Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well in case you're all wonderin....yes I've still been bowling....and yes I still suck at the game...of coarse so does my friend/co-worker Jill who's also on my team. But we're doing this all for fun. There's no prize money involved at all so if we come in 1st place or 15th place...who gives a shit....right?

Well obviously our team captian does....he has such a temper tantrum each and every week over how bad he's doing. Hell it was 2 weeks ago he was so pissed just because of his score in the last game of the night that the threw his cell phone against the plastic chair and snapped it in half. (I didn't even say a single word about having a higher score than him at the end of that game either.)
It was funny for a bit...we'd laugh and joke with him about it...and it was to the point that if he didn't say the F word at least once during a game we knew something really had to be wrong.

Well tonight the little 25 yr old captain of our team....aka Melvin boy....showed his true colors.

Now I don't mind someone getting upset and having a swearing fit now and then but when you go and quit a team all because you have a few bad weeks on a 'FUN' league then that's sad.

Am I pissed? Yes...he made a committment to Jill, Myra and I for 36 weeks that he would be on the team....nobody forced him to do this in any way shape of form and he let us we have to find another team member who is willing to pay the initial league fees of $20 plus $15 per week to finish off the last 23 more weeks.

Hell I've met some cool people on the league...some are a bit off the wall but quite a few are cool to joke around and have fun with....I thought that's what this was all about. Hell it's not like my dad is gonna be watchin any of us will be on TV this weekend during the bowling tournaments.

I have so many things I wanted to say to him tonight but I didn't even have to. Some guys from one of the teams we were bowling next to overheard him tell another one of our co-workers that he gave the league secretary his notice and trust me he's not looked at too fondly by others.

Oh one last thing...Jill just called me up cause there's a stipulation to this league that we forgot about.....All teams must be co-ed....Jason was the only guy on the team. So ontop of having to find someone willing to pay the fees has to be a guy or our whole team is disbanded.

I guess this is what happens when I try to do something day I'll learn my lesson.
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