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Collision - Chapter 5

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Blind Date
Chapter Rating: R

Chapter 5 - Blind Date

Bria looked over and saw how Jack was looking over at her and Remus sitting on the table, "I had better get back to work, Papaw doesn't look to happy." She said as she climbed down, "I am sorry about what I did, honestly mom had no idea."

"I know you are but that still doesn't change things." Remus sighed as he hugged the girl.

"Do you think you and mom will be ok?"

"I hope so, there's some things that I accused her of that I shouldn't of." He replied as he broke the hug and looked into his daughter's eyes. "No matter what happens I still want you back at school for the next term."

Knowing that there was no sense in arguing about it any longer Bria lowered her gaze to the ground and replied. "Yes sir."

"Nicca!" Jack called.

"Go on, I'll see you later. I have to talk to you about something." Remus said as Bria looked at him then left to join her grandfather. Remus continued to sit there for a few minutes mentally cursing himself over what he had said earlier. He then stood up and went to find his companions. After looking around the grounds for about a half hour he finally found them. "Severus, Harry, come along, we need to go."

"How's Bria?" Harry asked.

"She is good but she's also grounded." Remus replied as he turned his attention to Severus "Why didn't you tell me this morning that she is Angel?"

"Because the moment that I said I went to talk to her you got mad and refused to listen to anything else. How did you finally figure it out?"

"Bria told me while we were talking."

"So you will listen to your daughters who has been the cause of this whole mess but you won't even listen to your future bride? Tell me Remus, what does it feel like to know that you've thrown away your future with her?"

"I haven't yet. That's why we need to go, we have dates tonight." Remus said as he smiled

"Oh no. The deal was only if you and Dannie made up. Besides how can this date help you with your already failed relationship?"

"That woman that is taking us out, the person she's bringing along is her cousin."

"I don't care if she's bringing along her twin sister. I agreed to this only if you two worked things out. You now need to contact this woman and tell her we will not be there."

"Sev, That woman's cousin is named Angel. Bria told me that her Aunt Jenny owns the restaurant, this will be the perfect opportunity for me to be able to talk with her and straighten this whole mess up."

"That is if she doesn't walk out of the establishment the moment she sees you there."

"So does this mean you will go?" Remus asked

"I certainly didn't come all the way here for the oviance, but I do warn you. If this doesn't work, you will be brewing your own potion each month from now on."

"Don't worry we'll made sure it words." Dan said as he and Robert joined the small group.

Robert looked at Remus "Listen, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding last night. My partner here seems to be a little to good at keeping secrets, especially when it involves trying to catch Angel off guard."

Remus nodded then asked "How do you think you can keep her from leaving?"

"There's nothin that we haven't seen yet to keep that girl from playin pool. Normally she sucks at the game but she loves the challenge and the more she drinks the better she gets." Dan stated.

"That's where you're confused hon. Actually the more we drink the worse we get so she usually wins." Robert continued "Besides if worse comes to worse someone could always barricade the door."

"Besides it's not Angel you need to worry about. The one that is usually a handful is his sister, Jenny. She tends to get outta hand once in awhile but it's all harmless flirting." Dan stated.

"If this is your attempt in making me believe this escapade will work then you are failing immensely." Severus proclaimed.

Robert and Dan looked at each other and smiled, "No wonder my sister wants to get her talons into you. If you keep talkin like that then you'll never get rid of her."

"That is definitely not the way to convince him." Harry said.

"No worries Remus, I will go along with this but my previous threat remains."

"Wonderful!" Robert cheered "Your son can stay at Papa Jack's while we're all out. He's not the MC tonight and he loves havin children around."

"So Da….er Angel has told Bria about Harry?" Remus asked.

"Oh I'm sure she has by now. I don't see why she wouldn't of." Dan stated as Robert called his sister and explained the day's events along with their plan for that evening and finally after quite a bit of co-hursing on his part everything was arranged.


Although she was starting to have second thoughts about being there, Dannie arrived promptly at eight just as she promised she would. As she entered the main building, Jenny immediately grabbed her arm and drug her up the stairs to her suite. "Jenny, what the hell is going on? I thought you said we were meetin them at eight?"

"Well Bobby canned and told me what happened this afternoon and since your situation has changed I refuse to let you meet them dressed like that. Besides we're women, we're suppose to always be late."

"Maybe you're always late but I hate keepin people waitin. And that is wrong with the way I'm dressed? You already said that he's not interested in meetin someone so soon."

"You dear cuz are too tomboyish. For once I want to see you dressed as a girl so the baggy jeans and flannel have to go. Show off your assets for once. We're gonna get your mind off what happened earlier and make sure you have fun tonight." Jenny said as she tossed a low cut tank top and jeans that were a size to small in Dannie's direction. "Now hurry up and get changed."

