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Collision Chapter 19

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Back to Court II
Chapter Rating: R for language

Chapter 19 - Back to Court II

Greetings everyone, as promised I’m here to update you on what has been going on with Mr. Lupin’s trial. It appears that everything that Miss. Lightpaws has presented as evidence has been ignored for one reason or another. Now from what I understand she did an excellent job gathering evidence to try to support the facts of their case but unfortunately it appears that the prosecutor/executioner is literally our for Remus’ head while the Magistrate is showing not a single hint of his own feelings regarding this. The announcer was silent for a few moments then she continued. I am being told now that just a few moments ago two people entered through the back door of the Ministry of Magic and started causing a large commotion inside. I haven’t been allowed in as of yet so I am just as confused about what is going on as you probably are but as soon as I hear more news I will keep you updated….this is Elmira signing off.


Tonks finally made her way to where all the screaming and yelling was coming from only to see Bria being held back by Harry as Julius and two guards were standing next to a handcuffed Deloris and another man whom appeared to be her solicitor.

“You fucking bitch! I know you’re the reason my mom is gone…I know what you did to her!” Bria shouted.

“You’re mother got exactly what…”

The solicitor then leaned over and quietly told Deloris, “In your best interest I suggest you don’t say anything to the child.”

“What is she doing back here?” Tonks asked

“We were taking her to be processed when that girl walked out of the room and tried to attack her.” one of the guards stated.

“Why didn’t you use the main corridor? You knew she would be here.”

“It was far to crowded. I felt this way would be safer.”

“You’re a fool. Get her out of here….Now!” Tonks ordered then she turned to Bria, “Go back into the waiting room, I will be there shortly.”

Harry led Bria back into the room “That was quite a show you put on out there” he smirked.

“What do you expect? I had to contain myself the last time I saw her and if I’m to pretend that she’s really gone…”

“You may wish to keep that information to yourselves though. You never know who may hear you.” Tonks said as she walked up behind the couple. “Of coarse I would have like to have see more of your performance myself.” The two kids looked at the woman “Don’t worry I’m the last one who will let the news out. I have to tell you though; your dad seems to be in better sorts now.”

“He knows?”

“Yes he knows and I believe that it’s because of their reunion that he’s looking abit better. You should have told me she was here; I would have at least made sure my partner knocked on the door instead of just walking in like he did.”

“They aren’t in trouble are they?” Bria asked.

“Dunno, that depends on the magistrate. One good thing about it is that her testimony would be a lot better than what’s been going on in the court room so far.”

“I hope so. I was running out of ideas in there.” Bria replied.

“Don’t fret, you did a good job at presenting the facts in there and he may not have shown much interest but he’s spent the last hour going over everything that was said.” Tonks then glanced down the hall at the court room, “Looks as if they are ready to begin again…you ready?”

Bria nodded and Harry gave her a quick kiss for luck before she followed the woman to the room. As they passed her former waiting room Bria paused and took a quick look in the open door but found it appeared to actually be empty. As soon as she entered the court room she noticed there was a third table added in which Deloris sat with her solicitor and as soon as Bria sat down, Remus leaned over towards her slightly and whispered “You don’t notice anything.”. As soon as she started to give him a look of confusion she felt something touch her shoulder from the bench behind them.

“All rise” the bailiff announced as the magistrate opened the door and entered the room.

As soon as everyone was once again seated he looked at everyone in the room, “It seems to me that we have had quite abit of controversy happen in here this morning. Mr. Macnair, if I have to use court time to advice you again of your choice of words when referring to Mr. Lupin or his daughter during this hearing again you will be held in contempt and spend the night in the holding cell for each instance. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes your honor.” he grumbled.

