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Collision Chapter 18

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Back to Court
Chapter Rating: PG 13 for language

Back to Court

Good Morning Witches and Wizards. This is Elmira reporting live outside the Ministry of Magic office as everyone who is anyone gathers to be allowed entrance for the trial of the year.
Yes folks you heard me correctly, I’m here with so many others as we all are curious on what will happen to Hogwart’s beloved professor, Remus Lupin as his daughter defends his actions against the belated Miss Lightpaws.
Now I must state that as a former classmate of Mr. Lupin’s I was quite surprised when I learned that he had had suffered with this condition since before our own school days. Even though I’m sure my female former classmates would agree that it does explain a few of his most talented ways of pleasuring us at one time or another. I personally do wish that I would have had the chance to meet the woman whom tamed the beast so to speak.
I have tried to interview many of their co-workers to get some sort of idea on what she was like and if it’s actually true that she’s an American muggle but it seems that nobody is willing to talk.
I hate to say it folks but it seems as if the Aurors have shown up and are asking us to move along so that we do not raise anymore suspicions than we already have. If you have not made your way down her yet and you are not going to be apart of the trial then I must ask you to remain at home and stay turned in. I will give you up to date news as soon as it is made available.


Bria and Margaret entered the corridor just outside the court room when they noticed how crowded it was. Everyone was there ranging from former students to friends to various reporters who were starting to show their frustration caused by everyone’s silence regarding the case. The moment they noticed Bria they went rushing towards her shouting out tons of questions that she couldn’t quite make out. Just then Harry, Severus and some aurors surrounded the women and escorted them down an empty corridor to one of the vacant waiting rooms then locked the door.

“It’s a mad house out there; I’m surprised I wasn’t run into.” Dannie said as she removed the hood from Margaret’s invisibility cloak.

“Are you mad for bringing her here?” Severus asked. “I thought she was to remain in hiding.”

“I felt it was in our best interest to bring her here with us instead of leaving her alone in the house.” Margaret replied “Nobody suspects anything so she’ll be fine.”

“How did you get her past security without them noticing?”

“That you don’t need to know.”

“And what if she happens to be caught? Then what happens?”
“Severus, I’ll be fine. Nobody will have the slightest clue that I’m even here. Besides I feel better staying here rather than being closed up inside that place.”

“Just keep yourself covered and don’t take the hood off for anyone.” Severus ordered.

“Yes daddy.” Dannie said sarcastically while he just shook his head. Just then there was a knock at the door and Dannie quickly covered her head again. As soon as Margaret saw her hidden she opened the door to Tonks with Remus right behind her.

“They’re ready to begin, if Bria would come with me.” she said. Everyone wished the girl luck as she made her way to the door then she took a quick look in Dannie’s direction and walked out and quickly hugged Remus before one of his guards pulled her back.

“She’s ok” Bria whispered causing him to look at her in confusion before the two of them followed Tonks into the court room while the others waited patiently for either their turn or her to return.

As time passed the group was becoming anxious and very frustrated for not only had neither of them been called to testify but they still had no idea of what was going on in the courtroom. Dannie moved t stand off near the corner behind the door since only two chairs were provided in the room but with Severus pacing back and forth she didn’t want to be run into again. Finally as lunch time approached the door flew open and knocked into Dannie sending her backwards onto the ground. “I hate to say this but we need to have you all move to another room. With this one being the closest to the courtroom we need to use it.” the auror stated. The group then gathered their cloaks and followed their escort down the hall to another room where lunch and Bria were waiting for them.

“How did it go in there?” Margaret asked.

“It doesn’t look good. I tried explaining to them on how much mom and I were looked at back home along with out medical records showing how we continuously received rabies shots on a yearly basis but the prosecutor just explained it as if it was nothing more than medical malpractice.”

“Did you at least show them the birth certificates and how it said ‘Other-Shape Shifter‘ under your race?” Harry asked.

“Yea but they just stated that the prejudices of the muggle world are not of their concern and that it needs to be taken up with our tribal elders. What I don’t understand is if they are so upset that dad attacked a human then why won’t they pay attention to all the evidence that we have that states she was never seen as being human?”

“Did they only have Ministry officials testify or was there anyone that they called on in your father’s behalf?” Severus asked.

“They called a few officials that all did nothing but spit out what the law is but they also called Hermione in. I didn’t know that they would be calling on any of the students.”

“Only if their parents give written consent.” Margaret stated. “How did she do?”

