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Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter title: Chapter 30 - Tragedy hits
Chapter Rating: R

Tragedy Hits in More Ways Than one
Mid December

Remus entered their home earlier than usual that evening. It was the last night before the students returned to their homes for the Winter Holidays also it was their night to make the early evening rounds. “What do you mean your not going to tell me until Remus gets home? Papa what is going on?” Dannie said as she sat in the chair facing the fire place.

“Just what I said Angel. With you in your condition…”

“Condition my ass. The last time I was pregnant it didn’t stop you from speaking what was on your mind so tell me what happened.”


“It’s Bobby isn’t it.” she said shakily, “He’s sick again and…” at that point she felt Remus take her hand as he sat on the arm of the chair.

“I am so sorry baby. I should have told you sooner but I didn’t want to ruin your night and then the next time I was home you were telling me about the babies….I…”

“Jack what has happened.” Remus said as he caught Jack’s attention.

“Bobby has been in the hospital since before you two were joined. We knew then that he wouldn’t be coming home but we were at least hoping to have the holidays with him there.”

“NOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed “No not Bobby, he was on the medicine, he was doing…no” she then started crying hysterically as Remus held her close to him.

“Angel…I’m sorry. I know how close you two were. If I knew of any way to keep him going you know I would have done so…Angel, baby…” the old man said with a shaky voice. “Baby he was so happy for you, he knew all about the little ones before we ever had a chance to tell him. God Angel if I could…”

“When is the ceremony?” Remus asked.

“Tomorrow morning.” he replied sorrowfully Dannie then rose from the chair and quickly headed for their bedroom without saying anything. “Angel what are you doing? Angel!”

“I’ll take care of her, thank you for waiting until I got here.”

“Remus, please make sure she understands how sorry I am for keeping this from her. I didn’t want to but I didn’t want her unhappy either.” Jack said and Remus nodded in response before the flames died out.

As soon as he entered the bedroom he was almost run over by Dannie running around the room frantically pulling clothes out of their closet and tossing them on the bed. “Where’s my bag?” she asked.

“Love slow down.”

“I can’t slow down. There’s no time.” she then went back into the closet, sat down on the floor and started pulling things out of boxes and tossing them behind her. “Are you going to help me or stand there all night?”

Remus sighed then ran his hand through his hair, “You don’t need your bag…”

“Yes I do. As soon as we get off the plane I’ll need to shower and change before hand.” she said as she dumped the contents of the last box onto the floor then rose to her feet with it in her hand and walked over to the bed. “We have just enough time to catch the plane if you’ll apparate us to the airport. Do you know where you put your passport or are you going to make a new one?” she asked as she started tossing the clothes into the bag.

“I can’t apparate both of us. Even if I could…”

“Yes you can, you’ve done it before. Now come on we don’t have that much time.” she stated as she started to pull him out some clothes as well until her hand flew to her stomach as she bent over slightly.

He then walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders to keep her from going anywhere. “That’s it, no more not with the girls.”

“Then stop staring at me and help.”

“Listen to me now. I’m not apparating you while your pregnant and before you get the idea in your head we aren’t using the floo or a portkey either.”

“Then how…”

“I’m sorry love but we are not going.” he stated slowly and clearly.

“What do you mean we’re not going? This is my cousin, my family, my…my best friend.” she said as she tried to pull back from him but he kept his hold on her. “If it were Maggie you’d go and nothing would stop you. I need to say good…”

“No my love, you don’t. As close as you two were, I’m sure he understands why you shouldn’t go back just to say goodbye to his shell just as Maggie would.” he replied as he started to pull her closer but instead she turned her back to him. “Please try to understand. I would love to take you home right this very second but…” he took a step forward and wrapped his arms around her resting one hand on her stomach. “not only for our little ones but for you as well, I…I can’t.”

