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Collision Chapter 21

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Chatper 21
Chapter Rating: R for language and violence

Chapter 21

The morning at the courthouse started out the same as the day before with the exception that the crowds that littered the corridors had diminished greatly. In fact there was hardly anyone around and those who had arrived for the trial were immediately escorted to waiting rooms. As soon as they entered their waiting room Dannie and Bria removed their cloaks as Margaret stood in the doorway reading a note that was handed to her by one of the aurors. “It seems that they need some help at the hospital today. I should be back this afternoon, if not I’ll send an owl.” Dannie nodded in response and the woman left.

As time had passed the two women had started to worry that something had happened that was causing the delay in the trail. Dannie looked at her watch for what seemed like the hundredth time when Bria finally went to the door and opened it to step into the corridor. As she looked towards the courtroom she saw a few aurors waiting patiently talking to one another so she continued down to see what was going on. “What are you doing over here instead of waiting in the room?” Tonks asked.

“I came to see what was taking so long, the magistrate said yesterday that we would be starting at 8.” Bria replied as she was led back to the room.

“You mean nobody has told you?”

“Told us what?” Dannie asked as she watched her daughter return.

“It seems that you weren’t the only anonymous one to testify against Deloris last night. I don’t know what was said or anything but whatever it was, it was enough to have him come to a decision and he felt it would be better if he issued her sentencing before Remus’ trial ever reconvened this morning.”

“You don’t know what’s going to happen to her do you?” Bria asked.

“I wish I did. All I know is that it has something to do with what you told him yesterday.” Tonks said as she faced Dannie. “I would have thought with all the deaths and pain she caused she would have instantly been sent off to the Dementors but….” Tonks paused as she was interrupted by shouting from the courtroom. “No! You can’t do that to me!” followed by the gavel pounding hard against the desk. “Listen, I’ve got to go and help ‘em out.” she said as she ran out the door and down the hall.

A few moments later the doors slammed against the walls as they flew open and the two men in white cloaks drug a kicking and screaming woman behind them as the aurors scrambled to make sure their passageway to the back door was clear. As soon as another set of doors had opened and closed Tonks returned to the waiting room. “Wotcha think about being able to keep that invisibility cloak off for good. Not likely that Deloris will be walking around a free woman for quite a long time.” she smirked. “If you’re ready to take your place in the courtroom the magistrate said he’ll be starting in fifteen minutes.”

Bria and Dannie started to stand when Tonks once again looked over at Dannie and said “I’m sorry but you’re going to have to wait in here today. I’m afraid that they believe you would be too much of a distraction to the other witnesses before it’s announced that you are in fact alright.” Dannie sighed and sat back down as the other two headed towards the courtroom and Bria took her seat next to Remus while Mcnair glared at the two of them.

“All rise.” the bailiff announced as the magistrate entered the courtroom looking more relaxed than he did the previous day.

“Mr. Lupin, if you would be so kind as to return to the stand so that we may begin.” the magistrate immediately stated. As Remus stood up he looked at Bria and she gave his hand a comforting squeeze before he walked over and sat down in the chair next to the bench.

“Mr. Lupin, you stated yesterday that you have been a werewolf for over thirty years now, is that correct?” Mcnair asked.


“Do you remember the time you were turned?”


“That’s quite along time ago are you sure you remember everything?”

“How can anyone forget the moment their status as a human is taken away?”

“Would you please tell the court what you remember that led up to your change?”

Remus sighed, “The evening before I heard my parents fighting once again so I stood outside their door to try to find out why the woman I believed was my mother was so upset with him. Mum was upset because she had learned that father had arranged for my mother to have a home on the outskirts of the property and was going to continue to allow her to tutor my sisters and me. After listening to them for awhile is when I learned the truth regarding whom my true mother was. I learned at an early age that my parents had their way to convince us of what they truly wished us to believe whether it was the truth or not. So the next morning I woke up a few hours before sunrise and headed to the small hut that she lived in so that I could ask her if what I understood was true or not. Unfortunately it was along my way to the hut that I was attacked. Later after the funeral took place I learned that it was my true mother that had stumbled across us and started screaming for help when my sire turned and killed her instead. Her screams had alerted the workers as they arrived and they brought my father down to the vineyard. While they took the man away to behead him father was the one who had found me and took me back to my rooms to recover.”

“Mr. Lupin, although you know the laws regarding werewolves and what the consequences are if you attack someone you have still managed to attempt attacks on more than one occasion while still proclaiming that you are harmless to the public. How can you expect the Ministry to believe that none of this will happen again? That you will not sire another unsuspecting female?”

“All I can say is that I have been taking the Wolfsbane Potion on a regular basis for the past two years and up until 2 weeks ago there have not been any problems.”

“There have been now two occasions in which you were supposed to take the potion but you didn’t. What is to say that this potion won’t be available again or may even become ineffective to you after time? How can you expect the ministry to trust you will be safe then?”

“Mr Mcnair, as an eye witness already told you, I did not attack Dannie. What happened to her was an accident. Also I have only been on the Wolfsbane potion for three years, two of them consistently. Before then I had to learn to take precautions, in which I may say I was quite successful in doing. If need be I can easily resort back to taking the same precautions once again.” Remus replied.

“Whether it was an attack or a mere accident like your friend seems to believe, that fact is that you have already bitten someone and you have attacked three students in the past. You have proven that you are a danger on our community.”

