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Chapter 27 - FINALLY!!!!!

Ok guys here's one of the two chapters that started this whole blasted story over a year ago. Mind you I have been trying to find a beta since I began mainly because of this....I've never written sex before. Well other than the (non beastality) wolf sex a few chapters back but that don't count....this is people sex.
So if you have been reading Collisions and just not saying anything to me as of yet let me know your honest opinion. If you haven't been reading it and just want to read both bad sex and in my opinion pretty damn good sex (depends on if my writing actually follows my imagination to anyone but me) and let me know if it's any good I would be extremely grateful. There is a warning with the last though....if you don't like OCs then you may not wish to even bother. You're choice.
Ok ok enough daudling here....deep breath....
Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or Light NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Chapter 27
Chapter Rating: Hard R or Light NC-17 for intimate encounters (yeah that sounds good)

A small group was gathered inside the cave that lie in the edge of the Dark Forest where a small group of people waited patiently scattered in various places inside with William stood in the back with Margaret next to him while Remus stood on the opposite end and Severus behind him. Without any warning Bria entered the dwelling carrying two medium sized baskets; one filled with various breads, dried fruits and meat, and jams while the other held homemade soaps, a blanket, beaded necklaces, and essence oils. Margaret inspected the items and tasted the bread before accepting the gift in which Bria then turned and nodded toward the entrance where Dannie walked as silently as possible to the group at the opposite end with her head held high as she looked straight ahead at the older man. Over one arm was a large wool red blanket with hints of a design centred while the other held a red-winged hawk fan with a beaded handle. Over her tan regalia was a colourful bead and bone breast plate that was waist length while there were many leather pouches carrying various items hanging from the beaded belt including one that sat along the small of her back that carried a dagger with a wolf head handle.

“In times long ago when a young warrior chose a maiden in which he wished to be joined with he first had to receive the support of her family by proving himself worthy.” William stated breaking the silence. “They would offer the family horses and furs to prove that he would always be able to provide for her and the young ones that would come along. In return the maiden would have to prove herself a worthy mate by gifting his family with foods and other items to show she would make a good caregiver to him. This was not just a joining of the warrior and maiden but of two families with the promise that no matter what the path brought the young man to, his family would always see her an their own. In accepting the offerings supplied by Danielle, I presume that Margaret accepts her into their family.”

Margaret nodded and Remus walked over the stand behind Dannie wearing his best but well worn suit and a newer looking black cloak with a family crest embroidered on the right chest.

“Today some traditions still remain while others have been eliminated through time.” William paused as he nodded toward the couple. “The feather of the eagle is a sign of a strong, wise, and determined warrior that not everyone earns. When he presents it to the maiden he’s chosen he is making a statement that she has become his life and that he’ll willingly give to keep her safe.” Remus then took the feather in his hand and nervously attached it in her hair causing her to flinch a few times from accidentally pulling it then moved to stand beside her. “Even though the warrior and his family have welcomed the maiden it is still her decision if he is the one that she still wants to share her home with. The blanket is a strong sign of love and unity. When we are born we are wrapped in a blanket of love by our family. As we move through childhood it is our nation that blankets us in support so that we can move onto the next step. Finally when we cross we are finally wrapped in another blanket of those who we’ve left behind and those we will be joining once again.” Dannie then turned and faced the man next to her. “There is also when a maiden wraps a blanket around the warrior it shows she is welcoming him into her home, life and bed. Her heart is now his just as his family has become hers. That blanket will remain a part of their union for all eternity.” Dannie then unfolded the blanket and placed it over Remus’ shoulders when he took the ends in his hands and pulled her in close leaning down and kissing her deeply.

“Not quite yet you two.” Albus stated from the cave entrance causing Remus to turn and look at him curiously. He then walked forward to stand next to William while Ann followed behind him carrying two long vines.

Remus then looked down at his bride who merely smiled up at him “Are you sure?” he asked but she didn’t answer.”

“Originally this was to be the end of the ceremony as simple and pleasant as it was but I was asked to preside over the next part as Dannie accepts our cultures like Remus as accepted hers. To tell you the truth this is quite an honour that I didn’t quite expect, especially after recent events but it only proves how unexpectable life can be. So Dannie if you would please take Remus’ hand and state your vows.”

“I swear to the Creator, Grandmother Moon, and Mother Earth as of this moment until the end of time I am bound to you in heart, soul, and body as your mate and give myself and all I possess to you willingly.” and one end of each vine wound their way around her hand and up her arm.

