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Well I finally made it.

I kept telling myself I was going to make one of these one day, but I kept putting it off and putting it off. Don't ask why, I really don't have an answer to that. As for now I doing this instead of writing the next chapter to my fic....shame on me. Oh well.
My son, Firewalker, is at a Boy Scout camp-out this weekend and I actually have the house to myself. Well almost, there's still the dog, Koty aka: Bubba Wigglebutt. (knee-high, wolfish looking pup, with an over bite, bo-legged, and his butt still flys back and forth every-time he wags his tail). I'm beginning to think that this house is a little too quiet, there's no stereo or tv noise coming from upstairs, no sounds from the baseball field that lies on the other side of the lake, and what is really bad is my muse is in hiding. Maybe it's due to lack of beer, I haven't been to the pub with my co-workers in over 2 weeks due to one reason or another. I was going to list my mood as optimistic in hope that my muse would make an appearance soon but the more I sit here the more it really seems like a 'blah' day.
Unfortunately I can't sit here all day and try to come up with something of interest to put in this so I had better go and hunt down that sick little muse of mine. Hopefully she's not going to come up with anymore PP/DU stories on me but we do need to get going on Collision so that I can get to the next plot that's been tormenting me.
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