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Chapter 28 - Surprises

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or Light NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Chapter 28
Chapter Rating: R


Back on the castle grounds a motorbike landed then came to a halt in front of the main door of the castle. “Thank you for the ride my boy but I believe we’re a bit late.” Jack said as he climbed off the back of it.

“You can still take her back with you and dissolve this union though can’t you?” Sirius stated as he climbed off and led the older man to the main entrance.

“Well I wasn’t there to give my consent so it can be done but only if they haven’t consummated it.”

“Trust me; with as untouchable as she has been since she was in the Safe-house. There is no way that she would have consummated anything.” Sirius stated then quickly led Jack through the old castle and to the staff wing.

As soon as they arrived at the small group of doors Sirius started pounding on the one leading to Remus’ quarters when Severus opened up his in curiosity. “What in Merlin’s name is your problem Black?”

“Where are Remus and that tramp of his?” Sirius asked.

“Tramp? Wait a second here.” Jack spat, “I may have let you say quite a few things today about my Angel but that is one step over the line I won’t allow.”

“If you had bothered to take the time to make an appearance at you’re best friend’s ceremony then you already have know where they are.” Severus stated then turned to Jack “Mr. Lightpaws, although I’m surprised it’s a pleasure to see you again. Would you like to come in and rest after your trip.” then stepped from the doorway to allow the group into his quarters.

“Remember its Papa Jack.”

“Alright then, Papa Jack. As pleased as I am to see you again I must ask. Why are you here?”

“My friend Sirius brought me here so that I can take Angel back home where she belongs.” he replied as he winked at the younger man.

“What do you mean you’re going to take mom back with you? Do you realize what both of them have been like for the past 2 weeks? Her and dad are finally joined why can’t you just let them be happy?” Bria spat as she entered the room followed by the other girls.

“Nicca, both you and your mama know how I feel of this union.” he replied. “So I suggest you go and tell her I’m waiting so she can gather her things to leave.”

“Sorry papaw but they’re not even here.”

“Do you mean to tell me that your mama went and left you here by yourself?”

“I’m not by myself; Ginny and Hermione are staying with me.” Bria replied sarcastically as she pointed to the girls behind her, “What did you expect for them to do, take me with on their honeymoon?”

Jack turned toward Sirius, “I thought you said that there was no way that she would consummate their union because she is untouchable.”

“Of course they…” Bria started to say but instantly hushed when Severus grabbed her arm and Jack looked for her to continue. “…went on a honeymoon. I don’t know if they’d consummate it or not but they did want some time alone.”

“Well then go gather your shawl and take me to them so that I can do what I came here to do.” Jack commanded in a stern voice as he winked at his granddaughter who then understood what he really was up to.

“Yes sir.” Bria responded in a sigh as she lowered her head. “Is it alright if everyone goes with so that she can say see-ya to them?”

Jack nodded then escorted Bria and the other girls back to her chambers while Severus walked to the bedroom doors in the back of his quarters and lowered the wards allowing the boys out of the room. “Get dressed and come along, we’re going into town.” he stated.

“Going to town this late at night?” Draco asked.

“Dad, do you realize it’s almost midnight?”

“I am quite aware of what time it is. Now do what I say without complaining.” Severus replied before turning to rejoin the rest of the group in his front room. Harry started to follow him to see what the commotion was about but as he entered so did Jack and Bria.

“Papa Jack, why…how…?” Harry stammered as he saw the old man.

Jack immediately moved between the boy and his granddaughter, “Raven, as pleased as I am to see you again would you please go back and get dressed.”

Severus turned and glared at the boy who immediately did as suggested as Draco and Ron emerged from one bedroom and Ann from the other only to walk up and hugged her father. “Uncle Sev said we’re going to town. What’s going on?”

“I’ll tell you on the way.” Bria replied in a sad tone to her voice. “Guys this is my papaw.”

