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A whole new attitude.

Well yesterday was the dreaded dentist about nervous, I was shaking all morning and the closer the time came for it the more I shook. But I went and got everything taken care of.
First of all to Jess, HA no nasty odor caused by the abscess....with the thanks of the penicillian that I was perscribed the week before to kill the infection.
Out of the whole time I was there the part that took the longest was the four shots of novicane. My fear of bad dentists is one thing but when it comes to thanks, that's it, goodbye. I will never have a tatoo (unless it's from a Henna kit), I wait until the last minute to get my immunizations (will never get a flu shot), I thank the Creator every day that I don't have a diabetic child (Fire's paternal grandfather died from it and my mom has it), and finally in my youth I have kneed a nurse or two in the jaw when they were stupid enough to lean over me to give me tetnus shots. I've even been strapped down to a table before in order to get novicane (but that was into my upper lip so that a mole could be removed when I was a mouth was on fire from that one shot). Needless to say if there is any way to have things done without needles being stuck into me...then it's done, except for this time. That was the one thing I wasn't happy about with this dentist...he doesn't use the gas (oh how I love gas) but the good thing was he kept my mind completely off the needle. He had me concentrate on pinching a pressure point in my hand and keeping my legs lifted off the chair. 4 shots only to end when I gaged from the stuff starting to go down my throat. After that he waited about a half hour until it took effect. I was numb from my mouth to my ear and up past my eye and it felt good. The only comment that was made about my mouth was "Your bottom teeth are are in excellent condition, your caps up front are beautiful, what happend with getting the back done?" That's when I explained to them about what my former dentist did and refused to do and that by the time I had all $4,200 in bills paid off from that (after what the insurance covered) they only wanted to pull everything (including my capped teeth) and give me dentures. Well we talked for a bit (waiting for the novicane to be in effect) and they're going to take care of what has to be done along with what I can afford and when I can afford it. No credit cards to be used, very little out of pocket costs, just merely what the insurance will allow. This is what I had when I lived in San Diego, Ca....this is what I've been looking for since I moved here and after 10 years I finally found it. Huge relief.
Anyway they didn't only remove 1 tooth, they removed two...#3 and #4. That part is now done and over with and once again I'm on peniciallian and even more codone. After I was done I headed back to work and while Cassandra handled my phone (an agreement I had with my boss) I did all the paperwork and email part of my job. Then OMG the novicane wore off...and the codone didn't help with the pain this time at all. I still stuck it out...stayed working and trying to keep my mind off it and it helped a bit but as soon as 5 pm came I was out of there as quickly as possible.

I bet you're wondering why I titled this post "A whole new attitude". Over the years of working in this office I have made friends and aquantences (sp?) that pretty much judged a person and their intelligence according to whether or not they had teeth missing from their mouths. I've kept my mouth shut and walked away many times when the comments were made mainly because it made me feel quite uncomfortable. Well yesterday the attitudes changed. One of my friends asked if she could see what it looked like (she's only had 1 cavity in her life) and I flat out refused and she wanted to know why.
My response "Do you realize how I'm feeling right now until I can get something in their place? I hear the comments you and half the other people around here make about the condition of teeth on drivers and other people at the pub. I'm not showing you."
"That's because they're missing teeth."
"And so am I. Not one but two of them."
"But you're diffent. We know what you've been through and yours aren't noticable."
"Noticable or not, how do you know they haven't been through the same thing as me?"
After that not one more word was said about it other than supervisors asking if I was feeling alright throughout the rest of the day. I'm not too sure if attitudes have really changed or not but I do like to believe that they're at least thinking twice about it since it could easily happen to anyone of them at any time.

Well I've said what's on my mind. I should be getting back to bed, the codone is starting to make me feel dizzy again. Talk to you all later and if I'm feeling up to it I'll see ya in the chat tonight.

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