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Demonic Angel

Chapter 36

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter title: Chapter 36 - May I Introduce the Terrible Trio?
Chapter Rating: R for language


May I introduce the Terrible Trio

“Jackie you know your not suppose to be in your mom’s office especially when she’s not here.” the voice said as it moved from the door to the desk. “Besides aren’t you suppose to be getting ready for Grand…” she stopped as a tray of dishes crashed to the floor and he turned around. “Holy shit! Rem…nononono it can’t be, can it?” she said as she moved toward the extremely thin man in front of her then reached out a hand and touched his tattered sleeve. “Oh my God it is…but.”


“What’s happened to her?” he asked.

“What do you mean what happened to her? What in hell happened to you? Do you realize it’s been 7 years that they’ve been here and the war ended over 5 years ago?”

“Not for me it hasn’t” he said as he turned back to the window. “Please what’s wrong with her? I know she saw me; she even talked to me in here. What is going on?”

“She’s been talking to you…well that fireplace since they arrived and every year the conversations get longer and longer. When did she see you?”

“She saw me in the diner but she seemed so…”

“Lost?” Jenny stated as he nodded “She is and has been for a long time. She’s never admitted it to anyone no matter how much we’ve all been guilty of trying to convince her of it but in her mind you died that day and she has just started coming to terms with it.”

“Sometimes I wished I did.” he mumbled. “I wanted to see her alone but when I went by the house there were other people in it so I came here. I didn’t want to cause a scene but when I saw her I couldn’t resist…I had no idea that she believed I would have died. The children do they also…”

“I don’t know. I’ve tried talking to them a few times but they change the subject. The biggest problem is Jack, he’s got his papaw’s temper and anytime anyone mentions anything about you he gets angry. As for the girls, I don’t know if it’s that they don’t remember or if they don’t want to remember. It’s been hard on all of them from the beginning and then when Papa Jack crossed it got worse, she had to sell the house to be able raise the kids.”

“It was never supposed to happen this way. Merlin what have I done? What happened to their vaults at Gringotts?”

“Only you can answer that one and I’m quite sure you’ll be asked. As for the accounts, they were frozen when you disappeared, Bria tried helping her obtain at least some money when times got tough but they refused her as well.” Jenny stated, “Speaking of Bria, does she at least know…”

“No, I thought she would have been here too. Dannie said something about her having a son, so she’s alright?”

“Yes she’s alright. In fact her and Harry were joined two years ago and are now in charge of the vineyard since Xander refused to take control.” she stated as she walked into the closet, pulled something out of an old box and tossed it to him. “After the war ended Severus brought over all the things from your rooms that weren’t destroyed. If you want you still have enough time to get cleaned up before they call the Grass Dancers out.”

Remus glanced down at the clothes in his hand then the condition of the ones he was wearing before going into the bathroom. Although he wanted to stand in there and enjoy the feeling of the warm water beating against him he rushed the experience so that he could see his family once again. When he emerged he noticed a hot dinner waiting for him. “I appreciate it but I’m not really that hungry.” he lied as his stomach started to grumble due to the sight of the food.

“Don’t worry I didn’t make it, Angel did before she came in here so sit there and eat.” Jenny stated as she walked out the room.

After not eating a decent meal much less his mate’s cooking for as long as he could remember he eagerly devoured the food only to let out a loud belch afterwards. He then walked around the room taking in his surroundings when from on top the desk came a noise he didn’t recognize. He lifted the top of the thin black box as it made the noise again. In trying to figure out what it was he accidentally hit one of the buttons and a light came from it with a small box in the corner.

BNS: Hiya mom!

BNS: Mom you there?

Remus stared at the screen when Jenny walked in with a pair of scissors. “Um I don’t think Angel would appreciate you messin with that. Especially since you don’t know anything about them.”

“It was making some noises and then when I touched it this came up. It’s talking.”

BNS: Mom please, Uncle Sev said you seemed down when he came by. Are you ok?

Jenny walked around and stood next to his chair “Oh that’s just Bria checkin in. Here move over I’ll let her know Angel’s not here.”

“No please show me how to do this. I want to talk to her.”

Jenny showed him what to do and as he started very slowly typing in the message she watched to make sure he didn’t hit the wrong buttons.

Lnly1: Bria?