Jack looked around at the group of teens as they gathered by the door. “Sorry we couldn’t meet under more pleasant circumstances but I’m sure one day you will understand why I‘m here to do what has to be done.” Harry then emerged from the room again as he pulled his shirt down over his head and took Bria’s hand in his. “Are we missing someone? Sirius, I though Nicca said you also have a son.”

“He now lives with his mother.” Sirius replied solemnly

Jack merely nodded then turned to Severus, “Panther, if you would show us the way we can get this over with.”

“Papa Jack, if you would reconsider, this is after their joining night. At least give them…”

“Their so called joining night that I might add was done without my consent, ended at midnight. I have come here to retrieve my daughter and unless she alone can prove to me that they have not yet consummated this union, I will take her back where she belongs. Now if you would be so kind as to lead me to my Angel we can finish this.”

“As you wish Mr. Lightpaws.” Severus spat then lead them out of the castle and across the grounds to the small town.


When the group reached the outskirts of Hogsmeade they immediately hushed when greeted by Grandfather whom was sitting quietly in the rocking chair in front of his small shop. As Jack drew closer the old man stood up and picking up a drum that was resting on the ground next to him and started to approach the group as Oliver and Sarah emerged from the shop. Jack immediately stopped and stared at the man with look that was a mix of confusion, familiarity, and shock. He then stopped right in front of Jack and held out his hand, when Jack did the same Grandfather pulled him into a brotherly hug, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to miss this.” he whispered then pulled back “Relax, she has finally found her path.”

“I always knew she would, but I’ll…”

“Yes you will but for today you need to do something again, just this time I suggest you do it correctly.” he replied softly enough so that nobody else could make out what was being said.

Jack nodded then he and Grandfather led the group to the centre of the dirt road in front of the Three Broomsticks “Panther if you would conjure some chairs we can get started.” Grandfather stated as Oliver arranged a small stand of 3 wooden poles tied together and they then placed the drum on it before the younger man pulled a leather pouch from his pocket and opened it where 2 drum sticks were nestled.

The group of teens stood nearby watching the older men curiously while Severus and Sirius stood further away. “May I ask why you are attempting to ruin the life of someone you claim is your best friend.” Severus asked.

“I am not trying to ruin his life. I told you before Snape he will be better off without her around. She doesn’t belong here and one day Remus will thank me for this.”

“Nicca, you wouldn’t happen to remember your mama’s favourite song would you?” Jack asked and she nodded in response. “Wonderful. Now young one’s this is where I need your help. During this song I will be asking you some questions and to each and every one of them I need you to respond with ‘No’ as loud as you can shout it.”

“Mr Lightpaws sir…” Hermione started

“You are friends with my Nicca; I want you to call me Papa Jack.”

“But sir, it’s the middle of the night. What about the residents of the town?”

Jack leaned down and spoke quietly to her, “This is a night of celebration, I’m sure that anyone who resides here won’t mind one night for that. If they wish they can join us as well. The more the better.” he then turned and sat down at the drum across from Grandfather and the two of them started a steady quarter beat on the drum while Bria and Sarah walked over to stand behind the men. “When you’re ready Nicca.” Jack smiled.


On the other side of the slightly open balcony window Dannie and Remus had moved onto the bedroom and were sleeping quite soundly curled up with each other when suddenly an extremely loud high pitched voice drifted in.


Dannie’s eyes immediately bolted open and she jumped upright looking around the room for where the sounds were coming from.



She then started crawling around the bed looking along the floor for some sort of radio or CD player.





“Remus love, did Bria give you her cd player?”



Sleepily he replied ‘No why what’s wrong?” as he felt around the spot she was laying in as the drum beats grew louder.

“Then she hid one around here somewhere and it’s playing that song.” she said as she climbed off the bed and started searching around the room while the chanting continued.



“Love there is no way she would have been able to hide anything up here. She was only to deliver your things to Rosemerta downstairs. Please come back to bed.”



