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Chapter 31

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter title: Chapter 31 - Welcome to Your new Life
Chapter Rating: R - for swearing

Welcome to Your new Life

It was a few days before Dannie was able to leave the infirmary with a clean bill of health but her work schedule was decreased even more by Poppy none the less. Dannie didn’t put up a fuss since it gave her more time to spend in the infirmary with the baby. As Poppy had hoped, Jackie had developed enough over the next few weeks to have the fluid removed from the makeshift incubator but he still needed to remain for at least another month.

During this time Bria started spending more time in her dorm during the weekends instead of her parents quarters since they were hardly ever there themselves. Even when she did see them before or after classes she rarely said a word to either of them. The holidays had come and gone and the next thing they knew it was February when she happened to find herself in the hospital wing. There she saw them through the window and stood there mesmerized at the scene. Her mom was sitting in a rocking chair smiling as her dad was holding the baby in his arm feeding him from a small bottle slowly rocking back and forth and turning in a circle until he saw her out there before she could move out of view. He then nodded for her to join them but instead she turned and headed back to her dorm as fast as she could then threw herself onto her bed and started sobbing, not quite understanding why she was so upset about the scene she just witnessed.

The next morning she tried to corner her daughter to question her about the previous evening’s events but unfortunately she had no luck in speaking to her privately. She even tried to send her an owl during lunch but as she sat at the head table with the rest of the staff she watched as Bria immediately tore up the letter that had fallen in front of her then left the hall. Remus then took Dannie’s hand in his “Don’t worry, she’ll come around. It’s normal for children become jealous when a new sibling is born, especially at this age.”

“Was it like that with your older sisters?” she couldn’t help but ask

“Of coarse it was, love she’s…”

“It’s not that way in our family. And it won’t be that way not if I have anything to do with it. Not anymore,” and before he could stop her she rose from the table and headed for the main door to the hall as the bell rang to announce the end of lunch and he lost sight of her in the crowd of students. When she reached the main entrance to the castle she tightly wrapped her cloak around her body and slowly made her way across the frozen ground to the greenhouses where she knew her daughter would be for her next class. She stood outside the small building as she watched the 5th year students file into the room but Bria was not among them by the time the final bell rang. She continued to wait another five or so minutes as she heard the class start then she sighed and slowly made her way back towards the castle.

As soon as she entered the main foyer she was greeted by Albus “If I remember right, you my dear are suppose to be taking it easy.” he stated as he looked at her over his glasses.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t working. I was just looking for…”

“Isn’t it feeding time for your son? I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in there.” he then turned and headed down the corridor towards his office.

Dannie watched him leave before heading to the hospital wing herself with only one thing on her mind. Setting Bria straight before they were able to take the baby home at the end of the week. When she arrived at the small private room indeed she found Bria standing over the small bassinette talking to the baby and instead of confronting her right then and there Dannie stood in the doorway and listened to her oldest child. “Don’t you see how lucky you are? You’ll have mom and dad your whole life while I only have known dad a few years. Last night when I saw him feeding you I couldn’t believe how happy he was, happier than I’d ever seen him….No I don’t hate you, I couldn’t cause you’re my brother but still I wish…” she then paused for a few moments. “Well it don’t matter what I wish now does it? Just think, in a few months you’ll be in the same position I’m in now. Our sisters will be here and you’ll be standing by me off to the side watching, don’t worry though…”

Before Dannie could confront Bria with what she just heard Poppy entered from an adjoining room with a bottle in her hand “You don’t actually believe that do you?” she asked while Dannie stepped back into the corridor and stood next to the doorway waiting for her daughter’s answer which didn’t come. “I never believed that you more than anyone else would be so spoiled to believe such a ridiculous notion. Both of your parents love you just as much as they love this little guy and your sisters when they arrive.”

“They spend all their time in here now. The only time I ever see them anymore is at meals and during their classes.” Bria replied “Do you know that when my uncle crossed I didn’t even hear it from them? No I had to hear about it from…”

“Your Head of House just like every other student here does unless the Ministry contacts them first. You’re lucky, you get to see your folks every single day while 99% of the rest of the students in this school only see theirs during holidays and some not even that much.” she then paused as she picked Jackie up and started feeding him. “I saw what happened last night when your father motioned for you to join them. Do you realize how difficult of a time I had trying to keep them from running after you without using my wand? Do you understand what risks there are on not only your sisters but also her if I was unable to keep her from going?”

