Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well Concert's over....

Well Fire and I went to the concert last night and I must Rocked!

I also have to admit that this has really turned into one expensive little trip for us....between the hotel, meals, gas, and what not's here and there it's turned into a true vacation.

The one thing that has made this all worth while along with every penny spent was the words told to me during lunch "Thank you mom, this has been the best weekend ever."

Some people may think I spoil him and I will say that at times I do but....he's a good kid who doesn't ask for alot. In fact he hardly asks for anything at all....he never even asked if we could go see Green Day in concert, he was perfectly content to have their cd...but with his grades half the time and just the way he doesn't get into a whole lot of trouble, I felt it was well deserved. I just wish I could do more for make enough money not to worry about where his college tuition is going to come from, even if by court order that's to be his father's worry....I still wonder.

Anywho....we left the hotel last night at 630 since the show didn't start until 8....but with traffic and waiting in line to get in, the opening band had already started....Big surprise to us on who that was....My Chemical Romance....only thing is they only played until 830. After that Green Day came out and it was all non stop from there.

Now when I bought the tickets the best seats I could get, according to Ticketmaster, were behind the stage. Well ok those do sound like shitty seats but as long as we're there and can at least get a glimpse of the band then what does it matter. Well the seats weren't behind the stage at fact they were right on the side of the stage....and only 4 rows up. I'm talking so close that when Billie Joe shimmied his pants down a bit you could definately see his crack plain as day....Well maybe that's not a nice way of putting how close we were...How about....When the flames went up around the drummer we were practically sweating from the heat of them....There you go...That's more appropriate of a way to explain the closeness of it.
These seats were MUCH better than the cost of any floor seats....although there weren't any chairs on the floor. That was standing room only mainly for the 2 mosh pits going on and audience surfing (I didn't think they still did that).

I'll tell you what though....I so wish (1) I had one of those camera phones, or (2) the girl infront of us would have taken my email addy and sent me pics. Oh well...maybe next time I take him to a concert I'll be prepared...I definately know what kind of tickets to go for.

Yes I spent a good $500 this weekend but all in all, knowing that he will remember this for the rest of his life makes it worth every cent.
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