As she stood there in his embrace a million ideas ran through her head of what she wanted to do that very moment. Scream, run, holler, run, yell, run…she wanted to run so bad all the way back to her childhood home if physically possible but she couldn’t. So use to always dealing with tragedies on her own and in her own way, for the first time since they’d been together his embrace was foreign to her. She tried pulled away from him but he continued to hold her tightly against him. Not sexually or romantically, no this time was different than any way he or anyone else had ever held her before. They had told each other on a daily basis how much they loved each other but this time she really knew…she knew at this time that his feelings for her were as deep as hers for him. He was the one who could protect her from anything that came along, he could take away her fears and most of her pain that she was feeling and finally after what seemed like forever she relaxed into him. As soon as he felt the weight of her body increase against his, he scooped her up in his arms, carried her over to the bed, laid her down before sitting down against the headboard and pulling her close to him once again. “Bria,” she finally whispered. “We I gotta tell her…oh god she’s gonna be crushed.”

“Sssh, don’t worry. I’ll make sure Vector lets her know.” he replied.

“Vector? No I…we have to tell her. She’s gonna need us to, we can’t just let someone…”

“Love, we can’t keep doing this. She is in school still tonight and he is her head of house it’s part of his job just as if he would have to inform any of the other students.”

“But you don’t know how close they were. You don’t…”

“It doesn’t matter, he knows what he’s doing and she isn’t the first student who’s lost a family member. If it makes you feel better I’ll stop and check in on her during my rounds tonight.” he paused, “That reminds me, I need to check with the guys to see if they’ll fill in for you.”

“No, you don’t need to.”

“Do you remember what Poppy said? You’re supposed to be taking it easy, no stress, nothing.” he reminded her.

“If I stay here, by myself then I’ll do nothing but think about Bobby and how I can’t go back to be there for him. I need to keep my mind off this….please.”

Remus sat and stared at her for a few moments then finally sighed, “If you have one twinge of pain or anything else you have to tell me immediately so I can get you to the infirmary.” Dannie nodded and he continued to sit the on the bed holding her until the both wound up dozing off. It wasn’t until after midnight when a knocking at their door woke them up, he sat up and looked at the alarm clock on the dresser, “Love get up we’re late.” Dannie sat up and stretched out as much as she could only to quickly grab her stomach. “That’s it; you’re going to see Poppy now.”

“Nothing’s wrong, I must have just stretched too much.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.” she replied “If you’re that worried we can swing by the infirmary when we’re done and have her check me out. I’m due to see her tomorrow anyway.”

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do.” he stated as he helped her to her feet before the two of them left.

The two of them slowly made their way around the outside grounds and almost completely through the castle when Filch met up with them on the second floor landing. “I’m sorry Professor, Madame’, but it seems that there are some students duelling up in the astronomy tower.”

“Love, I have…”

“Go I’ll wait for you in the infirmary.” Dannie interrupted and he gave her a brief kiss before running down the stairway and towards the other side of the school.

She watched him leave as she took a deep breath then started down the stairway. When she reached the platform halfway down she grabbed onto the wall for support as a pain stronger than anything she ever felt before in her life ripped through her stomach. As quickly as it passed it started again, this time a stronger pain that caused her knees to buckle as she gripped onto the wall with both hands “Help!” she called out but her voice just echoed through the empty foyer. As soon as her knees hit the ground she buckled over as she wrapped her arms around her stomach sobbing uncontrollably. “Somebody please help me.” she continuously tried to shout out over and over again but this time it was merely a whisper growing softer in volume each time until she passed out from the pain.

She had no idea how much time had passed when she felt someone brush the hair from her face. “Dannie…Dannie. Merlin Dannie where’s Remus?” she couldn’t reply in any way and the next thing she knew she was being turned over and carried down the stairs and through the corridors. She wanted to open her eyes but the pain was so intense that everything around her was spinning then she felt the person spin around and slam through a door backwards. “POPPY!” the voice shouted out as they entered the brightly lit room.

The older woman came rushing into the room from her office, “What in Merlin’s name is going on no…By the Gods Sirius, put her on the bed over there quickly. What happened to her? Where’s Remus?” she asked quickly as she rushed to the woman’s side wheeling a cart behind her.

“Don’t know. I found her on the stairs.” Sirius replied.