Stunned and speechless Remus couldn’t believe the words he was hearing and wondering if she understood the full extent of what they meant. “I told you I would wait.” he whispered but everyone waited for him to complete the ritual. “I swear to Merlin, Morgain, and the Moon that as of this moment until the end of time I am bound to you in heart, soul, and body as your mate and accept all you are willing to give and in return give you my trust, faith, and protection to you willingly.” then with the end of his words the other ends of the vines wrapped around his hand and up his arm binding them together. As soon as the vines were done moving he was finally allowed to pull her toward him and kiss her with more passion than planned on while their friends were still there.

“If everyone will join us in the Great Hall it seems as the kids have decided to bless us with their cooking skills.” Albus stated as the couple walked to the front of the cave accepting kind words from the others.

Finally at the end of the group was one person Remus didn’t expect to see. “I was quite surprised to see the invitation from you this morning. After all that’s happened these past few months it was the last thing I ever expected.”

Remus looked at Dannie and she shook her head “Well you were one of dad’s best friends and in a way if it weren’t for you then the Safe House would probably still be open right now.” Bria replied. “Not to mention mom would most likely still be in hiding.”

She glanced at Jamie who was waiting impatiently for her outside the cave but out of hearing distance. “They still haven’t been able to prove that my mistake was intentional but…” her voice then lowered to a whisper “it was the least I could do for an old friend.”

“Patty, what’s going on? Is Jamie…”

“Jamie isn’t himself anymore. If I had known what it was going to do…” Patty took a deep breath and closed her eyes, “I would have never…”

Remus placed his hand on her arm “You know we’ll do everything we can to try to get him back.”

“I know but don’t worry about it after all, this is your joining night.” she then kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Take care of her, there’s some hard times coming up.”

“Patty, what do you…” he started to ask but she turned and looked toward the cave entrance and saw Jamie approaching.

She turned to Dannie, “I’m glad I was finally able to meet you.” she then glanced at Remus and smiled “You’ve got yourself the best of them.” then Jamie cleared his throat and she nodded and headed toward the castle.

Remus then turned to Bria, “You behave yourself tonight. I don’t want to find any hint of what I found yesterday.”

“But dad we were only…”

“Did something happen yesterday that I need to worry about?” Dannie asked. “Bria I thought…”

“We didn’t do anything! Harry and I were just seeing if when we changed his hair colour if it would stay that way when he changed.” Bria rapidly explained silencing her parents as they glanced at each other. “Harry can now change into a raven. I’ve been helping him work on it during all our free time.”

“When did this come about?” Remus asked.

“Just the other night. He stayed in the forest with me during the moon.”

“I don’t care what you were doing, you know the rules. Nobody in our rooms when I..” she paused as Remus squeezed her hand slightly. “…one of us isn’t there.”

“Can Hermione and Ginny at least spend the night tonight so they don’t have to leave?”

“They can stay but I don’t want you girls causing any of the problems the last time you three spent the night at Sirius’.”

“We won’t.” Bria answered quickly then hugged each of her parents “I have to go and make the fry bread for everyone.” she said as she glanced at the bonding vines around her parents arms and smiled to herself before she took Dannie’s fan then went running to join the rest of the group.

As soon as Bria was out of sight Remus looked down at their arms then turned to face his mate and look into her eyes. “Why did you do this?”

“It seems like a good idea at the time. But if you don’t want to…”

He the wrapped his free arm around her and pulled her tightly against him, “They do complicate things a bit but I think we can manage to work around it.” then leaned his head down kissing her deeply as she felt him grow against her. As he started to trail kisses across her jaw to her ear he suddenly felt her hand against his chest pushing him back. “Please love don’t …” he panted but she still backed up only to remove the breast plate and toss it to the ground before she unbuttoning his shirt kissing and nipping across his chest as she bared his skin then as her hand reached down to unfasten his pants she bit down on his nipple. He the moved his hand to the side of her face bringing it back up towards him kissing her deeply when he felt her hand softly wrap around him stroking slowly while his tongue sought entrance into her mouth. They struggled against each other trying to use their other arms but the vines pulled tighter against their skin. His hand moved downward lifting the bottom of her regalia as he focused on every sense and emotion coming from her as he grew frustrated at the task of merely raising it high enough for them when she lowered her hand and helped. He then moved his hand up to her backside to try to lower her knickers only to learn there were none and he pressed his body hard against hers rubbing himself against the dampness of her opening until the tip of his head was positioned perfectly and she brought her leg up the side of his stopping to rest on his hips. He then broke the kiss and stared directly into her eyes as he pushed himself into her tight passage. Dannie breathed deeply through her nose as she felt her insides stretch uncomfortably as she leaned her forehead against his shoulder as she closed her eyes as tight as possible doing her best not to concentrate on the stinging pain that she was feeling. Remus didn‘t move other than to stroke her hair “Love, are you alright?” he asked and she merely nodded doing her best to will her body to relax around him. He then started to move again and their bond was loosening and she was letting out a slight squeak with each thrust caused by the pain she was feeling rather than any pleasure.