“You can’t tell me you don’t hear that song. She knows how much I hate the Mighty Mouse song so if it’s not her cd player then what is it.” Dannie asked as she bent down at the foot of the bed to look under it.

“It’s coming from outside someone is just practicing their drumming. If you‘re going to stay awake then forget Mighty Mouse, Wonder Worm wants to play.” He said as he sat up and started to move toward her.



“Wonder worm can eat dirt for all I care.” she replied as she stood up.

Remus instantly grabbed her arm and pulled her down to lie on the bed then moved to hover over her. “Promise?” he asked only to receive a shove off her as this time not one but two extremely loud high pitched voices poured into the room.


Remus then cringed “What in Merlin’s name was that?”



“Since it’s not her cd player my best guess is that somehow our wonderful daughter and her friends have found a way out of the castle and made their way here to call us out and let us know that our joining night is over.” Dannie replied as got off the bed again and rummaged through her bag and pulled out a black broom skirt then looked for a top to wear.

Remus then jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to gather his clothes before returning and placing the shirt on the bed as he started to put on his trousers. “I can‘t believe this. I though Severus said he would keep an eye on her for us. Then he goes and lets her wonder around in the middle of the night…” his words were then drown out by even louder singing.





He then reached for his shirt only to find it missing. As he started to look around he noticed that Dannie was buttoning it up and decided not to say anything since he was enjoying the tight fit it had around her chest. “Are you going to sit there all day or are you going to join me out there so they’ll stop?” she asked.


Meanwhile outside the townspeople had emerged from their homes still in their dressing gowns some watching the commotion that was taking place while others had joined in the fun. Sirius still remained off to the side watching and waiting next to Severus.





When suddenly Bria and Sarah let out a loud round of LULULULULULULU while the older men on the drum beat it rapidly and the townspeople applauded. Sirius then looked up at the balcony that everyone was facing as Dannie walked out backwards pulling Remus along with by his hands. When she turned around and placed her hands on the railing and Remus wrapped his arms around her was when he noticed identical markings going up their arms. “I see you’ve noticed their new markings.” Severus said quietly. “If you would have for once put all your opinions aside and taken a good look at them together you would have actually realized what we’ve been telling you all along.”

“She wouldn’t of. Not with what…”

“Look closely Black those are the marks of the binding ceremony darker and more distinctive than I have ever seen any before.” he smirked, “She chose for them to go further than even you and Patricia did and there is nothing that can come between them now. Do you still have the mordacity to doubt her love for him?”

“Shut it Snape.” Sirius stated and Severus merely smirked at him as he made his way to the group in the road. Sirius continued to stare at his oldest friend and it was almost as if his whole appearance had changed. He no longer had such a sickly greyish tint to his skin and something in his eyes seemed to make him look more alive than he did since…well since he escaped. He had to have been right, she would break his friend’s heart, and he knew she would. He continued to watch the balcony as Dannie leaned back into Remus’ embrace as he tightened his grip around her smiling more than Sirius had ever known him to before.

Remus scanned the crowd of people below them until he found Bria standing on top a chair above everyone else when he pointed at her then motioned for her to come towards them but the girl stayed where she was and shook her head as Jack rose from the chair besides her. “Papa?” Dannie asked not believing what she was seeing.

“Good Morning Angel.” Jack said loud enough to be heard over the crowd as he started to make his way toward the building.

She then turned and looked at Remus “Did you…” but before she could finish her question he shook his head. He then took her hand and led her out of the room and down the stairs when she ran out of the door toward the older man and into his arms as if she was still a small child and he was returning from a long trip. “How did you…What are you doing here?”

“I have come to fulfil my fatherly rights.” Jack stated. “You went and joined with someone I did not give my consent for you to. From what I have been told by my friend over there you still have not consummated this union of yours and because of that I have every right to take you back home where you belong.”