“The stairs?” she questioned and she instantly started checking her head and body for bruises “Go find Remus now.”

The man took a deep breath and sighed as he lifted his arm to run his hand through his hair but instead paused as he noticed something red on his sleeve. “The babies, it’s not…”

The medi-witch glanced at him and saw the same spot he was staring at “I said NOW! GO!” As soon as he was out the door Poppy shook her head and said to her self, “I wish I could give you something but I need to find the pain.” and with that she pressed her fingers against the unconscious woman’s stomach moving them only centimetres before doing the same. She felt the babies, but still no movement from Dannie, she tried the area where her appendix would be even though the scar showed it was already removed and again where there was no sign of pain she sighed in relief. She then took a deep breath and moved her hands above where she felt the babies and pressed down once more only this time Dannie let a loud ear piercing scream and tried to curl up into a ball again. Poppy quickly removed her hands from where they were and with one hand she eased the woman back to lie down while the other removed her wand from her apron.

“I’m sorry I’ve…done every...” Dannie said breathlessly

“I know you have.” she said as a new blue glow came from the upper part of her stomach. Dannie’s eyes widened as she noticed it as well but the older woman just walked over to the cabinet and brought back a potion. “Here I need you to drink all of this. It will help with the pain.”

“He’s far too…” she stated as she placed her hand over where the glow was.

“Calm down and drink this.” Poppy said as she lifted Dannie’s head with one arm and held the bottle to her lips with the other when the door flew open while Remus and Sirius ran in the room. Poppy looked at the two men, “I need to see both of you outside immediately.”

“No let him stay.” Dannie begged “Please.”

Poppy ignored her pleads and walked around the bed to the door grabbing Remus by the shirt and pulling him after her. “Sirius I need you to run and get Severus, we don’t have much more time.”

Sirius nodded and ran from the wing again “Poppy, what’s….” Remus stammered.

“Sit down.” she ordered as she directed him to the nearest chair and practically pushing him into it. “I need you to listen and listen close. There’s a problem that I never expected in her pregnancy.”

“She’s loosing..”

“No now listen. There was a third baby that the spell didn’t detect and with her last change…Remus I need to know. Has she had any additional pain or feel sick again, something that seemed out of the ordinary?”

Remus sat and thought for a few moments. “Tonight before we started our rounds, but she insisted that she stretched too much. I assumed she was right but we were going to come here and have you check it out, especially after…after she found out her cousin crossed.” he then tried to rise to his feet but the older woman sat next to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. “You said something about another baby?”

Poppy then turned to face him as she reached out and took his hands in hers. “I don’t know why or how but yes there are three and I can only assume that with her last change he somehow was positioned too high, and…”

“You said it’s too high, doesn’t that mean it’s in her…oh Merlin.” he said as he pulled his hand back and walked over to the door and peered in the window watching his mate once again curled up holding onto her stomach. “Poppy you have to…”

“I will but I’ll need help, that’s why I sent for Severus. He’s the closest thing we have here for an assistant.” she replied as she watched him. “Now I know how you two don’t want any strong magic used on her but..”
Remus turned to say something but she instantly continued “if we’re to have any hope of her surviving then we have…”

Without listening to the rest of what she had to say Remus walked into the room and sat down in the chair next to the bed before taking her hand in his. “I’m sorry, I di…didn’t kn…”

“Seems we there’s one thing we can’t get right isn’t there.” he smirked.

“The babies though…”

“We’ll have more again one day. For now it’s you that I’m more concerned about.” he replied “I know I made a promise to you not to let anyone use…love I’m sorry I can’t let you…there’s no other choice right now.”

“I’m going to loose them aren’t I.” she stated as she stared into his eyes looking for some sort of hope but could only see the tears he was fighting then another bout of pain hit her suddenly causing her to let out another agonizing scream of pain.