“I thought she did good, she mentioned some passage that she said was in her third year DADA textbook but they said that it was outdated and of no use. She then recited the actual law as written which contradicted with what the Ministry idiots said.”

“Wait a second, what do you mean it contradicted what they said.” Margaret questioned.

“They kept stating that a werewolf would be punished by death immediately upon infecting any human but Hermione pointed out that the actual written law states ‘witch or wizard’ and how dad was not punished immediately. They tried stating that the law had been re-written and the only reason that he was not punished was because he was out of jurisdiction.”

“But if he was out of the Ministry’s jurisdiction when it happened would that mean that the Ministry wouldn’t be able to punish him for it?” Harry asked.

“I asked that to but the prosecution said that since ‘it’ resides in the Ministry boundaries that ‘it’ must adhere to Ministry laws and regulations no matter where ‘it’ goes.”

“Who is this prosecutor?” Severus asked.

“Some complete asshole, Mac-something or other.”

“Mac Naire?” Severus and Margaret both questioned in unison and Bria nodded.

“No wonder. He’s been after Remus since he told Deloris what he was.” Margaret sighed, “He’s Deloris’ cousin and unfortunately your uncle Julius’ brother.”

“Some real choice spouses your parents arranged for you and your siblings I see.” Severus stated. “Between Julius, Deloris, and Adam I’m wondering who you plan on arranging for your own son.”

“Julius and Veronica deserve each other, Remus was smart for getting rid of Deloris, and as for Adam, not only was our union not arranged, he was very open got along quite well with my brother and everyone else.”

“Still a prime choice husband, a head boy expelled for misusing a cauldron.”

“Merlin will you people never let that die? He made a mistake and lost his wand due to it. But you know what, he was quite popular in the muggle world which I highly doubt you would be able to accomplish. Now can we drop the subject?” Margaret stated. “Dannie, do you have any other ideas that we could try?”

“Mom’s not here.” Bria stated.

“What do you mean she’s not here?” Margaret asked.

“Just what I said, she’s not here. I can’t pickup her scent.” Bria stated.

Severus looked at Margaret, “Didn’t you make sure she was in front of you when you left?”

“No, I thought she was be right behind you.”



Before Dannie could get back up off the ground the door immediately closed. Shit she thought knowing she couldn’t just walk out into the corridor without raising suspicions she moved over to the opposite end of the room and quietly sat on the window ledge. Not ten minutes later the door opened again. Dannie looked to see if she could possibly sneak out at that time but to her surprise Tonks returned with another Auror who was followed by Remus in shackles causing Dannie to quietly gasp to herself. “You can take those off him, he’ll be fine in here while we grab some lunch.” Tonks stated.

“Are you sure? I heard what happened the other day and…”

“There was a reason for that and nobody was seriously injured. Just make sure you lock and ward the door.” she replied.

Dannie watched as the younger auror escorted him slowly to the table and did as Tonks had suggested. As soon as she heard the door lock she walked around to the opposite end of the table from where he sat, not taking her eyes off him once. In the past week the joyful, loving, thin but nicely built man that could sense her a mile away turned into a sullen dirty fragile looking man who just sat in the chair slumped shouldered and unresponsive to his surroundings. His skin had paled and by the way the clothing hung on him it was clear that he had lost a dangerous amount of weight then finally his eyes. The same eyes that she had read every emotion of his for the past year were now completely blank and lifeless looking. As she reached out to ghost her hand across his cheek he let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes causing her to quickly pull it back. “I’m so very sorry. Bria and everyone are trying all they can but…I just can’t. I just don’t know anymore. Everything I sense is wrong. You’re gone but I still feel you…I even left the piece of your shirt in my cell and I can still smell you just as if you were here.” He then rested his elbows on the table and rested his head in his hands as Dannie reached towards him without hesitation and brushed the fringe to the side of his face causing him to freeze.

With one hand Dannie removed the cloak’s hood as the other moved up his arm and to his hand to bring it down off his face. “I am right here love. Please open your eyes and look at me.”

“No if I open my eyes you’ll be gone again. Let me continue this dream just once.”

