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Chapter 32

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter title: Chapter 32 - Anniversary Surprises
Chapter Rating: Nc-17 (come on now it's their anniversary, what do you think?)

Anniversary Surprises

Another year had passed. The Marriage Law regarding Muggle-born and Half-blood students had turned the Wizarding World especially Hogwarts inside out, some children who believed their bloodline was the most pure found out differently while some couples who didn’t want to separate eloped before the date that the law was effective. This whole situation had put quite a strain on just about everyone for the school then had to supply separate housing for married couples, but all in all Albus was behind it all the way. Yes he approved of the law for the simple reason that there was hope that this would help improve the Wizarding population but, what he did not expect was that once word got out to the families of First year muggle born students they would tear up their children’s acceptance letter and forbid their babies to become a part of a world that allowed such a thing to happen.

Yes Dannie and Remus had their fight over it and she was more than ready to take their situation into her own hands even though there was a stipulation that had to be added for children who were of Werewolf blood due to their mating habits. Like every other half-blood child Bria received her first two petitions for marriage and they knew the third would be on its way in no time, and it wouldn’t be from who they expected it to be from. That was when Remus and Severus took matters into their own hands….well they put it into the hands of their teenage children. Oh yes she was livid, to say the least. This was the last thing in the world she wanted, there were so many girls she had seen back home either that lived on the Reservation or travelled to the Gatherings that had become mothers at early ages and lost their own childhood and in her mind this was NOT going to ever happen to her child. No Bria didn’t get pregnant, but she did want her to have the opportunity she never had, to date a few boys before she finally mated with one and now that chance would never come around.

In her mind there was nothing wrong with Harry, in fact any parent would be happy to have someone like him as their child’s mate. He was already like a son to her and she knew he would do everything in his power to take care of her daughter but there were not only still young, they were still in school and had their lives ahead of them. But there was still the idea that they all knew that everything in this world was continuing to lead up to the obvious war that could happen any day now and what would be expected of him once it did. If things went wrong….although nobody wanted to believe it would but the chance was there. If things went wrong her daughter would be a widow before she was 25 and raising their children on her own…like she did.

So it was all agreed…before Dannie even found out about it, that the two teens would mate that one time to keep them both ineligible of this law and when they had finished their educations or training and started their careers then they would be joined. At least that was the stipulation that the guys had informed them of and it was still better than eloping….like Ron and Ann (but we won’t even discuss what Sirius’ reaction to that was).


As he had done many times before Remus woke up earlier than her just so he could watch her sleep. She had now been a part of his life for three of the best years he could remember. She accepted him, everything he was and everything they had been through over the past few years and she still loved him enough to give him 3 more little ones and although they were quite a handful already, they were the pride of their marriage. She knew everything he was from the time he was born and how it had all changed long before the time they had actually gotten to know one another and she didn’t care. She knew they could have it all, his inheritance, his childhood home, the world but she never wanted it. She was more than happy with the little they had and she never once asked for anything more. But today today was their second anniversary and he was going to give her the world and although he learned to know how she’d react to things, this was something new but also something he was determined to do…after all, he had to tell her his news somehow.

He slowly and carefully removed his arm from underneath her, doing his best not to disturb her sleep then rose to his feet and walked over to the foot of the bed. Knowing her actions every morning he waited for her to turn onto her back before he knelt down, lifted the covers and crawled up her body licking and kissing her legs until he reached her centre. It wasn’t until he ran his tongue over her opening when she separated her legs to give him easy access as he felt the blanket over his head lift slightly and he in turn lifted his head to smile up at her. “You mind telling me what the special occasion is to be woken up like this?”

He then inserted to fingers and smiled as she gasped “Don’t tell me you have forgotten what today is.” he replied as he pumped them in and out of her until she was right at the edge when he removed them only to lick her scent off them.

“Well I know that if it were my birthday you’d be late for work so that’s not even a possibility, and it’s too warm in here to be Winter Solstice, can you give me some sort of hint?” she teased.

He merely answered by lowering his head and pulled her hips toward him so he could easily plunge his tongue deep inside her as he listened to her purr as he teased her colitis before sucking it between his teeth and lightly biting down on it when she gripped the sheets in her hands and once again he stopped. “I could continue to remind you this way or we could go down to the cave where I can take you up against the wall again after we bind ourselves together again.”

By the look she gave him along with the smirk he lowered his head again and continued his action until her release finally came only to be quickly followed by the sound of their bedroom door hitting the wall and three small voices yelling out “Muma!” as two of them pounced onto the bed while the other landed unknowingly on his still covered backside.

As Dannie moved to sit with her back against the pillows while pulling the covers with her to cover her exposed chest Remus’ backside came uncovered. Curiously the smallest climbed off his back and lifted the cover “Papa, wa do?”