Before she knew it he was leaning into her using one hand to brace himself while the other held her close to keep her from hitting the cave wall behind her as he panted and moaned with pleasure when he nudged her head off his shoulder then moving to kiss her deeply again as he moaned in her mouth not noticing the tears streaming down her cheeks with the last few violent thrusts the emptied him self into her then she broke the kiss and buried her head into the crook of his neck as her arms held onto him tightly while he let out a loud moan of passion inside her head she screamed in pain from the seed coating every minute’ fresh tear.

His body started to give way when he turned them around and scooted down the wall to the floor nourishing the feeling of them joined in this way. He rested his head against hers as he held his wife, mate, and life in his arms feeling complete for the first time in his life. They were now one, bound together in both their laws and he was certain that nothing would ever come between them when he heard a small sniffle then felt her hand move from his back and brush against his shoulder. “Love are you ok?” he whispered but she didn’t answer. “Dannie look at me.” again she didn’t answer so he lifted her upper body and tried looking at her but she lowered her head so her bangs fell over her eyes. He then reached up and lifted her chin, “You’ve been crying, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” she finally replied.

“You did want to join with me didn’t you? I mean you met me here and the bonding vines then we…” he shifted his weight to try to keep from slipping out of her but he then felt her grimace but this time without hiding her emotions this time. “Why didn’t you tell me I was hurting you?”

“It didn’t hurt that much besides from what Jenny told me it’s suppose to the first…”

“But this wasn’t our first time.”

“In this form yes it was and please trust me, we’re built quite a bit differently than they are.” She then started to move off him but he pushed her hips back down to keep from slipping out but it didn’t work so again she climbed off him. Remus quickly mumbled a cleansing charm as he waved his hand over her before he did the same to himself. As they stood up Dannie immediately pulled the bottom of her regalia back down to her knees as she looked at him questionably as he pulled his pants back up and fastened them. “I know you don’t have your wand on you, since when have you been able to do magic without it?”

“That? That was nothing. Pretty much any 7th year can do a simple cleansing charm.”

“Mm-hmm.” she replied as she walked over and started buttoning his shirt. When she was half way done he took her hands in his and walked backwards to one of the rocks in the centre and sat up on it before turning her around to lean back against him.

With his arms around his new bride who was fully relaxed against him the two of them watched as the summer rain slowly faded as he mindlessly traced with his finger the marking that their binding vines left on her arm while he rested his chin on her shoulder. “You do realize that that wasn’t how I had planned our first time together to be.” he said softly.

“Sorry you were so disappointed in me.” she replied.

“No I wasn’t disappointed. Maybe overwhelmed, surprised, excited, and in shock but never disappointed. At least not with you.” he whispered the last part so close to her ear that the whiskers of his moustache tickled it. “It’s just not what I had planned for you.”

“So Professor, after what you said to me yesterday about waiting, when did you expect these plans to happen?” Dannie asked as she turned around and rested her arms on his shoulders.

“I was hoping you’d consent to tonight.”

“So you went and spent the whole day planning out our joining night?” she asked and he nodded with a wicked smile on his face. “And what would you have done if I decided I wasn’t ready?”

“I would have started out by tasting every inch of your body only pausing to please you in every way you can imagine until your throat was raw from howling in ecstasy then gone into the loo and taken care of myself.”

Dannie smiled as she ran her nail lightly across the back of his neck making him squirm “Sounds like that shouldn’t have taken you that long to come up with.”

“Well umm, that’s just the summary of it. The details and thinking of how your body would react to each and every lick, suckle, touch, and kiss placed in various places became a bit distracting.”

