Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Chapter 35

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter title: Chapter 35 - 7 Years Under the Bridge
Chapter Rating: PG-13

“Well you’d be happy. I finally gained some sort of respect around here; you would have it as well if you were here. Jenny announced it at the gathering last night and made it known to the whole reservation. I’m sure you know by now, Bria and Harry had their first baby last month. I can’t quite believe it myself, I’m a memaw now. Robert Jonah Snape weighing in at 8 lbs 11 ozs. I can hardly wait until next spring when they’re able to bring him here and introduce him to the circle. He’ll finally be old enough for them to floo with him. Severus came by first thing this morning practically beaming with pride and I got to see pictures of him this morning though and he is so beautiful. Ann’s pregnant with twins, go figure right? Ron is completely thrilled and I bet Sirius is too, wherever he is…only you would be able to tell me if he is or not. Afterall since you’re not with me here I can only assume that the two of you along with James and Lily are causing havoc wherever you are.

You should see the kids now; they are so different from one another. Jack unfortunately has had constant growth spurts this past year to the point he’s taller than I am, and although he acts all quiet and caring I can sense this pain inside him that he’s been bottling up. Just a few months ago at the last gathering someone said something to him that caused him to completely blow up and tip over a port-a-let while they were in it. I think he may have it somewhat under control now but it’s still there. His dancing helps though, he’s started Grass Dancing since then and although he isn’t all that good he does put his heart into it. In fact this afternoon he’s going to be wearing his new regalia into the circle.

Amanda on the other hand who looks just like Bria, has become the tom-boy with her sports and other things I know you wouldn’t be happy with while your little wiggle bug has become the gothic princess. All dark and gloomy while watching people from the shadows….sometimes I think she’s been spending too much time with Severus.

Yes he and everyone else visits more often now….I don’t think I’ve had a single weekend without company ever since the joining two years ago. Severus and Hermione try to teach them what they can with the history and potions and all but with the kids powers being bound it’s really frustrating on all of them. Oh I don’t remember if I told you or not. They’re expecting their third child next month.

In fact it was the pictures of their two little ones and Robert and that I was looking at when you finally showed up today. Yes I saw you and although it’s been 7 years now, I have finally accepted the fact that you’ve crossed over. Although I do need to know. When did you die? Was it recently? If so then where have you been? Did it happen the day you sent us here? Why didn’t you keep your promise of haunting me? You swore to me that I’d never loose you but I did. For so many years I’ve needed to know what happened and where you were and there were no answers from anyone.

When you sat across from the table from me at the restaurant today my heart jumped even before I looked at you. I would have at least thought you would choose a more private place to make your appearance and not in front of people that’s why I tried my best to act like you weren’t there. I didn’t ignore you, not even when you were talking to me…it’s just with all that scruff on your face I couldn’t read your lips to understand what you were trying to say. Ever since that bar fight last year that took my hearing things have been extremely hard. The doc says I’m lucky that it was only the hearing in my right ear that was effected but there would still be strain on my left ear for having to do twice the work. I’ve been given hearing aids but they are so damn uncomfortable I can’t stand wearing them unless I have to. What ever happened to that healing thing that werewolves are suppose to have or did that only happen in your world? I’m petrified of when the day comes when I can no longer here the mumbles of kids talking to me…as it is now trying to get them to look at me when they talk is almost impossible. Why don’t I have the same connection with them that you and I had? Aren’t I considered their sire like you were mine?

I would love to sit and talk to all day love but it’s time for the mid-day session to begin and I promised Jack that I’d be there to watch since we can’t make the evening session. If only you were here to see it too…sniff…you would be so proud.”

He watched from inside the doorway as she wiped her eyes before standing up and walked over the fireplace. Then kiss her fingers and touched the inside of the floo before she took a deep breath, walked right past him and out the office door toward the other side of the lake. He then moved toward the window and continued to watch the silver haired woman continue to walk away as he thought Dannie please look at me. She then turned and looked at her office window briefly enough to wipe her eyes again before lifting her head high and continuing down the path.

“Jackie you know your not suppose to be in your mom’s office especially when she’s not here.” the voice said as it moved from the door to the desk. “Besides aren’t you suppose to be getting ready for Grand…” she stopped as a tray of dishes crashed to the floor and he turned around. “Holy shit! Rem…nononono it can’t be, can it?” she said as she moved toward the extremely thin man in front of her then reached out a hand and touched his tattered sleeve. “Oh my God it is…but.”


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