“Hiding from you.” he growled in response causing the child to squirm as fast as she could away from him as he lunged toward her. As soon as he grabbed her leg she let out a loud squeal as he pulled her towards him only to tickle her without mercessly. He then lifted her shirt and blew a raspberry on her stomach while the other two pounced on her as Maggie continued to squirm her way out of his reach. At that point he lifted his head and clearly announced “Maggie’s it!” in which the others quickly ran out of the room with Maggie right behind them. As soon as they were gone he instantly waved his hand at the door closing and locking it to keep them from being interrupted again. He then moved to hover over her body briefly until he took the edge of the covers between his teeth to pull them down again exposing her completely. Hunched down between her legs he looked up at her, “Shall we continue where we left off Madam’ Lupin?”

“Don’t tell me that them barging in here didn’t suppress your mood at all?” he merely answered by inhaling deeply as he moved back up her body and pressing his erection against her opening. “You’re hopeless.”

He then leaned on one elbow while he pulled her body down so her back was flat on the bed as he slowly rubbed against her moist opening, “Seems to me that your scent proves I’m not the only hopeless one here.” He then felt her hands move down his stomach to the waistband of his boxers only to ease them over his shaft before lifting her legs enough to grab them between her toes and pull them down. She then stroked him a few times and ran her thumb over the slit of his shaft before bringing her thumb back up to her mouth and scraping the precum off it with her top teeth. He instantly captured her mouth hungrily with his as he lifted his hips and allowed her to guide him to her opening. The then broke the kiss and looked into her eyes as he entered her agonizingly slow.

Dannie scraped her nails gently down his sides and to his backside as she lifted her legs to rest her ankles in the same location in order to try to pull him in quicker but instead he stopped moving and gave her an evil grin. “Remus please.” she begged breathlessly then increased the strength in her legs but in instead pulled one of them up over his shoulder before finally continuing to enter and filling her completely as they stared into each others eyes until she reached up and pulled his head down to kiss him eagerly forcing her tongue into his willing mouth and faintly tasting herself in the back of his throat. He palmed her breast roughly as he continued to plunge in and out of her bringing her to release as she forced her leg down so she could arch up and ride it out with him. The next thing he knew she had flipped him onto his back and held his thighs down with her feet doing her best to keep him from moving as she sat up and started riding him slowly.

She then leaned forward and ran her tongue up his bare chest then across to his side where his own scar was and watching his expression closely she sucked on it a bit before sinking her own teeth into the skin. This action sent a current through him causing him to growl quite loudly as he moved his hands to her sides and forced her to hover over him as he slammed her hips down on him repeatedly and her nipples to rub up and down his chest. As he was growing close she then sat up and removed his hands from her hips and moved them over his head before she once again sat up and twisted around and started riding him backwards “Merlin woman, what are you trying to do to me?”

Dannie paused and glanced over her should at him, “You didn’t like that?” she asked as her hand snaked down and started massaging his testicles. He merely answered by sitting up and pulling them backwards so he could lean against the headboard then pulled her back to lean against his chest as he started nibbling on her shoulder as his hand moved down her body and he started playing with her clit as she continued to move back and forth. Just as her breathing increased his movements became more forceful until she reached her edge and he returned the bite on her original scar causing her to scream as she came harder then ever before. Remus didn’t even give her a chance to calm down before he flipped her back over where she instantly rested her hands and head on the top of the headboard as he continued to slam into her until finally he came wildly grunting out her name.

He then wrapped his arm around her waist and forced her to lay on her side next to him until he was soft enough to slip out when she turned over and curled up into his embrace. “Do you know how I want to spend our anniversary?”

“I’m almost afraid to ask.” she replied.

“I would love to stay right here all day wrapped up in your beautiful body.” he replied as he nuzzled on her ear.

Dannie pushed hi back “You’ve gone blind on me if you think this is beautiful.”

He then rolled onto his back taking her with him when she sat up. “Nope, definitely beautiful and perfect.” he stated as he ran his hands up her sides.

Trying to hold in a ticklish laugh she crossed her arms over her chest. “Ok now I know you’re not only definitely blind but you’ve suddenly become the worse bullshit artist there is.”

He then unfolded her arms and held them out to her sides, “Definitely beautiful. From these…” he stated as he moved his hand to cup her breast rubbing his thumb gently over her nipples, “to this…” and his other hand moved down to her stomach only to trace one of her many remaining stretch marks, “to most definitely here.” as his hand moved from her breast up to her face where he palmed her cheek then around to the back of her head pulling her toward him and started kissing her again.

Feeling his start to stiffen again she pulled back and sighed “Remus the children. We can’t leave them out there much longer.”

“Bria is going into her 7th year. She is more than old enough to watch them as she promised to today.” he replied before he started nipping at her collar bone then moved upward to her ear “You…my love…are…not to…do a…single…thing…all…day.” he stated between small nips toward her ear only to bite down on her earlobe, smiling as he felt the goose bumps appear on her skin. He then moved to look into her eyes again “With the exception of allowing me to please you in any way I see fit.”

She then took his hands in hers and locked her fingers between his and leaned down pinning them to the bed once again as she moved her body so her opening was at his tip then slowly took him inside her again, “And what of your own pleasures Professor?”