“Ok I suppose that’s understandable. Since you’re most likely completely worn out from all this concentrating on how I’d react to you along with what just took place..” she stated teasingly “then you wouldn’t be interested in testing your theories.” then she leaned over and licked the rim of his ear before whispering “Without the use of the loo.”

Remus pulled back and stared at her “But I thought you were in pain.”

“I’m sure Poppy has something that can help with that aspect.” she shrugged

Trying not to look or sound overly anxious he moved her backwards and slid off the rock and walked over to the blanket and breast plate lying on the ground and handed them to her one at a time, taking time to fold the blanket while she slipped the plate over her head as he suggested. “How about we join the others for dinner then you can talk to Poppy before we leave.”


When Remus opened the door to the Great Hall everyone turned their attention to the couple before clinging their butter knives against the goblets until they treated the group with a brief kiss. As they continued to try to make their way across the room the clanging became never ending while quite annoying until Minerva took the knife away from Albus who then reached for Severus’ but not fast enough.

When they finished eating Severus pushed a goblet of what looked like pumpkin juice toward Dannie and said softly, “Make sure you drink it all, it’ll help.” She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know what he was talking about but she had an idea when he leaned behind her and handed two more small vials to Remus.

After that Minerva came up behind the couple, “I hope you don’t mind but I would like to steal your bride away for a bit.” Remus shook his head then watched as the two women walked out the side door only to return a few moments later. When Dannie was half way back to her seat Poppy quickly walked up to her and took her by the arm leading her back into the corridor.

As soon as the door closed the older woman held out a vial, “Here I want you to drink this.”

“Thank you but if that’s what I think it is then Sev already slipped some into my juice.” Dannie stated.

“He did, did he? Well good, not all men can comprehend to how it can be uncomfortable at times.”

“It’s not that obvious is it? I mean first Sev then Minerva and now…”

“No dear not at all. It’s just I’ve taken care of Remus after the moon for so long now that I know that he’s well I’m sure you know, after all your cords have been separated. There’s just no harm in having a healthy stock of some things until your body has fully adjusted.” she handed her a bag and when Dannie looked in it she noticed there were 5 more vials “Now I must warn you. Although it’s not bad at all there is a side effect that comes along with it but I’m sure you’ll realize what that is soon enough.” Poppy then pulled Dannie into a quick but tight hug before pulling out a handkerchief and blowing her nose.

When she finally entered the hall again Dannie quickly placed the bag with the accumulated 10 vials from the two older women on the floor between her and Remus when he noticed the glass clink together. “Obviously they seem determined that we aren’t gonna leave our bed for quite awhile.”

Remus smiled as he put the vials from Severus into the bag the placed his arm around her chair as he leaned over to whisper, “Well Madame’ Lupin when you’re ready to retire for the next 2 weeks just say the word.”

Now feeling much better Dannie placed her hand on his leg under the table and slowly moved it up his thigh “The…”

“Now before our couple make their hasty retreat I have a few words and ask that they please stand in the centre of the room.” Albus announced as Dannie glared daggers at him. “It’s been a long time since these grounds have been worthy of such a joyous event as we had today and I am honoured to have been a part of it.” He paused as he took a drink from his goblet. “Now I have known each and everyone as your professor or headmaster since the day you first walked through those doors for the first time as children, with the exception of Madame’ Lupin and my friend, William, right here. I have grown to love all of you as my own. I’ll admit that over the years I have made some poor decisions that helped us loose friends and loved ones whether it was permanent or temporary and for that I will always truly be sorry.

“At the time I asked one of my sons to return I had no idea where he was or what had happened , for if I did I may not have asked him to make the sacrifice he did. It wasn’t until a little more than a year ago with I sent Mrs. Figg to the states to confirm the reports of a werewolf child with magical abilities when I realized that the child was still alive and didn’t perish like we believed she did. William informed me of what your concerns would be before you ever responded to the notice. Yes I knew who the two of you were at that time and I needed to make amends to the one child who never once questioned or refused to do what I asked of him no matter what the cost. “ Albus paused to what looked like he was finishing his drink but when he put it down it was still half full.

“I watched both of you grow to know each other this past year and the closer you became the more I felt my debt was paid. It wasn’t and unless I can somehow return the past 15 years of blissful happiness you both deserve, I will forever remain in your debt.

