Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

this is a great week!!

What I mean by that? Well it's see...I got a wonderful review last Monday over at Adult fanfiction now today what do I get? a flame!
Yes that's that I was flamed over at and, about time if you ask me he he he.
I know normal people would be depressed about this or somewhat down but at least I know people are out there reading my stuff.
Funny thing about it is that this person who left me the flame, read through all 43 chapters of Cultures Collide which is 197,000 words and all 39 posted chapters of Collision which so far is 208,000 words posted.
Right now the question is: How true this flame really is since they read so much of the stories before in one derogatory word. also obviously this person believes I suffer from multi personality disorders. Yes I have about I'd say maybe six to eight O. C's both male and female, some even in relationships with each other. Well I've been accused of it before and accused once again, guilty as charged, I am a gay man in love with myself. well at least one and my personalities is.

So I post this warning, BE very very afraid of me, IM far from normal.

Now I'm curious on how many more I will get up once I start posting again, Mwa-ha-ha. And is this person going to come back?

To be all fair now, I thanked the person who left me the kind review the other day by name so, I can only say thank you Martha, and whoever else is with you since you mention "we", for your comment and showing you obviously do not know anything about fanfiction terminologies. Hence, OC and AU.

Well I've got to go and have a few things that need to be done before the chat tonight. I even have a new toy, so I hope to hear you all there later.

PS: Here's links if anyone is willing to actually read the fics....
Cultures Collide

Collision (sequal to C.C):

Also if you don't know....I love joking about flames, especially when people don't read the summarys first.
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