“You have already given me enough pleasure in the past few years to last me a lifetime.” he paused to gasp slightly “But if this is what pleases you, who am I to resist.” As she rode him he struggled against her hands in order to get them free but she refused to release them as she tightened her inner muscles trying to milk him. He needed to touch her, to taste her skin, suckle on her breast, anything but she wasn’t allowing it “Dannie please.” he begged.

At that point he couldn’t believe what he felt next. She had stopped. She’s just giving her knees a rest he thought so he waited for her to continue but she didn’t. He then opened his eyes and was greeted with her smiling down on him as just his head was barely inside her “So if I’ve decided that I’ve been pleasured enough we could just stop?”

“Love…please…oh Mer…” just then she wiggled a bit and he slipped out. He eyes widened when her only response was to mouth Oops. Instantly she released his hands, then lunged to the side and started crawling to the other end of the bed as quickly as possible but he pounced on her quicker than ever before, grabbed her around the waist and plunged into her again. They had both joked around like this before with each other many times and never once had her laughter quickly silenced as it did this time as the front half of her body slumped forward. With her actions and the tightness around his member he only knew then that what he never could have imagined doing to her, he had done. He then kissed her back as he moved his hands to her cheeks, spread them apart and in all hope not to hurt her any further move slowly out of her while cursing himself with each and every centimetre he moved the tightness of her back passage pulled him to a silent release causing her sobs to turn to unmistakable crying.

He knew his wife all too well even before they were joined, he had watched how she acted with each and every emotion and feeling and he also knew when to comfort her and although he wanted to comfort her he knew that times like this when she was in this much pain that she was the type of person who merely wanted to be left alone. He then climbed off the bed, walked over to where her head lay and knelt down before brushing the hair from her eyes hoping to express how sorry he was. He knew she understood when she slightly nodded her head then rose to his feet and headed for the shower.

When stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed he watched as she painfully and clumsily tried to rise from the bed practically jumping to her feet when her bottom made contact with the mattress. He continued to watch as she continued to slowly make her way across the room toward the bathroom but stopped directly in front of him and without saying a word she rested her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his torso. Remus sighed deeply as he returned the embrace then lightly kissed her head. “I am…”

“I know.” she interrupted and he nuzzled her cheek with his.

“How about if while you’re in the bath I get something from Severus for you?”

“No, don’t bother him with this. Just see Poppy for it.”

“Love, Poppy’s on holiday.” he replied

“And Severus is on his honeymoon.”

“Trust me; their honeymoon is nothing like ours was. He may have consummated their joining as the ridiculous law stated they had to but until not only she’s finished at the university but also her apprenticeship, he’s not going to even touch her. Especially with Harry there all the time.”

“Poor Hermione.”

“No poor Severus.” he smirked “Those uniforms for university students aren’t any less revealing as hers was this past year. Do you realize how much time he’s going to be spending in the bathroom?”

“And how revealing die you find her uniform to be?” she asked as her hand moved down his back and under the waistband of his trousers.

“Extre…” he started to say but he all too soon felt the seem of his boxers move into the crack of his ass causing him to reach behind himself and remove her hand, “I am a wolf my love and although some things never escape my sight, I am proud to say that there is only one female who will ever receive any of my intentions.” he then leaned down to kiss her briefly “Now how about you take that bath for I have some plans for you today.” and before she could say anything he left her embrace and went into the other room.

When she finally emerged from the shower and into the vanity she noticed next to her clothes was a small vial filled with a blue substance along with a note next to it. “Severus supplied this numbing salve even though I probably left him with a lot of questions on why it was needed. If you would like assistance in applying it, just let me know.” she smiled then dipped her finger into it only to notice that her finger immediately went numb. That was when she heard voices from the front room.

“It’s not like we did anything that we haven’t done before.”

“That’s not helping your case at all. You know the only reason we permitted you and Harry to mate was to keep you both ineligible for that ridiculous law.”

“But we’re already officially engaged. I don’t see what the big deal is.”

“The big deal is that you still have a year left here before you go onto the university all before your joining. I am not…”

“Maybe I don’t want to go to the university.”

Remus’ voice was quiet for a moment but she could still sense the frustration that rose in him when he finally stated what sounded like it was coming through gritted teeth “That will be your decision but I hope that the two of you will at least have enough common sense not to ruin his training by starting a family so early. Until the time comes for you to graduate you will be in either these quarters or your dorm room by 9 pm every night and not leave them afterwards for any reason.”

“But curfew for 7th years isn’t until…”

9 pm! Do you want to go back to it being at sunset?” Dannie couldn’t hear Bria’s answer but she soon heard him continue a bit quieter than before “As for this morning. You told your mum and I that our gift would be you taking care of your brother and sisters so that we could have some time alone.”

“I did take care of them. I bathed, dressed, and fed them this morning alone.”

“You also allowed them to go running into our bedroom at the most inappropriate time.” he stated.

“I’m sorry. The promised they would stay in their room while I took a shower.”

“They aren’t even 2 yet. If you wanted to shower then you should have done so before they woke up.”

“Before they woke up? Do you know how early they’re up every morning?”