“So is every other werewolf out there that does not have access to the potion.”

“But they have never attacked anyone, you did!” Mcnair stated quite loudly.

Remus took a deep breath to keep from shouting back at the man, “If I at all felt that I was a danger to any of the students or colleagues I certainly would not have accepted Professor Dumbledore’s offer to teach the students this past year. In which I might add that the students and their parents knew what I am and were never once in any sort of harm while I was there.”

“Did you believe that you would be a danger to Miss Lightpaws the night of her so called accident?”

“There is never a guarantee with myself or any other werewolf in existence. If anything Dannie and Bria have had a calming effect on Moony, the only time anyone would be in any sort of danger from either of us would be if they were attempting to harm them.”

Mcnair paused a while then looked at his notes before continuing. “You and Professor Snape keep stating that Miss Lightpaws is your mate and that there is no chance that you’ll go out and try to find another. If I remember right, you had quite a reputation with the girls when we were students. What makes your times with them so different that the one time you were with Miss. Lightpaws?”

“I never mated with any of them.”

“This mating you keep mentioning, are you merely using that word because you were in wolf form at the time that it happened or is it because you produced a child?” Mcnair paused “Better yet, is the fact that none of our old classmates were smart enough to run away from your perverted games of trying to take them during the full moon.”

“I never. Your honour am I truly expected to have to sit here and answer these questions when…”

“What’s wrong Lupin? Are you afraid your answer will discredit any claim you and your friends have tried to make regarding this nonsense of you and Miss. Lightpaws being life mates?”

“No. My concern is for my minor age daughter who is sitting next to you looking as is she would rather be anywhere but here being forced to have to listen about my private life. Tell me Mcnair, do you often discuss your sexual relations in front of your children?”

“Mr Mcnair, he does state a valid point. Either tell us now what you are hoping to accomplish with this line of questioning or cease it immediately.” the magistrate stated.

“I am merely trying to put to rest these ridiculous allegations that the defendant and others claim about this life mate nonsense. I personally remember the reputation he had and as much as I hate to mention it, also the same reputation that the female werewolves that were staying at the Safehouse. What he is stating has never been proven as anything more than a myth.”

The magistrate sighed, “Agent Tonks, would you please escort Miss. Lightpaws into the corridor for a few minutes while we clear this matter up. I will send the bailiff for the two of you as soon as we are done.”

As soon as the two of them left the room Mcnair looked at Remus and stated “Now Mr. Lupin would you care to explain to us how someone with your reputation can sit there and expect us to believe that you have had sex only one time in your life?”

“The reputation I had when we were students wasn’t completely unfounded; I admit that there quite a few occasions in which we did enjoy each other’s company. But I’m telling you Mr. Mcnair that there has only been one time that we have actually mated with someone. You asked why Dannie and I have different habits than the others like us. I don’t know. Maybe it could have something the do with the fact that we have both spent the majority of our lives as wolves or somehow when we went through puberty that was a trait that stayed with us even when we weren’t in wolf form. No matter what the fact is there we are mates and there is nothing that would end that, not even death.”

“That you be a very logical excuse Lupin, if only your reputation didn’t perceive you.” Mcnair stated.

“Yes I did have quite a reputation when I was younger, but if you ask any of the females that I was with you would quickly learn that I never took a single one of them.” Remus paused as he noticed Mcnair was about to say something he continued. “We may have fooled around or I may have enjoyed the way they taste but I never once mated with any of them.”

Mcnair just glared at Remus continuing to try to figure out what to say in response but the magistrate soon intervened, “I believe that Mr Mcnair is quite certain of what the differences are now. One thing I’ve been curious about is: You were able to produce a child with this female, who happens to have the ability to change into a wolf. Wouldn’t that mean that you would have also been able to reproduce with say someone who would also be an animagus if they also took on a wolf form?”

“I….I’m not sure.”

“But from what I understand that I’ve heard from your friends is that they all consider the two of you to be very similar but her capabilities are the same as an animagus, do you believe that there are at all any possibilities that that is merely what she is?”

“No sir I don’t. In order for that to be the case then she would have to be a witch.”

“Has she ever been tested?” he asked and Remus just shook his head. “So she very well could be one. Thank you Mr. Lupin. Bailiff would you please show the ladies back in?” the magistrate asked as he wrote a something onto a small parchment as Remus went back to his seat. As soon as Bria and Tonks entered the courtroom he handed the parchment to the older woman and said “Miss. Lightpaws would you please take the witness stand?” in which she did as Tonks read over the note and instantly left the building.

“Would you please state your name and position for the record?”

“Gabrielle Nicca Lightpaws, student at Hogwarts.”

“Miss. Lightpaws, how long have you known the defendant?”

“One year”

“Only a year? How is it that you have lived your whole life without even knowing your father?”

“I lived with my mom. There are a lot of kids that don’t know their dads.”

“But didn’t you ever wonder about why you never met him nor have any curiosity about him at all?”

“Not really, mom told me how I was conceived along with what happened afterwards so I knew he had no knowledge of me.”

“Tell me; how the Ministry is expected to believe that your mother who you claim eagerly accepted being attacked by this creature when…” Mcnair was briefly interrupted by the magistrate clearing his throat in warning, “excuse me your honour, attacked by this defendant when she clearly hid your existence from him. Was it that she was afraid of what he was or was it that she was ashamed for what she had done?”