Bria opened and closed her mouth trying to come up with something to say to explain her actions but couldn’t.

“You have to realize, babies need bonding time with their parents. This one especially since he was separated from your mum so early. You had your time when you were young, may not have been with your dad but you had the rest of your family there for you when you needed them. If you think about it, in a way your luckier than your they will ever be, they’ll only have you and your parents to help them when they need it. Think about it, how many things did your uncles know about you that your mum didn’t.” Bria lowered her head but still couldn’t help the jealousy she felt. “Now I suggest you go onto class, you’re already late and I’m sure that once your mum finds out she’ll have questions as to why.”

Dannie didn’t hear what was said next but all too soon Bria walked out of the room and right past her as she headed towards the main part of the school. As soon as the girl was out of sight Dannie walked into the room and smiled at Poppy, “Sorry I’m late.” she stated as she took Jackie from the older woman’s arms.

“That’s quite alright. I was enjoying being able to do this again. I’m really going to miss having this little guy around all the time.” she replied as she ran her hand over his peach fuzz hair.

“I know what you mean, I’ve had a hard enough time without him being with us.” she then turned and walked over to the rocking chair and sat down. “Listen, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for all of us.”

“No thanks are needed my dear, just make sure that I‘m the one who gets to continue to watch him until it‘s time for his first moon.” she paused as Dannie placed the bottle on the table and laid him across her lap as she started patting his back. “How is everything going with the nursery?”

“I really don’t know. Even though he says that they’ll have it done tonight he hasn’t let me see it at all. I’m almost afraid of what it’ll be like.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much, just be happy he’s doing this and take advantage of the situation.” the older woman replied.

Dannie looked up at her frowning, “He has Sev and Sirius helping him, do you realize how many fights I’ve already heard coming from back there just over the theme of the room? I’d be happy if it was merely a basic white with a few stuffed toys.” at that point a loud juicy burp came from the baby.

Poppy looked at the two of them then out the window for a few moments before picking up a blanket and transfiguring it into a small cloak before handing it to Dannie “Since it’s almost time to take him home anyway, why don’t the two of you go out for a walk around the place. It’s turned out to be a beautiful day and I believe he’s been cooped up long enough.”

Dannie looked at the woman to make sure she heard her correctly then once she was certain she had, she bundled him up then looked at the older woman as she rose to her feet. “With everything you’ve done for us I was wondering if you would do us one last favour.”

“As long as it’s within reason my dear, you know that.”

Dannie smiled but stammered a bit as she tried to find the words to ask, “Well the thing is, I don’t know many people around here…at least not enough to really trust them with something like this and ever with those I do know they’re mainly guys so they really couldn’t accept the position even if we asked them to.” she then paused to take a deep breathe, “I really want you to think about this before you let me know the answer but I was wondering if you would honourusbybecomingJackie’sGodmother.”

She stood there dumfounded trying to comprehend what was being asked of her. She may not have had the opportunity of delivering that many babies in the past and even with those families an honour such as this went to family members or life long friends. “I…I’m the one who’s honoured, I don’t know what to say…I…”

“Don’t say anything yet. I know it’s a lot to ask of you but if you would just think about it before you decide.” she stated and the old medi-witch gave her a tight hug but keeping from squashing the bundle that was resting between them.

She then slowly made her way through the corridors of the main floor of the large castle enjoying the almost pure silence with the exception of the voices seeping through the doors of the different classrooms. With the stone walls and floors the castle didn’t quite have the same feeling as when she had first introduced Bria to their forest when she was the same age but this was his world. This was the place where he would play, learn, and grow. Once she made her way around she finally tucked him under her cloak and entered the courtyard where she sat down to rest on the edge of the fountain. She didn’t realize how much time had gone by as she leaned back again a one of the rising walls on the fountain with her legs stretched out and the baby sleeping on top her with his head on her chest when a cool breeze blew through and she wrapped her cloak around the two of them.

