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Ok here it it stands

This chapter may not be what it's suppose to's been sitting with my beta for a week now and she admitted last night that she hasn't even looked at it. Why do I continue to use her??? Because in all the time I've been asking for one (since I started this one) nobody else has stepped forward to help out.
Needless to say that the 'Wedding Night' chapter is still over on in it's entirity because I've been waiting a month for her to help me edit that one down as well..not to mention hoping that the police don't find it.
Anyway if anyone who's read both stories and wants to step forward and beta for would greatly be appreciated.

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: NC-17
Chapter title: Chapter 29 - That Certain Time
Chapter Rating: NC-17


That Certain Time

Late September
Dannie woke up before Remus one chilly September morning. She felt the cool breeze make it’s way through the old brick walls but not only was she sweating but she didn’t feel quite right compared to other mornings. She then turned over to face her husband before reaching out and brushing the fringe from in front of his eyes. “Love, I have to start work early this morning.”

Remus tightened his embrace to pull her closer, “No, stay here.”

“I wish I could but Pomona needs me to prepare today’s lessons.” she replied as she pried his arm off her then leaned down and kissed him quickly before heading for the bathroom. When she emerged from the small room fully dressed she headed out of their quarters and let out a big sigh of relief before heading to the dining hall to grab something to eat and starting her busy day. As the day moved on she noticed the strange feeling she experienced was not only still there but it was growing stronger and stronger. Maybe it’ll go away once I actually eat. She thought to herself and continued to work to try to keep her mind off it until lunch time.

There she sat at the head table next to Madame’ Sprout while they were discussing the students test results when from under the table she felt a hand move up her thigh and between her legs. Dannie immediately reached to discretely remove it but Remus held a firm grip on her as he leaned over to whisper in her ear, “Your scent is strong today. Do you realize I could smell you throughout the school? I know every where you’ve been today.” he then paused as he took his hand and placed in on his thigh, “It’s quite difficult to have a practical lesson for a 7th year class when you have…”

Dannie then looked past Remus down to the other end of the table where Madame’ Pomphrey sat and as soon as she was sure the woman noticed her Dannie gave her a quick nod before turning back to Madame’ Sprout, “If you’ll excuse me, there is something I forgot to take care of.” She then rose from her chair and made her way through the hall with Remus right behind her.

The small scene didn’t go completely unnoticed by Harry when he caught sight of Pomphrey walking over to Albus to whisper something in his ear before the two of them soon followed. “Wonder what’s going on with your parents.” Harry said as he leaned back toward Bria who was sitting at the table behind him.

Bria turned and watched as her parents walked as quickly as possible out of the room “If it’s what I think it is then we won’t be seeing them for the rest of the day.” she replied quietly before turning to finish eating lunch.

As soon as she passed through the doors she ran quickly down the stairs and ran past the few students still in the main corridor toward the staff wing when suddenly Remus was in front of her blocking her path and she turned to head for the main door but once again he jumped in front of her. He then slowly started approaching her when Dannie quickly veered to the right but he did the same once again blocking her path before lunging forward causing Dannie to jump pack against the brick wall. He then put his hands against the wall on either side of her keeping her in place as he crouched down and sniffed up her body pausing briefly at her chest before continuing on towards her ear. “Professor Lupin!” Albus shouted from the landing at the top of the stairs.

As Remus turned to growl at the man Dannie slipped under his arm and out the door running quickly towards to forest and soon Remus left the small crowd behind as he went after his prey. She didn’t dare to look back as she ran through the forest she zigzagged through the trees and hurled over the shrubs until she was tackled to the ground and flipped over onto her back. Seeing that Remus was moving to hover over her she brought her knees to her chest and quickly shoved him backwards then turned again as she rose to her feet and started running deeper into the woods. The further she ran the more she started to stumble over the tree roots protruding from the ground until a strong cramp in her side kept her from going any further. She then ducked behind one of the thicker trees as she kept an eye on the direction from which she came when something grabbed her from behind and pulling her body tightly against his, “You know you can never hide from me, I can pickup your scent a kilometre away especially when it’s this strong.” he panted in her ear. Dannie tilted her head back onto his shoulder as she leaned back into her mate as she felt his hot breath mixed with the cool crisp autumn air on her bare neck as one hand firmly grasped her breast and the other wrapped around her stomach pressing himself into her back. “Do you feel this? When the wind carried your scent into my window I knew…”

“Well then professor, let’s see if we can take care of it then.” she interrupted as she reached behind her and started to unfasten his trousers. As she moved her hand to his zipper she instantly grabbed her wrist and finished the job himself allowing her to turn around. She captured his gaze with her eyes as her hands moved along his skin, past the waistband and eased him from his confines while the other hand gradually pushed down the article of clothing. He held her face in his hands as he ran his thumbs over her cheeks leaning in the kiss her as she continued to lower his pants and knelt down in front of him.

