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I Did It!!!!! I chased away a reader!!!!!

Well for the first time since I started writing I've ticked off someone with pairing and they've decided to stop reading my latest story.

To be honest the person is an idiot. I mean come on...this is a sequal story and the pairing is very minor....hell it's just as minor as the slash pairing I used maybe even more and I don't have any intention of using it as a huge part of any of my fics (unless a good plot bunny appears) some of you may know I use alot of OC's in my stories....ones that have slowly been built up over the past years I've been writing. None of them are the perfect Mary-Sue's and they get just as tortured and make as many mistakes and stupid comments as anyone would and were still minor characters in the first fics they were introduced. I also realize that I don't get alot of readers because they can't stand the whole OC idea....oh well so don't read. People also keep telling me 'An OC is the fantasy character made up by an author to have a sex scene with the character they are paired with'. or something along that line.

The pairings I have mentioned have been:

In Cultures Collide (Rated PG-13 I might add):
Severus/Lily (it was a Severitus Challenge);
Sirius/OFC (Patricia Snape);
Remus/OFC (Danielle Lightpaws);
Harry/OFC (Gabriella Lightpaws);
Oliver/OFC (Sarah Jane);
OFC (AnnMarie Black)/ OMC (Matt aka Goat Boy that likes to go see cock fights);
and Hermione/OMC (Jamie Lee Black).

In Collision I used some of the above that still exsisted:
Light mention of past Remus/Deloris;
OMC (Robert -Danielle's cousin)/OMC (Dan -no last name-);
OFC (Jenny -Danielle's cousin)/Anyone she can get her legs around;
past mention of Albus/Poppy;
Light mention of past OFC (Margaret Lupin)/Adam Ant (I guess he'd be considered an OMC even though I can see him as a former fact 'Head Boy' before expelled for 'Misuse of a Cauldron');
and finally OFC (AnnMarie Black...again)/Ron (Don't ask...I don't like him but I had to give her to someone.)
well except for my latest addition.

In looking at these pairing do you really think this is true? Come on now...Sirius is too arogant (Sorry Jess), I'm not into children (Harry or Ron), I'm not into women (Ann Marie, Hermione, Margaret), I'm definatley not a man in love with a man, and backwoods hicks (Matt) are not for me.
Yeah yeah....I know that leaves two left....but lets not go there. I'm not as warped as people think I am. Unless I really do have this many personalities then I'm in serious trouble.

Back to the topic at hand...........
You'd have to read the story to find out what happens with Hermione's pairing but I let time pass....mention that 'The Marriage Law' went into effect and of coarse with that being said, to me it automatically puts together Severus/Hermione.

Well I'm not quite sure if I should call what I got a flame, complaint, or just a pissed off reader. Here's what it actually said.....(cut and pasted from actual review)

abby 2004-12-31 32 Anonymous
I hate WIKTT, hate SS/HG with a passion. This story is now off of my list. A warning would have been nice. Bye, Bye.

Warning? A warning is if I'm going to do something completely off the wall for having Danielle catching Remus in bed with either Sirius or Severus Don't get your hopes up....Definately not going to happen

Hell give me a better excuse than least tell me that the sex scenes I write completely utterly suck or that the characters are to OOC...(although I have been told before that an OC was OOC...make sense?).

In a way for someone to read and claim they enjoy 43 chapters (179,144 words) of first story then 32 chapters (185,705 words) of the sequal story just to stop after a mention of a minor pairing is hilarious....don'cha think?
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