“Matter of fact I do. Just like I know exactly how late you came home last night.” Remus paused as he heard Dannie open the bedroom door. “Now I’m taking your mum out today and we won’t be home until late so you have until midnight to finish with your gift to us.”

“Wait a second; I didn’t think you’d be gone all day. Harry and I have plans with…”

“I don’t want to hear of what kind of plans the two of you have. You broke curfew by 4 hours last night also you should never have made plans after you told us what our gift was. You will stay here tonight and watch your brother and sisters today as you promised. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir.” she mumbled then rose from the couch and went into the back bedroom where her siblings were.

Remus then followed only to stop in front of his wife as she tied a beaded leather belt around her peasant blouse “How are you feeling? Did the salve work?”

“A little better but I haven’t used it yet. I thought you may wish to…” but before she could finish the sentence he had backed her into the bedroom and closed the door.


Later that evening after a day of shopping in Muggle London and Diagon Alley followed by dinner the two of them apparated into Hogsmeade with a small pop when Dannie loosened the grip her arms had around his neck. “Thank you for today. She said as she stood on the balls of her feet and brushed her lips over his before pulling back “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were keeping some sort of big secret from me until you can decided how to tell me about it.”

“I just felt like spoiling my mate,” he paused as he removed her hands from his neck then ran his fingers up and down the binding marks still clear as ever that were on her arm, “…my wife. I just want to make sure you’re as happy with our life as I am.”

She then reached up and cupped his chin so he’d look in her eyes. “How can you possibly think that I wouldn’t be just as happy with our life here? I definitely don’t need new clothes or a day in the city to make me happy. If anything it scares the shit outta me with the cost of everything.”

“I don’t want you to worry about how much anything costs. That’s my job and if I didn’t feel we could afford today and more then I would have never done it.”

Dannie took a step backward and crossed her arms over her chest as she looked at him “Remus I know you said no questions and I don’t want to fight about this but, I can’t help but worry. We have 1 child starting the University next year and 3 more that are constantly out growing their clothes.”

He reached out and took her by the hand leading her to a nearby bench when they sat down and he pulled out a folded piece of parchment from his pocket. “I received this a few months ago and I’ve been trying to think of a time and way to tell you about it ever since.” he paused as he fumbled with it as he handed it to her, “You know what I was born into and how I lost it all. Well, um, do you remember the magistrate who resigned over Deloris’ trial?” she nodded “It seems he took it upon himself to have everything returned to me.”

“What do you mean everything?” she asked as she started to open to parchment.

“The deed to the family house, my inheritance, title, everything I had.” he then placed his hand on her leg as he saw the expression on her face as she looked at the open parchment. “Not to mention what he considered a substantial amount to compensate for the years I had to live without it. That there is what’s left after I had equal amounts put into accounts for each of the children.”

Just as he expected she tossed the paper at him and rose to her feet, “Give it back.”

“Back to whom? Love, my parents are dead and Deloris will spend the rest of her life in the centre. You know that.”

“I don’t care who you give it to. I’ve seen what happens to families and I although I care for Draco as much as the others, I saw how spoiled he was. I don’t want that happening to our children, they need to learn to…” they both stopped and waited for a couple to walk past them.

“Love will you please listen to me.” he waited for her to turn and face him again. “The Marriage Law was just the beginning of everything. All the laws are changing, hell there’s even a group out there trying to make it so that people like us won’t be able to work anymore. When that’s passed…”

“It won’t be.”

“It was before and in time it will be again.” he then rose to his feet and walked over to her placing his hands on her shoulders. “As I said, I already set aside enough money for each of the children to have the best private schooling available and still have good lives if they are unable to work. As for us, even if that law is passed tomorrow we’ll be perfectly fine for the next hundred years.”

“I still don’t like it.”

“I promise you, nothing will change. Until that law is passed, the money will just sit at Gringotts untouched…with the exception of the few times each year when I feel to need to spoil you like this again, or vice versa.”

Still not comfortable of the whole idea she realized she had no choice but to accept their new situation so she forced a smirk and nodded. He then took her hand and placed it in the crook of his elbow while they walked slowly down the street watching the lights in all the shops turn down to show they were closing for the evening. When they reached the other side of the small village Dannie noticed that one small run down shop was still lit up, “Do you mind if we stop by for a bit? I’ve wanted to ask Grandfather if he’ll oversee the kids naming ceremony.”

Without a word he led her to the door and opened it while the old plump witch behind the counter was startled awake from the sound of the bell chiming. “Oh dear, I’m sorry but we’re closed for the evening. Do you mind coming back in the morning?” she stated with an accent that was almost familiar to Dannie.

“We’re not her to shop. We were hoping to talk to Grandfather. Is he still awake?” Dannie asked.

The woman looked at the couple curiously “Grandfather? I’m sorry but there’s nobody here named Grandfather.”

Dannie gave Remus a confused look before he asked the woman, “I’m sorry that we disturbed you then but, would you happen to know where the gentleman who use to run this shop moved to?”

“I’m sorry my boy but other than my granddaughter’s mate, Oliver, I know of no other man who could have worked here and I’ve been here over thirty years now.”