“I promise you I will stay right here where I am.” she replied as she continued to pull his hand down and held onto it. She then took her other hand and as she started to brush it against his cheek he instantly grabbed it and brought her fingers to his lips. Remus then slowly opened his eyes and his heart leapt he was still unsure if what he saw before him was real or not. He then turned her hand over and with blistered lips he lightly kissed from her palm to the inside of her wrist and by her expression it sent shivers up her arm. He continued to kiss her wrist while he took notice that there were no registration numbers on either one of her arms. Remus then leaned over and placed a hand behind her head and pulled her toward him and with his eyes wide open he gently started kissing her bottom lip. As he felt her return the kiss he became more forceful in which Dannie mistook as passionate until he bit down hard enough on her lip to draw blood.

Dannie instantly jumped back “What the hell was that for?”

“I don’t know who you are or what kind of game you’re trying to plat at but since you obviously are foolish enough to come here pretending to be her then you may as well suffer as she would have.”

“Remus love, this isn’t a game and nobody is trying to fool you.”

“Dannie was taken to be registered. You my dear have no registration number on you….Yet.”

“So you would be foolish enough to risk your life by taking someone else all because you believe they would pretend to be me? What about Bria, what do you think would happen to her if you were right?”

“The case is a loss, everything anyone says or does they either dismiss as a problem to be dealt with in the muggle world or they worm their way into finding a few errors I made along time ago that would have turned out tragic. By biting you it will just make the inevitable happen sooner so that my daughter doesn’t have to go through this façade any longer and I can receive my sentence and be with my mate on the other side.”

“You gave up.” Dannie stated

“What do you expect me to do. She was my life and now she’s been killed because of me and what I did to her.” Remus closed his eyes and shook his head “Merlin why am I even telling you this. Just leave. Now.”

Dannie looked at him and sighed. “Can I show you something first?”

“Will you leave me in peace if I say yes?”

“Only if you still want me to afterwards.” Remus nodded and Dannie walked over and sat on top of the table next to him.

As she started to lift up her skirt Remus looked away “I’m sorry but I’m not interested. I…”

“Just look, nothing more and then I’ll leave.” Dannie replied.

Remus looked at the exposed upper inside thigh and took a deep breath as he ran his hand over the still raw pink patch of flesh that had RJL19670922DAL burnt into the center of it. Out of instinct he leaned over and gently kissed the intruding mark as Dannie shivered and tried to move away. Remus then closed his eyes as he slowly stood up keeping his face close to her body and inhaling her scent as he moved upward until they were nose to nose. Now standing between her legs Remus moved his hands up her arms and across her shoulders then she melted into his touch as his hands caressed her cheeks and proceeded to the back of her head as he pulled her into a tight embrace. “Oh Merlin, it’s really you.”

Dannie wrapped her arms tightly around his torso as she closed her eyes and rested her head against his chest and asked. “Do you still want me to leave?”

Remus pulled back a-bit and cupped her chin lifting her face slightly as he bent down and whispered “Never” as his lips brushed against hers this time keeping it tender as she instinctively slightly opened her mouth inviting him in. As quickly as it started it also ended as he embraced her again “Promise you’ll never leave me like that again.”

“Only as long as you don’t expect me to put up with damn house elf again.”

Remus looked at her confused, “I don’t have any house-elves you know that.”


“She was from when I was a kid, how do you know about her?”

“Because of where I’ve been staying. She seems to believe that I’m not only an unfit mate but I’m too old for her young master that will be returning from school soon.”

“No worries luv, Shandra never was a good judge of character. You are definatly fit for me otherwise I would have never fallen in love with you.” Remus replied as Dannie looked into his eyes again but this time she smiled since they were no longer empty looking. He then reached over and pulled towards them the chair he was sitting in earlier. As soon as he sat down he pulled Dannie off the table and onto his lap nourishing the closeness they had as she was straddling him.

As she came down onto his lap the hood to the cloak came down over her dead again and also covered half of his as well as they became completely lost in each other to the point that neither one heard the door open. “What in the world is going on in here?” The auror asked loudly as he saw only half the prisoner’s body along with someone else’s hands and feet.
The couple quickly tumbled back into reality as they both turned and looked at not only the intruder but Tonks who was right behind him. “I don’t know who you are or how you got in here but this room was locked for a reason. He is on trial and not allowed contact with anyone.”

“Remus, how can you expect for the Magistrate or anyone else to believe you ever cared for…”

Dannie then pushed the hood back off her head leaving Tonks speechless. Before anything else could be said there was a huge commotion that was heard throughout the corridor. “You two are to stay here and…and no more of that. I’m quite sure that the magistrate will want a word with both of you.” the auror commanded as he shut and locked the door only again so that he could find out what was going on.


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