“As for you Miss. Umbridge. Your actions over the past few days have been horrendous. We only have a few witnesses…” he quickly glanced towards Remus and Bria’s table as he continued “along with a floor full of victims.” he then paused to take a deep breath, “Not to mention a few casualties due to your prejudices. Because I personally suffered a great loss by your hands I am not permitted to stand here for your hearing but, I do have a colleague sitting in the back row that will decide your fate at the end of these proceedings since it does strongly involve the Lupin family. You have a choice, you can either agree to this or you can remain in a holding cell until this is over and we will have another hearing to try your case at that time.”

Deloris smugly looked upon the magistrate, “I would rather have my…”

The solicitor then put his hand on Deloris’ arm “Your honor, may my client and I have a few moments to talk about this?”

“NO!” Deloris loudly spat but the magistrate nodded anyway.

The bailiff then opened an adjoining door as the solicitor took the woman by the hand and escorted her into the other room. “Deloris, do you realize that if you have your own hearing you will have a jury along with not only having to answer to the questions and charges of killing that man’s mate but each and everyone of the family members of those who stayed at your center. You won’t have any support from anyone, the cliental you chose has already proven to be untrustworthy in this matter.”

“I refuse to have to sit in that room with that thing and be forced to listen to the bleeding heart idiots go on about how wonderful he is when I know that he is nothing but a monster.”

“Dammit Deloris you need to put the past and your prejudices behind you for this if your going to walk out with anything less that a lifetime sentence in Azkaban. He never physically injured you, if anything he did you a favor of telling you what he was before the two of you were to be joined. Even if it did cost him everything he had.”

“You’re suppose to be defending me, not that thing!”

“In there I will defend you to the best of my ability but I cannot deny what the truth is.”

“Why the hell didn’t you tell me you were a damn bleeding heart for those monsters before?”

“Deloris, neither does my personal opinion not make one bit of difference in the court room but it is none of your concern. You hired me to do a job and that is what I intend to do. Now you can either follow my advice or you can sit thru another trial in which will inevitably cost you even more that this one does. Which is it?”

Deloris sat there and glared at the man for a few moments then sighed, “Only because most of my money has been frozen am I going to agree to this farce but I warn you. If I wind up in Azkaban I will make sure you never have another client again.” Then she stormed out of the room and back to their designated table with the man right behind her.

“Your honor, my client has agreed to accept your generous offer.” the solicitor announced.

“Very well then. Agent Tonks if you would so kindly bring in Professor Snape.” the magistrate stated.

Tonks walked out of the side door and returned a few moments later will Severus who immediately took the witness seat.

“Would you please state your full name and position in the community?” the prosecutor asked.

“Professor Severus Stavros Snape, Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“How long have you held your position?”

“It will be seventeen years next month.”

“How long have you known the defendant?”

“For close to thirty years.”

“That’s quite along time. Before you own school days if I’m not mistaken. Have you two been friends this whole time?”

“No, merely acquaintances through most of it.”

“How was it you met the defendant?”

“He was a close friend of my cousin and the mother of my son.”

“Your son? I show no records here of you ever bonding in union with anyone.”

“There were some complications that interfered with our plans at that time.”

“And the two of you never got past those so called complications?”

“Your honor what does my personal life have to do with this case?”

“It has none and since we already are aware of your past I suggest Mr. Mac Naire cease this line of questioning.”

Mac Naire nodded but still continued, “Very well then. Professor Snape, was the night that Mr. Lupin attacked Miss Lightpaws the fist time that you have seen him commit such an act against another person?”

“Since he has been on the Wolfsbane potion, yes.”

“Professor must I remind you that you are under oath here?”

“I fully understand what I am under and since Remus has been on the potion I have never seen him lose control before.”

“Then how do you explain the instance that took place just over two years ago at your place of employment when now only your life was in danger but also the lives of three students, one of them being your own son.”

“I cannot.”

“Why not professor. Reports state you were there, do they not?”

“Yes they do and I was but for your information. I was at the time unconscious so I did not see anything. Since that instance Professor Lupin has taken the potion regularly every month.”

“Then how do you explain what happened just mere weeks ago when Mr. Lupin attacked Miss. Lightpaws?”

