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Demonic Angel

Bit of a shock.....

Another chapter in the saga of my life....geesh this is getting boring right? Yeah I know but at least it gives me something to write about. And hell if you don't want to read don't have to.

Well for those who don't know....a few weeks ago I was talking to one of my contacts online when she asked about this guy she heard I was seeing. Anyway I told her about him and what nots....when she asked if he passed my test.
"Well no he didn't know what quidditch was but he did watch the movies to learn what I was interested in...just like I then watched Nascar with him."
Well she asked who he liked, Biffle was my answer, and mentioned that her brother is a supplier for their team...ok (didn't mention that I knew this.) and the next thing I know is she sent me an email asking what size he wore.

Well last week being what it was I didn't talk to anyone at work really and only 3 people knew that Chris and I broke up. I forgot to tell her....then come Thursday she sent me an email...."I sent the shirt today. Let me know what he thinks of it."

Well today the shirt came and Chris and I still hadn't spoken at all. I showed it to Michelle and she informed me that she was going with me to take it to him. Ok I can do this.

We got off work, stopped by her house to have a few beers to build up my nerves then headed over. We received the usual greeting...he opened the door and headed to the couch and offered us a seat. It was nerve wracking at first until he offered us each a he wanted us stay a bit. Before sitting down I put the bag with the shirt in it on the table in front of him "What's that?"
"Something I started working on getting you a few weeks ago. My contact wants to know what you think of it though."
We just all talked, joked and laughed a while and he also told us that he found out that his boss is bringing in another crew to finish their job and sending them all home....oh. It ws then one of the vid channels, Fuse, had a blurb about 'The Warped Tour' in which Michelle looked at me and said "Isn't that the concert you said you wanted to go to?"
"Yeah but it's on a Thursday and Cassandra's off that whole week."
"So call in sick."
"I'd love to but I'm not gonna go to a concert by myself."
"No that's one I don't want you going by yourself to." Chris stated, "If I'm still in town I'll go with you." ok shock here even though I know he loves rock music.
"You sure?"
"Yeah. What day's it on?"
"Um, a Thursday."
"So I'll call in sick too. What are they gonna do, send me home?"
"You got it."

Well we continued to all talk and joke around a bit and the more we carried on the conversation...the more he was finishing my sentences for me....this got Michelle's attention big me it was the norm around him....he use to do it all the time.
Anyway finally it was 9 and we had to go, "The two of you are more the welcome to stop by anytime. I mean it, feel free."
When I replied, "Will do. If you ever want to hang out just let us know. You know you have some dance partners here." (he's like Michelle and I....will go out there to dance and not care what people think)
"Yeah I heard about the other night. A bit drunk were we?"
"Just a little.....obliviated to the point where I had to hold onto something here and there to regain my balance." yeah I spilt the beans about Sat night even though I knew he would hear about it.
"Bad week at work?"
"No just a bad week period."
"I know the feeling. That's why I didn't go up there."
"I wouldn't of either if she didn't drag me out."

We then all said our cya's and he again told us to stop by anytime at all, and that was it. Michelle was in awe, said a few things that she noticed that I don't want to think about....including how she thought we act like we've known each other half our lives instead of only a few months.

It was good...and it was what we both needed to happen. He's leaving in a few weeks and until then we can be very good friends and have a great time together while his buddies go out and sit like a bunch of lumps. And if a fringe benefit just so happens, I'm not gonna complain. No matter how much he doesn't want to which he said, he's leaving in a few weeks instead of the original 5 years. Plain and simple.
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