Not only were both of them more confused than ever but he was also quite aggravated with this strange woman with what she was telling him. “I don’t want to offend you ma’am but I have to let you know. I was a guest Grandfather’s here just over two years ago. I stayed in the small bedroom just off the back door at that time and although I know of Sarah and Oliver, never once during my stay did I meet you.”

She looked as if she was lost in thought for a few moments “Oh! You must be that wolf boy that stayed with my Willy while I was visiting family over the summer. He’s told me about you many times.” she finally replied excitedly.

“So you do know him, William Meyer.” Dannie sighed.

“I knew he quite well, after all we were joined.” she replied as she walked around the counter and hugged each of them. “I’m Madeline. Come come come.” she finished as she led them to the back kitchen. “It’s so good to meet people who know Willy. Ever since he crossed I don’t meet that many that knew him. Especially here.”

Stunned by hearing the last sentence Dannie grabbed Remus’ hand before stopping in her tracks. “Crossed? I’m sorry we had no idea. When did it happen?”

They watched as she walked over and smiled at a picture of a much younger version of her husband on the wall before reaching into the cabinet next to it and pulling out a scrap book. “Not surprised at all knowing him as well as I did.” she then padded over to the dinning room table and flopped the book onto it before directing them to two other chairs next to her. “Sit, sit.” Dannie reluctantly took the chair next to the older woman while Remus stood behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders. “Always claiming of how his mama and sisters were wolves. Never met them myself so I don’t really know if his claim on his spirit was true or not but from what I learned about spirit animals while I lived in the states, he was more of a coyote. Oh the trickster! Always confusing people and leaving me behind to let them in on the truth.” she then opened the book and flipped through the pages “Here we go. This was the last picture taken of my Willy and I. It was taken just a few weeks before he moved on.” she stated as she turned the book to Dannie’s direction.

The two of them stared at the black and white photo. While Remus was looking at the man in it, Dannie was staring at the house and forest behind them “He looks so much…” he stopped speaking as Dannie pointed at the date at the bottom. 17 April 1972.

“So much younger than the Willy you met? Oh I now dearie. No, my love has been gone from this world for just over 32 years now.” she paused as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “A horrible night that was, so many things happened.” Dannie continued to stare at the photo as she listened carefully to what the woman said. “I’ll never forget that night. He was outside tending to the garden at the small house we were renting from a lovely young couple. Together they owned all that land behind the house at that time, a good 100 acres of it. Anyway he noticed some flames coming from above the trees and I heard the last words he ever said before he left. “Call the fire department love! Quick!” Well you know how men are, something like that catches their eye and they wonder aimlessly toward it, not paying any attention to their surroundings.” she then blew her nose on a tissue before continuing. “Well, while I was calling for help the next thing I know there was the blaring horn of one of those big trucks that the Muggles use to transport stuff followed by the squealing of brakes. I…I dropped the phone instantly and ran out to see what happened and there was the truck stopped in front of our home with our landlord doing everything he could to help my Willy.

“It wasn’t his fault, Willy wondered into the road and he was such a good man. He stayed there doing everything he could for him, talking, singing, everything just to try to help but I know his mind was on that fire that night. I tried to explain to the Reservation police but because I was an outsider they wouldn’t listen so Jack was arrested for involuntary manslaughter.”

She couldn’t move, breath, and it felt as if her heart stopped. The name was said but she wasn’t sure she had heard the older woman correctly and it wasn’t until she felt Remus grip her shoulder that she moved her hand up to his and asked “Jack?”

“Oh yes, Jack. He and his wife Gabby were our landlords at the time. Such a lovely couple they use to invite us and our daughter over to their home for every holiday as if we were part of their family. I use to watch that little girl and her cousins every few weeks so that their parents could go out. I’ll never forget she had such brightness in her eyes until that night. I think I have a picture of the fearsome foursome somewhere around here, I don’t know just exactly where though; it’s been so long since I’ve seen it.

“Anyway where was I? Oh, Jack was arrested for involuntary manslaughter that night and it wasn’t until the next morning when I went to the police station again to beg those men to release him because it was all an accident when I learned what the cause of the fire was.” It was at that time that the older woman looked up from the book and watched the couple’s expression as she turned the page. On one side of the book there was an article and photo announcing the arrest of Jack Lightpaws while on the other page there was another newspaper clipping showing a side view picture a child kneeling on the ground digging her fingers into the dirt screaming and crying as a hand has her head lifted by her hair forcing her to face a large fire in front of her.

After weeks of investigation the case revolving around the murder of Gabriella Lightpaws has been closed. The police chief has made this decision due to the fact that they are unable to come up with any suspects that may have been involved. In the meantime the child, Angel, is now a guest of the community foster care system until her father, Jack Lightpaws, has finished his prison sentence… provided by unknown source.

Madeline was then quiet as she watched Dannie run her finger over the part of the fire and mouthed Mama. “Your aunt, uncle and I spent that day rushing from house to house and store to store collecting every single paper that day just to burn them so we could keep you from seeing that article or being harassed by others that read it. It wasn’t until I arrived back at the house that I saw it sitting on the table in front of Amber and I knew I had to keep it safe for you.” She then reached out and lifted the younger woman’s chin then moved her thumb to wipe away one of the tears that streamed down, “He never told you the real reason why he went away the day this happened did he?”