Severus sighed, “That was an unfortunate error on my part. We were in a differed part of the world and when I brewed the potion I neglected to take into consideration how much the climate difference would effect the outcome. The moon was not completely full as of yet so we assumed that he would be…”

“Wait a second. Did I hear you correct? Are you taking responsibility for what happened that night?”

“I am partially responsible, as are Remus, Dannie, Bria, and others. We all had a part in what took place that night but believe me when I say that from where I stood and what I witnessed it was not an attack at all.”

“Not an attack? Remus Lupin viciously bit Danielle Lightpaws causing her to become a werewolf in which is what proceeded to her death.”

“Were you there to see what happened?” Severus asked.

“No professor Snape I was not and from what the defendant claims he wasn’t either. If you would care to enlighten us on the events that actually took place I’m quite sure the court would greatly appreciate it.”

“Remus is correct. At the time it took place he wasn’t there, Moony was.” Severus replied.

“How can you say he wasn’t there and Moony was? If I remember correctly, wasn’t Moony the nickname your cousin and his friends called him?” Macnair asked.

“Yes it was but in all actuality Moony is his other side or other self you might say. He is the wolf part of Remus. The night the accident happened Remus and Dannie had done nothing but argue all day due to a misunderstanding. Remus tried talking that evening to apologize but when she refused to listen that is when Moony took over.”

“So this Moony is the one who viciously attacked Miss Lightpaws.”

“Absolutely not. With Moony being what he is he did the only thing he could think of doing, he tried to show her how he felt. While he was apologizing as a wolf would to its mate Dannie’s own defenses kicked in so to speak which caused him to instantly keel over and his teeth went into her skin.”

“Professor you make it sound as if he was trying to force himself on her, which is still considered an attack.”

“When you and your own spouse or lover have an argument how do you usually make up afterwards?”

“Professor Snape what my wife and I do in our private lives are none of your concern. A man and woman do not force their intentions on one another unless it is an attack.”

“But this isn’t a normal man and woman, these are two people who in all reality are wolves by second nature. A wolf’s mating rituals are not of gentle nature either, they will bite, scratch and attack each other until one of the two circums to the other. Unfortunately at this particular time not only was Moony trapped in Remus’ form but Dannie was also in her human form which I believe is what caused the bite to effect her differently than it normally would have.”

“So what you are saying is that if they were both in wolf form then the bite wouldn’t have infected her?”

“Well we do know that they have mated in wolf form and with mating rituals what they are then my only guess is yes. It’s just as if Remus had bitten Dannie or someone else, they would not be infected. The only time that a person cursed with Lycanthrope is a danger is during the actual werewolf stage.”

“So if we removed this Moony creature from the defendant then he would be no more dangerous of a wizard than you or I. Am I correct?”

“If it was possible then yes but, there is no way that you can remove one without killing the other, especially with someone who has been cursed for as long as he has. Remus’ body would still take on the wolf form come the next full moon, unfortunately when every bond in his body breaks and attempts to regenerate itself it would fail and he would die a slow agonizing death from the pain alone.”

“Professor do you know this as an actual fact or is it speculation?”

“It is a fact.”

“I am curious on how you came to learn of this.”

Severus closed his eyes and focused on the man in front of him and dreaded the reply he had to give in front of his friend. “When I was first instructed to be a part of the team that discovered the Wolfsbane Potion it’s original intent was to clear the person of the actual curse all together. It only took a few test subjects to prove to all involved that it was impossible to cure. After much deliberation it was then decided that it would be of best interest to merely tame them instead.”

The magistrate then looked up from the parchment he was writing on and stated “One final question Professor. If Mr. Lupin were to be released of these charges and permitted to continue teaching at Hogwarts, do you in your honest opinion believe that there would be the slightest possibility of him becoming a danger to any of the faculty or students?”

“In all honesty I feel that with his family there with him neither Remus nor Moony would be anymore of a threat than any man or father would be.”

