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Ok I'm definately warped.....I need desperate help after this one....

Somehow during the WIKTT chat the other night we got onto the subject of Tim Curry and the movies or tv shows he'd been in. I think it had something to do with actor's voices....and I admit's one that would make me melt like an ice cube in the road on a hot Florida day.
(at least I didn't say it was as smooth as gator shit on Allegator Alley on a hot rainy day in Miami)

Anywho....for some reason or another I remembered him in the version of The Wall that took place in Berlin....if you haven't seen or don't remember it he was the Prosecutor for the song The Trial. Yes I combined Pink Floyd and the HP universe....Merlin help me.

Needless to warped, tired, and deranged mind that was in the chat until 630 Sunday morning came up with the following.....


title: The Nightmare
pairing: very brief warped mention of LM/SS, SS/LE, SS/HG
summary: All I can say is 'uuuggghhh'
rating: PG-13 for morbidness (is that a word?)

Nothing owned by me other than the warped mind that combined the characters owned by Miss Jo and the song The Trial by Pink Floyd.

The Nightmare

Good morning Voldemort your honour
The crowd will proudly show the traitor that stands before you
Was caught in and embrace with a mud blood
Showing feeling for a worthless unpure creature
This will not do…..

Stand up McNair

I always said he wasn’t truly loyal to your Lordship
If you’d let me have my way I would have Imperio’d him to obey
But my hands were tied
He was working for the Muggle loving fool and Potter
Trying to corupt our children
Let me Crucio him today

Crazy, snakes on the ceiling, I am crazy
Class full of Longbottoms
They must have taken my marbles away
Crazy, snakes on the ceiling, he is crazy.

You greasy git, you’ve done it now, I hope they throw away the key
You shouldn't have tortured me in class the way your did, but so
You made me feel worthless
Have you blown up any toads of lately
Just 5 minutes Lord Voldemort
Snape and me Alone.

Come to Lucius, Sevy let me hold you in my arms
My Lord I never wanted him to get into this trouble
Why’d you ever have to love her
Oh Lord let me take him home….

Crazy, far too much brewing I am crazy
Hit my head on a cauldron
There must have been an opening in the floo to let them come in
Crazy, far too much brewing he is crazy

The evidence before this court is incontrovertible
There’s no need for Nagini to starve
In all my years of ruling I have never heard before
Of someone more deserving the full penalty of law

The way you fooled those worthy
My faithful followers and former lover
Fills me with the urge to defecate

Since dear Snape you have revealed your truest form
I sentence you to watch your wife be skinned and boned.

Bring in her food……

Severus bolted upright in his bed breathing heavily and in a drowning sweat. Something wasn’t right, the room was empty when his wife, pregnant with child, should be in bed next to him. He immediately grabbed his dressing gown and threw it over his thin frame as he ran from the room and through their small home searching frantically for her. When he found nothing and nobody he started to grow more frantic until he heard a hushing sound coming from the back bedroom. He tread carefully and quietly through the dark hallway until he reached the doorway and quietly let out a heavy sigh of relief. There in the moonlight was the figure of everything he held dear, his wife and soon to be mother of his child slowing rocking back and forth in the chair of the soon to be nursery.

As he moved slowly and attempted to be quiet in order not to startle her in case she was asleep, but as he took the final step and reached his hand out to her reddish hair the floor cheeked causing her to jump slightly turning her brilliant green eyes upon him. “Lily, I’m sorry. You weren’t in bed and I was worried that something may be wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong. He was just a bit over active tonight so I wasn’t able to sleep.” she replied with a slight smile, “I’m sorry I worried you. I know how little sleep you’ve been getting and I didn’t want to risk disturbing you tonight.”

With that he held out his hand to help her rise to her feet. “Well now that I am awake there’s no possibility of me ever getting some sleep if you don’t join me.” and she soon as she was too her feet he wrapped his arms around her “Just as beautiful as the first day we met.” he whispered before leaning down to kiss her.

As they deepened the kiss he moved one hand up and across the soft skin of her cheek to the back of her head when suddenly both were replaced by something that was moist and almost scaly feeling. He tried pulling back instantly but something was wrapped around his legs causing him to stumble to the ground. Looking up he instantly noticed that although the lump in the stomach region was still there, the reddish hair had actually disappeared and glowing red eyes of a giant snake loomed over him. “Ssseverusss whatsss wrong?” it asked.

He kicked and squirmed to get out of it’s clutches but the more he did the more the snake wrapped around his legs binding him more and more until he turned over onto his stomach to try to reach for something to pull him away from it’s grasp…..

Somehow he’d hit his head on something but better yet he no longer felt bound. Rising to his knees and looking around he found himself on the floor of bedroom with the nightstand in front of him and his wife propped up on her elbow looking down at him. “Severus are you alright?” receiving only a nod in reply he started to climb back into bed “What happened? You were squirming around a lot.”

“Just a bad dream.”

“Another one? Would you please reconsider talking to somebody about them? I don’t mean only Albus but you could speak to Harry and maybe he could help…”

“No.” he replied as he stretched his arm out to his side.

Taking her usual position with her head on his chest and her arm and leg draped over his body she continued. “He just may be able to help you. I mean look at all the years he suffered from bad dreams.”

“Li…Listen Hermione, it‘s late. It’s merely a bad dream most likely brought on by the combination of too many essays to grade and the idea of the baby being due any day now. Nothing more.” he then lifted his head and gave her a chase kiss on hers.


“Goodnight Hermione.” and with that he wrapped his arm around her shoulders smirking to himself as she huffed over the end of their discussion.

She lay there quietly as she felt the rise and fall of his chest start to even out as he started to drift asleep. She moved slightly and flicked her tongue over his nipple just to try to annoy him, “Goodnight.” he mumbled again trying to sound stern in his groggy state. Again she flicked her tongue but this time right up his neck to his chin causing him to lift his head, “Hermione I said I’m tired. It’s late and…” it was then that he saw the brown eyes of his wife were now glowing red.


I told you it as warped and that I need help.
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