Dannie looked at the clothes then at her cousin. "These wouldn't even fit you, where did they come from?"

"I bought them for you. Consider it a belated Solstice gift." Jenny replied as she shoved Dannie towards the bathroom and closed the door.

"Well at least it's better than what you usually get me." Dannie called out.

"Well I personally don't see how anything could be better than a new B.O.B. but seein how you never even opened the packaging of the ones I got you I figured that it would be a waste of money to get you anymore."

"I kept tellin you I didn't want them, it's about time you listened."

"I just didn't like the way I found out. I thought you were just to imbarrased to admit you did like them. The last thing in the world I expected was for your dad to call me up asking me why they were in the back of your closet."

Dannie peeked her head out of the door, "Papa found them? What did you say?"

"What do you think I said? I told him that you have this strange plan to one day send them to Jessica once her husband shrivels up and falls off."

"You didn't!"

"What you want me to actually admit that I'm the one that got them for you? I don't think so. Besides I don't even think he believed me."
"Of coarse he didn't, he knows your reputation as well as anyone." Dannie said as she walked out of the room so who are these guys? Where are they from?"

"I'm not exactly sure," Jenny lied, "They just got into town the other day."

"So did everyone else who's in town. I thought you knew all the trail riders."

"I know most of them but these aren't trail riders. I think they're doin research for some university on different cultures or somethin like that." Jenny said.

"Well what do the look like?"

"Tall, cute, nice asses, don't have long hair like Bobby's but it's not too short either."

Dannie stopped trying to adjust the shirt and said, "I can wear this. The jeans are too tight and makes me look fatter than I am and I feel like I'm going to fall outta this shirt."

Jenny sighed "You are not gonna fall outta the shirt, it will hold you in just fine. As for that baby pooch you have, lets see." She paused as she looked around the rooms for something. "Fine wear the damn flannel but, over that shirt only tying the bottom. I'm not letting you off that easy."

"I still swear that there is somethin you're not tellin me. I know you too well." Dannie said as she stared at her cousin.

"Can't I just make sure you have some fun tonight and not spend it moping over that fool? Afterall, with as many times as you have been there for me when I screwed up a relationship, it's about time I'm able to return the favor."

"I'm not the one who screwed up this relationship."

"No you're not he did and that's what make us closer to being even. Don't worry, when he sees you in that tonight he'll start kicking himself in that fine ass of his."

Dannie just glared at Jenny "Wait a second here. What makes you think he's gonna see me tonight and when did you see Remus' ass? I know I don't even have any photos of his backside that you could have seen."

Jenny quickly covered up her slip of words, "They're staying in the cabins out back remember. I'm sure at one point or another they will pass through here or you'll pass by their cabin on your way home. As for his ass, well Dan's the one who checked them in last night; he described him to me. Besides all men have nice asses."

"Not all of them." Dannie replied.

"Maybe not all of them but most of them do. You can't tell me that you didn't check them out over at that school."

"Yes I can. They all wear robes and cloaks that keep them covered. Besides over half the guys there were either too young or too old for me to even want to think about." Dannie smiled.

"No guy is ever too old for me and I have a good imagination."

Dannie then pictured her cousin checking out Albus and cringed, "Don't you think we've kept them waiting long enough now? Can we go and get off this subject before I'm sick?" Jenny nodded and the two of them headed back down the stairs.

As they entered the low lighted bar it was almost empty except for a few figures that Dannie couldn't make out sitting at a table at the other side of the room. Jenny proceeded to the table while Dannie stopped at the jukebox. As she put her money into the machine and started punching in her selections an arm appeared infront of her holding a bottle of beer. She reached out and took it then said "Thank you" as she raised it to her mouth to take a drink.

"You're welcome Luv," Remus said "I want to apologize for this after…."

Dannie turned and walked past him towards the table not wanting to hear a single word he had to say as the juke box started playing Let's sing a song for the broken hearted…. When she reached her cousins at the table she glared at Jenny and quietly said, "You conniving bitch, you are so dead for this. I knew somethin was up by the way you acted when I first got here. How dare you put me into this position."

"Angel, if I had told you who we were meeting would you have stayed?" Jenny asked.

"You know I wouldn't of and you also know I would have never done anything like this to you."

"Angel, calm down and listen." Robert said, "At first Jenny had no idea who they were until I called and told her this afternoon. If you're gonna blame anyone for this then blame me. I talked her into this and I'm the one who filled his head with those ideas last night."