“Thank you Professor Snape you may leave. Agent Tonks, would you please bring in Professor Black?”

Tonks nodded before she followed Severus out of the court room but this time not only was she gone for a longer period of time but when she returned she was alone as she proceeded to the bench. “I’m sorry your honor but Professor Black isn’t here.” she said as quietly as possible but Remus and Bria heard her quite clearly and they looked at one another.

“What about his children or Mr. Malfoy, surely he sent them here to testify.” the magistrate asked but she just shook her head and he sighed. “Alright then, would you please gather Mr. Potter.” Tonks nodded and went out the side door once again.

“I don’t understand why Sirius didn’t come. He was here when they announced when this would start.” Remus stated but Bria just sighed and shook her head not wanting to worry him with the news about Jamie.

Tonks quickly returned with Harry who gave Bria a quick smile as he passed by their table on his way to the witness stand. “Please state your full name and position in the community for the record.” Macnair said.

“Harold James Snape, student at Hogwarts.”

“I was under the impression that your surname was Potter. When did you have it legally changed?”

“I was under the same impression until a few weeks ago when we discovered that my mum had it changed before she crossed over.” Harry replied.

“Your honor, the ministry shows no record of these changes.” Mac Naire stated.

Harry pulled out a parchment from a pocket inside his robes “That’s because when she made the changes the birth certificate was misfiled.” he replied as he handed it to the magistrate.

The man looked over the document, “He’s correct, this does have a ministry seal on it so it is official. My apologies Mr. Snape.”

Harry shrugged, “For what? It’s an honest mistake.”

“Mr. Snape how long have you known the defendant and how did you come to be acquainted with him?” Macnair questioned.

“Three years now, he was the DADA professor during my third year.”

“Did you know that he was a werewolf at that time?”


“When did you learn of his condition?”

“Towards the end of that same year.”

“How did you feel when you learned what he was?”

“I guess you could say I was thrilled.”

“Thrilled? Weren’t you the least bit afraid of him?”

“Everyone always told me they knew my parents but Uncle Remus was someone who was actually said he was friends with my mum and James and he was someone that I could talk to whenever I needed to. Why should I be afraid of one of my mum’s friends?”

“I see your point Mr. Snape but isn’t it true that it was this friend of your mothers that you and two of your friends were almost attacked by?”

“That was only because he didn’t have a chance to take his potion because he was trying to help me and Uncle…”

“A simple yes or no Mr. Snape.” Macnair spat

“Yes but…”

“And isn’t it true that he is also the same one who also attacked one of your other professors changing them into a werewolf as well?”

“That was an accident, Uncle Rem…”

“Thank you Mr. Snape no more questions.”

“Your honor, I have spent almost every weekend for the past year with Uncle Remus as either his guest, neighbor, or even at my dad’s house. During that time there was never an instance in which I thought he would attack me or any of my friends. What happened to Aunt Dannie was nothing but an accident that she forgave him for. She knew what dangers there were in agreeing to join with him just like I know what the dangers are by dating Bria. Neither Remus nor Moony would ever hurt Aunt Dannie or her other half, they both loved her.” Harry stated in protest.

“That is enough Mr. Snape you are dismissed.” Macnair spat again.

“Hold up.” the magistrate said, “Harry, your father stated earlier that he felt Mr. Lupin and the werewolf are actually two separate entities sharing the same body. Do you believe this as well?”

“Yeah I suppose.”

“You also mentioned that Miss Lightpaws had another side to her as well. Would you consider it a completely different entity as well?”

“I…I really don’t know. I guess you could say it was a bit different. There were only a few times that I ever saw her change and that was she was either upset about something or in one of her protective modes.”

“Can you tell me anything at all about what shape shifters are?”

“All I know is what I saw in the states. They are looked at as no less of a danger than how people look at Uncle Remus. Nobody takes the time to get to know the person, they just see what they want to be afraid of.”

