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Look I'm actually making a habit of this.....

Well what can I say?.....not too much. anyway as you can see this is actually becoming a habit of mine lately....maybe cause life at work isn't as stressful as it was. Of coarse that's all because we don't have the 'pick that up for me so I don't rip my new pants' bitch of a boss in charge of our department anymore....hehehe. We use to sit outside and do nothing but complain how much we hated our jobs, now that Jeff has taken over the department things are actually much more relaxed and none of the 14 of us females complain about him at all. Talk about a turn around. In the five years that I've been with the company the past four months is actually the longest I've seen our department go without having someone up and walk out of the job. Hell I'm even home before 6 now and it use to be that I would have to struggle to get out by 6.
Anyway....that's about it today other than here's my results on the little meme...I must say I like it better than yesterday's.
What secret Mary Sue are you in the world of HP? by lucie_p
favourite colour
Your Mary Sue name isEileithyia Rachelle Licia
Your eye colour isever-changing like a moonstone
Your hair isthe most amazingly shining blonde
You cancure lycantrophy by kissing the werewolf three times
Withthe ghost of Sirius Black
you willhave a picnic at the lake
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!
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