising her head and almost sticking her nose into it as she went down again) and poking her on the top of her head over and over again....nope no luck. She was out cold.
Well during our brief back and forth texting come to find out he's still in town and won't be leaving until the job's finished....well this phase of the job at least. Hmmm, I got tired of texting....mind you I was more sober than tipsy, but tipsy none the less so....I called him. The bar crowds were showing up, people we knew joined our table, she was fine so I went into the bathroom where I figured it would be more quiet and could hear him. (even with the wrenching noises from 3 different women who all overdid it, it was still more quiet than the table was.) And yes I did peek out the door every few minutes to check on her...our table was right next to the bathroom.
We chewed the shit for about 20 minutes in which he invited Michelle and I over for a drink....I'm not tired and in fact I'm feeling more sober than before so I said "Let me check with Michelle and I'll call you back."
It was when I stepped out of the bathroom that she was not only wide awake but she had devoured her sandwich and was now bitching up a storm about how cold she was. Her fault for wearing nothing but a we paid the tab and left while I told her about the conversation with Chris. Well all she wanted to do was go home...ok no problem, I'll take her home (her car was still at Cheers) and I called him back....didn't have to ask...he automatically told me the invite was still open for just me. all know how I feel about him and all...and definately not gonna turn down a chance to hang out with this friend.
So I went to his apartment....we had a good 2 hour talk, downed a few more drinks, watched vids and movies....he once again apologized for the way he acted but "There was a reason he was pissed at me."
Come to find wonderful friend Jill (go figure) who's really stopped talking to me other than the usual 'hi' and 'bye' since we really hooked up (except for when we first broke up) all because she's jealous over our 'relationship'. Yes those were her words....she was jealous when we hit it off and she was jealous when we got along as friends. Anyway just a few days before I stopped at his place to deliver the stuff I copied for him she called him for a 4th time....same questions "What's going on between you and Nadine?" "Are there going to be any fringe benefits to this friendship" "Don't tell her I called...." all sorts of high school bullshit game crap that he assumed that I was behind since she was my friend. Well I gladly reminded him of what I said on our first date "I told you before. I don't play games, especially bullshit games like that. I'm surprised you didn't just tell her that if she wanted to know what was going on then to ask me. I would have told your friends that."
He once again apologized, informed me that he was definately going to be down here for a minimum of 7 maybe 8 longer, no possibilities of being out here longer, or leaving sooner since the asshole boss he had was sent back to Tennessee. That's it at this point plain and simple. (This was a big factor before when we hooked up before because it went from 5 years to 'I want to quit and go home' or 'I fucked up and will most likely be fired and sent home come Monday'.) Ok cool...have to deal with the chance of running into him over the next 2 months...don't know how I feel at this point.
After that the most uncomfortable chair in the world that I happened to have been sitting in began to bother me...and he could tell. I was invited to sit on the couch in which he was laying across at the time. When he got up the pop in a movie I moved over...when he sat down....instantly his head went into my lap and he hugged my legs then looked up at me with those wickedly deep blue eyes of his and asked "You don't mind do you?" Nope....not at all...oh Merlin help me, I just shook my head.
Then the alarm on my cell went off announcing it was now 5:30 and the apartment was a good 60 degrees so I was cold...he went into the other room and grabbed a blanket, came back in and we laid down on the couch only to soon fall asleep.
The next thing I know is I was having this awesome kissing/petting dream when I felt my body being lifted up onto something squishy and fuzzy. I woke up and....No Dream Here!!!!
Ok running things through my head...Is he drunk and thinking he's with someone else?, Is this what he wants?, Is this what I want?....Hell Yeah to the last one. One thing lead to another....abit later I'm sitting on the couch while my shirt and bra are on the floor and jeans halfway down to my knees while going through my purse for a condom while he's infront of me in just his underwear and the door flies open...."Chris, Time to go to....Hi Nadine!"
"Mark, I'll be in later."
"I see that. Have fun. Bye Nadine" and left while locking the door before tossing Chris the key that was hidden in the hallway.
Ok de'jevou here....seeing how our goodnight kiss after our first date was interrupted but Mark and Mandy parking next to my car and Mark yelling in the window "Get'eer Done". Don't you love how life goes in a circle?
I really hope I don't have to go though touch by caress by bites at this point for you to know what happened next. But later after another hour nap (in which we've both now had a total of maybe 3 hrs sleep in the past 28 hrs). I then took him onto work in which after he was done he called up and we got together for dinner before heading to the drive in to see Dukes of Hazzard (in which if you haven't seen yet...Why not? It's awesome!).

Well that's pretty much how we got back first I was under the impression that it was just for friendship....then a bootie call, but (We've had two full weekends together and we don't go at it like rabbits) We spent this past weekend together as well...he calls every few days, he tells me little things that not only in a way tell how he feels about me but also shows I can trust him....and most importantly, no questioning about when he's leaving.

7 weeks...that's it and he goes. He knows I fell in love with him and that's's not something we talk about. I know it will hurt when he leaves as well, but until that day comes....I'm spending every chance I can with him. I have no intentions on hitting Cheers or any other club with my friends as long as he's here, with the exception for my birthday next month.

Michelle, Gina (Tony's stepmom), and Laura (also from work) all keep telling me that he could change his mind in the next 7 weeks and decide to look for a local job and stay....and no matter what I want....Reality won't allow that to happen. His family, friends, and even his son (even though his ex won't allow him to have any contact with him unless they are 'together'....which he has made quite clear that will never happen) are all back in Tennessee.

I'm going with what I wishful thinking for more than what it is means I won't be overly disappointed when the time comes. It's strange, even after a little over a month of us not being together, he still knows what I'm thinking without me having to say anything, he can still finish my sentences, he still makes me smile all the time....and he smiles as well (giving away that look in his eyes each time). No matter what my heart feels, my head is in charge here and I will remain in complete control of my fears and emotions again.

He's going home with Mark to visit with his family this coming weekend which is something he hasn't done since the weekend before our first real date. He's also going to try to see his son again....but he highly doubts it....I wish he'd be able to but with her conditions...I can't see it, especially with their past.

Well that's about it...I'm sure quite a few of you think I'm nuts for getting into this again with him....and no matter what I say here you can't see how things are different now. They are....I know what's to come and I accept it.
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