"So all of you are in on this? Thanks a whole hell-of-a lot. I don't even care anymore who filled his head with what lies, that's over with and he should have known not to believe what you told him. I'm pissed because you guys trapped me into this predicament."

"How in the hell was he to know? It's not like he arrived at the sixty-nine askin for Angel, no he came around askin for Dannie and I'm the only one around here that goes by that name. Why didn't you tell him that everyone knows you as Angel around here?" Dan stated

"Because, I never expected him to come here yet."

"Aren't you the one who always believed in expecting the unexpected? Because of that it's why we made it into a quest when we were younger to just once catch you off guard." Jenny said.

"Well congratulations you have finally gone and done it. I do hope you're happy now." Dannie turned her attention to Severus as he walked up to the table "I'm sorry you were drug into the middle of this. You have obviously met my family now so I don't need to introduce them. I…I have to go, I can't stay here tonight." She then turned and headed towards the door.

"Dannie!" Remus called out but she kept on walking, he then charged past her and blocked the exit. "Angel luv, you're not leaving until you hear what I have to say."

Dannie stared past Remus into the lobby "Remus please just let me leave. I already heard what you had to say this afternoon, remember?"

"No I am not letting you walk away again. At least not until you hear me out."

She then turned her gaze towards the ground and sighed. "I already heard what you had to say. I know you are worried that I'm gonna keep Bria from you. That is one thing I won't do. You and Severus go on back to Hogwarts and I'll make sure that she is at the airport a week before the term starts."

"What about you? You promised Albus and Minerva that you'd be returning for the next term."

"Severus knows how to get to Papa's. Send him by in the morning and I will give him my letter of resignation to pass onto them. Now please let me by." She then moved her way past Remus and out the doorway but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into the bar and pinned her against a nearby wall. "You are hurting me now let me go!" she growled as she struggled against him."

Remus loosened his grip but still hung onto her, "You are my mate, I refuse to watch you walk out of my life again."

"What is with you? Just this afternoon you made it quite clear that we were through. Geesh Remus, that was one night sixteen years ago when I didn't know any better. I made a mistake and I'm sorry, now I said I wouldn't keep Bria from you so please let me go and move on with your life and find one of your other mates." Dannie cried.

"I have had no other mates and how could you call our daughter a mistake."

"I didn't say Bria was the mistake. Now don't you dare tell me that you haven't had other women over the years, not the way you made me feel everytime we kissed."

"Yes I've been with some other women but that was just sex, but with others like us? No luv that's what makes us life mates. Can you honestly say you haven't had other men?"

Dannie stared into Remus' eyes and quietly replied, "Yes because until tonight I never knew there was a difference between the two."

Meanwhile at the table Robert and Dan caught sight of what was going on and started to get up when Severus motioned for them to stay seated as he stood up and slowly started approaching the couple.

Feeling dumfounded by her response; Remus then dropped her wrist and forcefully captured her mouth with his. Dannie started to feel herself give into the kiss but quickly regained composure and pulled out of it. He then moved her shirt as he pulled her into him and started nibbling on her neck and shoulder as he mumbled "Mine forever. No others ever again."

Dannie was not sure how she felt about this side of Remus. Yes it was exciting and scary but after their fighting all day this was not the time or place for them to be making up in this manner as of yet. Unfortunately the more she tried to struggle against him the tighter he held onto her. "Remus I need to talk to you." Severus said but Remus only replied with a growl as he continued to nibble on her shoulder. "Moony, we need to talk now!" Remus started to loosen his hold on Dannie so she quickly brought up her knee, making contact with him, and causing him to buckle over in pain. As Remus went down Dannie's back hit the wall and she felt a strange pain in her shoulder. Severus then lifted his friend up by the collar and said. "I thought you told me you were under control."

"I was but she wouldn't listen. She wouldn't let me apologize and I couldn't' let her leave."

"So you try to take her by force right here in the bar and infront of her family?"

"I wasn't going to take her. I just wanted her to know how I felt about her."

"I'm quite sure she knows exactly how you feel about her now, the question is how does she feel about you? I suggest you wait for me in the cabin so that you can take that potion of yours. It should be about ready by now."

As Remus started to leave he leaned in to kiss her once again but Dannie quickly turned her head and he breathed in her scent and let out a small snarl before walking into the hallway. "Severus, did I hear you right when you said he hasn't had his potion yet?"

"Unfortunately yes. Due to the difference in climate it has taken longer than normal to obtain the correct consistency that it needs. I take full blame for what's happened here tonight, I should have realized the difference and started preparing it sooner. I do apologize for the inconvenience."

"No I should have seen he was off balance maybe I should have stayed and listened to him."

"What was said that made him act that way?" Severus asked "To be honest I have never seen anything trigger either one of them like that before."

