Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well not really news.....

Well here it is now Friday.....and still no phone call. What did I expect? I have no idea....I was hoping that we could have at least sat down and talked about what happened.

That's ok...I'm sure I'll get a call sooner or later. Especially after I ran into his buddy Mark tonight.

Well it started out yesterday....As my friends and I decided....give him 72 hours to call and if he doesn't then call him. Well I did and after 5 rings I got his voice mail in which I merely left a message "Hi it's me. Just wondering how you're doing. Give me a call sometime."

Nothing wrong with that....we're friends (so he said) and friends talk as friends. Anywho....that was at 6. 8pm came....Jill called,
"Any word?"
-Nope- ... we then chewed the shit abit....
"Do you want me to call?"
-No you don't have to-
"You sure? It can't hurt anything at this point."
-Sure why not then.-
Well about 1/2 hour later she called back..."Don't call him again."
-Ok what happened?-
"Well I called and he answered for me in where we shot the shit abit....he said this week was worse than last week."
-Good he deserves it.-
"Then I asked him, 'Is there something going on between you and Nadine? I've never seen her like this and she's not talking to anybody' in which he replied 'I told her we're just to be friends now' in a pissy voice."
"Don't worry....I covered it up with 'I'm sorry I had no idea because she's not talking to anyone and that's not like her. Do me one favor though...plesae? When you do talk to her, just don't mention that I called. She'll kill me' and he said he wouldn't. I'm sorry Nadine there's other fish...."
-Damn it Jill don't say it....That's not what I want to hear right now.-
"I know. Listen littlebit's in the tub and I have to get her to bed. Are you gonna be ok?"
-Do I have a choice?-
"No you don't."
-I know, that's what sucks. I'll talk to you tomorrow.- and we hung up.

Well after 3 days of eating pull-n-peel licorice for dinner while washing it down with the left over cans of Budlight....(in which I'm more of a Miller Lite person...this was just his that he left in my car), Michelle and I went out to dinner at Cheers then stayed for a few beers. Afterall I don't think my stomach would have been too happy with the same menu a 4th night.

Well as expected Mandy was working so of course Mark showed biggie just because I met Chris through Mark doesn't mean I'm gonna hold a grudge towards him.

Mark was walking by when he stopped
"Hi! How you doing?" and gave me a hug.
-I'm hanging in.- in which he gave me a confused look about.
"So? How did you like your first race?"
I then looked at Michelle and she said "Might as well tell him." only because I have never once lied to either Mark, Donnie, or Chris and this wasn't the time to start now.
-I probably would have loved it if we had even stayed to see them follow the Pace car around.-
"Whoa wait a second. You guys left before it even started?" nod "Chris told us that you stayed until there were 10 laps left! I can't believe he fuckin left! Why the hell did you guys leave?"
-He got pissed over the rain delay and that he couldn't find any of the shirts that he was to get....then when some guy sat down next to him and took over part of his chair he had had it.- not gonna dare throw in the part about Mark's phone call saying he wasn't going to work the next day
"Fuck! And I turned down those tickets for Mandy and I so that he could take you. I sould kick his fuckin ass. I can't believe he lied about it. I am sorry."
-Don't worry about it-
"Thank you for telling me and don't worry, I won't say a word about it."
-You can tell him off about it if you want. It don't matter.- he gave me another funny look at this point. -Didn't you hear? Chris broke up with me on Monday.-
"That lying sack of shit. I'm sorry Nadine, he told all of us that you guys had another great weekend. What happened?"
-Simple to him. When I got there Friday he told me how he had a bad week and I expected him to being off that night after he told me, hell I even it to somewhat trinkle into Saturday. But come Monday and still not a touch, kiss, or anything so I questioned it.-
"I would too."
-Well he got all pissy and defensive and told me 'Since being together just isn't enough for you, maybe we'd be better off being friends.' and that was the last I heard from him. Hell and I had stopped and gotten us a hotel room Saturday night.-
"And still nothing?"
-I took a shower cause my legs were covered in mud and he turned on the tv then went to sleep.-
"Have you tried calling him?"
-I tried last night and left a message in which of course he never returned.-
"My God I am so sorry. The way he's been acting and talking we all thought that you two had fallen for each other and...."
-Well one of us fell.-
"I can't believe he did that to you! He fuckin lied to all of us!" he then sat down at the table with us and took my hand. "I told you before I have your back. Anytime you need me just say the word. Whatever you do, just don't loose any sleep over him. He isn't what we thought he was and he isn't worth is."
-It's a little late but thanks for telling me now.-
"If I had known he was like that you wouldn't have ever met him. You and I, we're tight right?"
-Yes Mark, we're still friends.- and with that I got a bear hug from him before he stormed out of there.

He came and went the rest of the night and I have no idea why...that's really none of my business and I know he was truly pissed. All in all....what I'm thankful of with this....I can at least say I have become good friends with Mark.

As for Chris...well I know I'll be seeing him on either Monday or Tuesday....most likely Monday though. See a few weeks ago I was talking with one of customers when I mentioned that he actually had me watching Nascar. Well she was curious on who he liked then informed me that her brother works with Nascar all the time and she decided to send a shirt for him. So, since I never watched racing before he came along....I have nothing else to do with racing.
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