“Children live their lives knowing the love of family and or friends throughout the years. As they grow older some are lucky enough to meet their soul mates while others run around aimlessly swearing vows of love and devotion to one person after another. Remus you have silently watched your friends find those dear to them and never once outwardly complained of not being as blessed, although some of your actions were quite questionable, you never vowed anything unless you truly meant it.” Again he took a drink and again it remained half full while the children were starting conversations amongst themselves as he continued with his words starting to slur a bit.

Dannie you have come a long way. You were raised without knowing how wonderful life could be with the love of those who are not of blood relations. Because of this and the prejudices of your people you were very distrusting of everyone. Although expected, I quickly learned how severe the distrust was with your reply to Bria’s letter. When you two arrive here although you raised your daughter to be proud of what she is, you immediately started to defend what you are along with your past actions with explanations when none were ever needed. You accepted the position I offered you that day secretly believing that I expected something in return. I watched as you tried to keep your distance from those around you until one night an accident happened and you unknowingly accepted the comfort of someone. Although you started lowering your defences you still kept your distance. I have heard you refer to both Severus and Sirius as Remus’ brothers and as much as they will deny it at times, brothers they are. You have been here for just under a year now considering yourself as a mere employee and an outsider but it was the words of a little one after another unfortunate accident that stated what you are and have been since you stepped foot in our world. He referred to you as either Aunt Dannie or Auntie as he and the other children who reside here have. To them you are as much of a sister to their fathers as Remus is their brother. When you believed that I expected something from you, you were right. I expected you to feel as if you too were one of my children.

“Over the past few weeks you have told everyone how you don’t belong here and this isn’t your world but its Remus’ and I’ll admit that broke my heart. You may have been born into that other world and although they will accept that you exist there but it’s the one that chooses you to be apart of it that you truly belong to. With or without any magical abilities this has become your home and your world for as long as I’m around just as much as it is his. I would like to be the first to say Welcome home my child.” Albus finally finished as he walked toward the couple.

Dannie then hugged the old man and whispered “Thank you.” before she smelled the fire whisky on his breath.

“No thanks are necessary.” he replied as he pulled back and took her hands in his keeping her from backing away. He then lifted one of her hands and asked “Remus I hope you don’t mind if I kiss the bride do you?”

Dannie shook her head and tried to take a step back but Albus kept a hold of her hand as Remus replied “Not at all. Love do you…” but before he could finish the old man had jerked her toward him then gripped her tightly as he tried invading her mouth with his tongue while she was doing all she could to push him away. Remus instantly helped in prying his mate out of his mentor’s grip until she was free and Albus fell backwards onto the floor while Poppy and Minerva came running to assist him and Ann announced quite clearly how she felt about the headmaster’s actions.

When Albus reached up to accept Poppy’s help to his feet he instead pulled her down onto the floor with him mumbling incoherently in her ear. She tried getting away from him when Arthur rose from his seat to help the women then Minerva took Remus’ hand, “We’ll take care of this. I want the two of you to go and enjoy your night without worrying about him.” she then sighed “I should have kept a better eye on that goblet of his.”

“Wait until everyone returns and hears about this.” Ann said to Bria.

“You will not say one word about this to anyone.” Severus stated as he made his way back to the table. “Remus and Dannie aren’t like your parents. They would be extremely embarrassed if word got out.”

Ann glanced at her mom who was sitting at the other end of the table then returned the glare. “Sev what are you telling her?”

“Just comparing their incident to the one you and Black had.” he replied.

“Professor D did the same thing to you?” Ann said disgustingly

Remus and Dannie were walking back to the table to say a final see ya to Bria when Remus answered “If I remember right he actually did more than kiss your mum.” while Patty seemed to become a bit uncomfortable. “Bria remember what I said about behaving yourself.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be by her side the whole time.” Ann stated.

Remus looked at Patty then back to her “As much like your mum as you are, that doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“I’ll keep an ear out on them, go and enjoy yourselves.” Severus stated.

The two of them thanked him then Remus took Dannie into his arms “Ready?” and she nodded. He then leaned down and kissed her deeply as the two of them disappeared from the room.

“I thought that wasn’t allowed from the castle. What about the wards?” Hermione asked.

As Severus leaned down to take a bite of his desert he glanced at Jamie out of the corner of his eye noticing that the boy was also curious on what the answer would be so he didn’t reply.


