Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Chapter 33

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter title: Chapter 33 - Unwanted Surprises
Chapter Rating: R

Three years had gone by and during this time Jamie had become Voldemort’s right hand man due to the brutal murder of his own mother, Patricia. All the anger he had felt towards her over the years had completely disappeared when Sirius learned of the news and he focused it on the boy that he no longer recognized as his son.

This was no longer their world that they could together raise their family in and they knew it. The attacks on villages grew so frequent that it didn’t matter if the town was Muggle, Magical, or mixed for the Marriage Law that had taken place sentenced just as many pure-blood wizards or witches to death as the muggle-born or half-blood ones. Most of the attacks that were led by Jamie were calculated so carefully and happened so quick that nobody knew when or where they would take place and there were never any witnesses to any events.

Just as Remus had said, the law forbidding werewolves from working was once again in effect and active immediately. While Dannie’s position as an assistant was terminated immediately, Remus was allowed to remain as a professor for two more weeks while Hogwarts struggled to find a replacement before the Ministry found one for them. Bria also felt the weight of the law as it also refused for her to continue her education outside a special private school for students with certain conditions as they so politely called it. It was then that she joined the Order while Harry continued his training and education to become an Auror.

With all their belongings packed and arrangements made Albus had thrown together their farewell dinner in which everyone including former students had shown up for which made it a more tearful occasion than they wanted. Every staff member had become an aunt or uncle to the three children that at the age of 5 knew every inch of the castle better than Fred and George could ever have.

The next day the five of them spent their last morning in the forest running around playing hide-n-seek until the adults were exhausted. Dannie lay back with her head on Remus’ lap along the lake as they watched the three children chase each other through the trees when all of a sudden there was a loud explosion echoing across the grounds. She immediately sat up and watched as he whistled for the little ones. “Remus what was that?”

“The wards.” he replied and the two of them quickly ran to gather the kids who hadn’t heard their father’s call. As soon as they were all together he removed his robe and transfigured it into a bandana before turning to his mate. “Do you remember the passage I showed you from the back of the castle?” she nodded “I need you to take the kids through it and back to our quarters” Again she nodded then instantly changed then he took the bandana and tied it around her neck before turning to the trio. “The four of you are going to have a little race. Jackie, you’re going to ride on your mum and make sure you hang on tight while your sisters run with you. Girls, I need the two of you to stay with your mum no matter what. Understand?”

All excited about being able to race, the kids eagerly agreed and while the girls changed, Remus picked up their son and put him on the wolf’s back and he quickly grabbed onto the cloth. Dannie then turned and looked toward her mate who saw the concern in her eyes. “Don’t worry, I’m just going to check out the damage then I’ll be right behind you.” he stated before he ran toward the front of the castle with his wand in hand. The three wolves then quickly made their way through the forest until they were at the tree line with only a field in front of them left to cross.

Dannie quickly transformed back and started looking at the commotion going on between the older students, aurors that suddenly were appearing from nowhere and a large group of Death eaters. “Muma are we going to run some more?” the boy asked.

“In just a moment Jackie.” she replied as she waited for a point when she thought it would be safe.

“Oh look, magic lights. Can I go and watch them?”


“Please? See, papa and Bria are out there. I’ll stay with them I promise.” he begged as he pointed toward the field.

“That’s a class for the older kids and some volunteers from the group your sister is with. If someone accidentally hits you with those lights….” She paused for a moment “Ok I need you to lie down on my back and wrap your arms around my neck as you hang on the bandana, we’re going to go super fast now. Get ready.”

She then changed back to her wolf form and he did as she instructed while she looked over at the two cubs that were tackling each other and let out a loud growl toward them. As soon as she felt the almost to tight of a grip the boy had on her as he not only grabbed the bandana again but also some of her fur she then made the cubs pass her as they ran across the field to the castle while she kept watch out of the corner of her eye at the commotion. As she approached the side of the building she started to slow down when something hit her in the side and sent her flying.

Fighting his way to the same secret passage Remus heard both a loud yelp and the screaming of a child from behind him. When he turned around he noticed Dannie changing back before she slowly rose to her feet then stumbling as she bent back down to try to pickup the boy. He then ran toward the two of them yelling “Get inside I’ve got him.” and before she knew it he was scooping up their son then grabbing her hand as they ran as fast as possible into the school and to their quarters. Once inside Dannie took the crying boy from him and sat down on the couch as Remus warded the door before sitting down next to her and taking him back to examine the boy’s leg. “Papa, is he gonna be alright?” Amanda asked as she and her twin climbed on Dannie’s lap.

The boy’s crying slowly turned into quiet sobs as the pain subsided and Remus brushed the tears from his cheeks as he replied “No worries, your brother will be fine. Won’t you?” he nodded in response then Remus stood up and placed him on the couch. “I need to talk to your mum in the other room for a few moments. While we‘re in there I need you all to be as quiet as mice and under no circumstances are you to open the door for anyone.”

“Yes papa. “ The girls replied in unison as they quickly climbed off their seat while he held out his hand and helped Dannie to her feet and lead her into the bedroom.

Once the couple was alone he cast a silencing spell on the room. “Jackie said that Bria was out there as well.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve been working with her and the others since you arrived, besides Harry is with her. You know he wouldn’t let anything go wrong.”

“But Remus…”

“No buts. We knew this day would happen sooner or later and I need to and the kids to go back…”


“Dannie. Love, listen…”

“Not without you. I’m not loosing you again, not to another war.”

“I swear you will not loose me. This is it. Voldemort has his highest ranking people out there and you know he wouldn’t attack the school if he didn’t believe he’d win.”