"Right now everything is a blur and I don't remember what was said."

"Well I'd better go make sure he made it to the cabin. It will be awhile before we're back please apologize to your family for us. I will make certain Remus knows exactly why you left and he'll understand."

"I honestly don't think I will be leaving tonight. If I went home in this state Papa would definitely be on the hunt for him."

"Well I promise I won't bring him back until he is back to himself again. Do me a favor, when you do see him whether it's tonight or tomorrow you'll listen to what he has to say."

"How about if I promise to think about listening to him." Dannie said but just received a glare from the man "Ok I will listen to him, but I'm not promising anything else."

Severus sighed "Very well. We will see you later then." He then turned and left the bar and Dannie went into the bathroom to run some water on her face.

"What the frill was that?" Jenny said as she stormed in through the door. "Out of all the people I know I never thought you would be the one to end up in a relationship with someone who treated you that way."

"Jenny it's not what you think."

"Don't give me that. I know what I saw."

"No, you just think you know what you saw. That was not Remus."

"Then tell me exactly who it was because from what I've been told by Bobby, Dan and you he sure looked an awful lot like him."

"That was a very upset werewolf who hadn't taken his potion to keep him under control."

"So he gets like this everytime he doesn't have his potion?"

"Hell no. Yes his emotion are effected when it's this close to the cycle but he's usually always more caring. This just happened to be our first fight at this time of the month so he reacted to it with more emotion. Do you have anything to disinfect a cut back behind the bar?"

"Why what did he do to you?"

"He didn't do anything. When I racked him I scraped against a nail or something on the wall and I need to clean it off."

"I'll see what I can find."

"Good, I'm heading back to the table bring it there." Dannie said as Jenny left the bathroom. She then turned to try to look at her shoulder but all she could see was the blood. She then grabbed some paper towels and held them over the wound to keep it from soaking through her shirt anymore and she headed back to the table.

When she got back to the table the guys just looked at her. "Please don't say a word. I already told Jenny it's not what it looked like." Dannie stated.

"We weren't going to say anything. You've made it quite clear to us in the past that you are 35 and know exactly what you're doing. But I will tell you this, I don't like what I saw and if I see or hear of it again then no amount of magic will keep that man alive." Robert stated.

"Understood." Dannie replied. Jenny then walked up and placed a shot glass of clear liquid infront of her. "What is this for?"

"Take your arm out of your shirt and drink it. I couldn't find a disinfectant but I did find something that will definitely kill the germs." Jenny replied. She then watched Dannie tilt her head back and down the shot as placed a towel with the same stuff on her cousin's shoulder.

Dannie's voice went horse as she screamed from the burning in her throat and on her shoulder and she quickly grabbed the beer she had left at the table earlier and took a quick drink. "What the hell are you trying to do? Kill me? What was that stuff?"

"I'm not trying to kill you, I'm trying to kill the germs. That was Everclear, the same as I have on your back, now hold still." Jenny commanded.

"Hold still my ass, that shit burns. Take it off me now." Dannie screamed.

"Of coarse it burns its 300 proof alcohol and it's working. Here take another shot and brace yourself cause I have to do it again." Jenny said as she handed Dannie the bottle.

Instead of pouring it into the shot glass she took a large drink straight from the bottle. She then handed the bottle back to her cousin she shook her head and then braced herself and mumbling "Ears burn, ears burn, ears burn, SSSHHHIIITTT!" she finally screamed as Jenny put the freshly dampened cloth on her wound again. "Ok that's it now more. Whatever germs were in there are definitely dead after that."

Jenny then took the towel off Dannie and took a deep breath as she noticed it was not just a small wound. Instead it was a U shaped flap of skin hanging. "You're right. I won't put anymore alcohol on it; any of the germs that can die are gone. Are you sure that it was a nail or something else on the wall?"

"What else could it have been?" Dannie asked.

"I'm not sure but it doesn't seem like it could be from a nail." Jenny replied.

"Well move and let me see it."

"No we need to get the bandage on it. Don't worry though it may just be nothing." Jenny lied as she pulled out a large bandage and covered up the injury "Come on lets play pool."

"Sure why not, it's going to be awhile before the guys get back anyways." Dannie replied.

"They're coming back?" Robert asked as Jenny racked the balls and Dan went and found the cue.

"Yeah. Sev just took Remie to get his potion and wait until he's back to being himself again." Dannie sighed. "I promised I would stick around and listen to what he had to say."

"Well it's about time you two sat down and talked."

"Yeah well whatever."