BNS: Of coarse it’s me. What’s wrong mom?

BNS: Listen Aunt Maggie’s watchin Robert 4 us 2nite. Harry got a lead about dad @ work 2day I need to tell u but only in person. Is that ok?

Lnly1: Not your mum. She went to see Jackie dance.

He typed in but was a bit frustrated to see another message pop up before he could even reply.

BNS: Who is this?

Lnly1: It’s the moon tonight.

BNS: Damnit I no what 2nite is. Who in t/ hell is this?

Remus smiled to himself as he jokingly continued to aggravate his oldest.

Lnly1: How is Harry? I thought your uncle crossed over. He’s there? How is he doing?

BNS: Ok bastard what t/ fuk r u doin in my mom’s office. If u don’t tell me rite now who u r I swear when I get there 2nite I’ll hunt u down by ur scent b4...If u hurt my mom in any way u can kis ur fukn ass gdbye.

Lnly1: You know I would never hurt your mum. I am looking forward to seeing you too baby girl. It’s been so long.

Remus and Jenny sat there smiling as they stared at the screen as they waited for a response. Finally he went to type some more when Jenny stopped him. “We’ve gone too far and upset her. Let me.” She then turned the laptop around and started typing.

Lnly1: Bria, it’s A.J --- R u there?

BNS: A.J, who t/hell was that playin w/mom’s comp? They haven’t hurt her have they?

Lnly1: No Bria He hasn’t hurt her @ all. Is Harry near?

BNS: Yes only bcus he heard me screamin….why?

Lnly1: I need t/2 of u 2 meet us @ t/hotel b4 u go 2 t/cave.

BNS: Us? What rn‘t u telin me bout mom?

Lnly1: Nothin’s wrong sweetie. It seems I also have some news 4 u….only ur mom doesn’t no yet.

BNS: A.J…please tell me…what’s gon’n on?

Lnly1: We’ll c u 2nite

BNS: Aunt Jenny?

Lnly1: Love you baby.

Jenny then took the scissors in her hand again and looked at Remus, “We’re gonna have to do something about that moustache if she’s gonna understand you.” she stated as she carefully trimmed the hair away from his upper lip then looked at her watch. “Shit we gotta get goin if we wanna see him dance.”

The two of them hurried around the lake to the where the even was taking place and as they approached the vendors tents Remus stopped in his tracks when he heard some voices coming from inside. “Muma, when will I be able to go to the circle?”

“As soon as I find your sister and bring her back here.”

“So pretty much never then.”

“Yes you’ll be able to. If not today then I promise tomorrow you’ll be able to dance and she can sit in here.”

“This ain’t fair, tomorrow’s Sunday and everyone will be leaving then.”

“I know it’s not fair and I promise I’ll make it up to you. The next gathering Monarch will not only cover all her shifts but all of yours as well and you can have free reign on all the boys during the Ladies Choice. Deal?”

“Deal.” she reluctantly replied. ”But I get a new softball mitt out of this too right?”

“With the extra work you’ve done. I suppose I can afford it.” Dannie replied “Where did you put those supplies I asked you to hang onto?”

“There right here. Did you remember the camcorder?”

“It‘s in my bag. You didn’t think I’d go without taping your brother did you?” Dannie asked and Amanda just shook her head. “Just think, there’s only a little over an hour left anyways before we have to leave so you’re not missing much anyways.”

As he saw her turn to leave the tent Remus ducked around the corner just long enough for her to come out and run toward the circle. He then looked inside the booth and watched as the girl rested her head on her arms waiting for customers to arrive. “Amanda?” he asked quietly.

“Yes that’s her, come on we have to get away from here in case she sees you and ruins this.” Jenny stated as she started pulling at his arm.

“She looks so much like Bria did. Does Maggie look the same?”

“Maggie looks…how I put this. Not really, she…well she has a completely different way of dealing with everything. You might say she’s a lot like Angel was at her age. Come on.”

The two of them went continued toward the circle again and discretely took a spot behind a group of spectators and he started scanning the crowd he found exactly who he was looking for as she sat down in a chair directly across from him and watched the entrance to the arena as she propped her feet up on the wooden border in front of her.