“Mr Lightpaws, I apologize but we were under the impression by the letter that you packed in Dannie’s bag, you were in agreement with our joining.” Remus then paused to glare hatefully at Sirius, “I also apologize that Mr Black has given you false information. Dannie chose to perform a Wizarding bond during our ceremony and as you can clearly see our union has in fact been consummated.” he stated as he showed the marks on his arm.

Jack looked at Remus’ arm then over at his daughter’s as he reached out and grabbed it to pull it closer to him. “This? This means nothing other than my daughter has gone and mutilated herself with some strange tattoo, nothing more. You are coming with me now and as soon as we get home we are having that removed.”

Dannie fought to pull her arm back but Jack turned and started walking away from Remus keeping a tight grip on her as he dragged her behind. “Papa the marks cannot be removed at all, it’s not a tattoo. I am staying here with my mate so let go.” she spat as she twisted her arm in such a way that Jack easily lost his grip on her.

“That is not your mate until you consummate your union. Unless you can show me proof that this has been done then you are leaving with me.” Jack stated.

“What the hell do you want? Pictures?” Dannie asked quite loudly not caring that the residents who had come out from their home were watching and listening carefully to every word said. “Sorry papa but not possible. I’m staying here and you can just shove every idea of me leaving right up your fu…”

Remus stepped in between the two of them and looked down at her, “Love please let me handle your father. I’m sure if we can talk quietly about this then he’ll…” Remus then felt something touch the thin whelps on his back caused by Dannie’s nails and turned around quickly grabbing Jack’s hand in the process “Don’t touch me.” he snarled.

To everyone’s surprise, especially Remus’, Jack pulled him into a tight embrace and over the younger man’s shoulder he winked at Dannie who closed her eyes and shook her head as she mouthed “You sorry ass son of a bitch.”

Jack chuckled as he pulled back from Remus then turned to face the crowd. “First of all I have to apologize to my friend, Sirius, over there. This morning he found me and brought me here so that I would help him keep Angel and Remus here from being joined. Well at least he was under the assumption that I would assist him, but seeing how Angel here is my one and only daughter I couldn’t resist the opportunity and let him believe whatever he wanted to. Sirius what I said was true though. Even though they did go through the ceremony, if I wished I could only dissolve the union as long as it wasn’t consummated and I’m sorry but the proof is there, just like it was with her mama and I.”

Jack then took a step upward onto a nearby bench. “I would like to apologize to all of you for disturbing you this evening but I’m sure that you understand even if you don’t know me I’m sure you know either my daughter and her mate here, but my apology does not go out to them.” he stated as he glanced down at the couple that was now staring at him out of curiosity. “Now I’m sure a lot of you know how my granddaughter, Nicca, came around but back where we come from there were all sorts of rumours and stories that were physically impossible to be true. I never listened to them but as a father I had my own fears for my baby about what had happened. Then finally last month I was finally to Remus here but at first nobody had told me what role he played in their lives. This young man swore he loved my girls and wanted to take care of them. To see my Angel finally in love and with someone who loved her enough to accept her daughter’s condition made me the happiest I have ever been in a long time, even though I know when I first saw him that there was something vaguely familiar about him.

“Now in our world I drive a truck for a living and although Angel gets quite upset with me for this, I have a bad habit of picking up hitchhikers along the road just so I will have someone to talk to during the long trips. It was 16 years ago I was only a mile or so from our home along some of the most beautiful forest land you will ever see when one day there was a gangly looking young man with long light brown hair limping along the side of the road so I immediately offered him a ride into town. During the first trip he had told me how he had met the love of his life a few nights before but she didn’t arrive the previous night like he was hoping. To be quite honest I thought this poor boy was somewhat confused between true love and the best lay a man could ever dream of but I left my opinions to myself during our brief trip.

