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Ok here you go....

Well I hate to say it but here it is....
This continues from butter_cup_ 's ficlet with a Filch/Remus pairing....if by chance anyone stumbles across this, let me know what you think.

As Filch walked away from his previous ron-de-vu although he was satisfied he just didn't feel like he was completely filled to capacity. Lost in his own thoughts of how he could obtain his true desire he blindly strolled down the alley behind the Boars Head and right into Buckbeak.

"You!" Filch spat as he eyed the creature "I thought were put out of your misery years ago."

Buckbeak stopped what he was doing and let out an angry SQUAWK toward the old man.

"Don't you make that sound at me. I should march right down the street to where I know Mcnair is and have him put an end to you right now." Filch stated but he easily found that instead of paying attention to the threat he had just made it had turned it's head and continued to attempt to lick himself to satisfaction.

The man slowly walked around the creature to get a better view Well well he thought as he eyed the enormous member the creature had. he then reached in the pocket of his robes and pulled out a tube of lubrication and eyed the staff again. Not quite enough to do the trick then he started to feel the remains of his previous encounter start to moisten the back of his trousers and got an evil grin on his face.

Buckbeak stopped what he was doing and watched as the man got on his hands and knees and crawled between the mighty beast’s legs. Filch opened up the new tube then heavily poured it onto the dripping staff as he could have sworn he heard the animal purr. Filch then crawled out from under the creature and dropped his pants before turning his back to it and placing his hands on the wall to brace himself for what he was hoping to come.

Buckbeak then took his head and pushed the man away from the wall and onto the ground before he stepped over him.


As soon as Remus had finished his firewisky in hopes to forget what he had done he stepped out of the Three Broomsticks and found Mrs. Norris in front of the establishment. "Well what are you doing here without your master?"


Remus shook his head in disbelief that Filch would go and leave his precious cat behind. "Well let's get you back home." he said as he picked her up. "But first I have to check on..."

"SQUUUUUUUWWWWWAAAAAKKKK" echoed through the small town.

He instantly dropped the feline and ran down the street and where he had left his late friends beloved pet. Remus' mouth fell open at the bloody sight before him as he covered his mouth with his hand noticing his moustache had once again returned. He then turned to see if anyone else was rushing to see what the commotion was caused by. In hearing a number of voices approaching their direction he quickly climbed on the back of the gigantic creature and flew back to the Forbidden Forest where he had kept him hidden as he tried to find a way to be able to explain to Albus what he believed was the demise of the school's caretaker.

As soon as she saw the two of them leave, Mrs Norris slowly made her way over to the body lying lifeless on the ground and let out a small "mew"

Filch was smiling to himself until he heard the sound and reached out to it "Mrs. Norris?" he questioned as he opened his eyes.

The cat looked upon her master and hissed as she swatted at his hand before she ran off. "MRS NORRIS!" Filch cried after her as he painfully rose to his feet and pulled up his trousers. As he started wobbling back towards the castle he noticed that the pain he was feeling was more in his chest than it was in his backside and the empty feeling quickly returned.

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