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Outta my shell and on the prowl.....

Yeah I was definately right when I said yesterday that Chris helped me outta my shell. Here I am sitting almost completely dressed, and waiting for this guy who I've been talking to online every night for the past 2 weeks to call so we can go out...and finally meet.

This is differnet, I've never been on a date with someone who I met online (probably because 'online' really didn't take place before my marriage) other than that reason, everyone whom I talked to before came from another country or if they were within 150 miles then within 5 min of talking they'd want to know 1) chest size and 2) favorite position.
I'm sure you all can guess what my Slytherin answer was to the last one.....if not and you wanna know....just ask.

Well last night I ran into him....BP (knickname for chris), while picking up a new shirt and some make up. Well it wasn't really him I ran was his former room-mate, Donnie, who was driving one wat while I drove the other when he leaned out the window and yelled 'Hey' at me. Couldnt' help but stop the car and get out to give him a hug's been a few weeks since I've seen him.
Anyway we were talking, told him somewhat about this guy I'm to see tonight....Donnie said "well I know he isn't as good looking as me but is he at least cute?"
"Yes he's cute. and he passes all my qualifications as well."
"And what would those be?"
"Taller than me, not twice my weight,..."
"You can't have that."
"Nope, along with Doesn't have a squeeky voice, and he actually knows what quidditch is without me having to show him the movies."
"A Harry Potter thing.....he's reading the new book now. Not to mention he's even read one of my ficlets." (he read the PP/DU one....uggghhh) "Oh and he's a bit younger than me."
"Well so was...well you know."
"He's younger than Chris. He's 28"
"Naaadiiineeee." (sorta sounding Forest Gump-ish)
"You're one to talk Mr Move in with a girl after 2 weeks of dating her."
"We've had this talk, she needs."
"No she needs either a good shower massager or a trip to Fantasy Lane."
"Very funny. I'd love to talk but I have to get Chris. He went to go lock up the equiptment."
"Not a prob. Listen I told him and I'll tell you too. You have my number, call me anytime you get back into town or just to say 'Hey'. And have a safe trip home."
"We're not leaving for a few weeks."
"Why not?"
"Todd got really sick and he put Chris' brother Mike in charge for the next two weeks. So nobody's leaving."
"Oh, well I bet Chris isn't happy."
"No, he wants to stay although I don't know why? All he does is sit in the apartment and mope around."
"What no girlfriend?"
"No and that's what's sad. This is one city where if you can't find a girl then you have no business saying you're even looking. But I'm glad you've at least moved on from this."
That's when I saw someone walking up to us, "Looks like he didn't want to wait on you any longer."
Donnie looked behind him, "I'm sorry."
"Nothin to be sorry for. It's cool." then I looked over at him as he walked to the other side of the truck, "Heeey. How you doin?"
"Ok. Ready to get dinner?" he asked Donnie.
"Yeah, you be good."
"I'm always one way or another. You know that."
"Beeehaaavee yourself."
"You're no fun Donnie." I told him as he gave me a parting hug.
"Too bad you don't know how good I can be." he said a little to loudly causing a bad glare. "Call me if that guy gets outta hand."
"Why, maybe I want him to."
Donnie then pointed his finger at me, "I'm gonna have to keep my eye on you."
"Whatever gets you your kicks. Take it easy, and don't be strangers. Either of you."
that's when the two of us got into our car/truck and left.

Damn and here it is a 1/2 after I started writing this and the new guy hasn't called yet. He needs to call....and soon. Afterall, he asked me to call him if I change my mind. I don't have any intention on changing my mind....but shit. I hate it when people are late....that's the one thing I have no patience in.
Not good.

Anyway I'll update and tell you all tomorrow if this thing actually took place and if it did, how it went.

He still needs to call....damnit.
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