Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Been a bit....

Yeah yeah I know it's been awhile.....just there really hasn't been much going on around here lately.

Well the city yes there's quite abit going's just my house there isn't.

People started caravaning into town last weekend....From what I heard Robin Williams was the first to be spotted....and it's just grown from there. Parties started tonight....and for the one time fee on this night at this club of it will cost anywhere between $250-$500 you can party with "numerous big movie and sport stars". (notice there were no names mentioned....just like in the add)
Also for between 300-800 and a vip pass you can party with Adam Sandler and playboy playmates on such-n-such night. (yippie)

So what do I plan on doing during all these wonderful parties? If i go out it'll be most likely the 'Pub', at a table for free, paying $1.75 per bottle of beer. Hell I think if I get anywhere near spending even half the cost of just one of the fancy parties then I'd be in HUGE trouble. Hey maybe if I'm lucky then Big Al and the Kohalics or Bid Engine will be playing at either Monkey's or Cheers.

Oh I forgot to mention....the pop station is so in fear of people getting the wrong impression of Jacksonville if someone is on camera with a mullet so they're going around cutting them off the least begging people to let them cut it off.

Needless to say the city is going nuts....people paying a fortune (well it is to me) to go to some fancy parties, the airport putting in more 'high-tech' scanning equiptment, the radio stations worried about the image factor...(please we're in the south....mullet (ewww) or no mullet aint gonna hide the fact that we's a grownup backwoods hic), and finally the mayor is in this last minute 'clean-up' mode....(reminds me of how i rush around my house cleaning 2 hours before company arrives).


***********Rant time*************

On some work related news....
Good news is they hired someone to take over the 'Midwest' geo. desk. A very nice woman with 20 yrs experiance who jumped right into the position after only 1 week of training.
Bad news is....there have been numerous complaints about her. Not how she does her job or treats her customers....this is on a more personal and serious level....even Human Resources have been notified and they will be handling it....hopefully it improves before then.
What's wrong with her? To be straight forward and quite my friend Jill stated quite clearly to the VP of the company last night while we were at the bar..."She smells of cooch." Ok a slight odor may not be too bad but it gets worse each and every day....the smell lingers worse than the bathroom when another person doesn't abide by the "No #2 on the 2nd floor" rule is done. Co-workers who have removed cubical windows over the past year to communicate to each other are putting them back into place to try to keep the smell away. And what's really bad....she's a touchy person (I'm not, I like my space)! She comes into my cubical every morning while my back is turned and grabs my upper arm while she says hello. I think I need to go to Human Resouces to file a complaint....
1) she's in my cubical...My space
2) She's touching me. (Do not force a touch on me....I don't give a shit who you are....back off.)
3) She polluting MY air....I can't breathe when she's around.

I'll tell you something....she ever touches my compu-gargoyle or my morphing Lupin action figure that are on my computer......she better watch herself.

Now here's the question....Will Human Resources be able to come up with an way to break the news to her about the complaints? How in the hell do you tell someone they need to wash....Get them a bottle of Summers Eve? Another question....Can she not smell it herself? Hell it's right under her nose when she sits down.

****************** Well that's it for tonight or this morning...whatever you wanna call it....Thanks for letting me air my greviences*******************
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