Robert sighed as Dannie walked over to join the others at the table. She stood against the wall for balance as Dan broke cleanly sending a stripe into a corner pocket. He then lined up his next shot and easily sunk the 11 ball into the side. He stood there for a few moments at that time looking over the table and studying what was available. Finally he saw his what he figured would be his shot, pulled back on the cue and shot the 13 ball which only bounced off the corner of the corner pocket and into one of the side ones. He then walked over and handed the cue off to Dannie and she lined went after the one ball which happened to be right along the edge and looked to be an easy shot but unfortunately it stopped at the edge. Robert took his turn and sunk the 12 but only to scratch on the next shot. He then went and got them around of drinks as Jenny looked around the table to see what she was going for. She easily sunk in the next four balls only to miss on a difficult double bank shot. "Good to see you weren't too hard on us sis." Robert said as he came back to the group.

"Just wait bro, the night is still young." Jenny replied.

Dan looked at the table studying it as hard as he could but unfortunately all the balls were jumbled up just infront of a corner pocket with the 8 sitting to close to the edge for his liking. He chalked up the cue and lightly tapped the cue ball, which tapped the jumbled mess sending 6 towards the opposite corner and landing the cue ball right along the edge. Dannie then went for the 6 only to sink it and landing the cue ball close to it's original position. "4 ball far corner" she announced as she took aim and not only sunk it but unfortunately scratched at the same time. While Robert took his turn Dannie then walked back over to the jukebox and selected some more music since things seemed far too quiet for her taste. By the time she was done everyone was waiting on her "My turn?" she asked.

"Yes but you have to break. Dan scratched on the eight." Robert stated.

"Oh good. I love breaking balls." Dannie stated.

"From what we saw earlier you're quite good at it." Said the waitress as she brought over the next round of drinks.

"Well that was a one time deal earlier. Who do you mean by we?" Dannie said

"There are a few guys in the back that also saw what happened. One of them was getting ready to call Papa Jack for ya."

"Well tell them thanks but I can handle my own problems."

"As you wish." She said.

"Chris, can we get some food over here?" Dan asked.

"Bobby already ordered you guys pizza and wings, should be up soon." She replied.

"Thanks." Dan said.

Dannie then chalked the cue and leaned over to take her shot making a clean break sinking in two striped balls. Just then Remus and Severus returned and Jenny quickly said "Remus, would you partner up with Angel for this game, so that I can to talk to Severus?" and she grabbed Severus by the hand and drug him into the hallway.

Robert noticed the look in his cousin's eyes and said "No I'll be her partner, Remus you can team up with Dan. Makes the game more interesting."

"Are you asking for dirty pool sweetheart?" Dan asked.

"You know I am baby. Just remember we have the big balls." Robert replied.

Dannie then studied the table for her next shot and leaned over to take it. As she aimed for the 10 ball Remus stood just behind the pocket and leaned over so that he was eye level with her. She then looked down at her shirt and noticed she was showing a bit too much cleavage for her taste so she stood up and adjusted it then took her shot and made a clear sink only to follow it up by scratching the cue ball. She then walked over to hand the cue to Remus, "Can we talk after this game?" he asked as he noticed she reeked of alcohol."

"Yeah, I think we need to." Dannie replied then she went and sat down and Robert walked up to her.

"I thought we were playing dirty pool. You're suppose to be over there distracting him."

"No, you and Dan are playing dirty, not us."

"Oh no dear cousin. Neither one of you protested so you're in on it too."

"Let's see how he does first." Dannie replied

Remus called a double bank into the side and to Robert and Dannie's surprise it worked. "Ok cuz, that answers your question. Now go play dirty." Robert whispered.

Dannie then walked over and stood behind Remus and ran her hand a half inch over the outline of her backside. "Jenny was right you do have a fine ass, I hope you didn't kick it too hard cause then I have to kiss the bruise to make it better." Dannie whispered softly in his ear as he took his shot only to sink the four ball.

"Don't worry luv, I didn't." he replied as he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek before going onto the next shot. Dannie followed him as he bent over to shoot at the 5 ball in the corner. As he pulled the cue back to shoot he felt it hit something. "Do you mind not grabbing my stick."

Dannie waited for the right moment and smiled as she replied, "If you'd watch where you were poking it I wouldn't have to grab it now would I?" Remus was then caught off guard and made a clean scratch completely missing his target. He then walked over and handed the cue to Robert. Robert and Dan each took their turns failing miserably due to the other one distracting them. Once again it was Dannie's turn but the cue ball was on the opposite side of the table.

When she tried to shoot from behind her back Remus walked up and leaned in towards her resting his hands on either side along the edge of the table and purred "I always knew there was a reason I enjoyed this game." Dannie then looked at him and moved her way to the other side of the table. She lifted one leg onto the edge while she stood on the toes of her other foot. Remus soon followed behind her "Sorry luv, you need to keep your foot flat on the ground." And he sat down and held her leg in place.

