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I'm still around

Well needless to say Firewalker is home and fine other than being a walking pile of dirt who I swear didn't sleep at all during the weekend. (he's passed out on the couch) When I dropped him off on Friday night I asked him what time I needed to be there to pick him up and he told me 12 noon. Well this morning my muse finally returned and I was upstairs writing in my room when the phone started ringing. By the time I got back down he had already left the message "Mom it's me, They are tying me to a tree. Please come pick me up." Fine no problem what so ever even though it's only 1030. Much to my disappointment when I got to camp he was running around with his cousin and not tied to the tree....bummer.
Also needless to say, with my muse not returning until this morning and then being interrupted by my son I have yet to get the chapter written. I was able to start dinner though. Fire is thrilled since the smell of the porkloin roast just woke him up so I've sent him up stairs to shower. I'll admit I may not cook that often due to our busy schedules but when I do it's well worth it.
I really should get going, there's only about 30 minutes left on the roast and I have other things that need to be done.

Demonic Angel
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