“Mom has never been ashamed for anything she did and the only reason she didn’t tell him about me after I was born is because she had no idea on how to find him.”

“Is this something you know for a fact or something that your mother merely told you?”

“She told me.”

“So what you are testifying to is merely hearsay, it could be that your mother never even bothered to look for your father at all probably because she knew that he was just animal that she was sick enough to have had sex with but by some leap of faith she was impregnated by it. How often have you seen your mother go off into the forests by herself?”

“NO!” Bria shouted

“Your honour!” Remus spat as he rose from his seat only to immediately receive a strong hand on his shoulder pushing him back down.

“Mr Mcnair I will not permit you to badger the witness in this matter.”

Walden ignored the warning and continued, “Tell me Miss Lightpaws, how many of the characteristics of your parents did you inherit? Is it true that you also have been know to go running around as a wolf even when it’s not time for the full moon? Do you believe the defendant has the same right to claim you as he does your mother?”

The magistrate was furious after the second question as he started to pound his gavel against the desk “Mr Mcnair that is quite enough! If I hear one more derogatory remark regarding the child or her mother then you will be held in contempt. Do I make my self clear?”

He then got a smug look on his face as he smiled “Quite clear. No more question.” and he sat back down at his table glancing over at Remus who seemed to be quite furious at this point and Mcnair wondered how much more before the man would finally snap.

“Miss Lightpaws, have you ever witnessed your mother showing to have any magical capabilities at all?” the magistrate asked in a kind voice.

“No. I thought you understood mom is a muggle.”

“I do understand that that is what you all believe her to be but with her ability to change her shape at will into a living breathing animal you must realize by now that it raises the question on if she is in fact an animagus.”

“She can’t be. I’ve been watching my friends take the course and in order to become one they have to do the potion and then the spell along with control. Mom and I have never had to use either of those in order to change, it’s always been more of a letting yourself go.”

The door then opened as Tonks arrived and the magistrate merely looked at her and she nodded to the man. “Thank you Miss Lightpaws, you may be seated. Agent Tonks, would you please show in Miss Lightpaws.” he asked as Bria made her way back to her seat and soon afterwards Dannie proceeded to the stand.

“State your name and position in the community.” Mcnair stated.

“Danielle Angel Lightpaws, herbology teacher at Hogwarts.”

“Well Miss Lightpaws, I must state I am pleased to finally meet the one who has caused quite a commotion over the past few days.” Dannie just looked at Mcnair cautiously, “I am curious on why someone like yourself would be interested in throwing their life away by attempting to contest your attacker’s sentencing.”

“I thought it was clear, he’s not only my life-mate and the father of my child but we’re to be joined next month.”

“Your life-mate you say? How long have you known the defendant?”

“I’ve known Remus for about a year now.”

“But your daughter that you conceived with him is fifteen years old.”

“Actually Bria was conceived by Moony and my other self.”

“When you say your other self are you referring to the animal that you have the ability to change into?”


“I’m curious. We know that when a werewolf changes from the shape of a man into the wolf their mind also changes. Is it the same way when you change into a wolf?”

“No my mind has always stayed the same.”

“So when you went into the woods that night and ‘mated’ with an animal your mind was still human perspective? Don‘t you find that disgusting?”

“Yes my mind was still human but asking if I found it disgusting would be the same as if I asked you if your wife was disgusted by mating with you.” Dannie replied.

“My wife and I don’t mate.” Mcnair spat.

“I don’t blame her.” Bria mumbled causing Remus to smile.

“My apologies.” Dannie stated. “I believe you misunderstand. Moony and I mating is really no different that any man and woman no matter what form we were in because I knew we were the same.”

“The morning after the two of you mated, what form were you in when you woke up?”


“But you said that only met him a year ago.”

“I left the cave before he woke up.”

“Why is that Miss Lightpaws? Were you ashamed of what you had done?”

“No I was never ashamed of that. I left because I had no idea of how he would feel react about what we did once he saw exactly who he was with.”

“Between the times you found out that you were impregnated and last year, had you ever searched for Mr. Lupin so that you could inform him of the daughter you share?”

“After Bria was born I tried but I had no idea of his human name or where he came from. All I had was the foggy memory of a face and the name of Moony; it wasn’t as if that would have been enough information to file a missing person’s report.”

“What about during the beginning of your pregnancy? You lived in a small community and the reports that that he spent the next 2 full moons in the same forest in which you consummated your relationship. Didn’t you see him at all during those times?”

“Mr Mcnair, what is the point of these questions towards the witness? She is not the one on trial here.” the magistrate asked

“I understand quite well she’s not on trial but I would like to try to understand how it is that two creatures can claim they are mated for life when they are not only separated for over a decade but they share a child together that one does not know about.”

“Very well, proceed then.”

“I spent the majority of those months either at home, work, or my cousin’s home. After I realized I was pregnant I didn’t change again because I had no idea of what kind of effect it would have had on the baby.”

“But you worked as a waitress in the only restaurant within miles. Wouldn’t it make sense that he would have gone there at some time in order to eat?” Mcnair asked but Dannie remained silent. “Did you at all see the defendant during that time?”

“You don’t know how things were back then, how people looked at me. I couldn’t drag someone who…”

“Yes or no Miss. Lightpaws.” Mcnair stated again.