Dannie looked down at him "Are you sure your potion has taken effect?"

"Don't worry luv, it's working just fine. Your scent though is quite intoxicating though."

"Just control yourself, this is suppose to be a family establishment." Dannie warned.

"Sure is, Angel's own parents started their little family right there in the back room." Robert joked.

"That's more than I needed to know about my parents." Dannie stated.

"Just stating the facts." Robert smirked.

Dannie shook her head and started to take her shot, just as she pulled the cue back Remus reached upward gripping her thigh and pulling it back down. This sent shivers up and down her to the point where she sticked the cue ball sending it in the opposite direction. "Angel is your face actually red or is that the lighting in here?" Dan joked as Robert waked up to the bar.

"It's the heat." she insisted.

"I'll say it is." Remus smirked.

"No I'm hot." Dannie sighed as Remus nodded. "You are all hopeless. Here I am burning up and you two refuse to turn on the air for me while he sits down there and gropes my leg. By the way may I please have it back?"

Remus let go and stood up. "I'm not the one who started the game."

"That maybe so but I never actually touched."

Robert then walked up and handed Dannie a glass of ice. "Here you go, this will help you cool off."

Dannie smiled at Robert as she grabbed a piece of ice from the glass and started walking away. Remus then lined up his shot making sure he did not face Dannie in fear of what she would try next. To his surprise she didn't seem to be doing anything except removing her flannel shirt and rubbing ice on her collarbone and letting it drip down. He then closed his eyes and tried concentrating on the game. He quickly sank the remaining solid balls and took aim for the eight ball. "Don't forget to call it." Dan stated.

"Eight ball corner." Remus stated.

Dannie walked over to the corner pocket while Robert walked up behind her holding up her back. "Come on now you two. That's down right low." Dan stated.

"It's not as low as it was when he was touching." Dannie replied. Remus started looking around for another shot and when he found one he started to call it again. "I'm sorry love. You called this pocket, let's see how well you can get it into this pocket." Dannie smiled as she pointed to the hole. Remus paced back a forth a few time as he looked over at her then he lowered his head and sighed before taking aim. The few people other than their little group who were sitting at the bar took notice of what was going on and they stopped to watch. Remus then pulled back and shot watching the cue ball slam into the 8 ball and sending it soaring straight into the hole, clean shot not hitting the corners at all. The guys cheered while Dannie and Robert were dumfounded. Robert then moved off to the side to shake Remus hand while Dannie who was still drunk fell backwards onto the floor and remained there laughing.

"'Bout damn time someone nailed that girl for that stunt." Was heard loud and clear from the back of the bar.

"Shit that hurt." Dannie said from the floor.

Remus then walked around and helped her up. "You alright?"

Dannie grabbed her glass of ice and dumped it down Remus' shirt causing him to gasp "Now I am." She said as she walked over to a nearby booth. Remus just smiled and followed her.


Meanwhile in the hallway

"Listen I am honored by your invite this evening but I must tell you, I am not interested in pursuing any sort of relationship." Severus told Jenny.

"That's fine and thank you for being honest. That's not why I brought you out here. I have a question about Remus when it comes to cousin that I need answered."

"Trust me, what you saw earlier is not the way he treats her. I don't know what triggered Moony like that but I can assure you that it was a one time occurrence that he is now in there deeply regretting."

"Angel already explained that to me. What I need to know is what are the chances of him biting her and if he does the what happens from there?"

"Let me assure you that Remus has never bitten anyone, he may have come close a few times before his potion was discovered but even the thought of him infecting someone would certainly destroy him. As for what would happen to him and the person he bit. That person would have to go to the Ministry and be registered as a werewolf while Remus would wind up in Azkaban destined for a Dementor's Kiss." Severus replied, then he looked at Jenny. "Why are you asking these questions."

"Azkaban? That's the prison where they suck out a person's soul right?"

"Yes it is. She's told you quite a bit about our world then."

Jenny then stood in the doorway with her back to Severus as she watched the four people play "Would they prosecute him if the person that was bitten testified that they requested it?"

"I'm not sure about that. We've never had such a case. Would you mind telling me what you are implying."

"Angel told me earlier that Remus or Moony had admitted to of had other women and that he saw that sex and mating were two completely different things. Just like Angel, Aunt Gabby was a wolf but Papa Jack is a bear and they raised to believe that there was no difference between the two. If Moony as she called him earlier found out she believed this way but let it spill how he believed and because of this he was unwilling to let her walk out of his life again how far would he go to make sure she stayed with him."