The students walked by between classes while some just paused and looked at her while others stopped to greet her on their way back into the castle and still he never moved. It wasn’t until after they had left when Jackie finally started squirming and as Dannie opened her cloak to comfort him Remus reached down and picked him up off her chest and lifted him into the air before he nestled him into the crook of his arm and wrapped him under his cloak. He then reached down and helped her to her feet then wrapped his arm around her waist and escorted them back into the castle.


It wasn’t until 2 months later during the last weekend before spring holiday when Dannie and Remus took little Jack out to the forest with Bria, Harry, Severus and Poppy in order to have a small private ceremony to introduce him to his forest and for the other two to say their vows w as his second parents. Afterwards they had a small picnic in the clearing and let him scoot around on the blanket until he reached the edge when Poppy finally picked him up and rested him on her lap. “So have the two of you decided what you’re going to name the girls?”

“Margaret for one of them but I’m not sure about the other.” Remus replied then rubbed Dannie’s stomach when they felt a strong kick.

“What about naming her after one of your other sisters?” the older woman suggested.

He just shook his head “It’d be best not to.”

“What about your mom?” Dannie asked.

“Veronica is already named after her.”

“No I mean your mom, not the woman who raised you. After all it’s still a family name.”

“That’s a perfect idea.” Poppy spat. “What was her name?”

“I don’t remember.” Remus sighed as he continued to rub her stomach.


A few months later Dannie felt like she was carrying around two wild bludgers as she grew large enough to where she no longer was able to sit with her legs together and her sleep was constantly interrupted as both of the girls decided to have kicking contests every time she laid down. With the summer heat and being a week away from her due date she was quite ansy and ready to try anything to have it over and done with.

While Remus graded the students final exams she sat on the opposite couch looking at a picture book with Jackie when she felt a twinge in her stomach. She quietly put him on the floor after pushing herself off the couch and onto her feet then headed to the bathroom. When she got just outside the door the feeling was gone but she still tried to do what she felt like she needed to. After a few minutes she flushed the still clean water and as she was washing her hands she heard Remus in the other room. “Jackie no. Don’t.”

She then went back into the front room to help him but just as she rounded the couch the feeling was back again just this time a bit stronger causing her to grab onto the furniture for support. “Love would you please take…” he stopped as he noticed the expression on her face. “Dannie?”

A few moments went by until it passed and she smiled at him. “I think it’s time.”

“Time? Are you sure? You’re suppose to have another two weeks.”

“Seeing how this isn’t the first time I’ve done this….yes I’m sure.” she spat as another cramp came on suddenly as she turned toward the front door.

“Where do you think you’re going? He asked as he frantically picked up the baby.

“There’s no way I’m havin them here. I should have enough time to…” she then gritted her teeth trying to suppress her screams as she leaned backward against the wall as it hit again this time strong enough to break her water which in turn caused Jackie to start crying.

Bouncing the crying baby in his arms he rushed over to the fire place and threw the powder into the floo and quickly shouted “POPPY!”

After a few frantic moments the medi-witch’s head appeared and tried to see the scene in front of her then Remus moved to the side and she instantly stepped into the room and toward the woman squatting on the floor panting. This act quickly turned Jackie’s sobs into a small giggle as he clapped his hands the reached out to her “Not now little bit, I have to take care of your muma first.”

Remus continued to hold onto their son as he watched her levitate Dannie back into the bedroom before he tried following them but only wound up with the door slammed in his face followed by the older woman’s muffled voice through the door “She doesn’t need the baby in here.” but it was almost completely drown out by another one of Dannie screams causing Jackie to start crying again.

Once again he was bouncing the crying baby as he paced the room trying everything he could to soothe him but unfortunately in his frantic state it was only making matters worse.

“Where do you think your going? Get back in bed!”

“I havta shit, you wanna watch?”

“No you don’t now get back in bed!”