“Yes but…”

“So you admit that you did in fact not only know what the defendant looked like but you had seen him on at least one occasion and yet you refused to inform him that he was the father of the offspring that you were carrying. Yet you state that you were neither afraid of him nor disgusted by what you had done.”

Dannie looked over at Remus and could tell by the look on his face he was hurt by her answer. “You don’t understand. That was…”

“I understand quite well Miss Lightpaws. No more questions.”

“I really don’t think you do sir. I have never been ashamed for anything I did other than not being able to tell him. I wish I could have but how in the hell do you walk up to a stranger that you know has no memory of you and tell them your pregnant with their child?”

“You tell them just that.” Remus muttered.

The magistrate looked back and forth between the couple then over at Mcnair who was smiling at this point. “We’re going to break for lunch at this time. We’ll reconvene in one hour.” and he slammed his gavel down on the desk. He then motioned for Tonks to follow him into his chambers and closed the door. Dannie watched the bailiff escort Remus back to his waiting room without even looking in her direction then silently took Bria to the cafeteria for lunch. Needless to say not a word was said between mother and daughter.


Meanwhile on the other side of town Margaret sat in a small office looking over some notes that her colleagues made regarding the newest arrivals at St. Mungos when there was a knock at the door. “Excuse me Madame’, she’s ready for you.” the intern stated.

“Has she been given the serum?” Margaret asked.

“Yes ma’am, it took longer than we expected because she put up quite a fight but we finally were able to inject all of it.”

“How’s she doing now?” Margaret asked as she approached the door.

“Still quite restless, unfortunately we did have to strap her down because of the fighting.”

“You didn’t use any magic on her though did you?”

“Definitely not.”

“Good, who was the donator?” Margaret asked.

“Monica, just like the magistrate suggested.”

“So she did consent to it. I was worried that she wouldn’t.”

“No. Monica was quite eager to have a playmate again.”

“Playmate? Didn’t they tell her what this would entail or even who it was?” Margaret asked.

“They did but when she was brought in we had to separate her from the other girls because of what happened to her at the centre. She not only received the worse of the disfiguring curses from that day but she was so traumatized by has mentally regressed so far back to her early childhood that we are unable to help her.”

Margaret looked at the young intern when she stopped at one of the patient rooms and for a few moments felt sorry for Deloris, until out of the corner of her eye she noticed something peeking out of the window in the door with a canvas bag over their head. “We had to do that to her because she kept clawing at her face. She’s already pulled out half her hair.” the girl softly said.

Margaret took a deep breath and opened the door when Deloris instantly turned her head to look at her. “What in the hell are you doing here?”

“Good afternoon to you to Deloris. How are you feeling after your treatment?”

“Don’t you dare act like you care how I’m doing. I demand that you release me immediately.”

“I’m sorry Deloris you know I can’t do that just like you know the rules when it comes to new werewolves. I’m here to help you with your registration.”

“Damn you Margaret. You can’t do that to me!” Deloris screamed.

“Would you rather I had someone else do it? I can arrange to have the same person you had give Dannie her serial number issue you yours. Just think, the sooner we get this done with the sooner you can join your roommate.” Margaret said as she picked up a silver plate from the table.

“None of the others have roommates. If I have to go through this then I expect to be treated the same way they are.” Deloris demanded.

“The only reason the other girls don’t have roommates is because their sires are no longer alive. You Deloris will be living with your.” and with that she placed the plate down on Deloris’ arm as the woman screamed at the top of her lungs from the pain.


As Tonks escorted Dannie and Bria back towards the waiting rooms she dropped Bria off at their assigned room but kept Dannie from entering after her. “I need you to come with Me.” she instructed and she led her down to the same room Remus was in.

As soon as the door opened Remus raised his head and as soon as Dannie entered the room he turned away from her and once they heard the click of the door locking Dannie sighed before sitting down at the table. After while of the two of them sitting there in silence Remus finally stated as calmly as possible, “All I want to know is why. You knew who I was back then and you saw me so why did you neglect to tell me about her?”

“With everything that had gone on that morning along with the fact that you had no idea on who I was what was I to say? ‘I know you don’t remember me at all but three months ago you took my virginity and left me with your baby’? You can‘t tell me that with everything you saw happen you would have wanted to be a part of my life back then? Papa’s attitude didn’t get any better after that day either and if he had figured out who you were he probably would have tried to kill you.”

“You know damn well that if you had approached me I would have definitely known you by your scent so I would have believed you.?

“When did I have the opportunity to approach you? Hell 5 minutes after your arrived is when all hell broke loose, I didn’t even get a chance to take your order before you and everyone else in there left and we had to close up. You in fact were the one to approach me after Papa confronted me about the pregnancy, don’t you remember when I collapsed out in the back by the….”

“Don’t say another word Dannie, he won’t remember.” Albus said from the doorway and the couple turned their attention to him.

“What do you mean he won’t remember? And don’t give me any of that crap about it being because of his change. His mind was perfectly stable when it happened.”

“Albus, I want to know now. What do you know about that morning and why won’t you let her explain why she neglected to tell me of my own child?” Remus asked.

“Yes his mind was stable. Don’t you remember when you first arrived at Hogwarts you tried to explain to me about your mating? I told you then that I had heard about it before. As for you Remus, even if she had of told you about the baby the results would have been the same. You were too distraught at the time they were the only things on your mind and we were all afraid that if you had gone back into battle that you wouldn’t have been able to focus properly.”