Dannie shook her head “No he didn’t. I…I always figured that he didn’t want any…”

“Oh Merlin no child. Jack loved you and Gabby more than life itself; you two were his whole world. The last things he ever wanted was to leave you or for you to think poorly of him. When the time finally came that he was tried we knew he would get some sort of sentence so we did everything we could to fight for him because we knew that the separation would kill both of you. I really wish we could have done something more but the verdict came down to 10 years, 5 with good behaviour. The system refused to let Amber and I see you before we left to come here but they let me see Jack one last time. It was then that I let him know what I was and reassured him that you would be well protected until he was able to return to you and your home. I’ve wondered for so long what ever happened to you after that day you were taken from my home but my Willy, he always told me that you had a strong spirit and how in time all would be right. You are alright aren’t you? You’re finally where you belong?” Dannie leaned her head back against Remus’ chest and looked up at him before nodding.

“So you knew who she was when she walked in the door?” he asked.

“No my dear I didn’t. It wasn’t until I saw the two of you looking at the photo of Willy and I. While you were looking at him, I could easily tell that she looking behind us. There are many forests in this world but no matter what, the child I knew back then was a child who knew not only the land but each and every tree shrub and rock on that land intimately. The way her eyes brightened when she saw her playground were the same as the eyes of the little girl I once knew who was allowed out to play there after a rain storm. I am so glad that you have finally found your place on this earth little one…” she paused as the coo-coo clock on the wall chimed 10:00 “I would love to sit and visit with you some more but I have to get some rest. I have a trip to make in the morning.”

Dannie then rose from her chair before leaning down to hug the older woman as she whispered “Thank you.” in her ear.

“It was my pleasure my dear.” she said then when Remus went the shake her hand she pulled him down into a hug as well then quickly released him. “Now you take care of those little ones of yours, for I have a feeling that you’ll all need each other’s strength all too soon.” she said.

Madeline went back to looking through the old book as the two of them left the shop and as he closed the door behind them Remus looked at Dannie as he raised his hand to stroke her cheek, “Are you…?”She just leaned into his hand as she smiled and gave him a nod before stepping toward him and wrapping her arm around his around her back while his arms wrapped around her shoulder and he led her back home.

As the two of them made their way back to the castle not a word was said until they reached the staff wing when he finally asked, “Would you like some time alone so you can floo your father about this?”

“No I’d better not. If he had any idea that I know about this then he’d just distance himself from us again. It’s best if we just act like we never found out.”

When they stopped in front of their quarters he turned her around to face him and once again asked “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I actually think I am.” she replied as she raised her arms up to his shoulders using her fingers to tickle the back of his neck.” “If I’m not mistaken Professor, we still have some time left alone before our anniversary is over.”

He then pinned her against the wall, “If I’m not mistaken I do believe I’m being propositioned by the lovely and most amazing Lady Lupin.” he stated as he started kissing her neck.

She then moved her arm down to his crotch and started palming his length, “I’m not sure. I’ve never heard of any Lady propositioning a professor like this?”

His hand then moved up her body stopping to cup her breast, “It’s been along time since I’ve had to worry about proper protocol but I think there just may be some exception if they are in the privacy of their own home, or even a deserted corridor.” he replied as he started to lean in to kiss her when they heard a loud familiar squeal of MINE coming from Severus’ quarters.

She leaned her head back against the wall as he rested his forehead against hers “Jackie.” they sighed in unison.

“I’ll go check on the girls while you see what’s going on. Besides, if Bria’s still awake then her and I will be having a long talk.” she suggested as she opened the door next to her as he took a step back.

He then turned to knock on the door when he heard Hermione shout out “Severus I can’t get it away from them. Do you mind helping me?”

Quickly followed by “No my fawy!”

“Ow you little brat. Wait until your father finds out!” Upon hearing the commotion he knocked hard upon the door and it was thrust open almost instantly by Hermione who was wearing only an oversized shirt, “Professor.”

“You’re one of us now Hermione, please it’s Remus.” he stated. “I hate to bother the two of you again today but we just got home and I could have sworn…” before he could finish his sentence she stepped from the door when he heard the bathroom door slam shut just before seeing not only his son but the girls as well, in wolf form, growling playfully as they had a three-way tug a war with something black. He then brought his thumb and index finger to his mouth and let out a loud whistle which caught the children’s attention as the girls instantly changed and Jackie fell on his bottom to the ground as he hugged the thing tightly to his chest. “Do any of you care to tell me what is going on?”

Red faced with streaks of tears from his eyes and snot running from his nose the boy climbed to his feet and padded over to his father, who bent down to one knee, while he wiped his nose on the thing a few times along the way. “Day sniff</b> day no lea fuwy awon.” he said then leaned against Remus leg and wiped his nose on it again.

It was then that Hermione cringed before peaking at the bathroom door again when it suddenly slammed shut again grabbing Remus’ attention. At that point Amanda piped in “No Acs fuwy ‘e no sawe.”