“God Damnit put me down now! If I wind up shitting on this bed you are washing these sheets….by hand

“Remus if you don’t put that baby down now and help me in here…” Poppy ordered but he was to busy frantically looking for a safe place in the room to put his son that he didn’t hear the rest, nor did he notice the playpen sitting in the corner. He then ran out of their rooms and started pounding on Severus’ door but after a few moments of not getting an answer he then went to Sirius’ door to do the same thing but as soon as he raised his fist to knock the door opened and jack was thrust into his friend’s arms before running back to his mate.

Sirius looked down at the screaming boy who quickly tangled his hand in his hair and started pulling hard when Dannie’s voice echoed in the corridor. “I’M GONNA CASTERATE YOUR ASS WHEN THIS IS OVER IF YOU DON’T LET ME GO!”

“Ssh, don’t worry, your Aunt Pattie said something similar to me when Jamie and AnnMarie were born but she had her wand nearby at the time. You should have seen your Aunt Lily try to wrestle it away from her.” This commotion caused a few of the other staff members to open their doors to see what the commotion was but when they saw Sirius with the boy some the men cringed then chuckled to themselves as they closed their doors again while the younger women walked over to coddle the baby to try to soothe his crying but the more attention they gave him the more he tried to burry himself into Sirius’ embrace crying even more. He then sighed and took the child into his home before looking down at him “I have a lot to teach you about women, you know. You’re suppose to take advantage of the situation by letting them believe they’re comforting you, not cry even more.” The sounds Dannie kept making continued to seep through the door upsetting the child when Sirius raised his wand and cast a silencing charm in the room they were in, “You didn’t see me do that, okay?” and the child’s sobs started to settle. He then walked over to the rocking chair by the fireplace and sat down before slowly moving the two of them back and forth.

It was hours later when Remus and Poppy emerged from the bedroom and instantly saw Sirius sleeping in the chair holding onto Jackie with all his might as the baby sucked on his fist. Poppy didn’t say a word, she just smiled and left the quarters and the now slightly larger family. Remus then walked over to his friend and bent down before placing his hand on his son’s back as he moved his other hand to his friends shoulder and slightly nudged him “Siri.”

“I’m not going to drop him. I’m not asleep.” he mumbled in a sleepy voice as he held Jackie tighter to his chest.

“I know you won’t drop him but, you may wish to go onto bed.”

“I love you too Mooney but you just don’t excite me like that.” he replied with a smirk as he opened his eyes. He then looked down at the bundle in his arms “Brings back memories this does.” he sighed and slowly handed him back to his father while trying not to disturb him.

“I know old friend. I know, but we’ll get him…”

Not wanting to ruin the moment by allowing the line of conversation to continue so he immediately interrupted him, “So how are they?”

“They’re beautiful and so small. But not as small as this one was.” he replied as he walked over to the playpen to lay the boy in it. “Wait here a moment before you go back.” he then quietly crept into the bedroom only to return moments later with a squirming bundle in his arms. Sirius then moved the corner of the blanket and she scrunched up her face and started squirming even more when Remus stated “I thought you may like to meet one of your Goddaughters, Maggie.”

“Remus I can’t…I mean with how your…how Dannie feels about me. What would she say?

“It was her idea.” he replied and Sirius’ eyes widened, “With how you helped her the night Jackie was born we wanted to make you his Godfather but it was already decided that Severus would be the one for the first baby….which at that time we were certain would be Amanda. So instead of just one, you got two of them. You will accept the position won’t you?” he asked as he held the infant out to his old friend.

He cleared his throat and hesitated taking the bundle in his arms but eventually did so which caused her to start squirming even more and from new scent. “You’re one lucky little wiggle bug you know that? You have two very loving parents who have actually decided to smarten up and in trust you to my care if anything happens to them. Oh I can teach you so much, just think…”

“Are you going to make me rethink our decision?” Remus interrupted while unsuccessfully suppressing a yawn.

“Never. I’d better leave. You guys have had a long night.” he said before leaning down and kissing the baby’s cheek then finally handing her back to her father.

“Thank you again for everything Padfoot.”

“Anytime Mooney, anytime.” he said before turning and leaving the small home.


Merry Christmas

Just think...I've had such a productive week, I have the next three chapters finished as well....YEAH
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