“It was at that time that I started to see this scraggly boy every few weeks that I would give him rides to the forest, that happened to belong to my family, and three days later back to town always looking more and more heartbroken for not finding this woman. Now I’m sure some of you fathers out there dread the idea that your daughter whom you love with all your heart will become an old maid one day. Because of this fear I will admit that I have also been known to try to talk a young man into returning to my home so that he can meet my Angel. It was out second meeting that I could tell that this man had a good heart and I felt if they would only meet then they would be perfect for her.” Jack then glanced at Remus who was now standing behind Dannie with his arms around her once again “Now if I could only remember what I tried telling him.”

“That you had a beautiful daughter his age that could easily help him forget the foolish tramp that broke his heart the way she did.” Remus replied

“I even promised him the best home cooked meal he had ever had since his mama’s cooking.”

Dannie then put her hands on her hips as she tried to step out of Remus’ embrace. “So you drove around trying to dump me off on complete strangers if they would only come to the house?”

“They weren’t all strangers to me. I had seen every one of them at least once in my travels and I only invited the very best. Besides Angel, the last thing I ever wanted was for you to be like Jenny.” Jack tried explaining. “Now back to my story. Well I was more than impressed to this young man’s devotion to the girl who he would never see again because time after time he would refuse my offer I made.”

“It wasn’t complete devotion that made him refuse. He thought you were trying to come onto him.” Remus smirked only to receive a smack across the back of his head from Jack.

“Now don’t get me wrong here. I was upset of the deception that went on last month but what really upsets me more than anything?” Jack paused for a few moments for dramatic effect “Angel you know I love Nicca with all my heart and I would do anything for the two of you, right?” Dannie then nodded, “Do you realize how many more grandbabies you could have given me if the two of you wouldn’t have been so stubborn? If he would have only come over to the house for dinner and if you wouldn’t have left him there in those woods. Our own woods for so many nights…”


“Don’t you dare papa me. You knew he was out there howling for your return. You know I always wished for you to have lots of little ones for me to spoil. Sixteen years Angel! That is 15 babies I missed out on all because the two of you had been to stubborn to trust in my judgement. Remus, I only hope that when the day comes and you offer some fine young man Nicca’s hand and try to entice him with her beauty and cooking skills that he will take you up n it and not make you wait 15 years for a grand baby only because he thinks you’re a nut case.” Jack then scanned the laughing crowd until he saw Severus standing next to Harry and Bria, “Panther my friend!” he called out “You wanna see little ones one day right? You want to be a papaw like myself right?”

Remus then looked down in confusion as she was smiling at the scene her father was making when she quietly replied “It’s his way of showing his approval. This is how it was suppose to have been back home at the gathering.”

“Actually Papa Jack, I am hoping that Harry does choose to wait at least 10 years.” Severus replied.

“Panther you’re no friend after all. Raven, you’re a good boy, you’ll make a fine mate for my Nicca. When she graduates this school, the next day you two will be joined and make me plenty of great grandbabies.”

“NO!” Dannie and Remus called out together.

“Yes Papa Jack!” Harry happily replied.

“Raven, you call me Papaw like my Nicca does.” Jack ordered then looked to the other side of the crowd, “You back there. Sixteen years ago would you have gone to my home to meet me lovely Angel?”

“I would have followed you anywhere but not to meet her.” the man replied.

“Sorry friend, but I prefer the ladies.” Jack replied.

“I would have!” announced another voice from the crowd.

“Whoever said that please show yourself.” Jack replied then he saw that the only person who raised their arm in the air as they rose to their feet. “Grandfather my brother, you’re too old. By looking at this boy’s back she would be a widow in no time and then where would that leave me? Remus my boy, turn around and show them her handy work.” Remus then turned and showed the red whelps that still grazed the skin of his back while there was a combination of laughter and applauses through the crowd as Jack hopped off the bench and made his way along the edge “Sirius! Sirius Lee, where are you boy?” as soon as he reached him Jack grabbed Sirius by the arm and pulled him back toward the couple. “Now you tell me, 16 years ago would you have gone to my home to meet my Angel?”