“So you oblivated my memory?” Remus asked.

“No my boy, in fact all I wanted to do was suppress the memory so that you wouldn’t have it until the war was over. It was you who was determinted that it needed to be erased completely and when I refused I’m quite sure now that you had one of your friends do it for you.”

“That still doesn’t explain why she never told me about Bria. If I had known I had a child on the way or even that I had known who my mate was I would have never gone to such extremes. I would have kept that memory just so I could have gone and gotten them.”

“But you did know. You knew who I was the moment you touched my stomach to try to calm her down. You even described what she would look like.”

“You just stated in there that you saw me when you were pregnant and didn‘t tell me about it being mine. So how in Merlin‘s name was I to know that I was the father?”

“Even if I did you would not have even remembered because you went so far to forget about us that you had your memory erased. Tell me Remus was it the fact that you were actually the one disgusted by what we had done or was it so you could go on fucking anything with 2 legs since there was still a huge chance that I would lose the baby and you wouldn’t be stuck with the likes of me?”

“You know better than to accuse me of that.” Remus growled.

“Do I really? Not from what Moony told me just before I was turned. Tell me Remus, what would have happened if one of those other girls you fucked while you had no memory of us would have been a werewolf?”

“Enough! Both of you. Your constant bickering about this is just what Mcnair wants. If he tears you two apart then there goes this whole claim you have on one another and Remus is gone.” Albus stated impatiently “I don’t care how mad at each other you two are over who did or didn’t do what. The fact is that you two together have to go out there and show him that this did not affect your relationship at all and afterwards you can decide where to go from there.”

Dannie glanced at Remus then quickly looked away and closed her eyes and softly replied. “For Bria’s sake I’ll continue to defend you but that’s as far as it goes. I can’t sit in there and pretend that everything is alright between us when I’m not the one who can easily erase any memories of mistakes I made.”

“That maybe so but the reasons are not what you think they are. There was a war going on and he needed to be able to concentrate on the task ahead of him.” Albus stated.

“He still made his decision to move on with his life. How do you know what his true reason for forgetting was? He could have easily erased that memory as well.”

“The magistrate is ready to begin again.” Tonks said from the open doorway.

Remus stood up and walked towards the door stopping briefly in front of Dannie “Moony may have told you that I had many females over the years but lets get one thing clear. The only thing that up until this very moment has disgusted me is that because of you, fucking them was something that he would not allow me to do. The furthest I was ever allowed was the knowledge that in time I could hunt and eat any prey that came along only to discard the remains afterwards.”

Dannie lifted her arm to slap Remus only to have it caught by Albus. “I said that was enough! Remus I told you back then that to remove those memories would one day cause you even more grief that you carried at that time. Although she felt there were reasons why she never came out and stated to everybody involved of your relationship, Dannie didn’t hide anything from you back then because from the story you told me, you knew exactly who she was. Just like you know she was not merely your prey as I‘m stunned to learn now that that was how you saw half your schoolmates. As for you,” he stated as he turned towards Dannie “You have always known that you had memories of the two of you together that he did not share and you know that the reasons you stated are not the reasons why. Both of you need to stop trying to hurt each and focus on the one that is actually attacking you if you are to move past this and win this case not for Bria but for all three of you.” Albus then released her arm and the two of them were escorted back into the court room and back to their previous seats.

When the magistrate entered the room quickly glanced between the couple then at a satisfied looking prosecutor and realized that he indeed caused a strain on their relationship. Mcnair started to rise to continue with questioning Dannie when the magistrate stated, “Before you begin again I have some questions of the witness myself.” he then turned to Dannie, “Miss Lightpaws, with your daughter being a witch and her age why is it that she did not attend the wizarding school in Salem?”

“I never knew there was such a school before. Professor Dumbledore was the first to approach us.”

“You claim that you’re a muggle. Didn’t you question the truth behind the offer?”

“That’s why when we received the letter I requested to join her. Professor Dumbledore understood my concerns without any questions he agreed to let me stay, it wasn’t until I arrived that I was offered the position as a teacher.”

“At the time you were offered the position were you aware that the defendant was also working at the school?”


“I thought you said testified earlier that you had no idea on how to find him.” Mcnair asked.

“I only knew because when we first arrived in London we were introduced at Diagon Alley. It was Mr. Black that told us that they were professors.”

“At that time did you inform Mr Lupin who you were and of his relationship to your daughter?”

“No, to be honest I was a bit surprised to see him after all that time. I believe that it was actually Professor Dumbledore that told him about her.”

“How did he react towards you after that?”

“He was friendly towards me but kept a close eye on Bria.”

“So the two of you didn’t instantly rekindle your relationship? Sort of begin where the two of you left off?”

“Sorry to disappoint you Mr Mcnair, no we didn’t.”

“Miss Lightpaws, I have a few questions for you.” The magistrate stated. “As you probably know your ability to change into the form of a wolf is very much like that of an animagus. Do you at all possess any magical capabilities?”


“Then please tell us how it is that you’ve been able to work and reside at a school that to every other muggle appears as a run down deserted castle?”

“I don’t know.”

“Have you ever been fitted for a wand?” Dannie shook her head, “Would you mind if I have Mr. Olivander fit you for one this morning?”