Dannie kept her eyes upward on his face as she ran her tongue up the underside the over the slit of his shaft then smiled to herself as he leaned forward placing one hand on the tree behind her while she felt the fingers of the other run through her hair grasping firmly as she wrapped her lips around the head and slowly sucked him fully into her mouth. “Merlin woman” he gasped when he felt the combination of her bottom teeth scraping the tender skin and the soft vibrations of her humming as she made her way back toward the tip. Her hands moved up his thighs and while one remained on his hip the other slowly softly moved to his sack where she massaged it in her hand while he fought the urge to tighten the grip of her hair and start thrusting violently into her mouth.

With his eyes closed, trousers around his ankles, his body leaned further toward the tree as he felt his balls tighten while his mate’s mouth continued it’s ministrations on him then purposely she scraped her finger nail lightly along the vein behind his sack and he lost all control as he gripped firmly on her head and thrust as hard and as fast as he could until he emptied himself. He then brought his hand up to the clasp of his cloak undoing it and tossing it on the ground next to them as he tried to regain his strength and composure. Once he had he opened his eyes and looked down at the site of her still below him grinning up at him “Feel better?”

Without answering he straightened up to his still wobbly legs then lowered himself to straddle her knees then lowered his head and started kissing her deeply as he continued to lean into her moving her to the side until her back was laying on his cloak. As their mouths moved together his hand moved under her shirt and over the smooth material of her bra rubbing his thumb over the nipple until it was perk then pinched it hard causing her to let out a moan. He then broke the kiss and without a word he watched her face as he moved to the side of her, placed his fingers in his mouth to moisten them then moved the same hand down her body and under the waistband of her broom skirt and knickers and into her folds never once taking his eyes off the look on her face as he pumped them in and out of her. Dannie reached up and ran her fingers through his hair to the back of his head then tried to pull him back down to kiss him but instead he pulled his head further back and removed his fingers only to bring them up to his mouth and suck on them briefly, “Heaven.”. Without another word he moved down to the bottom of her skirt and disappeared underneath it and he moved back upward biting at the crotch of her knickers. “These must go.” he mumbled as he slipped his hands under her and pulled them down and off her legs before separating them. Looking down at the scene Dannie was about to laugh at the sight of the strange lump under her skirt when she felt Remus suck the skin where her registration number sat sending a tingling sensation up her body causing her to try to push away but he moved her legs over his shoulders before inserting two fingers again feeling around her inner walls until he found the small nub and teased it while blowing cool air across her opening. When he heard her take a deep breath as her ankles moved up his back he removed her fingers and wrapped his arms around her legs bringing his hands back down to her folds and slightly separated her lips before leaning forward and dipping his tongue deep inside her licking, sucking, and holding her as close to him as possible until he felt the weight of her legs increase on his shoulders as she arched her back with a loud moan.

Before she had a chance to calm down he flipped her onto her stomach before leaning down on her pressing himself against her cheeks, Dannie instantly reached out her arms grabbing anything in reach to pull herself forward just a bit before he rose back to his knees and firmly grabbed her hips pulling them upward until she took the hint and rose to her hands and knees. Putting her weight on one arm she reached down with the other to guide him in and just as the tip entered he let out a noise that sounded like a low purr and he started moving slowly through her digging his fingers into her hips. All too soon the movements started turning into hard thrusts unknowingly moving them forward until the top of her head hit something hard. Instinctively she slowly moved her hands up the base of the tree in front of them until she was upright and one hand of his moved to her chest while the other moved around and downward as he firmly rubbed her causing her breathing to become as erratic as his as her muscles contracted around him until every muscle in her arms and legs started to give as she shuddered. Just as it started to finish she started to feel a another one building deeper inside and her heart raced as her arms and legs started to give way beneath her as she rested her head against her hands trying to keep her strength as she let out higher pitched moans with each of his thrusts.

Suddenly without warning in what seemed like one swift move he pulled out, spun her around onto her back again with lifting one of her legs onto his shoulder as he leaned down onto his arms and quickly thrust right back into her hitting the same spot far deep inside. As her moans continued to grow louder he leaned down and kissed her deeply until she arched back howling as her muscled tightened even more causing him to do the same as he spilled himself into her before collapsing onto her body where they both drifted off to sleep.

It was the cool night air that awoke Remus first when he brushed the hair from her face before leaning down to kiss her briefly until he felt her respond. “Have a good nap?”

Dannie opened her eyes, “The best ever.“ she replied with a smile.

He then climbed to his feet and started fastening his pants when he realized how late it was. “Oh Merlin, Albus is going to skin me alive….my classes, and yours with…”

“Already took care of that for both of us.” she stated as she stood up and brushed the dirt and leaves from her skirt.

