Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
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New Position.....

Get your sick minds outta the gutter!!!!! That is not what I mean and you know it. Afterall I have to find someone willing to in order to..... Anyways...

Well I guess you could say it went good today. Because the new woman (can't say girl...I'd say she's about 10 older than me...) Jeff (my supervisor) was showing her around and getting her situated while I sat at my desk and twittled my thumbs until almost an hour.
Yep....bored, there I sat with not a dang thing to do other than the 1 account I brought with me. I had voice mail but I had no idea what the password to Heather's old voice mail was so it just sat there.

In a way it was abit dull....I'm use to being the one who's loads are pushed out due to the National Account desks taking priority over them but now....I'm in a position where we get loads and the planners jump through hoops to get them covered.

Jeff was suppose to sit at the desk with me but he had other things to do as well so everytime he came and explained to me what something (as in email or fax) was about I'd start doing it and leaving him just standing there gawking.

I'm still nervious cause I won't know for a few days if anything was wrong or not until the time comes where the drivers try to either pickup or deliver the loads.

I'll tell you what was a huge sigh of relief of how easy this desk is and I do wonder "Why in the hell wasn't I given something like this along time ago instead of having to be put through hell with the Northeast/New England idiots?"

Well that's about it on the work news....I'll let you know if I just have the wrong impression of this or not later on.

Now onto the meme below....I see there's still some movies that weren't guessed on so I have a few hints for you and maybe they'll help.....

#2) Stars David by Mike Leigh....has a very skinny but nice full frontal nude shot of David walking toward the camera.
After consulting with my Draco we've come to a decision that couchfortkeight was correct in her response althogh she doesn't know it because she spelled the word wrong and blended it together with the actor's name. 25 Points to Slytherin for it! Naked

#3) Stars David Thewlis (as a reporter) and Jason Issacs (who happens to be Cow Pat Keegan, a member of the IRA)...takes place in Belfast during an election for the next Prime Minister.

#6) Stars David Thewlis.....along with Malcom McDowell. The line is a description of David's very Alpha character.

#7) David Thewlis has a some-what minor role in it.....and stars Robert Downey Jr (who runs toward the camera on his wedding night wearing nothing but a pink plume feather tied to his....also when he runs backwards his butt cheeks wiggle abit) I think I've seen this abit too many times....takes place in 13 or 14 century France during the plague.
I knew there had to be another freak out there who couldn't resist RDjr in a plume feather....YEAH niam1985 Restoration

#8) Both David Thewlis and Timothy Spall (ewww Peter P in a spedo scene) have bit parts in this one....This is the one that I showed a pic of a few months ago with him licking choclate off his very skinny (and boobless) movie girlfriend who's tied to the bed.....also a Mike Leigh film.

Ringing a bell yet?
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