Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

My date from hell.....

Last Wednesday my friend Jill called and asked me to meet them at one of the bars over in Mandrin. Well I went over there and met up with her, Mark, Michelle, Donny, and these other two guys, Chris and Joey. Jill was trying to fix Michelle up with Donny and me up with Chris.
No problem, about time I got out and met someone, right? Well these guys are in town for the next few months from Chattanooga, working on one of the Walmart stores to make it into a Super Walmart.
A group of nice guys, Chris was kinda cute, and he seemed interested in me. Yeah, finally! So we made plans to all get together this weekend and go out....Last night mainly because Fire leaves early tomorrow morning to spend 11 weeks with his dad.

Well here's how it went.....

Warning...this may not make any sense....I'm just rambling....

Jill and I were the first to meet up at the Pub around 7....I of course was nervous because I haven't had a date in years....(18 to be exact....before my marriage)

After we were there for a bit she said "I don't know if they're coming or not. I called Mark's cell phone, Donny answered, and he said they had been drinking already and he was going to Cheers."
Ok no problem, Michelle had mentioned going there before they met us at the Pub as after a few more beers and the guys still not showing up Jill and I decided that we were going to go there as well. Hell they were gonna have a kick ass local band so we'd have fun. Well then my boss, Jeff, arrived at the Pub, we stayed for one more drink....he paid the tab, and we all left. It was now about 9:30....

We got to Cheers, found seats at the bar and had another beer along with a Pineapple upside down cake shot....I was feeling good, mind you I also felt stood up at this point....when Jill spotted the guys at a table by the dance floor. Not to long after that, Chris came over and we started talking, and introduced him to Jeff...of course, when my wonderful friend, Jeff told him to take me out to the parking lot and fuck me.

"I don't think so." was my reply and Chris gave me this look which in return I responded with "Not tonight."

Well Jill and Jeff went on and on about how much I need to be fucked and how she has a condom if I need one....I still had no intentions on screwing the guy. First date and already off to a very pushy and horrible start in my opinion....not to mention that we were originally stood up.

Well I stayed in my seat trying to talk with him and get to know his a bit better, and even tried dancing with him on the floor a few times. It was a bit nice...hand holding, his arm around me here and there without groping, then I don't know what I did but when we were back at the bar and someone had stolen my seat I was standing there and he continued to supposidly dance...but it felt like he was trying to drill a frillin hole through the back of my jeans. This happened numerous times and I even kept asking him to back off a which he would walk away only to return about 20 minutes later, and we'd go through the same crap again. Not Good.

Somewhere in all this...Alicia, Shanks (Alicia's bf), and Michelle all arrived there and while Jill was talking with Donny while giving Mark the cold shoulder for not returning her call, in which I asked him about and he said that Donny never told him she called, and Michelle was ignoring Donny when all of a sudden Jeff disappeared.

This wouldn't have really bothered me but he was having the bartender put our drinks on his card to run a tab so we had no idea if he had paid or's a bit blurry at this point...I know my limit so I started drinking plain coke....and went to join Alicia and Shanks at their table. Next thing I know the coke's gone, it's an hour later, and we're leaving. Ok no problem....As I'm walking out Chris gets stopped by the bouncer about having a beer with him...they get into an argument....I go to my car and leave.

Now somewhere in the mist of all this I remember Jill's ex, Archie, showing up and trying to start shit; meeting Chris' boss, Jackass I think his name was....don't remember much of that; learned that Chris does like me alot (according to Jill); learned that he's a widower and has 2 young kids; and some guys stop to introduce themselves to me...but all in wasn't anywhere near being fun.

Maybe it's me cause I expected it to be different, or maybe it's because everyone expected me to so excited to have someone like me that I would instantly sleep with him....I don't know. All I know is right now, although I know nothing happened (not even a kiss) I wish last night never happened.

My friends don't seem to understand....they all want me to just get sleep with someone...anyone without caring. I can't do that.

What do I want? Hell, easy enough you'd think....To get to meet someone nice that I can get along with and get to know them before sleeping with them.....You know, that whole '3 date' thing...Oh I forgot to mention....they must know what Quidditch is....I'm not asking them to be a huge fan or anything, just want some guy who knows something about at least the movies if not the books.
Is that too much to ask?
I suppose it is because here I am with a splitting headache, tear stained cheeks, never wanting to see any of those friends again, and wondering where I went wrong.

Maybe I just need to get the wall back up and have my 'get the fuck away from me' attitude again.
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