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Demonic Angel

ok....finally real first date....

I have to say....OMG...this is definately not the same guy that I tried having a first date with a month ago.

He was extremely nice, as nervous as I was, and perfect gentleman...well almost but nevermind that.

Started out when I was pulling into his complex about 5 to 6 Thurs night my cell rang,
"Hi, what are you doing?"
"I just pulling into your complex."
"I am so sorry. Um, we were suppose to be off by 5 but the cement truck showed up."
"It's alright."
"No it's not. I asked you to meet me there and now..."
"Chris don't worry. It's not as if this was soemthing you could have controlled. I'll see you when you get here."
"You sure?"
"Yes I'm sure."
"I'll be there as soon as I can."

Well I went ahead and parked infront of his building very thankful that I had grabbed OOP from work finally deciding to take it home, and started reading. Finally he arrived around 645 and we went up to his apt so he could clean up while I watched tv. Finally he was done, cleans up quite well I should add, and asked "So where do you want to go?"

"What do you mean where do I want to go?"
"Just what I said. Where do you want to go, it's your night."
"If I had known that I would have gotten us free tickets from the radio station to the Comedy Zone."
"Next week we'll do that. So?"
OMG "Um, Jill and Michelle said the Ale House is nice."
"Mark said the same thing. Ready?"

Well we went there for dinner....nice place, bit expensive for my usual budget, even for a restraunt but hey it was my choice. After dinner I introduced him to The Pub where we went and had a few drinks while playing pool (oops forgot I forgot I was wearing a short skirt that happened to ride up a little during the game). He really liked the place, not too loud or crowded so we had a good time there until around 1130. I then took him home where we had a bit of a makeout session along with making plans for him to meet me at Cheers the following night...because I was holding a going away party for my friend Kim who had been with our company for 8 years. He was reluctant but I assured him that the people there were cool and all and that he'd have a good time so he agreed to meet me there between 8-830. Needless to say, I didn't get home until around 1230...ack!

Friday morn I woke up...oh shit, big ass hicky on my neck...ACK! Oh well have to face the music. Went to work and caught all sorts of hell...I am one of the last people they ever expected to see with one but it's about time. Worse part of work....during the morning meeting I had to give everyone a brief detail of my date during the morning meeting since everyone was so happy for me.

After work Heidi and I were the first ones at Cheers doing our best at holding 3 tables while we ate dinner and waited for everyone else to trickle in. Kim didn't arrive until around 7 since she had to go home to get her designated driver...good thing too. Throughout the night people in our group are looking at their watches....almost time....almost time (they were anxious to see this guy who marked me up). 830....9...915....still no Chris. Took my cell into the bathroom (only quiet place around) and called Donnie's phone...he was on a date at the time but assured me Chris would be along soon. Went back to the group....socialized with everyone....finally he showed up so I introduced him to everyone and we went over and sat down. Yes asswipe boss was there drunk as ever...."I have to thank you, she's been more productive over the past few weeks." Oh how I wanted to knock the living shit outta him....but didn't have to due to the look Chris gave him.

Everyone there from work, including the VP of our company, welcomed him and made him feel like part of the group. That was when Chris' brother, Mike, joined us and was celebrating his birthday. Mike use to be a truck driver and has heard of our company but was a bit surprised to see our company's vp's out and having fun like we were. We all had a blast....I kept dancing with the Alicia and Kim while Chris was shocked "You didn't dance like with me that night we were here." oops
"Well I hardly knew you and....and the band wasn't this good." That worked.
By the time the band's first set ended Alicia was so drunk that she completely missed her raised chair, Kim was in tears, and Michelle was dancing by herself right infront of the band. And this was by midnight. Chris and I then bid our farewells to everyone and tried to ignore the catcalls and we went back to his apartment to hang out abit before I went home. We weren't the only ones there...Donnie, his girlfriend, and her 1 1/2 son were also there hanging out until about 3.

All day Saturday my cell rang off the hook with everyone from the party thanking me for putting it together, telling me how much they like Chris, and how much we look like a good couple. UUUGGGHHH!

Later that evening Michelle called and invited Chris and I to her house for a BBQ with Shanks and Alicia....reminded her that Chris had to work that day and has no she suggested I stop by his apt and invite him...afterall it was actually on the way to her house....she lives behind Cheers.
Got to his place and after knocking on the door a few times he finally opened it....he was sleeping on their couch. My lap became a pillow while we talked until Michelle called....oops forgot about the bbq. We hung up and that's when I invited him....of course he was exhausted, we were up until 3am and he then had to work construction for 8 hours in the heat. He wanted to sleep some more but also wanted to get together with me we agreed that I'd be back between 8-9.

I then met up with Michelle at the store so we could get some last minute what-nots then back to her place. By 8 dinner still wasn't ready so I excused myself briefly to go get my boyfriend (that sounds so strange!). Didn't tell him where we were going but the moment we entered the residental area he realized how sneaky I was. I convinced him that it actually wasn't originally planned but unfortunately dinner wasn't ready and I am one who refuses to be late. We all hung out a bit...ate dinner....when Chris excused himself to use the bathroom. Alicia looked over at me "So does he know what Quidditch is?"

"Um, I don't know. I haven't asked him."
They just nodded....when Chris returned we all talked abit more until Shanks looked over at him "So Chris. Do you know what Quidditch is?"
"Never heard of it."
"Don't worry, she'll teach you soon enough." (thanks Shanks....I can only imagine what's going on in his mind now)

Around 1030 we all left....all still tired from the night before....and as soon as Chris and I got into the car. "Are you gonna tell me what that was about?"
That's when I explained to him that for the past few years I had said that any guy I dated would have to already know what it was.
"So it's a Harry Potter thing?"
"Um yeah." he just nodded. This time I don't know what I was thinking but instead of taking him back to his place and hanging out with the couple who keeps the little one up all hours of the night, we came back to my house.

I kid you not....when we got here all we did was curl up together on the couch while he found a repeat Nascar race on tv then fell asleep. Those of you who were on the WiKTT chat at 1 am know this because I got on and started complaining how I was woken up by suddenly colliding with the floor. Not happy...the floor is quite hard.

While he slept on the couch I stayed on the chat for about an hour before going upstairs to bed. The next morning when I came back downstairs he was looking through my movies...."So where's this Harry Potter movie?"
"Can we watch it?"
"Are you sure?" nod "Sure"
We then curled up together on the couch and watched the first two "I'm surprised to say this but I honestly really liked them."

Ok ok ok...those who know me know I don't ever say this but I have to SQUEEEEEEE

We hung out here all day...talking, made him breakfast and dinner, hanging out, I actually watched and enjoyed Nascar (never thought that would happen), and finally we went to the drive in to see Batman Begins....and finally had to take him home at 11. Yes another late night.

It's scarey...and strange...and I'm quite surprised. Him being here yesterday actually felt comfortable and normal.....I don't know how else to explain it. I like him and I know I could really fall hard for this guy....we've told each other so much about our pasts and things we've done that alot of other people won't ever ever know.

It all seems far too easy and the things he's done in his past that would usually turn someone away is no different than anything other guys I dated when I was younger or even I have done in the past so I can't find any faults there. All I can really do right now is hope that this isn't all a game to him and that this past weekend wasn't just some fling.

Michelle and Alicia seem to believe that it's fate and that we just belong together....I really don't know but I'm truly hoping that they're right.

Well that's it for my first date.....this definately is not the same asshole that I met that night at Cheers a month ago.

As for the next to last chapter of Collision....I currently have no clue on when that's gonna be. I have not had the urge to write at all.
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