“What do you mean you already took care of it. I know I didn’t put in for a holiday and you never said…”

Dannie walked over to him and straightened his collar and tie, “Well um, a few weeks ago when Maggie came by she had a talk with Poppy and I to explain that there was a strong possibility that this may happen at some point.”

“So you know we would…why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“I had no idea that it would be today until I woke up this morning and even then I was hoping that you would be able to hold out until after classes when we were back at our quarters.” she replied innocently.

“Your scent, it’s changed…it’s not as strong as it..” he paused as realization hit him “You mean you were in…we’re going to have…”

“A hundred points to you professor…Yes I was in heat and if all goes right then…” Dannie was cut off when Remus wrapped his arms tight around her waist, lifted her up and spun around a few times before placing her back on her feet and knelt before her. He then lifted the bottom of her shirt and kissed her stomach “Remus it’s too cold to start this again. Please can’t we just go back to our quarters first?”

He then ran his hand over the exposed skin “Mine. My little one.” and kissed her stomach again before standing up. “Thank you.”

Now so cold that she was shivering she replied “You’re welcome but we wont know for sure for another few weeks.”

He then reached to the side of them to pick up his cloak and after casting a cleaning charm on it wrapped it around her shoulders and pulled her close “I know you are. Your scent is to different not to be.”

“Can we not go by my scent and wait like normal people.” she said as she moved onto the balls of her feel at kissed him briefly. “How about we go inside and make sure of it.”

Remus pulled back and entwined his fingers with hers “How could I ever refuse such a request of milady?” he asked, “I happen to know a shortcut back.” and he led her through the trees to the side of the castle where he opened a secret passage and they made their way home unnoticed by the others who resided there.


Early November
Over the next few weeks Remus continuously tried convincing Dannie to go and be tested by Poppy but she refused each time stating that if they showed they wanted it that bad then the test would be negative. The need to know was growing so much that over time that at night he was tempted to break his promise of never performing magic on her especially when the full moon arrived and he was once again reminded that there was no need for her to be tested then because she still refused the Wolfsbane Potion until some ingredients were removed from it.

It wasn’t until one late November morning when a chill crept over him caused by the lack of shared body heat when he work up to an empty spot where she slept.. He sat up and looked around the dark bedroom listening carefully for where she would be when he heard something in the bathroom. He then jumped out of bed and pulled on his bathrobe before walking over to the closed door and knocked. “Love are you alright?”

“Yes goway.” she quickly replied before throwing up once again.

Upon hearing the sound he immediately pulled open the door only to find her naked form kneeling in front of the toilet with her arms stretched across the seat and her head facing downward when her body lifted and she wrenched once again. Remus knelt down beside her and started pulling her hard back, “This is not what I call alright.”

Dannie then reached over and grabbed some toilet paper and blew her nose before dropping it into the toilet and flushing it and scooting backwards until she felt the cool wall on her back. “Well I’m fine now that it’s over with. Would you please hand me the mouthwash?”

He then stood up and did as she asked only to notice how flushed her face was “Why won’t you just admit that you’re sick?”

“I’m not sick. I don’t get sick remember?”

Remus bend down and scooped her up in his arms “Well you are now aren’t you. You’re going back to bed and I’ll have Poppy bring something to get rid of this bug.” he stated as he carried her back into the other room and placed her gently on the bed.

“No I told you…” she stammered as she tried to get up.

“Stay in bed I promise I’ll be back shortly.” he said as he picked up a pair of sweat pants from the dresser and sat down to put them on. “Just in case do you want me to get you a bucket?”

Dannie shook her head and before she could say anything he was out of the room and he heard their front door close. Soon exhaustion took over and she drifted off to sleep and the next thing she heard was the door slam shut again but this time there were voices talking soft enough in the other room so she couldn’t make out what was being said. When the mattress dipped slightly she opened her eyes and saw that Remus had returned and was sitting next to her smiling when a voice from the doorway said “Given your condition and history it seems your mate is having a…what does Bria call it?”

“Brain fart.” Dannie replied as she reached out to take Remus’ hand as she smiled up at him.

“Well don’t be too hard in him. It’s early still and even I almost brought something to make you feel better.” the older woman stated as she placed her bag on the dresser then removing her wand “So are you ready to finally confirm what we know your condition is?” When Dannie nodded she felt Remus’ hand tighten around hers before he stood up and walked into the bathroom, returning quickly with a towel and placing it over Dannie’s chest as Poppy lowered the covers down to her hairline. “Would you also like to know what it’ll be?”

“Can you actually do that this early?” Dannie asked.