The next thing Dannie knew the two of them were standing outside what almost looked like the Three Broomsticks but it seemed vacant. Dannie looked around the small town at how quiet the street really was without all the children and patrons doing their daily business. Remus reached over and rang the bell before wrapping is arms around her and staring down into her eyes until the door opened and a stout man greeted them. “Professor, Madame’ we were starting to worry about the two of you.”

“Um, well I appreciate that. Is everything prepared?”

“Yes sir, Miss Lightpaws brought the last of your things earlier today.” the man replied as he led them up the stairs and to their room. As the wizard unlocked the door and went inside Dannie started to follow but Remus pulled her into a tight embrace “Anxious to start our first night together?” he jokingly asked as he softly brushed his lips against hers. She instantly wrapped her arms around his neck responding to the kiss but opening her mouth slightly allowing the entrance he seeked. As they stood in the hallway they completely forgot where they were as he brought his hand slowly down to the small of her back pulling her closer to his hardening erection while his other hand found it’s way underneath her breast plate and started caressing her.

Dannie started to feel her legs give way as she lightly brushed her nails across the back of his neck enticing him even moue as he tried to pull her even closer then breaking the kiss only to trail butterfly kissed down her neck while she moved towards his ear and purred softly “And who were you saying was anxious?”

The wizard cleared his throat slightly embarrassed about having to interrupt the couple, “Professor, your rooms are ready.” before turning over the key and heading down the stairs.

Once again Dannie turned and tried to enter the room but still he held her back, “Would you let me do this the right way?” he asked causing her to sigh impatiently. Remus then bend down as if he was going to scoop her up but instead he flung her over his shoulder then rushed into the room only to dump her backwards onto the bed.

“That’s no way to make sure I’m howling from ecstasy.” she stated as she sat upright.

Remus then pounced onto the bed next to her, “Oh you will. Just trust me.” he replied as she crawled over to him on her hands and knees then straddled his legs as she started undoing the buttons on his shirt kissing from his throat down his chest as the clothing slipped open.

He reached around to the back of her regalia trying to find a way of opening it but soon started to grow frustrated as he discovered the small tie was knotted. “Here let me.” she stated as she first removed her beaded belt then slipped the breast plate over her head and he smiled since the outfit looked like nothing more than a leather potato sack decorated with fancy beadwork and fringe.

Dannie then turned around and moved her braid to the side and he carefully worked the knot free and started nibbling on her bare neck as he pulled her back against his chest. His mouth then moved across to her shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her stopping one and on her chest as the other continued down between her legs merely covered by the leather then started rubbing firmly until she let out a small moan. “Stand up and come with me.” he whispered but she just glared at him in frustration as he moved from behind her then pulled her to her feet leading her across the room. As soon as they walked into the bathroom Dannie noticed the room was as large as the bedroom and in the centre sat a hot tub filled with bubbles while a bottle of champagne sitting on the opposite end as he sat on the edge he pulled her closer. When she was right in front of him he slowly took the bottom of the regalia in his hands and lifted it upward until he reached her navel and started lightly kissing upward as he removed the last remaining garment over her head and she took a step back as he rose to his feet and she reached her hands up his chest to slide his shirt off when he grabbed them and moved them down to her sides. “I don’t want you doing anything except to relax and enjoy.”

He then scooped her up and bent down placing her into the water before straightening to remove his trousers. Dannie sat on the inside ledge in the water watching every move he made while all fears and doubts about how it would be painful again left her mind as she started to wonder if this was the side effect that the medi-witch was talking about. She had wanted him even though she knew the first time wouldn’t be too pleasant, after all it’s not something that either one had been very experienced in but according to her cousin they would grow accustomed to each other with plenty of practice and discovering more and more about the other’s bodies. But on the other hand, since he touched her on the bed she had been feeling like she absolutely needed him again more than she had ever needed anything in her life.

He had then taken a sponge and started with her toes then slowly moved upward taking turns with each leg until he reached her centre when she let out a small moan again then he rose up level to her moving the sponge away and inserting two fingers, “Feeling better?” She responded by moving one of her arms around to his back to pull him closer as the other moved downward to stroke him but to her surprise he pulled back out of her reach removing his fingers. As he started to move toward her with the sponge again she placed her foot against his chest and pushed him away before rising to her feet and turning to leave the hot tub. Remus instantly jumped to his feet and wrapped his arms around her pulling Dannie back into the water with him gliding to the other side. “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you yet.” he growled softly.