“Grass Dancers to the arena please. All Grass Dancers to the arena.” was announced and soon a group of between 10 and 15 young men took different spots inside the circle and he eagerly looked at all the boys growing frustrated that he couldn’t pick out which one was his when at the last moment another one came running through the crowd then paused at the entrance before he took a deep breath, held his head high, and slowly entered taking the last available spot with dance space. He looked back in Dannie’s direction and his heart broke as he watched her put the strange object in her hand down long enough to turn and hug some other man and a small snarl escaped his throat but not without going unnoticed by the woman next to him.

Jenny looked up at the man then into the direction he was staring. “Remus calm down.”

“Who is that and what is he to her?”

“That’s Bodie. He’s a friend of mine and the one who has been teaching Jack how to dance. Nothing more.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“You know better than to ask that question.” she stated as she pulled his arm to turn him in her direction. “He knows her situation and what they are and he has been there for them in a brotherly way only, just like Severus has been.”

As she was talking the drum started with a slow beat as the dancers started to move around to the beat some staying in the same vicinity while others made their way around the circle as Bodie entered the circle and walked around examining their techniques. “What is he doing?”

“I really don’t know but a lot of these boy’s have been taught by him over the years.”

Dannie stood on the other side of the circle with the camcorder at her eye as she followed her son around the circle I wish you were here to see him today you’d be so proud. she thought before pulling her head back long enough to wipe her eyes. When she went back to the eyepiece her son had moved but there was someone else in the crowd she caught a glance at. She zoomed in and saw him talking to the person next to him but couldn’t see who it was. Just someone who resembles him. Nothing more. she told herself and she went back to filming Jack.

When the dancing was over Remus watched Jack left the arena then followed him to the back of the cook shack where the boy paced back and forth as his body slowed down from the workout. The boy then sat on the picnic table and drank from the water bottle that was sitting next to him when he said “May I help you with something?” Remus looked around to see who if anyone else was nearby when he hears “Well?”

“I just wanted to say your dancing…it was wonderful.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Have you been dancing long?”

“No, just a few months.”

“Your parents must be proud of you.”

“My mom and aunt support it.”

“And your father? I’m sure he’s quite proud of you.”

“I really wouldn’t know or care if he is or not.” Jack stated. “No offence but my father is nothing but a rat-ass bastard that swore he loved us then literally dumped us here 7 years ago and hasn’t given a shit about us since.”

“Are you sure that something didn’t happen to your father to make him stay away this long?” Remus asked.

“If he isn’t dead like everyone except my mum believes then he can go fuck himself for all I care.” Jack growled as calmly as possible.

“JACKIE!” Amanda said from behind the boy.


“You know what muma’s said about talking to elders like that.”

“He’s no elder and I wasn’t disrespectin him.”

“He is too an elder. Wait till muma hears.”

“What are you gonna do? Tell? What do ya think she gonna say when she finds out your away from the booth?”

Amanda crossed her arms in front of her chest and smiled. “Who do you think sent me here to find you? She wants you to help me find Maggie so that we can get goin.”

“Figures the little freak would go wonderin off again. Come on the sooner we get her the sooner I can get away from here.” he said as he glared back at the man who was still standing there watching them.

Unknown to any of them just around the corner of the building someone was watching and listening to what was going on. Remus sat on top one of the picnic tables and rested his head in his hands. “Good going. Your mate believes you’re dead and your children not only don’t recognize you but they also hate you. I’ll never be able to make it up to them.” he said to himself. He then removed his wand from his pocket and stared at it for awhile before breaking it into 3 pieces and putting it in the trash before sitting back on the bench and getting lost in his thoughts.

“Remus what are you doing here? We have to leave with the crowd so she doesn’t….” Jenny stated as came around the corner. “Monarch, what are you doing in the trash?”

“Nothin.” the voice stated.

Remus turned toward the garbage can and saw a girl with short hair as black as coal except for streaks of blue, pink and green through it, wearing a black broom skirt down around her hips, and a black shawl with grey fringe barely covering her black t-shirt that had a rainbow coloured girl on it giving an inappropriate hand gesture with the words ‘Attitude Problem’ on it as she quickly put her hand with something in it under he shawl.

“What have you done to your hair? Your mom’s gonna kill you once she sees it.” Jenny spat.

“What difference does it make, it’s my hair.”