“Mr. Snape am I to assume that you believe that a shapeshifter and a werewolf are the same?” Macnair asked.

“In a way yes…with what we’ve learned in school how else would she have been conceived?”

The man behind the bench looked towards Remus and Bria then back over at Harry, “You bring up an excellent point. Mr. Mac Naire, if you have no further questions….” he stated

“I do.” said the man in the back of the room as he stood up and started walking toward the front of the court room. “Do you mind if I call you Harry?” Harry shook his head, “I have a question. I read agent Tonks report regarding the morning that Mr. Lupin was arrested and Miss. Lightpaws went into custody, and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions regarding it.”

“Um, sure.”

“Before the instance at the airport had you ever met Miss. Umbridge before?”


“How would you have interpreted her reaction towards him?”

“At first she seemed like anyone who would be arresting someone that broke the law until she saw Bria’s eyes then she started to accuse him of attacking her.”

“Did Bria explain to Miss. Umbridge whom she was and what her relationship to the defendant was?”

“Bria tried but she refused to listen to her. Instead she tore her shirt open exposing a scar on her shoulder along with part of her chest.”

“Did you just say that she actually touched Bria? Was this something that her parents approved of?”

“No sir, they were never given an option. It just happened.”

“This scar that you mentioned, where did she obtain it from?”

“It was from a curse that she was hit with last winter.”

“When Miss Lightpaws was placed into custody for registration did she show any sort of resistance or give anybody any reason to believe that she would cause any problems?”

“No at first we thought that she would be registered and then in a few days she’d be back home until she was restrained.”

“Do you honestly believe that Miss Lightpaws would have taken her own life because she was turned into a werewolf?”

“By the way she acted the last few days we were in the states, definatly not. Other than worrying about Uncle Remus she seemed to be happier that it had happened..”

“With that said then why do you believe that she did take her life?”

“Honestly I don’t believe that she did. I don’t know what exactly happened but that is one thing she never would have done, especially when she wanted to be a part of this trial so that her and Uncle Remus could be joined.”

The second magistrate turned to Deloris’ solicitor, “Do you have any questions for him?” he just shook his head while Deloris stared at him. “Very well, thank you Harry, you’re dismissed.”

“What do you mean by not questioning the boy?” Deloris said in a loud whisper to her solicitor.

“You never told me that you did that to the girl.” the solicitor replied.

“What difference does it make, she’s just another monster.”

The magistrate pounded his gavel on the bench until he had everyone’s attention, “Is there a problem here?”

“Your honor, I would like to request a recess so that I may converse with my client.” the solicitor requested.

The magistrate then looked at his watch, “Very well then, we will take a thirty minute recess before reconvening.” then once again slammed the gavel down on the desk and walked into the back room with his list of possible witnesses and the second magistrate.

Tonks then escorted Remus and Bria back to their waiting rooms while Dannie remained in the room listening to the solicitor and Deloris continued their argument “You told me that all of the girls at your center were willing participants. Was that the truth?”

“Those beasts were under my care and they were to do exactly what I instructed them to do. Never once did any of them complain about what was required of them until she came along.”

“But you took her into the visitors center against her will anyway. Merlin Deloris, do you realize what kind of trouble your in? A accidental death was one thing but this…her death wasn’t an accident was it?” Deloris just glared at the man “I not only told you I needed to know everything there was about your case, you neglected to give me this information but I also told you that the last thing I would ever defend are sex crimes. I suggest you spend the rest of this time to find another solicitor.” he stated as he gathered his files.

“I paid you your fees in advance, you have to stay and defend my case.” She shouted.

“You also signed a legal and binding contract agreeing to my terms in which you broke the moment you signed it stating that there were no charges such as these. You are lucky that I am not going to turn around and sue you in return for the time that you wasted. Good day and good luck Miss. Umbridge.” he said then turned and walked out of the room while a guard walked up and escorted Deloris to another waiting room.



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