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Fan or Fanatic???? - not to mention obsessed.....

Ok I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted but I have my reasons.....nothing really to talk about....At least nothing that I felt truly needed posting.

Well today I was hitting the usual sites...including my flist when I noticed something on another fandom group. (yes I admit....I'm a fan of something other than the HP world....if you feel you need to flog me for it...then do so.)

Two of the groups had the same announcement....A post trying to raise money for ads in certain magazines in order to get the final 4 hour episode nominated for an Emmy.

Shouldn't it be the production companies and networks of of these shows to pay the thousands of dollars to run the ads in the certain magazines that they must be in in order to even be nominated? I always thought so.....

Obviously there's someone who is convinced I'm wrong....yeah I'll admit it's the same person that's raising the money to begin with.
Well after spending the last hour going back and forth and back again over and over it seems that I just might be nothing more than a fan of the cancelled show afterall....instead of being obsessed.

Well ok, so I did tell her that doing all this on the possibility that the show might win will do as much good as sending the same amount of money to JK Rowling in order to get her to bring back Sirius Black from the dead. cringes at thought of what Jess is yelling right now.

All in all....she stopped....accused me of turning it into a personal attack, said she's done and blocked replies from her portion of the thread. What did I do? I posted the following to my last post.....

I didn't see the word IF nor did I see any personal attack here....on either side. All I did was speak the truth with what was posted, and if in doing that I touched on a be it. I didn't call anyone anything with the exception of calling myself merely a 'fan of a cancelled show'. Well I guess the personal attack was against myself....(really need to do something about that)
Again....thanks for the fun entertainment you provided me with.
It was a great way to kill a boring rainy evening.

Needless to say she then not only deleted my reply but blocked the whole thing from receiving replies.....(but I have the EMAILS for proof of all this....mwa-ha-ha) In return I went and deleted everything I said....making her babble on and on and on again.

Geesh...the Slytherin in me had such fun.

This really causes me to ask.....What has happened to these people?

Let's take my sister's fandom....General Hospital.

My sister wrote fanfiction (Liz and Ric - Liric)(She was even abit freaked out when she learned that the actor who plays Ric was reading her fanfic stoies.), loves the show, loves most the characters, and I'm sure if she could afford it and her favorite actor or actress was there she would gladly attend Soap Week in Orlando. A few years ago when one of the actress' (who plays Liz) was pregnant they collected gifts and what-nots for her new baby. (As a fan of D.Thewlis I've even considered doing that when his and Anna Friel's baby is born.)

But there's some people who literally were upset when the show changed the relationship of 2 characters (Liz and Jason aka liason) and had them go on with their own lives in the show. For a good year the fans of the ship that was splitup continued to collect money for magazine articles and billboards to try to promote this couple that wasn't going to get back together. I actually saw some of their posts on the soap boards and they were down-right nasty to anyone who said otherwise. I'm not kidding when I say that there were reports that some women were in such hysterics with the breakup some literally had breakdowns themselves while some others actually even had prayer gatherings in order pray for the writers to see their error in ways and bring the couple back together.

Maybe it's me...but I personally cannot see where someone can loose such grip with reality and not accept it when something like a television show either changes direction or is cancelled.

I'll state right here and now....I loved the show that I mentioned above in where the person and I got into it about the raising money issue. I watched every episode of that show each and every week and I do own the dvd collection of the first two seasons. I was also absoutley furious when the final season episode ended in the cliff hanger it did...but the mini series that aired last fall....that answered every question and gave the show an actual ending to the series. But it also showed it was over with.
I also know that the day Book 7 comes out and I've finished reading it....I will be just as heartbroken that it's finally over with but I have faith that JKR will give it a proper ending.

It's in just about anything....books, tv shows, movies, and of course games (remember D&D troubles?)
I remember a point where my own mother became so into one MUD game (Multi User Demension) that not only did a 19 yr old in California fall in love with her (he never knew her true age) but she actually stood up at the dinner table and acted out a sword fight one Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. (yes this is the same person that I compare to Umbridge).

I have been a MUD gamer, fan of TV shows and, I'll even admit I'm abit of a fanatic over the HP world....I love the books and enjoy the movies imensly, travel around the continent for the adult conventions dressed in garb (when I can afford them), write fanfiction, and talk on one of the weekly chats. I even joke about having a bit of Slytherin in me. Finally, I can actually say I've gotten to know and meet some of the coolest people in the HP fandom whether it was at the conventions or just in chats.

But still....I wonder. What is it that causes these people to go from fanatic to obsessed - some even to the point where they loose all grip of reality? Is it me or is there something more that I just can't comprehend? Is it really easy to loose a grip like that?
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