Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well we just got home from the football game. Yes I went to see the game, even though I can't stand watching it on TV....there's just something interesting about being at the game itself that makes it fun.
Anyway I was a bit torn on who to root for....I grew up in Chicago so of coarse I grew up cheering on the Bears but now my home and my life is in Jacksonville so when your hometown team comes what do you do?
Well you spend the first half the game rooting for where you spent the first half of you life.....then of coarse the second half you join the crowd and root for the home team. No I'm not a traitor or anything like was just a split decision and I'm sure that everyone back in my hometown would fully understand it. Besides what was that old Johnny B. (DJ from The LOOP) use to sing??? "If we don't win today we'll party long as we don't run outta beer."
I can't drink right now since I'm back on Pennicillan again but in my heart I'm partying cause the Bears lost and (yes there is beer in the fridge so no chance of me runnin out).
This was a good game...the last pro game I went to was back during High School when I went to Soldier Field with the marching band to preform (not musically talented....I was Color Guard Capt). I had no idea how much the tickets were until I went online to buy them....DAMN.,...well at first that was it, we were't gonna go and I was gonna find something else to do for Fire's 15 th birthday (No it's not until the 22nd). Well one of my co-workers from work heard that I couldn't afford it so without my knowledge found me a NICE set of tickets. It turns out that a family member of theirs use to play pro ball and has season tickets for him and his wife that they weren't planning on using this weekend. So a HUGE THANKS goes out to my co-worker (they'll know who they are since they don't want me saying their name) and their relative. Fire had a GREAT was his first football game. (You know I always thought that it was suppose to be the fathers that took their sons on things like this....but we won't go there.)

Oh there seems to be some good news.....I'm not sure if TLC has caught wind of it or not but I just heard word from the davidthewlis group that our dear Professor Lupin may just have a baby soon. Yes this is real....and heartbreaking (at least to me it is).
It seems that 3 years ago Anna Friel (D.T's long term gf) was told she couldn't have any children of her own. Well it seems that werewolf genes weren't gonna hear any of that nonsense cause lo and behold she's gonna have a bun (sorry butter_cup_ had to use your term there.). Congrats to both of them...and i wish them all the best (there I said it through gritted teeth but i still said it.).
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