Severus spun Jenny around and glared into her eyes, "Do you have the slightest idea of what you are implying is impossible? The last thing in the world that Remus would ever do is to hurt her like that."

"Both you and Angel have made it quite clear that Remus and Moony are pretty much two separate people. I can see by the way that Remus looks at her that he wouldn't harm her, I need to know about his other side though. Look at her. It's 70 degrees in that room, she's put her hair up and has actually taken off that god forsaken flannel shirt and she is still sweating."

"What happened to her shoulder, why is it bandaged?"

"She believes she scraped it on a rusty nail or something. When I cleaned it off it looked more like a bite mark. The skin was literally ripped off and is hanging. The fact is that it has happened and before we break the news to her I need to know not only if you feel it was intentional but what her options are from here."

"I want to see the wound before we say anything to them." Severus said and they walked back into the bar and towards the table.


Back in the bar

Remus sat down across the table Dannie as she started putting her hair up. "Luv, are you feeling alright? You seem to be out of sorts."

"I'm not sure. I think I had a little to much to drink." Dannie replied as she folded her arms on the table and rested her head on them.

Remus then moved to sit in the same booth as her, "You're burning up, do you want me to walk you home?" then he noticed the bandage. "Luv, what happened here?" he asked as he touched it causing her to squirm from the pain.

"It's just a scratch from a nail. I'll get my tetanus shot in the morning." She mumbled. Severus walked up behind them and Jenny started peeling off the bandage and Remus sensed something was wrong. Dannie jumped and glared at her cousin, 'I told you no more of that crap is being put on my shoulder."

"No he just want's to look at it." Jenny replied.

"It's nothing but a nail scratch, just leave me alone." Dannie exclaimed.

Severus was staring at where the wound was suppose to be and at the bandage then he quietly said to Jenny "It's healed already, you were right."

"Let me out, I'm gonna be sick." Dannie said to Remus and he quickly moved while she ran to the bathroom and he started to follow.

Severus grabbed his arm and said, "I need to talk to you now." While Jenny walked to the bathroom.

"I'm going to make sure she's alright." Remus stated.

"She's not alright. Let her get the alcohol out of her system right now but she is not going to be alright and you are to blame for that one."

"What are you saying?"

Severus looked around "Follow me." And he led Remus into the hallway.


Dannie stepped out of the stall and saw Jenny standing against the wall "Do you feel better?" she asked.

"Sober wise yes but I'm still burning up." Dannie replied as she started splashing cold water on her face. She then looked into the mirror and noticed the change in eye color and started panicking as she tried to see the wound on her shoulder. "It's gone. That can't be I know I was bleeding earlier it should still be there!"

"Angel calm down."

She then adjusted so she could look at her shoulder in the mirror and noticed the shape of the scar. "This can't be." She said as she splashed more water on her face and looked in the mirror again. Noticing her reflection hadn't changed she backed up and leaned against the wall only to slide down and sit on the floor. "How could he have?"

"I don't know. I don't think it was done intentionally."

"It don't matter. Shit what do I do now?"

"I already spoke to Severus, you're going to have to go back and be registered. Maybe the changes won't be so bad since you can do it anyway."

"But it's a forced change. I've never been forced to change."

"Didn't you ever think there was a chance of this happening before you agreed to marry him?"

"No, not really, at least not as long as he takes the potion." Dannie sighed. "I need to get out of here." She said and she stood up and left the bathroom and bar.


Meanwhile in the hallway

"Severus do you mind telling me what is going on?"

"You had to go and make sure she returned to Hogwarts didn't you?"

"What do you mean?"

Severus handed him the bandage. "The wound, it's healed. Jenny said it looked like a bite mark. You stupid bloody fool, you had to go and make sure she had no choice but to return to Hogwarts with us."

"You're wrong, I'd never."

"You did though. Look at her eyes, she has the fever. You went ahead and bit someone Remus. Do you realize what this means?"

Remus sat down on a nearby bench and shook his head. "I couldn't have."

"Well you did and now we have to get both of you back to Hogwarts so that she can be registered."

Remus' head turned towards the door as he heard it open and he saw Dannie stare at him briefly before she ran out the back door and towards her home. Remus stood up and started to follow her but Severus stepped in the way. "You've done enough damage. Leave her alone."

"Out of my way Severus, I need to make sure she's alright." Remus said as he shoved the man to the side and ran after her. By the time he reached the cabin they were staying in he heard a jet ski motor start and saw her take off towards her house. He then ran into the cabin and grabbed his wand and cloak and apparated to her front door. Remus watched and waited quietly as he saw her drive up then jump into the water to wade back to shore.

