Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well a quiet goodbye to a friend?

Well got some good news....This is Chris' last week in town and seeing how it's Friday, it's most likely his last day. YEAH!

I have a few mixed emotions about this....mainly because we didn't turn out to be the friends we said we would be, but you can't say I didn't go without trying though. To make a long story short on what happened....I was to stop by one morning since I was in his neighborhood and picking up HBP but when I literally was at the bottom of his stairs he called my cell and asked me to come by later that night instead and we would 'get together'. What for? I have no idea because all I was there to do was drop something off for him but I figured 'no biggie' he's probably got a bootie call over there.
Anyway that night I showed up, he didn't answer the door or his cell, I left a message just letting him know I was pissed.
The next day after I had finished the book he called and chewed my ass for being pissed at him and in the end said "Forget my number, forget we met, forget I even exsist. We're through" and hung up.

Well it got weird after that, remember he was doing construction at the Wally world by my day I went there with a friend of mine and he stood in the center of the opening to the construction site, by himself, bellowing my name across the parking lot (I was a good 300 feet away). I refused to even go near him...Merlin knows what in the hell he was up to other than making a complete ass of himself infront of all his buddies. A week later I had to stop by there again when one of the foremen whom I passed shouted out over the fence "Todd, keep him there. Do not let him leave." then looked at me "Hi Nadine, how are you?"

These little things bothered me....mainly because of instances from my past that keep me on edge but bothered me still the same at the time.

Well last Monday night suddenly I receive a text message on my cell "Call me"
I replied back "No"
"Please call me, it's my last week."
So I broke down and called him, "You asked me to call you?"
"I wanted to say I'm sorry for the way we ended."
"Well Chris, shit happens."
"No. I'm sorry for the way I treated you. I've missed you." I was speechless, couldn't say a word "What'd you say?"
"N..Nothing. Um, don't worry about it, what's done is done."
"I tried to find you at Cheers last Friday. Mark said you've been there those nights with your friends."
"We left early last week. Why didn't you call if you wanted to talk?"
"After we talked the last time, I erased your number. I wish I hadn't. Well I'd better let you go." it was like 1245 am at this time
"Listen to me. You take care of yourself back home. Stay outta trouble. And the next time you make it into town, remember you have friends down here. Call me anytime since you have my number again."
"That's nice of you."
"I'm serious Chris. We're still friends."
"Thank you......for everything. I won't forget." and he hung up.

Afterwards, I was up until about 2 am just trying to clear my thoughts and get some sleep. It was strange and a shock but all in all it was very nice of him to say what he did and he didn't have to at all. I do hope he does keep in touch. Not for anything more than a friendship....he has problems with emotions and in a way I can see why. We were each other's first relationships since my divorce 6 years ago and his wife passed 2 years ago and in a way I really don't think that even though he wanted to be ready to start with someone new, he wasn't ready for it and I was. It was an experiance that I'll never forget and although it did hurt, there's nothing from it that I regret, even the way it ended. He helped me to get out of my shell, and that's quite alot.

Have to get ready for work now....I need to leave in 15 min and I haven't even had a shower yet.

Love ya all...

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