“That’s why you can’t go back out there. If something happens…”

“Nothing will happen.” he replied but she turned her back to try to keep him from seeing her cry. “Dannie please. None of you are safe here and I need to be able to help them. I have to be there in case Sirius or Ann comes across Jamie…”

“Jamie? But…”

“I told you he brought out his best. That’s why you have to go back to the reservation.” he said as he walked up and wrapped his arms around her. “Please love, for me. I need to know that you and the kids are safe and the only way for that to happen is for all of you to go back.”

“What about their powers? If the slightest mistake or anyone finds out what they are…”

“I’ll bind their powers.” he reluctantly replied and he felt her loose the battle and start crying. He then turned her around and embraced her “Love please, I know. Oh Merlin I know.”

“I…I can’t do this again…I can’t loose you.”

“And you won’t. I will be there as soon as I can. I can’t loose you either. Please we’ve know it would come and we planned for it.” he begged as he rested his head on top hers as his tears broke free. He felt her nod and he pulled her as close as possible and the two of them held onto each other as their lives depended on it. Finally he broke the embrace and looked down into her swollen bloodshot eyes, “Ready?” he asked but she looked away and the two of them walked back into the front room arm in arm and the kids stopped playing on the floor and looked back and forth between their parents.

“What’s wrong muma?” Maggie, asked.

He then unwrapped his arm from her before walking over the trio and sitting next to them on the floor while she walked over to the couch and sat down. “Listen. You and your mum are going on a trip for awhile to see your papaw and aunt. While you’re gone I want…”

“Aren’t you going too?” Amanda asked.

He shook his head “I have to…”

“No he’s not. He and muma are fighting.” Jackie stated

“Why are you fighting?” Amanda asked.

“Are you gonna get diborced?” Maggie piped in

“No! Oh Merlin no. I would never divorce your mum.”

“The why is she crying? She wouldn’t unless you were…”

“Jackie, I promise we weren’t fighting. I was crying because it’s been such a long time since your papa and I’ve been apart.”

The little boy stood up keeping his weight off his injured leg as he crossed his arms over his chest “Prove you’re not fighting then.”

“Yea prove it. You can’t kiss her if you’re not fighting so…” Maggie said as she imitated her brother.

Remus looked at the kids then at Dannie as she smiled at the scene before he crawled over to the couch then snaked his way up her frame until they were eye to eye, “Shall we prove them wrong Madame’ Lupin?” Before she could answer he passionately captured her mouth. The two of them continued their display as he moved his hand to the small of her back slowly leaning her backwards until she was laying on her back and his other hand discretely moved under her shirt, across her skin to the silky feeling of her bra then ran his thumb over the perk nipple when they heard “EEWWW” from the three on the other side of the room and they were brought back to reality.

The two of them finally stood up and walked over to the fireplace and hugged her again before she stepped back into it while he bent down and hugged the girls separately as he mouthed a small spell before kissing their heads and motioning for them to stand with their mom. Finally he turned to his son and picked him up and walked him over toward the rest of his family as the little boy clung as tight as he could onto his neck. “I need you to keep a close eye on your sisters and make sure they behave themselves…alright?” he whispered then mouthed the same spell before handing him to Dannie. He then kissed her again “Those lips are my lips. I‘ll be back for them, I swear.” he stated then stepped out and grabbed a handful of powder. “Ok now all three of you hang on tight to your mum and keep saying ‘The Res.’ over and over as loud as you can until you stop.” The kids nodded as the girls each clung onto her legs and the boy wrapped his arms around her neck before he threw it at their feet and the kids immediately started shouting the words.

Just as they started their decent Dannie kept her eyes on her mate and watched as their door flew open with a loud blast. She continued to look upward as their previous location turned into nothing but a bright green light followed by dust falling toward them. Next thing she knew he feet were on the ground again and she found her voice again as she stood there screaming “REMUS NO!” into the floo.

The girls went running over to Jenny immediately when they saw her sitting in front of the office desk talking to Dan while Jackie squirmed until he was out of his mother’s arms. “Oh my God, Angel” Jenny said as she took the little ones in her arms and watched Dannie cling onto the bricks.

“Give me the powder I have to go back.” she shouted.

Dan rose from his seat and headed over to the fireplace “You know you can’t go back without magic now come out of there.”

Jack came running in the room as soon as he heard his daughter’s screams. “I have to go back…I have to know he’s ok!”

“Angel get out of there now!” Jack commanded.

She then turned and looked at him “No Papa. I’m not leaving him…I have to…” she then collapsed on the soot covered ground.

Jack then walked over, picked her up and took her into the back bedroom and placed her on the bed. “Angel, what happened?” he asked but she just curled up continued to cry hysterically as he held her as tight as he could until she had worn herself out so much she was asleep.

Over A Year Later

“Severus came by today. He said the war was over and that Bria would have come herself but she needs to recover in the hospital. He didn’t tell me how long it’s been over but from what I can tell it hasn’t been that long.

I had to ask about you and how bad your injuries were since you didn’t come to tell me the news yourself. That’s when he got all quiet and refused to look me in the eye. He claims you haven’t been seen since the day it started. I don’t’ know what to believe. Is he just telling me this because you have some serious injuries? If you do I don’t care we can work past those.

Do you remember the promise you made? You swore you would be here as soon as you could. How long will that be? Why won’t he tell me where you are? It’s been over a year since we said our See-ya’s, why haven’t you sent an owl or anything to let me know what’s going on? What happened after we left? Do you know the kids still cry for you every night? Do you know I used up all the floo powder trying to reach you? I miss you my love….please come and bring us home.

Where are you?”


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