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OMG....Here I am sitting here with the remainder of the crying I've been doing for about the last 20 minutes all over a stupid tv show. This is why I don't watch tv anymore. I find that any and every show I find that is half way decent is cancelled. It doesn't matter what the fans want, what awards the series gets, or if the show is what made a channel worth watching to begin with.
To be all honest I haven't watched a tv other than videos or dvd's since the series finale of Angel. That was the last of the 'good' shows. The shows that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Well last night and tonight was the Sci-fi channel 4 hour Mini Series of Farscape Peacekeeper War and it was everything it was when it was a regular weekly show and more. A hell of a lot more.

I laughed, cried, screamed, laughed again, cussed out the tv, and bawled my eyes out over and over again. Hell I even sent an email to the morning crew of one of the local radio stations this morning telling them how truely disappointed I was in them. Why would I do something so strange? The two guys on the program, Steve and Amedeus swear up and down that they are the ultimate sci-fi geeks. In my can any TRUE sci-fi geek choose to talk about a show called Desperate Housewives instead of Farscape Peacekeeper Wars?

This was the end-all be all of all series endings....I have to tip my hat cause they definately made up for the horrible cliffhanger that they left us all with 2 years ago. Yes loved characters died...they always do in a story that's worth the time it takes to read or watch it.

If you haven't seen it yet and truely want to I can't really say who died and how exactly it ended without ruining everything there is about it. I still haven't heard of when it will be shown in other countries yet but as soon as I do I'll let you know...if you want to know that is.

In the meantime....I have it taped....part 1 has been taped twice so far and part 2 only once but they will be showing part 2 again tomorrow so I'll have Fire taping it...PLUS it will on again in it's entirity on the 24th so there's another copy. If anyone in Canada would like a copy please let me know....from what I heard it hasnt' been shown up there yet.

Even if you weren't a fan of the show when it was on....every critic I've heard on the news channels state very clearly that you will still enjoy every bit of it.

That's all I can really say about it without giving it away.....besides...part 2 is on again already and I'm missing it so I'd better go.

(geesh no wonder I never thought twice about seeing POA three times during opening weekend with different groups of friends.)
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