Both of their senses were in an uproar, her pain and fear and his utter fear of her condition were feeding off each other and they knew it, they felt it, and he couldn’t handle what she was going through. This wasn’t right, this was their way of being as close to being as humans as possible. Love, partnership, parentage. Everything they wanted and it was slipping away before him and he couldn’t allow it. Remus then slowly placed his hand on her stomach and closed his eyes as he slowly mumbled something he made sure she couldn’t hear until he felt her pain subside once again. Even though it had passed he still remained there, hanging onto his partner and their babies as if his life depended on them…and in his mind it truly did.

It wasn’t much longer until he was pulled from his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “We need you to wait in the hall now.” Severus stated.

Remus sighed as he rose to his feet then leaned down and kissed her briefly then whispered “Do not go anywhere, I’ll be right outside the door.” Dannie nodded and he whispered again “I love you.”

“I love you too.” she replied.

Remus then turned around and walked over to his friends “Whatever you have to do, do it. Just make sure she…”

“We’ll do everything we can.” Poppy stated and with that Sirius walked over, took Remus by the arm and led him into the hallway to wait.

More than three hours passed as Remus went from pacing back and forth to staring in the window trying to see anything that could be going on to sitting in the chair with his head in his hands all night long. Sirius was growing exhausted not only due to the late hour but also from watching his friend that he continuously tried over and over to calm down. “Why haven’t they finished yet? Should it be taking this long if there was really a rush to get started? What’s going on?”

The constant questions every 15 or so minutes was enough to drive Sirius insane until finally Severus emerged from the room. The two of them stared at him as he sat down in a nearby chair and rested his head in his hands for a few seconds. Merlin no Remus thought but didn’t have the strength to say a word when Sirius finally spoke “Well what’s going on?”

Severus just sighed and looked up at Remus who was now standing over him. “She’s recovering right now but Poppy would like to see you in her office.”

Remus didn’t say anything, he just walked back into the hospital room and turned toward Dannie’s bed to try to see her but the curtains around her bed were closed so he instead proceeded into the medi-witches office. He didn’t see her at first until she took a step backwards from a standing curtain and nodded for him to have a seat in the chair in front of her desk. “Honestly how is she?”

“It was rough but I really believe she’s going to be alright. But I do want her to stay here for a few days so that I can keep an eye on her. I do need to tell you that the procedure we did was extremely experimental and although there are some side effects mostly due to how much damage was done due to her condition I am certainly pleased with the outcome.” she then paused for a moment to turn back to what was behind the screen. “There is a form on my desk that I need you to complete so that it can be turned into the Ministry.”

Remus looked over at the woman’s desk that was completely covered with paperwork and medical books until he found what she was referring to and his eyes widened.


Child: _________________________________________________

Gender: Male _____X_____ Female ____________

Mother: _________Danielle Angel (Lightpaws) Lupin____________

Father: _____________Remus Johan Lupin____________________

That was all he needed to see, he didn’t care about anything else on the form for he had a new baby, a son none the less that was completely unexpected, and from the way the older woman was talking his mate would be alright. He then looked out of the office toward Dannie as the morning sun started peering through the windows and watched as she stretched out the turned onto her side, resting her arm across her stomach, and letting out a small but to him it was quite clearly a moan of pain. That was when the squeaking wheels of the curtain being rolled away caused him to turn around and he saw what he was also looking for in the hospital room. There in the dark corner was a small clear plastic box on top a wheeled cart with holes around it leading attached to small gloves. As he stepped closer he saw that the container was filled with a liquid substance and there in the centre, smaller than the palm of his hand, and as bald as could be was could only be his son. “When we removed him and saw that he was still alive, Severus removed some of her embolic fluid while he was removing the blood from her womb and before I knew it he was duplicating it.” Poppy said then she went on about what procedures they had to do but Remus didn’t pay attention for he was too caught up in staring at the baby. He placed one hand on top the glass while the other he put inside the glove then slowly and very carefully moved his finger along the baby’s side only to smile as the small appendages grasped onto it. “Remus I need you to listen to me.” he then turned and faced the medi-witch and she continued. “We still don’t know if this will have any effect on the girls or not because of the bind I had to put on them but either way,” she then paused to take a deep breathe, “Even if they don’t survive the recovery there was so much damage done that she won’t be able to have anymore children.” he nodded in response then turned back to his son. “Remus, I’m sorry but I need to make sure you understand. This is…”

“I understand that this is everything I’ve ever wanted, and whether or not Merlin those little ones to survive what’s happened I will forever be grateful for what I have and there will never be a day that they will not know it.” he replied as he turned around to face her. Then out of the corner of his eye he once again noticed Dannie moving again which this time he knew this meant she would be waking soon.