“Of coarse I can.” replied with a smile. Dannie and Remus watched eagerly as the older woman moved her wand slowly over the exposed skin revealing not one but two small pink circles. “Well well, it seems that you professor have made sure you’ll have your own little pack right away. At least Bria and her friends will be long gone before these two are old enough to attend classes.” she stated jokingly as she looked at the couple before her that seemed to be lost in each other. Poppy then made her way back over to her bag on the dresser and pulled out a long metal tubular object which caught Dannie’s eye as Poppy cleared her throat catching Remus’ attention. “I need you to leave the room while I finish her examination.” she said.

Remus looked at the object in her hand then back to Dannie who said “Please go. You don’t want to see this.”

He then leaned over and kissed her briefly before standing up “I’ll be right outside the door if you need me.” he stated as he watched the medi-witch bend Dannie’s knees before moving to the foot of the bed and placing her hands on the end of the covers watching as he moved backward out the door until it was shut tight.

“Good now that he’s going I need to ask you a question.” Poppy stated as she walked back over to the dresser and put the object back into her bag then sat in the chair next to the bed.

“You mean you’re not gonna…”

“Merlin no.” she replied as she noticed Dannie relax “That charm I used told me everything I needed to know. I just wanted him out of the room so we could talk. I’ve found that thing works every time and I’m quite thankful of that since I don’t have the slightest idea on what to do with it.” she smiled. “Now I was wondering about the scars on your stomach. I wouldn’t normally ask but the spell showed there was some tissue damage in your uterus in the same location.”

“Oh that.” she replied nonchalantly “That was from when Bria was born.”

“They cut you open like that to take her out? Why?”

“She was to big to come out the normal way.”

“The barbarians.” Poppy mumbled. “Because of your condition and your past experience while you were carrying Bria, I want to see you every two weeks and each morning after you change. I’m also placing you on light duty until it’s time for you to deliver.”

“Light duty? I’m already doing half of what I use to do.”

“But you’re doing more than an assistant should be. Your day should begin and end with the student’s days, no going in early, no staying late, and definitely no bringing any work home with you.”


“But nothing. You are an assistant, not the professor and with your condition I refuse to let you take any chances with these little ones or your own health.” Poppy replied sternly “If you don’t follow by these rules then I will made sure you spend the next 7 months on complete bed rest in the infirmary.”

“Can I at least continue to do my rounds so that I get at least some exercise?” she asked.

Poppy waited for awhile before looking at her and with a sigh she finally answered. “I’ll have to speak with Albus about it so that he can change some schedules around but I’m sure that if you are accompanied by one of the guys then I don’t see why not. But I want to swear to me that the moment you have any sort of problems at all, no matter how small the pain may be, you will come to see me immediately. Understood?”

Before she could answer there was a knock at the door before it slowly opened. “Is everything alright?”

Dannie nodded and Poppy said “Everything is good but I want you to keep a close eye on her. She’s not to overexert herself especially over the next two months.” as she rose from the chair and headed toward the door. “I do expect to see the two of you at every meal, including breakfast this morning.”

She didn’t reply this time, just sighed and leaned her head back and sighed as she stared up at the ceiling while Remus escorted the medi-witch to the door and thanked her again. The next thing Dannie knew he was rushing back into their room, threw himself on the bed next to her and scooped her into his arms rolling onto his back so she was on top of him. “Remus please.” she begged as she sat up and straddled him.

His face whitened as he pulled his arms back “I’m sorry, you’re not gonna be sick are you?”

“No I’m not gonna be sick again.” she sighed “Thank goodness.”

He then moved his hands up her thighs “Then what’s wrong? I thought you wanted this as much as I do.”

“I did and still do but,” she took a deep breath and briefly looked at the ceiling then back to him “I never expected to be put on light duty. I mean, compared to what I did at the restaurant this is light work.”

He the sat up and scooted both of them backwards until he was leaning against the headboard, “It’s only for what…7 months? Before you know it the twins well be here and we’ll be so busy with them we won’t want to worry about work.” he then ran his hands up her arms and pulled her towards him giving her a chase kiss, “I’m just glad she didn’t lock you up in the infirmary to make sure you were taking it easy.”

“She still could you know.”

“The is why I’m going to make sure you strictly follow her orders. There is no way that I could even think of spending just one night without you next to me.” he then sized her up, “You know, I’ve never made love to a pregnant woman before.”

“What do you call last night then?”

“Not knowingly.”

“Sorry professor, you made a promise to make sure I take it easy and don’t overexert myself.” Dannie replied as she started to climb off him but he immediately tightened his grip around her waist to hold her in place.

“Oh trust me, you won’t have to worry about overexerting anything.” and with that he turned to the edge of the bed placing his feet on the floor and as her legs tightened around his waist he rose up and carried her back into the bathroom.
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