“Well if you’re not done with me quit acting like you are every time I touch you.” she replied as she moved a hand behind herself for what was pressing against her tailbone.

Remus reluctantly reached to remove her hand. “If you don’t stop….I told you, you will be the one pleased tonight.” but she refused to stop. “Dannie…” But he couldn’t finish his plea as she turned around and moved him to the shallow end of the hot tub and onto the ledge while her hand moved further down to his sac gently rolling it in her hand. Just as he felt the smooth inside ledge against the back of his knees he fell onto the ledge as she knelt down in front of him moving her hand from his testicles to the base of his cock she lowered her head and lightly moved her tongue across the slit and around the tip before slowly sucking the full length into her mouth and humming softly as she moved back up to the head again. As she started to move back down his shaft she felt his fingers in her hair pulling her head back up, leaned over and kissed her deeply moving his hands down and around her waist as she rose up placing her knees on either side of his body. Dannie was the one who broke the kiss running her tongue across to his ear lightly biting down on it as he moved his hand to cup her breast then lowering his head sucking on the nipple and finally biting down as she slowly lowered her body sheathing him. Panting heavily into the crevasse of her breast he stated “As amazing as you feel you have a bad habit of ruining the plans I have for you.”

“I believe with all the time we have before we have to go back you’ll have plenty of opportunities to accomplish your plans.” she replied softly into his neck as she started to raise herself only to be pushed back down onto him and she let out a small moan.

The arm around her held her tight against his body as he used his other to help him rise to his feet while her legs wrapped tightly around his waist allowing him to turn and walk on his knees across the cushioned platform attached to the side of the tub only to lay her back as gently as possible. He then rested his elbow along her side as he gazed down at the body beneath him running his hand from her buttocks up her side and stopping on her breast. “Beautiful” he whispered as he lowered his head and lightly licked the dark nipple before sucking it into his mouth then quickly moved onto the other and did the same.

Feeling as if he was touching every nerve inside her she couldn’t help but let out another small moan as he continued to kiss up her collarbone to her neck and he instantly paused to give her a worried look. “Don’t you dare stop.” she said as she lifted her head off the floor and captured his mouth with hers. Her wish was his command as he started to rock slowly with long strokes in and out of her as her moans gradually became higher in pitch. All too soon her feet slid from around his waist to the floor as he started thrusting faster and faster with her body rising to meet each and every movement and her arms tightened around his torso and nails digging into his back. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer as his started thrusting harder and harder erratically and she still met with him until her body stiffened suddenly, arched backward and nails clawing him as if she was using them to hang on for her life while the muscles around his cock tightened suddenly pulling everything from him. He instantly moved his hands under her arms and gripped onto her shoulders and buried his head in the crook of her neck having the sudden need to taste her he sucked her skin into his mouth as hard as possible as he thrust deeper then deeper again and freezing as his body shuddered in release and teeth gripped tight onto her skin as he did his best to unsuccessfully suppress a high pitched moan releasing her skin and finally then one last small thrust and he was not only empty but he couldn’t move.

Even if he could move did he want to? The arms that just a few moments ago were clawing him for support were now wrapped lovingly around him as he felt her lightly kiss his neck before her head rested comfortably against his. Remus then slowly rose to his elbows and looked down at her face. He knew instantly that he didn’t have to ask her if she was in pain because the look she had and the emotions he was sensing from her were completely different from before. He then leaned down and kissed her briefly taking her upper lip between his letting out a deep moaning sigh as he did before resting his forehead against hers as he looked into her eyes and smiling. “I could stay right like this forever.”

“As wonderful as that sounds I think it would make teaching your classes a bit hard.”

“No it may make teaching a bit difficult but the only thing that will be hard is me at the thought that I have you to come home to each and every single night.” he replied as he wrapped his arm around her and flipped them over onto his back then she stretched as he held her tight against him when she folded her hands in the centre of his chest and rested her chin on top of them. Remus ran his fingers up her spine and around to the side of her face and moved the hair behind her ear. “Do you know how much I love you?”

Dannie wrapped her arms around him again and turned her head as she hugged him tight “As much as I do you?” she asked as she moved the lower part of her body to the side of him as she felt the rumble in his chest as he hummed his response.

She then felt him turn forcing her head onto his forearm as he draped his leg over her and sleepily replied “Can’t believe you’re finally my mate. All mine.” then rested his lips on her head.

“Always have been.” she murmured.



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