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Yeah yeah I know.....It's been abit..

Anywho...well the past few weeks haven't been much different than the usual. Good news is that bowling league is almost over...but unfortunately that means I'll be back to having my social life cut in half. Pretty sad though...seeing how I usually only get out 2 nights a week as it is. But all in all, I must say it's been a trip. Taret (aka 'melvin' from work) has calmed down quite a bit over the past few weeks. Yes he still hates the bowling alley more than anything but at least he's stopped cussing up a storm...hense the nickname. In fact last night he was even trying to bowl right handed (he's a south-paw) while I was bowling granny style....still don't know how you get that name when you spread your legs as far apart as possible while bending over and sticking your ass in the air....hell need to call it 'slut style'. Anyway, we're ending as the last place team with only 1 week left to go and that's gonna be a 9 pin tap night (for those who don't know it means knock down 9 pins and you gotta strike). Hell I may even get myself a 200 game out of that!

In other seems that one of my neighbors (and ex-scouting friend) has called up a friend of mine complaining about "How I always send Fire to walk to the store to buy his food". Yeah right bitch. Fire is 15 yrs old, 6 ft tall now (yes he's grown quite abit over the past year), and goes when he wants I ask him to pickup a few things, hell he's getting out of the house and getting some excercise at least instead of continuing to keep himself locked up in his room (doing I don't wanna know what). Just because she's always been the 'at home mommy' and able to baby her kids all they want doesn't mean I have to. I'd like to hear what she has to say when he decides to get a job at the grocery store in 6 months. Oh I forgot to mention, he also has his own cell phone if he ever needs to get ahold of me...SO THERE. I started going to the store for my mom at the age of 8 and back then the store was alot farther than 1/2 mile away....not to mention I would NEVER ask him to buy some of the things my mom use to have me pickup for her.

On The Witching Hour seems we have another housemate. Someone to sorta balance out the eastcoast-ness of the place....also abit younger but more power to her for wanting to try to keep up with us 'old hags'. At least that makes 5 of us (that is if someone's still in with know who you are.) so far....just need one more willing guinea pig for the experiment...mwa-ha-ha.
If you haven't seen it and want to....Here's the link for the house we'll be renting for the week....

Has anyone seen the pics from the London premier of Kingdom of Heaven? I followed a link to them last night because someone said that David was there (yeah) with a very pregnant and cute Anna. I read some comments that people who were there left in the post "David walked by fast, didn't sign any autographs or anything but he probably figured that all the screaming women were looking for Orlando". Well that could be part of the reason but IMO it was also due to the way Anna was dressed. Very nice broom skirt (for those who've met me....I love the things) but the top was a bit to small, both tight and short. Maybe it's me and my conservative upbringing is blocking the 'beauty' in this but, to me this was no way to walk down any red carpet for your partner's premier.... Here's some pics I snagged...shh....

Very happy, lovely couple right?

Image hosted by

See, the outfit is very nice but here we go....

Can someone please get this woman a bra?
Come on now...body parts should not be saying 'Hello' at times like this.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Unfortunately my son shares the same opinion..... I swear I didn't make a sound when he walked in and saw them before asking "Who's the whore?" This is a boy who loved her as Lady Claire in Timeline.

Maybe I'm wrong here and the way she's dressed was just a rush job....According to my frined Jill from work...David's smile sorta screams 'I just did her in the limo on the way here'.

What do you think? Hell, coming from someone who's living in the south...Maybe they should have cast her as Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie instead of Jessica Simpson... (oh the shame of bad choices....and to say I use to love that show)

Well, that's it for now....hopefully I'll start having more interesting things to say one this to make me start posting more often.
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