“Fuwy lib ‘ewe papa” Maggie stated while pointing at the bathroom.

Remus then turned his attention back to Jackie and asked “Is that one of your animals or did you find it here like your sisters state?”

The boy wiped his nose on it again before replying “’Ewe but id onwy ‘ewe so id mine.”

He then brushed the boy’s hair from his face “No Jackie it’s not yours. Your animals are at home in your room. This is…” he paused as he took it out of the small hands and examined it then do his best to suppress a laugh. “…this is your Uncle Severus and I’m quite sure that he misses it right now just as much as you miss your animals when your sisters take them. Why don’t you go put it back where you found it?”

As the girls climbed onto his lap, Remus and Hermione watch as Jackie padded his way to the bathroom, “I’ve noticed they’re more articulate than my cousins were when they were that age. Is that because of them being werewolves?”

“I’m not sure.” he replied “Dannie said Bria was the same way when she was the same age. They’ve always been ahead on everything they’ve done; crawling, walking, and talking. Even Jack was crawling around after his first change and we were afraid he’d be slower than a regular child. As it is he has a hard enough time with these two gaining up on him constantly. Every one of his stuffed animals has been shredded at least once.” He then looked around the room at the mess he knew his little ones made there “Listen, I am truly sorry about all this. Bria was suppose to be watching them so I’m not quite sure why they’re here. My best guess is that they wore her out since they can be quite a handful at times.”

“That is an understatement.” Severus said causing Remus to turn towards him. “Go ahead and laugh. If I remember right the bet was what? 10 Galleons?” and he started counting some coins in his hands.

Jack then came running up with a huge smile on his face and still hugging the snotty wig to his chest. “Papa, Seb say I ‘eep” he squealed.

Remus looked from the boy back to his friend, “Keep it and get yourself a new one but only on the condition that you tell me what happened.”

As he put the coins back into his pocket he walked over to the couch and sat down, “Do you remember last winter when I was in the infirmary?”

“Yes but we never did hear why you were in there.”

Severus then glanced over at his bride and smirked. “Well that was the result of a certain insufferable know-it-all continuing to disobey instructions by helping the worse student in class by adding slug tails to his potion even though he had already added them.”

Hermione seemed as if she was respond to that but before she could they all heard incoherent shouting coming from across the hall.



As soon as Dannie entered their quarters she walked back to the girls’ bedroom and in not hearing anything she opened the door slightly to check on them but the shadows from the window made it appear that they were bundled up in their beds asleep. Next she went into the kitchen, filled a bucket with ice, and took a bottle of champagne she had hidden in the back of the fridge and placed it in it then grabbed two glassed from the cabinet before going to her bedroom and placing them on the nightstand. Lost in thought of everything she had learned that evening, not only the news her husband had given her but most importantly every question she ever had about her father was answered. She was a bit surprised that she never remembered any of them but she didn’t remember very many things about the time before her mama crossed. She then strolled over to the mirror and undid her braid before she heard a strange noise coming from where the other bedrooms were.

She walked out of their room, glanced at the front door only to see it still closed, and then headed towards the back. She stopped outside each bedroom to listen through the doors but it wasn’t until she made it to Bria’s room when she not only noticed that the scent in the air was different but she clearly heard “Mmm that feels good.”

Immediately she threw open the door and instantly she saw the backside of who she knew was definitely not her daughter stretched out and moving on top something on the bed. “You have 5 seconds to get out of here NOW!

Completely startled Bria threw the body off her as she sprung to sit up, “Mom we…”


“Harry get…”


Harry was frantically looking for his clothes throughout the dark room while Bria was desperately trying to apologize.


He found his trousers and started to try to get them on.


“Aunt Dannie Please….I’m…”

“FIVE” was all she said before she grabbed the hair on the top of his head and dragged him through their quarters while all he could do was hold his pants over his genitals.

“Aunt Dannie Please I’m Sorry!” he shouted.

“Don’t you ever fuckin call me that again. I trusted you and this is what I find?”


Back at Severus’, Remus had Maggie climb onto his back and as she wrapped her arms around his neck she asked “Papa, I mo’ee?”

He then reached around his back and tickled her side causing her to start squirming “No you’re a wiggle bug with far to much energy for as late as it is.” He then picked up Amanda in one arm before rising to his feet and taking Jackie by the hand. “Again I must apologize for the intrusion tonight.”

“That’s quite alright.” Severus replied “The experience helped me decide that I am definitely going to retire before these three start classes.”

“Bu’ papa, Bwe a mo’ee. Why no I be to?” Maggie asked.

“Bria’s not a monkey.” he said while trying to suppress a yawn.

“’awy say s’e is.” Amanda stated “S’e ‘is fi’er mo’ee.”

In hearing that Remus froze and stared at Severus who was returning the shocked look.

It was then that Dannie stormed into the room and released Harry’s hair as she flung him toward the wall then looked over at Severus. “This is yours. I don’t ever want to find it in my home or on top my daughter ever again.”

