Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Sorry I cut last night/early this morning's post....I was half asleep.

On other news...I also ran into another friend of mine from bowling last season, David. He's a nice guy, and a pretty good friend. He said alot to me last night and even though it made some sense, it was the had facts. I need to learn how to play the game again. He's right, I do. I use to play the game so well, but the thing I want it all to be a game? Can I remember how to play it? I mean to casually date more than one guy and not feel for them? I don't know....but I need to do it again. He told me that if ever my friends can't make it up there and I need someone to hang out with up there on a Friday night....just give him a call and I'll be more than welcome to join his group of friends. It was nice of him but I doubt I ever will.

I did come to a decision late last night....very late. I lost every bit of control over my feelings and emotions...control that I have kept in tact for so long, and allowed him to hurt me...emotionally. I'll be his friend, no strings, no fringe benefits, nothing more than friends...ever like I am with about 200 other guys. Nobody takes my control away and gets a second chance.

Collision news....

I've been trying to write this past week but it's getting hard to....trying to write the ending of the story that I've been working on for over 2 years now but I can't seem to concentrate on it. My mind keeps wondering and I keep flipping the screen over to solitare then the next thing i know the day is gone and it's time to sleep again. I'll keep trying but we'll have to wait and see what happens.


Finally onto Witching Hour news....

The time has come to where I have to send in the final payment for the house rental. At this time I must ask that by August 15th you have it sent to me so that I can send it onto the landlord.
If you don't mind either send a check or money home address is....

Nadine Roth
6107 Blank Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Take it easy and for those of you in Wiktt chat tonight...I should be there.
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