Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

I know I've been away quite abit....

Hell I even realize how much I haven't been on line....although it took me a few days to come to this conclusion.

What's been going on to keep me away??? Well....let's see.

As I stated in a previous post...there have been ALOT of apologies given to me since the horrible night at the bar. None from my fat-ass supervisor as of yet but don't worry, he'll get his in time.

Anyway Chris and I started talking....I was sorta set up again thanks to Jill and Donnie (his roommate almost 2 weeks ago) and he has honestly apologized numerous times about that night and seems quite sincere. In fact he's apologized so many times that if I hear another one....I think I'll knock his ass out.

Anywho, that Wednesday night he said he'd call so we could get together the following weekend....alas he doesn't have a phone or cell phone simply because he really doesn't like to use the phone. Anyway come that Sunday, no call. On my way home from Jill's apartment I figured 'What the frill' and swung by there. Seems like no biggie but this is something I have never have done before. I don't know why I did, he does seem quite polite when he isn't overly drunk. Anyway he sat on the chair, me on the couch and we simply talked again until Donnie came in the room and informed Chris that he had to work that night. Well seeing how it actually was on my way to the interstate to get home I offered him a ride. We continued to talk about his son (my error before...only 1 kid, preteen), my son, what was going on at the time, his ex wife and how she refused to let him see his son when he visits his home town, music, ect...he then mentioned wanting to take me out to dinner the following Thursday night and how he would try to call. No problem right? Wrong....

Come Thursday Jill and Donnie started seeing each other then broke it off becuase he's leaving in a few weeks, and as for me, still no call. Well I had a 1/2 day of work that day so between that and an appointment I had I once again swung by his apartment but this time only left a note.

Chris, When you mentioned us getting together tonight I though you would have actually attempted to call me to work out the what-nots. Oh well I guess I was wrong. C-ya, Nadine

Blunt and to the point and with no actual plans with him I went ahead and made plans with Jill, Sheila, and Michelle for a 'Girls night out' over at Cheers. Well after we had dinner we were sitting there having a few drinks when this guy walked in who looked cute. Both Sheila (who's 60) and Michelle agreed and the three of them started telling me to go up and talk to him. "No there's people on either side of him at the bar, no room" was my way outta that one. So they suggested I buy him a problem with a mere $2.00 beer so I did. He then stuts up to the table, introduces himself, Kevin, and said "Thank you whomever gave me the beer."
Michelle looked at him and pointed to me "This is Nadine, she got it for you."
He then smiled then sat down with us. Ok at this point I have a good look at him and think why in the hell aren't I wearing my glasses. You got it, not as cute up close. Well he talks to all of us, buys us each another beer then walks away.
Oh well, ok better luck next time right? No we're not rid of him yet. He comes back not 5 minutes later, this time he gave me his phone number and bought us each a shot of Red Snapper. I'm sorry but that was the most horrible tasting shot I have ever had in my life. We all talked about his dog, job, our jobs, my dog, blah blah when all of a sudden he looks at my friend across the table from me "Michelle, if was a pleasure meeting you. You have a sweet ass and a damn fine body."
Now in the past half hour Kevin has gone from 'cute at a distance' to 'why in the hell do I look at guys without my glasses on' to finally downright no other word to discribe him but 'FUGLY!'
We were shocked....speechless...Michelle is glaring at him and with knowing her as well as we do, we knew she was about to explode. Instead she just frowned and nodded before leaving the table and heading for the bathroom until he left.
Finally he excused himself for he had to leave. He paid his check in which I took a peek at...hehe $54 baby. HA! Serves him right. and left in which at that time I immediately deleted his phone number from my cell.
The four of us stayed until about 1030 just chewing the shit and hanging out until we all parted ways. On my way out Jill asks "Wanna stop by Walmart?"
"Sure why not." hell I had to get a phone card for Tony's cell phone anyway. No I followed behind her but we parked over by the construction crew. Low and behold, Chris was working. Well not really working working but standing in the parking lot waiting for the cars to leave so he could start to work. He accused me of being hateful in my little note but I explained 'You just don't know me. I wasn't being hateful. I'm just very blunt and to the point.' at least that's how I saw the note.
Jill mumbled something about job now being done and left supposidly going the The Pub for an actual cold beer while Chris and I started talking once again. This time alot, more apologies from him still about that night at the bar and also about not calling me, how he worked 95 hours that week, and finally how he was going to go back to his home town to try to see his son again. Finally before we knew it the area of the parking lot was cleared out and his brother/boss was calling out to him that it was time to actually work. Oh shit it's not 1130 by now....ACK.
Well after 3 times of meeting him and just simply talking (never even tried to touch me) over the past 2 weeks the dreaded first kiss which finally led him to call me last night immediately when he got back from TN last night and making actual plans for dinner this Thursday with the 'What-nots' already worked out. Even though they were kinda hard to hear with his buddies teasing him in the background. And do I need to add that I still need to get Tony's phone card?

Maybe I'm a fool for accepting his apology....I don't know. But it's almost like he's someone completely different than the tequilia drunk asswipe I met almost 4 weeks ago. Either way...I'm the one driving my car that night so if he's not what he's making himself out to be now I will have no problems what so ever with leaving him where ever we go.

As for the rest of last weekend and why I wasn't even in the 'chat'....let's just say you had 3 single mothers who's kids are all away for abit that all quickly learned we aren't the party girls we use to be. Between Friday night's bar hopping and laughing our asses off at the idiots who were literally falling all over each other on the dance floors to a kegger on Saturday and sleeping all day Sunday...I really have no idea in the world how I use to do it.

Well, that's what's been going on....not too much but it is more than how things usually are around here.
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