Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Yeah for Today.....Yeah right.

Well I suppose today's a good day....I am a bit nervious about work today....No I haven't done anything wrong or anything like least not that I'm aware of. Now I wonder.
The reason I really don't want to go in....I hate being the center of attention....I hate surprises....and I'm not to sure I want to know what one of my co-workers is getting me or even what one of my customers is sending.
Jokingly we spoke about a male dancer showing up at the office for me in a cop uniform and dragging me out in handcuffs but yeah right....come on now.
Yeah that's life has proven to be even more pathetic than it was yesterday....
I'm now 37 yrs old (happy frilling birthday to me), my only bills are mortgage payments and utilities, I have a good job, a sweet but strange son, and last of all I haven't been with a man since I was 31 and even that resulted in me watching wrestling during it...(this is one of the many reasons I was glad to see him go). That's life...single, stable (we're not talking mentally here), and sexless....time to go jump in the lake in my back yard now that's filled with dead fish and gators.
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