Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
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The final chapter of all my stories that I may write

I came up with this little ending that I thought would be quite an ironic way to end the stories that I've been writing. If you are currently a reader of Cultures Collide or Collision and any future fics I may come up with in the HP fandom and do NOT want a spoiler then I strongly urge you to go no further....I just had to get this down somewhere without loosing it...I already lost the written copy once.

All his friends that had survived this final battle were circled around the two of them as Harry and Voldemort stood at a final face off watching with bated breath on who actually was going to be the victor. Time passed extremely slow as each raised their wand and slowly shouted "Advara ...."

The morning fog slowly rose off the Scottish plain revealing a small iron gate that stated "Danger - No Trespassing by order of the Ministry" and just beyond that gate was a large worn out run down castle that looked as though it would fall apart at any moment.

A few hundred miles away in a small bedroom in Surrey a young man was woken up by a small tapping on his bedroom door. "Good morning birthday boy, time to wake up." stated a cheerful voice.

The boy sat rubbing his eyes as he stared blankly at the two figures that now stood in the door way. "Mum? Dad?"

"Of coarse, who else would you expect to find in your room this early in the morning." the man's voice stated. "Put your glasses on and let's get going, you have a busy day today."

The boy did as he was told and looked around the room at the walls that were covered with drawings and posters of dragons, goblins, ogres, and many other fantasy creatures before he took in the sight of the 5 ft 6 tall woman with strawberry blond hair and green eyes smiling at him and he couldn't resist the urge to jump out of bed and give her a bone crushing bear hug. "What in the world is this for?" she asked.

The boy continued to hug her as he opened his eyes to the lego castle that stood on the top shelf of his dresser with a small lego man in purple robes with a white beard staring down at them and replied "Just a bad dream."

"You need to stop staying up so late reading. You'll be starting school soon and will need to actually get a good night's sleep." the black eyed man stated as he reached over and ruffled the boy's hair. "You go ahead and get dressed then come down for breakfast, it's starting to get cold already."

"Yes sir" the boy replied as he released his grip from his mother allowing the to give him some privacy.


As the boy headed towards the kitchen door he heard his parent's voices coming from behind. "So what time is my sister planning on arriving?"

"Pattie, Siri and the twins should be here around four. Don't forget you promised to pickup Remus and Dannie at the airport. Their plane lands at two."

"Two? Harry's getting fitted for his contacts at 12:30, do you really believe we'll be out of there and at the airport in time?"

"Seeing how they still will have to collect their luggage and get through customs I believe you'll have plenty of time. Besides you know they'll understand if your a few minutes late. I would get them myself but I have to decorate for the..." Lily stopped talking as she noticed Harry walk into the room.

"Who's all coming to my party?" Harry asked.

"What have I told you about listening in on other peoples conversations without their knowledgment?"

"Never startle them by yelling 'boo' in their ear." he replied as he dug his fork into the pile of blueberry pancakes in front of him.

"Do you see what kind of influence that man has had on him?"

"Sev calm down, it's not as if we see them all that much, only on holidays and the kids birthdays. Besides I'm not the one who married him, that was your sister's choice." Lily stated as she cleared the table of her's and Severus' plates. Severus sighed and pickup up the newpaper to start reading as Lily returned to the table with each of them cups of coffee. "It's mainly going to be family this year along with an old school mate of ours and his family. In fact the three of them will be staying with us for a while until the term starts."

That's all my muse has given me so far.
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