“I suppose so.”

Tonks then opened the door and Olivander walked in carrying his tape measurer and notepad and looked over the woman. “Which hand is your wand hand?” Dannie shrugged and he motioned for her to step down from the booth. As soon as she did so he held out the tape measurer but it didn’t even twitch. So he started measuring her himself stopping briefly to write down some notes then finally he tilted her head towards him and looked directly into her eyes and started writing once again only to scratch out what was written and write something else down in it’s place. After about ten minutes of this going on he finally started to ask questions. “I’ve been told you’ve become the herbology professor over at Hogwarts. Where did you go to learn such a trade?”

“I learned by watching my mom and aunt and by listening to the older women on the reservation.”

“Do you use them for magical purposes or medicinal?”

“Healing and protection mainly but I also make soaps and candles with them and sell it at the gatherings.”

“Where do you purchase your supplies?”

“The leather and beeswax I use I usually trade for at the gatherings and I grow all my own herbs.”

“Thank you .You can go back to your seat. Olivander said and he walked over to the table and started writing once again only to shake his head.

“Mr. Olivander, is there something wrong?” the magistrate questioned. “What do your results state?”

“Yes there is something wrong. You said you wanted me to fit her for a wand but with everything my calculations come up with that is not possible.”

“So she is a muggle.”

“No not really. Although there is energy about her that you won’t find in a muggle, she doesn’t have the other qualities that would make her a witch. In fact I’ve only met only one other person with such an energy.”

“Let me see if I understand what you’re saying. She isn’t a muggle because she contains some sort of energy but it’s not enough to be a witch. Are you insinuating that the muggles are gradually becoming more and more magical?”

“Yes and no. People that contain powers such as her although very limited on what they can do are of an older form but of magic. What magic we have inherited from Merlin is a combination of the five elements, but with Miss. Lightpaws hers is strictly contained to the earth. Although it’s commonly found among her people for a female not to lose these abilities due to lack of use is very rare.”

“I don’t understand, why it would be the females that didn’t use their powers if they were born with them?” the magistrate questioned.

“Because our people believe that such gifts should only be granted to the men and for a woman to hold these abilities would mean she is something evil enough to have stolen it from its rightful owner and would be persecuted as a witch.” An older man stated from the back of the room causing everyone to turn around and look at him.

“Sir this is a closed hearing.” the magistrate spat.

“I do understand that your honour but I believe I can help you to understand why the idea of Remus biting Dannie is not a crime at all, in fact I believe that this was something that was destined to happen.” the older man stated.

“What is your name sir.” Mcnair asked.

“I’m known as Grandfather, I own a small shop in Hogsmeade and I believe you will find me on that witness list in front of you. Although I do not know why I wasn’t called upon earlier since what I have to say could very well put an end to all of this.” Grandfather stated while Olivander and Mcnair just glared at him.

“Very well sir then tell me. You stated that a woman would be persecuted for being a witch, we all know that the Witch Trials went away in the 18th century.”

“Maybe for the white man they did for in our culture they haven’t. In fact the most recent one took place about….how many years ago was it my child?”

“Thirty.” Dannie replied while the magistrate turned his attention towards her but didn’t question her response.

“Thank you Mr. Olivander for your time, Miss. Lightpaws, you may return to your seat.” the magistrate stated. “Sir, if you don’t mind would you please step up to the witness stand and enlighten us on how you feel that there was no crime in what the defendant did to Miss. Lightpaws?”

Grandfather looked around the room and then walked over the table Mcnair stood behind eyeing an empty chair next to him. “Do you mind if I use this?” he asked and the prosecutor shook his head. He then put the chair down in front of the witness stand and stated. “I hope you don’t mind but this is not the sort of setting that I am use to for speaking with people.”

“Sir if you are going to testify on the defendant’s behalf then I must insist that you take the proper seat in the witness stand.” the magistrate stated.

Grandfather then put the chair back where it belonged and proceeded up to the stand and sat down removing his glasses and setting them on the ledge in front of him. “What I am about to tell you was told to me by my papaw as he learned it from his papaw before him.”


Many years ago when out lands were rich and fertile our people like so many others fought between one another over the prosperous territories. Some of these attacks resulted in mere stealing of ponies to show bravery and skill to a young maiden’s father but others ended in destroying whole villages and capturing the women for slaves.

One morning a young hunter ventured out past the Eastern shores where his people resided and came across one of the clan villages that had been destroyed just days before. As he rummaged through the small village he came across, Kayla, the youngest daughter of the wolf clan who was severely injured and left to die with the others. Being the kind soul he was he gathered the child and took her to his shack to try to nurse her back to health. Although he tried everything he could think of Kayla’s throat was beyond repair.

As time passed the man started to care deeply for the girl and by the time winter arrived she had reached maidenhood and accepted the young man as her mate. Over the next year their feelings for one another had grown stronger even though she was longing for the time she spent with her spirit brothers and sisters that lived in her old forest. Time continued to pass and the longing of her old life grew, especially during the fall when her mate was out for days gathering nesscities to help them through the up coming winter. Early one morning when Kayla was seven months along with their first child she ventured across the same path that she was carried down the previous year leading her back to her old village. When there she was warmly welcomed by the pack and together they finally honoured those in her clan that moved on without her.