“It makes a world of difference and you know that. Geesh child, don’t you…”

“I think it looks good. Not like anyone else’s around here besides it’ll grow back in time.” he stated causing the girl to look in his direction.

“After all the time you two were together I thought you would of understood by now. A woman’s hair determines the strength of her family.”

Maggie watched as he walked over and stood next to her. “Her family hasn’t been strong for a long time now has it.” he stated as he looked down at her eyes, “Maybe when it is again you’ll let it grow back?”

Finding something familiar in his expression she looked down as she gripped the pieces of the broken wand in her hand then back up at him, “Papa?” Remus glanced over at Jenny who smiled then back at his smallest child and nodded slowly before he was thrown back slightly from the sudden embrace around his torso. He then wrapped one arm around her as he stroked her hair with his other hand as he sighed. “You’re gonna take us home now right? Back to the castle?”

“No baby girl, we‘re not going back.” he then pulled back before cupping her chin and moving her head towards his. “It’s changed so much that it’s not our world there anymore.”

“So you’re stayin right? You’re not gonna leave us again are you?”

“Of coarse your papa’s stayin.” Jenny stated. “Keepin up with you three along with the restaurant has been more than enough for your mama and I. We need someone in the family to keep the hotel runnin as well.” Remus then gave Jenny a confused look “Don’t worry it’s not that hard to do and I’m sure Angel will have no problems taking care of the books.”

“Muma knows you’re here right? Why hasn’t she said anything to us yet?” Maggie asked.

Remus took the girl by the hand and walked over to the picnic table before sitting down and putting his hands on her arms. “About your mum. She has seen me but she thought I was a spirit.”

“But your not…your real I can feel you. Why didn’t you tell her the truth?”

“I tried talking to her, she didn’t hear me.”

Jenny then walked up “Listen you need to keep this a secret right now. Not for very long though, you’re dad and I have something worked out. Okay?”


Maggie nodded and Remus pulled her in for another hug. “You’d better get going so your mum doesn’t worry. Do me a favour too. No more of these shirts ok?”

“But..” she stopped when she saw the look he was giving her and she sighed. “Yes sir.” before running off toward her brother but turned and smiled as she looked at her father.

“That’s the first time I’ve seen that one smile since she‘s been here.” Jenny stated as she turned to and saw Remus with tears streaking down his face. “Hey are you okay?”

“They’ve changed so much. I don’t even know if I can do this.” he sighed deeply “Jackie can’t stand me, Amanda I have no idea what she’ll think, and Maggie…then there’s Dannie. I swore to her nothing would happen and I would be there for them. What if she won’t forgive me this time….Jenny I can’t keep doing this to her or them.”

“If they would have stayed back there what would of happened?”

“I don’t think Jamie would have let them live. If he didn’t kill them then they would have surely died at…Merlin no they weren’t taken there…they’re here and they’re safe.”

“Yes they’re here and they have been for 7 years waiting for you.” she stated as she sat down next and wrapped her arm around him. “I have no idea where you’ve been but from what I can understand it wasn’t pleasant. You did what you had to in order to protect your family and knowing Ang..Dannie like I do she will be more than happy to finally welcome you home.”

“I have so much to make up for with all of them.”

“Not really but if you feel you do then I know you’ll accomplish it. Now come on, if I’m right then Bria and Harry are already at the hotel anxiously waiting to find out what’s going on.”


“Harry you don’t understand. I know when mom and Aunt Jenny are joking around and that wasn’t either one of them.”

“Have you considered that maybe your mum…maybe she finally needs some help.”

“Don’t you even…”

“Wait a second. I mean look at what all she’s gone through with your brother and sisters. As it is how do you expect to be able to tell her about the witness we found from that camp.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t tell her. I don’t even know how she’ll react anymore.”

Harry cupped her chin and lifted it to look in her eyes, “How are you feeling about it?”

Bria closed her eyes wrapped her arms around her husband and leaned her head on his shoulder, “It’s like he disappeared all over again. I’m glad that we finally have the answers of what happened but I’m not sure if I can go through this again. You remember how Severus described her reactions when he told her. And that was just an assumption.”

He held her close as he stroked her hair, “I know love, I know. I feel the same way.” he then heard the back door open and he looked up to see who it was and his heart raced. “Oh Merlin.”

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