As Dannie approached the shoreline she noticed Remus waiting for her and she started running again. Unfortunately she slipped on the lake bottom and fell face first into the water. When she stood up she saw Remus standing along the waters edge and smiling at her. Dannie then changed direction and once she was out of the water she started running towards the house. Remus quickly tossed his cloak under the tree before he ran after her; once he caught up he grabbed her around the waist and carried her back to the tree as she frantically tried fighting him. "Dammit Remus, would you put me down? I need to get inside and take something for this fever."

"I can't let you do that, all those medicines will do is make it worse." He said as he put her back on the ground. "I have been trying to talk to you all night and all you keep doing is walking away when you even said you would talk to me."

"That was before I found out what you did to me."

"Dannie, I'm sorry…."

"It's too late to be sorry. You won, you figured out a way so that I would have no choice but to return with you and Severus. You didn't have to go to that extreme."

"What I did was the last thing in t he world I could ever imagine doing, especially to you. Do you really think I would want you to have to suffer through what I go through every month?"

Dannie then sat down on the ground and wrapped her arms around her knees as she said, "Remus I really don't know what you want anymore. One moment you're here without any warning and breaking of the engagement then the next you're at the bar with my family forcing me to stay for no other reason than me being your mate. I thought I could forgive you for trying to force yourself on me only because Sev said that you weren't yourself but now that I know you bit me I really don't know what to think."

Remus knelt down next to her and cupped her chin trying to get her to look at him as he replied "Dannie luv, Merlin knows I am truly sorry for what happened tonight. When Severus told me what he saw I thought that he was merely mistaken, especially with the way we were getting along during the pool game. I honestly thought that you had excepted my apology for this afternoon and we had worked everything out."

"What apology? Refusing to let me leave and insisting I was your mate is not a way to tell someone your sorry for accusing them of sleeping around. If you thought that we had worked things out then why have you been so insistent on talking to me?"

He then reached into his pants pocket and pulled out the engagement ring, "So that I could give this back to you. I don't know how I can get you to understand how sorry I am for what I said this afternoon and after this evening I would understand if you chucked it in the lake. But I'd be honored if you'd just consider wearing it just for the next few days, just until I go to Azkaban."

Dannie's eyes filled with tears "What do you mean your going to Azkaban?"

"When you're registered they will run a test to see if I was that infected you, after then I will be sent to the Dementors for my sentencing."

"NO. You can't go there. There has to be some way around this." She cried.

Remus leaned against the tree then pulled her close and held onto her as she sobbed into his chest. "I'm sorry I wish there was. This is not the way I expected us to end up and you could never imagine how sorry I am for what I've done, unfortunately it's our laws and there is no way around them." Dannie then sat up, took the ring out of his hand and slipped it on her finger as she stared at him. "Thank you." Remus whispered as he brushed the tears off her cheeks. Dannie then laid her head back on his chest and as he stroked her hair he felt how cold and clammy her forehead was. He then grabbed the cloak and said, "You need to get out of those wet jeans before your fever gets worse. You can wrap this around you."

Dannie grabbed the cloak and walked into the darkness while Remus took off his shirt, transfigured it into a small pillow and laid back on it staring out at the water. Dannie soon returned with the cloak wrapped tightly around her and laid down next to him with her head on his chest. Soon the two of them were fast asleep.


Next morning

As the sun rose over the trees Dannie grabbed the edge of the cloak and covered her head with it to block out the sunlight. While still groggy in what seemed like only mere minutes later to her she was woken by something cold and wet against her bare foot. When she tried to move her foot away from it she realized that hers and Remus legs were intertwined as he held her as close as he could. Dannie wanted to stay there but whatever it was at her foot would not stop. She then lifted the cloak off of the two of them only to be greeted by a face full of cold lake water. Remus was startled awake and immediately let go of Dannie as the two of them noticed Jack glaring at them. Before Dannie could say a word Jack was storming back towards the house yelling "Damn Wolves! I did not tell your cousins I would watch Panthers son, Raven, so that I could spend half the night chasing Nicca through the woods and the other half convincing her that the boy isn't dead and haunting her again just so you can lose control of your hormones." He then turned to the couple and continued. "I may want some grandbabies but I'll be damned if you are not married first. What would your mama have said if she had been alive to come out here and see you like this?" And he stormed into the house slamming the door behind him.

Dannie bit her lip as she gave an apologetic look towards Remus who was as wet as she was when they heard someone say, "She's say it was about damn time." Dannie and Remus turned to see who made the comment when they noticed Bria and Harry sitting on the roof over the back porch smiling at the two of them.

"I heard that Nicca, now you and Raven better get back in this house and eat your breakfast."

"Yes Papaw." Bria said as Harry and her climbed back into her bedroom window.
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