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Warning....They have found the internet.....

Well before I tell you exactly who....let me give you bit's and pieces of our conversation...On AOL IM none the less.....

"Hello Angel"

-Hey- geesh I hate it when people refer me by that

"My name is Softlkr1 and I'm a 27/M from Vegas. Mind if we talk?"

-Sure no prob-

"From what information we've gathered about you I believe you would be the perfect person my employer would want on their team. Should I go on?"

-If you must but what of my description would match the profile your employer is looking for?- I'm a bit curious here

"I think you already know the answer angel. Trust me it's gonna be right up your alley" after passing these first few messages onto mickieluvshouse she started insiting that it was in regards to Phone sex.

-does it have anything to do with the Harry Potter fandom or meeting JKR in person?-

"I don't understand"

-Simple question....that is if you really have any info on me or even bothered to look at my profile-

"ok no. none of that. i did not read anything about u. someone else did that then gave me your name"

-then I suggest you learn to check things out for yourself instead of trusting name isn't angel.-

"what we are proposing is to bring you out to vegas, set you up with housing, a hefty monthly allowance, and work. What you promise is that the work you do is volunteer. you will not recieve any money for it and as far as the records go you do not work for us. you simply help. no money is no problem you will be fine. we just cant pay you for your services. However, after six months of volunteer. The company promises to hire you on as an employer. You are guaranteed a management position in the field you desire."

-And again I ask....How do I fit the profile for this? Do I get free room and board for writing/reading fanfiction or watching HP movies all day to drool over snarky potion masters and werewolves?-

At this point they went on and on about how my job will start out with merely stuffing envelopes for some future Presidental canidate who will unite the world in peace and much that I didn't even read everything they said. Mind you, since my AOL profile location states "I am walking the lines of what could be considered good or evil. I am neither one nor the other. I am one of the meniacle ones, the ones that keep you guessing. You never really know what I could possibly be capable of." I could be from just about anywhere so....

-But every president your country has had since I've been alive has sucked! why would someone like me want any part of that?-

That was when they brought up how the canidate of their choice would be following the teachings of the all "all powerful....BEING"

-All Powerful Being? Who? Mother Earth? Grandmother Moon? Grandfather? Merlin? Great Almighty Bellybutton Lint Monster? Which one, there really are so many that people believe in.-

"The one our country was founded under....GOD"

-Well actually from what I've learned is that the Native Americans are the ones who really founded your country and were very much at peace with the earth and nature before the invasion of the white man and their God.- Yeah that sounds good I think

It was at that point that they realized I'm really not quite what they were looking for (if I remember right I believe the words I was called were 'nonbeliever' and 'Demon') and I was instructed "Pray to whatever God you believe in. My organization may be small but we are powerful so keep an eye out for us and Nevada."

Ok I was having fun but I was also very tolerant to this loon until this point when I suggested they use a little more common sense before trying to contact people or they would find their life quite untolerable (is that a word)

I then closed the screen hoping that this nut was done with me when all of a sudden I received a 'sad face' icon.

so of course with me being me, I just couldn't resist issuing the final say in this little session.....

-Well you did it. You cast your little sad face upon me and now we will send our leagons of Potter Freaks onto you! They shall be down in capes, cloaks, and hats of all various variety and carrying wands. Yes wands to duel with...not to mention the preachings of Slash, Het, Incest, and other off the wall topics that will blow a normal person's mind.
Expect to meet a small portion of our worldwide army in 2007 right next to the Klingons and other strange space aliens-

Ok I know I'm giving them a wrong year for the Vegas convention but hell...we can just catch them off guard this way. I mean come on now....trying to get people off the internet to join their cult? The least they could have done to even truly attempt to have me join was lie to me by giving me the answers that I wanted to hear.

Anywho....Bowling is finally over and there's no hope to be on another team next fall. Oh the people on my last league said "Just show up and they'll find a team for you."

Yeah I'm gonna do something like that when I totally suck at the game. That's as bad as me wanting to join some team on a 'Money' league with people who are actually half way good at the game.

Well the last night was completely off the wall...we were throwing with the opposite hands, the guys were swinging the balls between their legs (get your mind outta the gutters there....), my thumb got stuck once and the ball landed on top the center thingy that leads to the ball return (that was an accident...thank you), another girl did this Wonder Woman spin and threw the ball with also hit the return but landed in my gutter, and finally the guys ended with laying down on the floor and just pushing the ball.

It was so ridicously stupid but we had fun. The final party will be at DamonBusters next Friday night....some mystery dinner thing. I'm not sure if I'll go or not...mainly because I don't think anyone else from work will be there so there's really no sense in it.


On other cell phone was lost. Yeah I have a new one...that's much nicer but, I not only lost all my phone numbers, I also had to get a new phone number which really sux. What I plan on doing is once I get the replacement phone to go with my old number, I'm gonna give that phone and number to Fire and keep this new one. Only because everyone I know down here has already changed it in their own phones.


Finally....we have another housemate for Salem.
So far of course there's my son and I, niam1985, kalenstarr, Mystic_Moon, and still one more in whom we need to know if she's still in with us or not......hint hint.

YEAH....This house is gonna rock! Really this whole trip is gonna much I may need to extend my vacation at work due to exhaustion. Oh well who knows, right?


Well that's about it, I really need to finish up the chapter and get it posted.....damn thing is right now at 19 pages....UGH. Hopefully that will make up for the length of time that it's taken me to post. So I'll talk to you guys later.

Ps....sorry about not being on the chat last week.....I had a Chamber of Secrets party.....invited 15 people in which 6 of them said they would definately be there, spent a good $60 in KFC plus drinks...and guess how many showed up.....1. Yep only one person and her son. I was royally pissed off that when they left nothing, not even the new trailer was able to cheer me up.
So if I never eat KFC again....I will be all the happier.

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