Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Nadine is....

Gacked from jmpovrthemoon23

Directions: Type "(your name) is" with the quotes, into a Google search then pick out your favorite 10 responses. Copy, then repost your responses:

*Nadine is thrilled to be included on the latest CD from the Songwriter's Hall of Fame (SHOF) that showcases emerging songwriters
*Nadine is one of the fourth graders in Arnold's class and is often seen in the background.
*Nadine is about as depressing as a hip television flick can get
*Nadine is either awestruck or retarded
*Nadine is a wonderfully talented and intelligent woman with vision
*Nadine is a fun 83 minutes If not longer....
*Nadine is ripping her skirt down
*Nadine is found guilty of every charge on the books
*Nadine is worth seeing
*Nadine is -funny.You never know what she's thinking. Now this is oh so true.

Or we could go with this.....

*Demonic angel is not a member of any public groups
*Demonic Angel is ranked 85 and has played for 32m in 31 days
*Demonic Angel is in the story now
*Demonic angel is assigned to every human being to watch them.
*Demonic angel is result of the Angel mated with a female demon
*Demonic angel is flying here
*Demonic Angel is back agein.
*Demonic angel is a bitch a hoe and a virgin
*Demonic Angel is now open
*demonic angel is serenity moon wolf

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