He started to turn and take the cart with the boy on it out into the room “No leave him, I’ll bring him out in a few moments. You don’t want to shock her right away now do you?” Poppy said.

He then slowly and quietly walked into the room and sat down on the edge of her bed with his back against the headboard and she instinctively moved her head to his lap and curled up against him as he stroked her hair. Dannie lay there wide awake for a few minutes enjoying the comfort until he moved her hair from her face and noticed she was awake. “Good morning my love. How are you feeling?”

“Like I was ripped open and my insides were pulled out.” she bluntly stated then sighed as she moved her hand down to her stomach, “The babies, they’re…”

“Poppy wants to examine you to make sure they’re alright but with everything that’s gone wrong so far I think we’re due for a bit of good news there.” she then turned over facing the window as the tears started to roll down her cheeks. “Love what’s wrong?” she remained silent and he laid down beside her wrapping his arm around her stomach and pulling her close against him. “Dannie love, please, tell me what’s wrong. You’re not in pain are you? It’s not the girls now is it?”

“What do you think is wrong? I lost my cousin, our son, and any chance of ever being able to give you a son or more children, all in the last what, 12 hours.”

“Listen I can’t say anything that would sound fair about your cousin other than I’m sorry, I wish I could have taken you there to say your farewells but as for the rest…” he then paused as he cupped her chin and turned her head so he could look in her eyes, “we have our family that’s all that matters. I don’t want…’

“Yes you do, you said it yourself. We were going to have a big family and outdo the Weasleys. And don’t even try to tell me you weren’t hoping for a son. What father wants a house full of girls with no hope of carrying on his family name.” she then turned her head back towards the window and tried to block out any reply he could have given.

Remus then turned over, climbing off the bed and walked around it pausing to knock on Poppy’s office door and nodding toward the cart before he grabbed a chair and sat in front of Dannie taking her hand in his “I said I have everything I could ever need. I don’t care if we have any more children or not and I mean it. I have a beautiful wife, a daughter as lovely as her mum, two more on the way who can only be just as lovely, and a son that I will always be proud of no matter what.” he stated and she gave him a confused look until the squeaking wheels of the cart Poppy was pushing in caught her attention and she watched as it was rolled up next to them and all she could do was stare at it.

Dannie swung her legs over the side of the bed and painfully pushed herself to sit up then reached out to touch the box “What in the…? How did…?” she stammered but still couldn’t find the words she wanted to say.

“I wouldn’t be so surprised, it’s not common but there are a few babies even in the Muggle World that have survived after only a 3 to 4 month gestation period so when we saw that he was still alive we couldn’t go without trying this. Now there is no guarantee because it is experimental but I do have a good feeling about this little guy.” Dannie continued to stare into the incubator and was completely lost in thought to the point where she didn’t feel her bed shift as Remus sat behind her until he rested his chin on her shoulder and directed her hand to the gloved hole. “He still needs a name since your husband neglected to fill out that part of the paperwork like I asked him to.” Poppy stated but Dannie wasn’t paying attention, she was just interested in the baby’s movements.

“Jack Robert.” he stated

“No.” Dannie replied “it’s tradition that he should be named after both his papaws.”

“I already carry my father’s name and it hasn’t done me any good, you chose Bria’s name so it’s only fair this one is for me to decide on.”

“So professor is that going to be your excuse in order to get your way with every decision that’s made about him?” Dannie asked jokingly.

“Very well could be but only until he’s ready to start his fourth year here and then I’ll allow you to have some say in his life.” he stated jokingly and she just glared at him until he leaned forward and kissed her deeply.



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