By the time the ceremony was completed dusk had reached the territory and Kayla started to make her way back to her new home escorted by some pack members. The long walk mixed with the energy used on the ceremony and her pregnancy took its toll on her more than she was willing to admit. Determined to make it home she continued her track stumbling over branches every now and then. Finally out of bleariness she stumbled off the path falling into a metal trap that closed down onto her shoulder digging its teeth into the skin and crushing the bone. With the help of her escorts Kayla was painfully able to free herself from the trap before they drug her back onto the path where she lay unconscious.

Kota sent her mate on ahead towards Kayla’s home to try to gather her sister’s mate to help while she lay across Kayla’s body to keep her warm from the freezing winds that were beginning to arrive. Unknown to either of them the young man was returning home and checking his traps along the way when he found the trail of blood and followed it hoping to find the animal to help make this trip plentiful. As he reached the trail until the light of the moon his hopes were instantly crashed and turned into rage as he noticed the wolf on his young bride.

Not knowing of Kayla’s kinship with the animals he instantly shot the beast he believed was responsible for her injuries before he fell to his knees in tears. It is said that Kota’s loud yelp and sudden movement woke Kayla from her state and in knowing the seriousness of both of their injuries their souls merged into one allowing Kayla to remain human by night to care for the little one that was yet to be born and until they were of age she would be mother to Kota’s own cubs during the day. The young man laid down his rifle on the ground and walked over to the two bodies that were sprawled out on the path. When he finally pulled Kota’s corpse off his bride he bent down to pick her up when he heard a growling coming from the shadows and he backed away towards his rifle just as Kota’s mate attacked the young man and drugs him into the woods. As he fought for his life the rifle went off killing the angry wolf who in his last breath cursed the one that killed his beloved so that he would spend the rest of his nights never able to forget what he had done.

Now Grandmother Moon watched in distress what had truly happened and understood the young hunter’s misgivings but she was unable to remove the complete curse from him. Instead she would let the young couple have their nights together on the condition that when she was most alert he would become the wolf in order to remember what he had done.

Just before sunup Kayla now in wolf form as promised ventured off into the woods determined to keep her promise to her sister before returning home to her husband that evening. It wasn’t until mid-day when the young hunter woke still weak and since he was unable to find his beloved’s remains next to the two furry corpses he thought it was merely a bad dream until he arrived home to an empty home. It was at that time he gathered what clothing he could carry and with a broken heart he burned their home and everything that reminded him of his Kayla and the child they were to have before he ventured back to the eastern shores of his own people, both forms angry and vengeful at the other for what had happened and willing to share his grief with those along the way.

At the end of the day Kayla felt her body start to transform into its human form but this time had been far too much for the soon to be mother and just as quickly as the moon rose she went into labour and a new baby girl was born delaying Kayla’s return. It wasn’t until a week later when Kayla was healthy enough to strap her little one to her back and finally return to the man she fell in love with only to find the charred remains of their happy home. Kayla believed him to have done this out of anger and although the need to go out and find him was strong, she knew she had a promise to keep since her body was not hers alone so for the last time she made her way back to her childhood home and to the pack .

Two years had gone by before Kota’s cubs reached maturity and became full members of the pack and Kayla’s promise was fulfilled and she could once again walk around as a woman during the day but would forever have the ability to change. Kayla gathered her little one and a sketch she made of her mate and she went in search of the man. Along their travels some people recognized him and pointed her to the direction they last saw him head towards while others for reason unknown to her were fearful of the man in the picture. Either way during their first year of travelling they always came across someone who was kind enough to allow Kayla and her child to sleep in their barn until one winter morning after the child turned 3 years old that Kayla was woken by the screams of a farmer’s wife over finding a small wolf cub sleeping in the far corner trying to stay warm. As soon as the woman ran back to her house to gather her husband Kayla woke her child and the two of them left only to remain away from people as much as possible. Unfortunately by the time Kayla and the child made their way to the eastern shores she learned that the man people believed was in her sketch had sailed back across the ocean and she never did find him.


“That is a wonderful yet heartbreaking story sir but how much of that do you actually expect us to believe?” Mcnair stated.

“Whether or not you believe any of it is up to you. I was asked here to tell why I believed that Dannie was never any different than Remus to begin with. Just as that gift was passed down from mother to daughter since Kayla and her child the curse has been passed down from The Young Hunter to his prey or children as one might say.”

“And you expect the courts to believe that these two are descendents of this story of yours?”

“Why not? Just as your own world is based upon the legends Merlin and Morgain; our culture is based on our own legends of Mother Earth and her children. With young Danielle and Gabrielle being shape shifters it only proves that they are descendents of Kayla while Remus may not be of the same blood as Kayla’s Hunter, he is a werewolf and in that also a descendent through the curse. Put the legends and fears aside, you have two people here that not only share a common ability but by mating as wolves they were in fact joined them in the same sense as any Wedding, Handfasting, or Blanket ceremonies would join any other young couple. After all isn’t it true that there have recently been a few arranged unions in which one young bride or groom that suffered from the Lycanthrope curse been permitted to bite their partner?”

“Yes sir that has been the case on a few select unions but Mr. Lupin and Miss. Lightpaws were not joined in union by human means for if they were that would mean that and young man and woman would be considered joined just over one night of pleasure. The fact remains that the defendant cursed someone.”