Sirius looked closely at the two of them and it was then that he saw that the look in Remus’ eyes what was more distinctive up close than it was at a distance, “No.” he replied and the hopeful look on Remus’ face fell as Sirius then turned to Jack “No I wouldn’t have. I was already married at that time.”

“But if you weren’t married? After all her cooking was the best on the reservation and her looks, oh she was a beauty. Now it just may be because I’m her father or that she looks so much like my Gabby but she still is beautiful and looks only fade in time.” Sirius shrugged in response then to his surprise Jack grabbed Remus’ arm and pulled him to the side as he pushed Sirius next to Dannie. “Ok sorry Remus he has twins and as much as I want more grandbabies…well, I’m sure you understand.”

“Actually Mr…” Sirius started but the older man cleared his throat “Jack, the twins are due to their mother’s side of the family.”

“You dog! Get away from my daughter!” Jack responded as he pulled Sirius back toward him, placed his arm around the man’s shoulders and led him away from the couple. “Now this wife of yours, was she a twin as well?” Sirius nodded in response. “Her twin by chance wouldn’t happen to have been male would he?” Jack then asked sounding hopeful.

“Well I suppose you could say that it was a male. He’s standing right over there.” Sirius said as he pointed toward Severus.

The older man then looked back and forth between Severus and Dannie and shook his head slightly then his face all of a sudden lit up. “Raven my boy, I’m learning to love you more and more now that I know you can make twins. Forget graduation, when Nicca’s 18 I want’ her with babies.” he then paused “Wait, change that. Better yet, Nicca’s an adult now, I’m master of this ceremony so I declare the two of you married. Go and make me some great grandbabies.”


Yes Papaw, thank you!” Harry shouted as he turned and lifted Bria off the chair she was still standing on and over his shoulder as if he was going to carry her off.

Harold James, put her down now!” Severus commanded.

“But dad.”


“Sorry Raven, I forgot for a moment that your papa’s an old fart just like me so, your marriage is annulled.” Jack stated then walked back over to Dannie and Remus, “You have chosen yourself a fine man here like I always knew you would one day. I truly wish your mama would have lived to see this day.” he then pulled her in for a tight hug as he closed his eyes and whispered “I’m going to miss you my little one.” and her arms briefly tightened around him until he pulled back and kissed her on the cheek. Jack then turned to Remus holding out his arm to shake hands. When he returned the gesture Jack pulled him into a tight embrace when suddenly Remus jumped and the older man smiled at his daughter, “Bobby was right, he does have a nice ass.”

The few people who were closest to the couple heard the comment and laughed while the others were preoccupied by either conversing with their neighbours or turning their attention to a group of professors that were led to the area by Oliver as they carried baskets of food obviously from the school kitchens. While the two men talked between each other Dannie took a deep breath then broke away from them and walked over to Sirius, “I’m sorry that papa tricked you into bringing him here but I also wanted to thank you for it.” He just shrugged in response and started to turn when she reached out and touched his arm. “I know you don’t approve of our joining even though I don’t understand why but that doesn’t matter. You’re one of his oldest and best friends, our daughters are good friends. I’m not asking for you to accept me, in fact it doesn’t matter to me if you do or not but…”

“I haven’t…I don’t trust you.” he replied as he looked over at Remus.

“I don’t trust you either. How the two of you became friends I’ll never know but I refuse to be the reason for you to end the friendship.” she stated as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Can we at least call a truce here? I mean come on, you and Sev can tolerate one another…”

“If you hurt him in any way, I will make sure that…”

“I don’t need any threats about this. There is no way that I would ever hurt him.” she replied.

“That’s what you say now but I just want to make sure that when the time comes you understand what will happen.” Sirius stated.

“Now that we somewhat understand each other…” she said as she held out her hand in which Sirius took and shook as they glared each other as if daring the other to take their hand back first.

