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Gacked from BubonicPlague

1. Pick one dozen movies that are ones that you have special feelings about.
2. Pick a few lines of dialogue.
3. As people guess the film, strike out that entry.

1) "You stupid bloody fool"
"Oh da!"
"Serves you right. What did you think you're doing? And with dead people no less! You need examined by the head doctor, you do."

sheryll Blow Dry Alan Rickman

2) "I just live from day to day myself"
"I tend to skip a day now and then. You know what i mean? I use to be a werewolf but i'm alright noooooooow."

couchfortkeight Naked David Thewlis

3)"Who's in the photgraph? Brother?"
"Long over?"
"Long enough."
"But he still has a place in your heart."
"No really I should take it down. Sentemintal."
"Familiar he looks. Should I know him?"
"Patrick Keegan."
"Cow Pat Keegan? I kissed the mouth that kissed the mouth of Cow Pat Keegan?"

4) "We're gonna have a barbecue okay?"
(recording of pleading man begging starts playing)
"What I'm doing prisoner AB234 is inserting a red hot skewer into the Friendly Rooster's ass." pauses as the recording continues "We're gonna have roast chicken in a minute...."

sheryll Closetland Alan Rickman

5) "Bowen meet Kara."
"You should have eaten her."
"Oh don't get angry Bowen."
"Why not? I was worried half to death."
"Worried about me?"
"Yes about you. I had the lacker all set up. Half the village was out there with me. Searching the skies for you. I didn't know where you are, if you're coming back, when you're coming back. You just...disappear."
"Be careful, he's coming."
"Ha-ha-ha. Well well well, it can't be. Look at this my old mentor. Still giving carving lessons?"
"Get off your horse and I'll give you one."
"Time's not been kind to you Bowen. You should never have broken with me.'
"It was you who broke with me."
"For here you return to me with this girl I lost."
"I think she wants to stay lost."
"Not her decision I'm afraid."

jessblack Dragonheart David Thewlis and Jason Issacs

6)"Then he came, there he was. In those handmade Italian leather shoes, silk socks, the suit. Do me a favour. The man was class. A class act. The style was imfuckinpectable. What a man. I mean a real man."

7) "I am Emobious! King of the wind!" (bows and farts)
niam1985 Restoration David Thewlis and Robert Downey Jr in nothing but a plume feather.

8) "No no...I come here, we go upstairs and do it, Bingo. You're a pain in the ass. I don't want that. I want to see you nice."
"What's nice? It's just a boring cliche."
"No it's nice. Show me a bit of stability, a bit of respect."
"You don't respect me."
"I'm trying to now. I'm trying to treat you like a real person instead of some fucking shag bag."

9) "The Empress kisses my hand. I am her saviour. Her angel."
"I am the Empress' nephew."
"Very pretty but, I prefer women."
"Are you saying you sleep with the Empress?"
"I AM...A GREAT MAN!" he then climbs ontop the nearest table, lowers his pants and as he reaches into his underwear gasps are heard from around the restaurant "A GREAT BIG MAN!" music starts playing.

sheryll Rasputin Alan Rickman

10) "13 minutes left. Let's try and get them back."
"Are we gonna go over all this again?"
"What are you doing?"
"What the hell do you think I'm doing? I'm protecting our interests."
"What's happened to you?"
"How many lives are lost on the cutting edge of discovery. It's the price for great advances."
"These were kids, not astronauts."
"They had no idea."
"Even worse, when they come back deformed. You know the media. They'll twist it around and label it a 'death machine'."

lyndisty Timeline David Thewlis

11) "I'm a student of your American west, I've read a great deal about it."
"Tell me about the dingos. Ten pounds a month shootin wild dogs seems like a whole lot for not much. Besides you've got enough men and guns outside to kill every dingo within 10 miles of here. Unless you're talkin about deserters."

sheryll Quigely Down Under Alan Rickman

12) "Well we have encountered problems like this before and the solution has always been to keep a calm mind and use our intelligence."
"Well, well, well. well, well. As you sit there debating all the sunstones are failing."
"You have not been recognized by the floor Mr Crabb!"
"Does the floor recognize these? The Sunstones are failing and your mayor stands there beneath the prow of a wrecked ship, leading you into yet another disaster."

jessblack Dinotopia David Thewlis

There you go...I know some of the stuff I left are abit long but I have some strange taste in films and I'm not sure if anyone even can guess some of them.
Just leave a message tellin me what your answer is and I'll let you know if you're right or not....(hint...all these movies include at least 1 actor from the HP films)
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