“They may not have been joined as of yet by human means but they are of an arranged union of sorts. For if the Creator didn’t see that these two young souls didn’t belong together then he and Mother Earth would have never made them what they are. I don’t even think that they realize how close of a connection they share but I’m sure they will find out soon enough.” Grandfather stated then turned to the magistrate. “Your honour do you mind if I ask Mr Mcnair a question?”


The prosecutor looked at the older man in front of him and replied “Go ahead.”

“Why do you feel she was cursed? She already had the ability to change.”

“When he turned her into werewolf he cursed her soul. Because of him she is now an evil creature that will be forever bound to the earth and never be able to move on when her time here ends.”

Grandfather looked at Mcnair carefully and finally said “Is that all that this is about? That you all believe that her soul is going to forever remain earth bound?”

Mcnair looked through his notes he had made and saw how in a way each and every argument he had attempted had failed. There was the law that in writing stated only a witch or wizard but due Olivander he had ruled out that even though she could change at will she was not a witch, but then since the law was written people had adopted it to pertain to muggles as well, but she was not that either. There was the idea that he had viciously attacked her but the sap of a magistrate had agreed that in its sick way the beast was merely attempting to make amends for their argument.

“Mr. Mcnair”

Then finally this whole foolishness of life-mates about as foolish as having a soul-mate, no two people or even creatures could have just one person meant for them. He then looked back and forth between the couple that at the other table with their daughter in between and smirked, Yes that little titbit did in fact put a strain on their relationship but it didn’t seem that it was one to cause worry, after all how many of his secrets did his own wife and he fight about when she learned about them only to forgive him in time.

“Mr. Mcnair!”

But no this old man on witness stand who was staring at him had to go and not only tell some legend stating that they were very much alike but he even insinuated that they were of an arranged union of some sorts. What were some of the reasons that his aunt and uncle had used to remove Deloris from her arrangement? It already has a child with her so damaged goods is not one of them but the idea of having your soul bound to the earth and not receive it’s rewards….

“Mr. Mcnair” the magistrate loudly said as he pounded his gavel against the desk “You will answer the question or be found in contempt.”

“My apologies your honour. As to your question sir I do find it upsetting that you and so many others including Miss Lightpaws that nobody seems to be concerned as to the fate of her soul do to what the defendant has done to her. It is promised as our reward to move onto a higher plane once our existence here is completed and he stole that reward from her.”

“Is that so?” Grandfather asked then turned to Bria‘s direction. “Young one, were you ever promised that such rewards would be granted to you when your time comes to cross over?”

Bria shook her head as Mcnair spat, “Of coarse she wouldn’t be promised such things, she was born a werewolf and automatically bound to the earth.”

“That is true so then answer me this. Bria, was your memaw ever bitten by a werewolf?” the old man asked and Bria again shook her head. “Where does her soul reside?”

“In a tree.” Bria answered.

“Your honour that is ridiculous. Nobody’s soul can reside in a tree.”

“But she is there. She’s been there ever since she was wrongly persecuted for being a witch. Memaw stayed in the tree not only to keep it from dying but so that she could watch over mom when she was little. If you really want you can go and see for yourself. It’s easy to find, its the tallest in our woods and it stands in the centre of the dead earth.”

“You see your honour; Bria, Dannie and her mother as well as her mother before her are children of the earth and to them their reward once their time here is over is to return from where they came. There is no way that they are doomed because to them running with the wind through the trees is as much as a reward as all of you see flying among the stars on wings to be. “

“That is not what our reward is to be.” Mcnair spat.

“Forgive me, it is merely a metaphor like running with the wind is. Either way I’m sure you understand that she has not been condemned to any fate that she was not already promised.” Grandfather stated.

“Mr Mcnair do you have anymore questions of the witness?”

“No your honour.”

“Very well. At this time I would like to call for a recess while I make my decision.” the magistrate stated then with a slam of the gavel he strolled out of the room while Tonks escorted the small family to their waiting room.

After awhile of waiting in silence there was a knock at the door and Bria rose to answer it and found Margaret and Grandfather waiting on the other side. “I understand that Grandfather pretty much killed Mcnair’s complaints against Remus.” Margaret stated.

“Yes he did. Thank you unfortunately it still depends on the magistrate.” Dannie replied “I have to ask though. I’ve heard a lot of stories but that one in particular I never heard before.”

“Of that I don’t doubt, I’ve never told it before.” he replied

“Not even to your granddaughter?” Bria asked.

Grandfather shook his head, “In fact I didn’t even know of it until last night when papaw told it to me in a dream.” he smirked as he winked at Bria. “If you don’t mind I have an errand to run before the judge calls court back into session.” He then walked over and hugged each of the three before leaving.

“So is everyone at the hospital all right?” Dannie asked Margaret.

“They’re as good as can be expected although I did have a new patient to register, that’s why I had to leave.”

“New patient? But the moon isn’t for another week. How could you have a new patient?” Remus stated.

“Trust me I know all too well when the next moon is. This wasn’t the usual case, she wasn’t bitten or attacked. It was more of due justice set down by the Ministry this morning.”

Before anything else could be said the bailiff arrived at the door this time. “The magistrate has made his decision, if you would all come with me.” and the group followed him back to the court room where the magistrate was already seated.

“Mr. Lupin if you would remain standing.” the magistrate stated as Dannie turned and noticed that everyone who had actually testified was back in the court room to show their support for their friend no matter what the outcome.

To be continued

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