This little stand-off lasted until Remus walked up behind Dannie and placed his hands on her shoulders then rubbed them up and down her arms then lowered his head whispering in her ear, “Is everything ok love?”

“Mm-hmm, I was just thanking Sirius for bringing papa here.” she replied as Sirius released his grip and she leaned back into his embrace.

Remus looked at his old friend and mouthed ‘Thank you,’ and he nodded in response before walking away toward the food, “So are you ready to go back to the room and work on those babies we owe your papa?”

Dannie turned around and glanced at Jack who was now talking to William, “I think we’d better. If I know papa he’ll probably stay there underneath our window just to listen and make sure we were at least trying.”

He then took her hand and placed it in the crook of his elbow “Well then no sense in keeping him waiting long.” then he led her to the walkway where they walked behind the two older men and back into the building.

“You didn’t tell her about the boy did you?” William asked Jack as he watched them disappear through the door.

Jack shook his head and replied sorrowfully “No. If I did she would do nothing but worry about him. This is her night and I refuse to ruin it.” He then stood up and stretched “Besides you know as well as I do that this time he won’t be coming home from the hospital.” Jack then scanned the crowd until he found Bria and forced a smile as he walked toward the small group still gathered around the drum then he and Oliver started playing the drum again not ending until the sun peaked over the horizon.


Remus woke up to the afternoon sun as he looked happily upon the sleeping form spooned against him. He then lightly ran his index finger from her knee up the side of her leg to her buttocks when she mindlessly swiped his hand away as if she was swiping at a fly. He then sighed as he turned over and picked his boxers up off the floor and put them on before heading to the bathroom. When he stepped back out into the vanity he noticed two small packages on the counter with one of them marked Uncle Remus in Harry’s messy scrawl.

Meanwhile sensing the now empty spot in bed Dannie rolled onto her back and lifted her head to look around the room when she caught a glimpse of his backside from in front of the sink then turned back onto her side pretending to still be asleep.

Remus quickly opened the package and pulled out a plastic bottle. He then opened the top and squeezed a small amount onto his finger finally tasting it. Smiling he looked at the bottle then over at his mate before he quietly crept across the bed doing his best not to disturb her as he slowly started drizzling the contents along the same trail his finger made previously. Once again Dannie swiped her hand at the annoying tickle while Remus continued up her side. Feeling something on her finger she opened her eyes as she brought it into view then turned onto her back again as he instantly moved his leg over her so that he was straddling her legs continuing to drizzle it over her mid section. Dannie focused on her wide eyed mate who had the look of a child during their first trip to a candy store, “Love would you please tell me what you think you’re doing?”

“Making breakfast.” he replied then put the bottle to the side before rising up to hover over her. He moved his hands up her sides then her arms moving them above her head when Dannie heard two quick clicks. Dannie instantly tried to pull her arms free from the headboard only to find that it was useless as he leaned down and purred “There is no way that you can ruin my plans for you this time.”

He then snaked down her body stopping briefly half way down to run his tongue over her opening before climbing off the foot of the bed and kneeling on the floor before her. He then picked up her right foot and smiled as he leaned forward to lick the bottom of it, “Remus not my feet, please…” she begged as she lifted her other foot and put it on his chest to push him away but he quickly took her by the ankle and pushed it onto the bed then lightly moved his hand up it before continuing with her other foot. Dannie tried again to move her leg but this time it felt as if there was something binding it down. She felt his moist tongue run across the bottom of it as she squirmed frantically trying to pull it away “Remus please, that’s dis…oh my go…” she stammered as he sucked on her big toe briefly before lightly licking and kissing his way across the top of her foot, ankle and started up her leg to her knee when he moved back down to the end of the bed.

As he lifted her other foot to his mouth he clearly informed her “You may as well just lay back and enjoy it, we have all day.”

Dannie lifted her head just enough to glance down at him then as soon as he started again then lay it back down as she thought Just wait, I’ll get him back for this torture and she could have sworn she heard him chuckle softly.



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