She then walked over to Remus, took Maggie off his back and Jackie by the hand when the boy asked “Muma, wa a fin’er mokee?”

Dannie then looked from Remus to Severus and Hermione only to see all of them staring at Harry so she then walked over to him, “Maybe you would like to answer that question? I’m quite curious on what your reply to my toddler is.” she growled.

Still covering himself he raised his head and looked up at the woman who was the closest thing to a mother he could remember having and the only thing he could come up with that came from his heart was “I’m sorry, I don’t know…”

“You’re only sorry because you were caught in mid rut. Go to your room…now!” Severus ordered as his face started to grow red with anger. Harry rose to his feet and stared at his father when he noticed that his face was as red as the top of his head and all he could do at that point was stare in disbelief. “I said NOW!” and the boy then ran back to his room while Severus ran his hand over his head. “Remus, Dannie…I’m at a loss for words right now. I really don’t know how to…”

“You don’t need to say anything, you weren’t alone in the decision to allow them to mate the first time.” Dannie replied. “After all, the laws all state that they’re adults now and should be joined. I was just hoping…”

“Al least we have another year before they’re both at the university.” Remus stated.

“But they can both apparate.” Dannie replied. “Who’s to say they won’t leave school to see one another?”

“Well since they’re both old enough to apparate then they’re both old enough to work.” Severus stated. “If Bria is caught off the grounds without permission this term then I hate to remind you but she’ll be expelled. As for Harry. He already knows that if he doesn’t graduate from the university then he doesn’t receive the inheritance from Lily. If I let him…”

“That’s fine for Harry, but I want Bria to graduate. I don’t want her being like the majority of the girls on the reservations. That is why I was against this whole thing to begin with and why I was so upset with the two of you.”

“You didn’t let me finish. If Harry is caught on the school grounds without permission from me then the tuition is revoked, his schooling ends and no inheritance.”

“That’s fine but you guys have a month until school starts.” Hermione finally piped in, “How are you going to keep them from sneaking off together before then?”

Remus and Dannie looked at each other and nodded “We’ll take care of that.” he stated “We’ll see you guys tomorrow.” then they went back home and put the three toddlers to bed.


The next morning it was almost 11 by the time Bria woke up to the site of her father standing in the doorway with an empty backpack. “Um, what’s going on?”

“I seem to remember a certain conversation you and I had yesterday morning.”

“About last night…I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

“No excuses.” he stated, “Your mother and I trusted you to keep your work and watch over your brother and sisters yesterday like you promised you would. That does not mean to let them go wondering over to Severus and Hermione’s in the middle of the night while you and Harry…”

“But we didn’t…”

“Don’t lie to me. Your mum told me what she saw when she stopped you two.” he interrupted. “You have until noon to be dressed and packed to leave.”

“Pack? Where am I…”

“Yes pack. You will be leaving in an hour and you won’t be retuning until the first day of term with the other students on the train.” he informed her before turning and walking out of the room.

Bria immediately jumped off her bed and ran into the living room after him. “Mom, dad’s telling me I’m leaving.” Dannie didn’t reply, she just rose from the couch and started to walk towards the kitchen. “Mom?” the girl questioned as she grabbed her mother’s arm.

Dannie then turned and took a step so close to the girl their noses were almost touching, “Do you realize what could have happened to them last night while you were getting fucked?”

“They were at Uncle Severus’!”

“And you’re lucky they were. What if they would have decided to leave the castle last night? They could have fallen in the lake, gotten lost in the forest, anything. I trusted you yesterday. You gave us a present of watching them on our anniversary and you didn’t.”

Tears were now streaming down the girl’s face. Never once had she seen her mom upset with her enough to send her away. “Mom please, I said I’m sorry. I won’t ever…”

“You’re out of here today. I suggest you do as your father said and get in there and get packed or you’ll have nothing except the clothes on your back to wear while you’re gone.” With that said she turned and left the girl standing there.

It was just before noon when Bria finally emerged from her bedroom with her bag stuffed to capacity when she saw her parents standing next to the fireplace. “Can I at least say goodbye to Harry? He‘ll be leaving for the university before the term begins.”

“I was under the impression that, that was what you were doing with him last night.” Dannie replied.

“Would you at least tell me where I’m going?”

Remus merely directed her to into the fireplace then once she was in he threw the powder at her feet and stated very clearly “The Res.” and she was gone in the burst of flames.

As soon as she realized her feet were touching the ground again and her head stopped spinning she heard a very familiar voice “Wado Nicca. You’d better hurry up and get into the truck or I’m gonna be late for my delivery.”

“Hi papaw, I’ll just walk back to the house and wait for you there. I don’t want you being late.” she replied.

“Who ever said you were goin to the house?” Jack asked. “From what I understand you are in need of constant supervision over the next few weeks so you’re goin to be with me on the road. I’ve already spoken to my manager and he’s got me down for every driver unload load that comes up. I just might be able to pay off the truck early with the extra money you’re going to be earning for me.” Before she could come up with something so say to complain he turned left the office while she speechlessly followed behind.


See I told you I had a productive weekend.
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